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Google Instant Previews Now a Part of the Mobile Searching Experience on Android

Those fancy little instant previews that show up in PC browser searches on Google are now available through your mobile device too.  From any Android 2.2+ device, you can flip through previews of a particular site from your most recent search results by tapping on the little magnifying glass that we’ve highlighted in the screen shots above.  A nice addition to the mobile experience that runs our lives.

Video action after the break.  


Via:  Google Mobile Blog

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  • it doesn’t work here in our country. it only applies to fast connections

  • Hesahypebeast

    yyea kellex did claim tbolt would be 1st…looks like more hype from him lol…iPhone is taking over verizon I love it

  • Ulise

    Hey kellex hoe dumb u felt I said months ago iPhone 5 would be 1st vzon 4g phone and u swore the tbolt was lol haggard I told u Droid was done once apple came the best is and best network can’t be stopped

    • CivilDroid

      Why do Apple Trolls have terrible english and typing skills?

    • trdsoup84

      agricultural tools do not have feelings whatsoever.

  • Travis

    Which browser is that?

    • sitrick2

      Looks like Dolphin Browser Mini.

  • Anonymous

    I must be the only person who doesn’t like this feature. On top of not liking it, I don’t even see the point. How long does it take to type a simple phrase and hit enter? With autocomplete and suggestions you don’t even need to type the entire phrase most of the time anyway.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I love it, maybe your missing it.

      if you searched a phrase, got a page full of results, you could scroll up and down through the results and click each and every site, look, and then hit the back button & do it again OR you could click just 1 of those icons and flip through a visual display of each site in 1 window and go to the 1 of most interest.

      • Anonymous

        hmm, sounds like it works differently on the mobile browser. I just thought it automatically searched what you had begun to type. I didn’t realize you could see previews of each search result. I’m not sure it will help me but I may give it a second shot. Most of the time when I’m searching for something I don’t have to check out more than one or two results but I could see how it might speed up the search if you aren’t getting very accurate results as the first choices.

  • decaf

    my mobile browser has been doing this for months now …

    original moto droid

    • Greg

      Obviously you’re lying.

  • Anonymous

    “A nice addition to the mobile experience that runs our lives.” Wait just a cotton-pickin’ second. I’m still in control (excuse me, my phone is notifying me of something important) of my mobile (sorry, I need to answer an email on my tablet, and then see what tweet just came through) life. 😛

  • Anonymous

    We are go for rad.