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HTC Announces That They Will Announce the Thunderbolt “Soon” (Updated)

Just a couple of hours after we caught an HTC rep attempting to confirm that the Thunderbolt will be on Thursday the 17th, his employer took to Facebook to help ease the minds of those waiting impatiently for the first 4G LTE phone headed to Verizon.  What did they announce?  That they will be announcing something soon.  Yes, feel free to laugh at that statement.  We’re hoping for a Monday morning press release, but I’m definitely not willing to put any money on that.  So there you have it…

Update:  The email below just hit our inbox as well.  One of our readers reached out to HTC to express his displeasure over what seems to be the wildest phone release in history and actually heard back.  While we know support reps aren’t always in-the-know, this person did mention the word “delay” and also blamed it on LTE.  Sounds about right.  “Delay” and “LTE” seem to be the common theme with this phone.  


I understand the importance of having the latest devices on the market. The reason behind the delay in releasing the HTC Thunderbolt is due to the new technology it is running on, LTE. As with all new technologies we and Verizon would like to ensure that the systems work prior to releasing a new product. This is further explained here: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/btl/verizon-cto-were-working-through-lte-smartphone-issues/45789?tag=content;search-results-rivers. I do apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced and I am sorry to hear that you will not be purchasing the HTC Thunderbolt.

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Cheers to everyone who sent this in last night!  And Mike!

  • Anonymous
  • doesn’t matter i jus hope tha phone is worth the wait not 300 bucks prob will pay but not going to be happy with if its not the best phone in market

  • drinko

    2 different Verizon reps (call center and verizon retailer) told me this weekend that they have been waiting on HTC all this time to release the phone to consumers…. could this really be true? I thought everyone has good info that Verizon has been having the problems. Either way this has been a bad failure for one side or the other, I’m just wondering what is really happening, one side has to be privately furious at the other. Break-Up potential???

  • vzwimploiee

    I just heard yesterday on the golf corse that thursday we are getting a shipment on tbolts in.
    Working for big red,i was glad to finaly get the word. I was so happy it didnt matter i lost the round! So its going to be friday. Just thought id share. 8’D

  • Anonymous

    If its unlimited 4g for $30.00 then I’m buying it just to get grandfathered in. If its tiered data right off the bat, I’m buying a Xoom at Sam’s Club.
    I will buy NOTHING from Best Buy.

  • Anonymous

    wonder if they can get good battery life with LTE data usage after the magical firmware fix…

    • Naviblue

      They said it wasn’t due to any battery issues on HTC’s part, instead it’s because of Verizon’s LTE network.

  • you have a notification btw

  • Panda says 17 then its 17 or around then before april unless something really goes wrong

  • Rizzidy

    [email protected] idiot threatening not to buy an HTC phone

    Grow up.

    • UGA414

      [email protected] idiot that doesn’t know that the ATT and T-mobile have HSPA+ and Sprint also doesn’t use LTE. If you want to be technical, Verizon doesn’t have real 4G either, even though they will have the fastedt speeds until the other networks get their LTE networks up. ATT hasn’t turned it on? Actually they won’t have it ready until late next year to even start to turn it on.

      • Rizzidy


  • Jeffconrad17

    Can someone explain how T Mobile, AT&T and Sprint all have 4G phones out working and VZW doesn’t?

    • Hoot352

      There not real 4G services. There 3.5 G. 4G LTE is new tech. Look at all the bad reviews on the Atrix right now through AT&T. People are complaining that the Iphone 4 has faster upload speeds than the Atrix 4G.
      “The ATRIX is a HSUPA-capable device, and we currently are performing the testing and preparations necessary to ensure that, when we turn this feature on, you will continue to have a world class experience.”
      Directly from AT&T

      Verizon isn’t the only one having problems.

      • Rizzidy


        AT&T hasn’t turned LTE on yet. T-Mobile and Sprint are legit though. “4G” is just arbitrary marketing anyway. Only Apple fans argue over 3.5, 3.9 and 4G.

        • Jordanharrell8

          At&t doesn’t have lte. Sprint & T-Mobiles 4G doesn’t event begin to compare to Verizon’s lte. They’re using upgraded 3G. Verizon is unsigned a whole new technology.

          • Rizzidy


            Ever heard of WiMAX? Stay in school.

          • d-roids

            while the whole argument about what is 4G is up in the air, as of now 4G seems to be nothing more than a marketing tool. you stick 4G into whatever and increase the speeds and itll attract business. Btw Wimax and most of these ‘4G’ networks seem to be placed in the ranges between 3G and 4G. the one that seems to be up for candidacy seems to be LTE advanced and thats not to be released till next year. Verizon seems to have chosen the LTE network because the transition would be smoother. so for now people loyal to their carriers are gonna be up in arms when someone says that they’re 4G is not real ‘4G’. so until 4G is clearly defined everything we say is an opinion.

          • Rizzidy


            Ever heard of WiMAX? Stay in school.

  • Anonymous

    Is this like when couples are engaged to be engaged?

  • Rachel

    Oh, “soon”! Awesome! Thanks for clearing that up, HTC! Phew!

  • Anonymous

    The 24th is the date mark it down kids.

    • Anonymous

      24th of what December? of 2012 haha

    • Anonymous

      Hope it is, cuz I get paid that next day. Then I can afford this Damn thing

  • One thing that hasn’t been commented on is that the message says “launch dates”, plural. Could this mean multiple launch dates? Perhaps one for Best Buy before it launches at the Verizon stores? One of the original rumors was that BB would launch first to make up for not getting the Verizon iPhone launch. So maybe the 17th and 24th dates are both correct. 17th for BB, and 24th for VW. I’m hoping I’ll be holding one next week, if it goes past the end of the month, I’ll just cancel and wait for the next best thing.

  • )v(urphy

    My $400 I set aside, for the phone and accessories I will be getting with it, is getting lonely in the bank. I’m half tempted to use it on something else and wait for the Bionic. Ugh!! While there have been no ‘official’ release dates, Best Buy and HTC reps have been dragging us along for at least a month now! This is getting ridiculous and I feel ridiculous because it’s just a damn phone!!

  • Cwpit81

    Weres the mobile site

  • honestly I think the fact that the droid Bionic and now i*hone 5 will be coming out in a few months will shy people away from the thunderbolt. That’s a lot of missed sales, i’m sure HTC isn’t too happy about that.

    • Anonymous

      Your assuming the Bionic won’t be delayed for some reason. Who knows, it might not be released until August! I’m sure the i5 will come out at the same time every year, but THAT doesn’t mean it won’t have it’s problems/flaws (i.e. the i4 antenna fiasco). I would rather wait and make sure they get the product done right, however aggravating the wait might be.

      I am still giving the tbolt a shot. I get 2 upgrades this year since my wife will take either the tbolt or bionic – she isn’t as crazy about her phone as I am. But I understand many people can’t do that. But no matter what phone you purchase, you are probably only a few months away from having your phone outdated by the latest and greatest anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Hard to argue with that. And let’s not forget about the Samsung and LG phones too which both have basically the same specs but also HDMI-out. Going to be a tough battle for HTC.

      • Anonymous

        Personally, I like the RAM in the tbolt. If I’m not mistaken, the Samsung and LG phones will have 512MB… along with the Bionic. At some point, the 512MB mark is going to be too narrow of a bottle neck for the processing speed of these phones. You can only cram so much information thru that 512MB before it slows up.

        • Soapinmouth

          Stop looking at just numbers the tbolt has flash memory, which is slow vs ddr2 on the bionic which is much faster. That being said I think il still get the tbolt soley because of motos stance toward the dev scene.

          • Anonymous

            Tbolt is 768 DDR2… ZzZz.

          • Anonymous

            Tbolt is 768 DDR2… ZzZz.

      • Anonymous

        Various VZW people, such as black_man_x, have mentioned that while the Stealth has an amazing SuperAMOLED Plus and Revolution will ship with Netflix and VoLTE, neither device holds a candle to the T-Bolt.

        HTC is a relative veteran compared to LG and Samsung, and if the ATRIX reviews mean anything then the Bionic isn’t going to be as fast a the specs make it seem it will be. By the time 2.4 and apps come out to support multicore, most T-Bolt owners will have moved onto the new quad-core, 3D capable Qualcomm based HTC devices that will smoke your Bionics for four to six months before you guys can get a one year upgrade.

        Not to mention, the Thundrbolt

        • DCwhat


          • DCwhat

            TBolt will have Netflix and VoLTE as well. Both are LTE and both have the same 2nd gen snapdragon.

        • If you want to play the future game, then by the time HTC comes out with their quad-core 3D phone, LG will have a hex-core 3D phone that plays the newest version of Crysis, has dual FFCs for 3D video chat, and completely destroys said HTC phone. (Don’t scoff, compare the Thunderbolt and the Optimus 3D. The Optimus 3D has 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM, for Christ’s sake.)

          Your attempt at discrediting the Bionic’s spec advantage is futile (and your mention of 2.4 is irrelevant because the Atrix/Bionic’s kernels have SMP support baked in anyway) because, yes, there will always be something better on the horizon. Some of us like to be early-adopters, some of us don’t. That’s fine. But then you go on to say you’ll upgrade to a hypothetical HTC device that will smoke the Bionic; well, that’s great, but the Bionic owners will just go on to upgrade to something that smokes the Bionic and said hypothetical HTC device. It’s a poor argument, technology moves on, it’s how it works. If you want a Thunderbolt, great, it’s a really nice phone. But don’t act like your decision is the only good one, especially since all your arguments work equally well towards getting an iPhone.

          • On that note, I’m going to replace a few words in the above post; tell me I don’t sound like a fanboy.

            Various people, such as (insert person here, but no offense to black_man_x though, he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to phones and VZW), have mentioned that while the Stealth has an amazing SuperAMOLED Plus, Thunderbolt has LTE and a great user experience through Sense, and Revolution will ship with Netflix and VoLTE, none of the devices hold a candle to the iPhone 4.

            Apple is a relative veteran compared to LG and Samsung, and if the ATRIX reviews mean anything then the Bionic isn’t going to be as fast a the specs make it seem it will be. By the time Android 2.4 and apps come out to support multicore, most iPhone owners will have moved onto the new quad-core, 3D capable iPhone 6 that will smoke your Bionics for four to six months before you guys can get a one year upgrade.

            Not to mention, the iPhone 4 is a matured version of proven technology. There’s no doubt that multicore is the way to go, but it may take second or third gen multicore technology to be worthwhile first, just like it did with computers.

            Also, the Bionic is going to be just a expensive; don’t be so naive as to think it will be any cheaper. If not the upfront cost, the tiered pricing will be more expensive by far.

        • Anonymous

          Uh, reviews show the Atrix to be super fast and that’s with friggin MotoBlur which is usually slow. Simple fact of the matter is Tegra 2 > 1GHz Snapdragon, qHD display > 800×480 SLCD. Btw, even if apps can’t take advantage of the dual cores it will still help with multitasking not to mention the faster A9s and GPU.

          • who cares. if the thunderbolt is fast enough to do everything the owner wants it to do then who cares if the bionic or atrix is a little faster? Plus i never own phones longer than 6months to a year so down the line i can pick up a bionic if i am really suffering from not having a dual core

          • Tyler

            Why spend another $100 on a slower phone?

          • Tyler

            Why spend another $100 on a slower phone?

  • Charlie

    Don’t matter to me. I’m not paying $300 for a cell phone. I’ll stick with my DROID.

  • thats best buy…..those assholes

  • Anonymous

    well soon could mean 2 weeks like best buy’s add “coming soon”…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Had a bunch of bills hit me at once and my car needs repair. Im so tapped this time around. Wont be buying this until next check, if at all. Life sucks.

    • same boat here. i’m making room on my credit card lol. i’m replacing the clutch in my car with a racing clutch….$1500

    • Anonymous

      Couple of weeks ago, ended up going about 6k into the hole. Nothing I can’t handle, but putting a lot of my Want purchases on hold for a few months. And by a lot, I mean almost all. As soon as I pay it off, the first three purchases I’m going to make will likely be a new watch (I have an interest in unusual watches, and watchismo.com is like crack to me), some new brewing equipment, and a new phone, since I should have my last NE2 by that point…

  • Anonymous

    Woot… wait, where have I heard this before… I’m getting tired of waiting for this thing – and first. 😛