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WiFi-only Motorola XOOM Headed to Sam’s Club, Possibly Priced at $539

Been a lot of talk about a wifi-only Motorola XOOM lately and thanks to our friends at Sam’s Club, we think it may be closer than anyone imagined and with a better-than-previously-advertised price tag.  According to talk out of their “Year Beginning” meeting, they plan to release the device at $539 which is lower than the $599 price that Moto CEO Sanjay Jha spoke of just two weeks ago.  No word yet on an exact date, but with the same version launching in Europe during the first week of April, we’re tempted to pencil that in for a U.S. launch.

Oh, and you’ll get a good laugh out of the pricing sign listed below.  Looks like someone was working a little too fast when printing it up and missed a couple of details.

More pics after the break!  

Cheers mavrick987!

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  • Airsmith006

    Anyone have the item number from the photos of them at Sam’s Club? Those morons can’t look anything up by name, only by product number.

  • FM

    anyone know when it is coming??

  • Zach

    YES! That is what I have been waiting for. The $800 price tag was a little to much for me. I want to get a Xoom so I can use it with my Sling Adapter and DISH Remote Access app. With this app I can watch live streaming content anywhere I have a Wifi connection. I work at DISH Network and already use this app on my G2, it works great over 3g but at this price it would come in handy when I am traveling especially now since most planes have WiFi!

  • _yc_

    Be honest with yourselves folks. The Xoom can not compete with the iPad. You can’t just compare Xoom’s memory/storage with the iPad’s. You have to compare the whole package including the ecosystem. The iOS software runs in 256mb or 512mb more efficiently. I have an iPad 1 with 64GB + Wifi + 3G, and I can tell you that 16GB of storage is plenty for most people. They can store lots of music, movies, tv shows, magazines and books in the 16GB.

    iOS is much more mature, stable and secure than Honeycomb. The iPad also has many killer applications that the Xoom will most likely never have. From Apple alone, you have Pages, Numbers, KeyNote, iMovie, GarageBand not to mention applications from third parties. These applications cause a wide variety of people to want the iPad. No one except fanatics will buy the Xoom. If you are an MMI investor, be careful.

    • Good job posting on a forum called “DROID LIFE” about how much better the iPad is… idiot.

      • Sometimes I wonder if the iPad owners post their comments here in an attempt to justify their purchase decision.
        You bought an iPad because it apparently meets your needs. Good for you.
        Now go back and play with it.
        Maybe Droid Life should require Flash to read postings. hehe

  • Ctxx24

    Who cares if it says 2.0 bestbuy’s xoom ad was fd up