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WiFi-only Motorola XOOM Headed for April Release?

UK retailer PC World announced today that they will be the first to carry the wifi-only Motorola XOOM and are letting people pre-order theirs today for £499.99.  They even slapped a “1st week of April” time frame on it which is great news for Euro playaz.  What about us though?  While Moto CEO Sanjay Jha has been talking about this wifi-only model for weeks, we’re still a little surprised that we haven’t heard a peep out of a stateside retailer and really have zero idea as to when this mysterious device could show up in the U.S.  And not that I’m into offering up advice to corporate execs, but they might want to get on it, especially with the iPad 2 and its various versions including a 16GB ($499) wifi version hitting stores on March 11.

Via:  PCWorld

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Headbanger51

    I have to say that this Xoom unveiling experience has put me off so badly, and the seemingly endless degree of clusterf&ckery surrounding its release so annoying, that I may be not only switching to the ipad2, but may end up just switching everything over to Apple. I’m sick and tired of seeing a device that could be so much more hampered and hamstrung by companies that don’t have their act together. Android could be so much more, but Moto locks it down with the ridiculousness of Motoblur. I’ll take iOS over Motoblur. Honeycomb, great as it may be, was never released to developers in advance so the Xoom would have a great deal of apps upon release and still renders webpages like a mobile phone. There is no wifi only verison as of yet. Only one available with a contract or wicked expensive. The wifi only version is in the friggin UK (and it’s wicked expensive) and STILL not even a mention of a wifi only version in the US. Verizon just gets their grubby mits around it and tries to suck more $$$ out of customers. The whole Xoom experience and its release to the public has been such a disappointment, that when I watched the ipad2 unveiling yesterday, I saw a company that actually gets it. And whatever shortcomings iOS has, they’re more than outweighed by the positive aspects of a company that has their act together.

  • Zaire2005

    I will get my ipad2 on launch wifi lmao! You bought the wrong tablet xoom silly head lmao!!

  • jeff

    I really want a Xoom but, I simply can’t justify spending the extra $300 for one. If Motorola cant release a Wifi only version and price it competitively with the ipad 2 then, if and when I buy a tablet Apple will probably get my money.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Probably an April Fool’s Joke for the release date. (yes I know it said “1st week” and not “1st”)

  • Get my Xoom tablet tomorrow, so pretty excited! I don’t give a damn if people think it’s not worth it, I love Moto’s products. I enjoy them better than I enjoy Crapple’s crap.

    • Anonymous

      Dang…why you hating? That Xoom you’re about to shell $800 for would not be here today without “Crapple” blazing a trail for it.

    • Anonymous

      Dang…why you hating? That Xoom you’re about to shell $800 for would not be here today without “Crapple” blazing a trail for it.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Give to daddy

  • d-roids

    love that they now have wifi version…. price ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Just to help some people out that 499 price is in euros which is about 690 us dollars… just putting it out there.

    • Anonymous

      The price is in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) not Euros. It’s around $815 USD right now

    • Anonymous

      I should also mention that because consumer electronics tend to be cheaper here in the US, it’s usually around a Pound-to-Dollar ratio. So you might expect to see it Stateside for around $499.

      Of course, knowing Moto they’ll probably botch it up and tack a bunch onto the price. Let’s hope they see reason before it’s too late….

      • I was just scrolling down to say this, actually. That while the exchange rate makes it more expensive, that the prices tend to even out 1:1.

      • Anonymous

        Good call on the GBP, too bad it only makes it worse… ya I really hope that they discount the price for a wifi version but the way i see it and this is just a guess is that when the wifi only version comes out it will see pretty much the same $800 price tag due to the fact that once they have sold the tablet they will no longer be making money off it, unlike the 3/4g XOOM’s on contract @ $599.

  • 855turbo

    Ya, better be under $499, I hate apple but ya know what? its all about the content man.. and Android is taking too damm long to get GOOD apps… I found maybe 5-8 decent apps for my 2 and a half year old son to play on my droid x.

    Again, its like having one of the first cd players in 1982 with a honeycomb tablet right now..

    We spend more time douching around with mods and roms becuase of the lack of content.

    • Michael Scrip

      Best comment!

    • Jeff

      good point…. Where the heck is Netflix?

  • Anonymous

    FWIW, Motorola’s really screwing the pooch with regard to the release date of the Xoom. If there was a wifi version, I would have bought it already. With the wifi only i*ad 2 coming out March 11, I can only wish that Moto had its ducks in order for getting the 3G and wifi versions out at the same time.

    • Balticzar

      So true Saauron. If there were a wifi only Xoom available, for b/t $499-550, I would have one now myself also. I am not an iphone/ipad/Apple fan but I must give them props for their business savvy and their innovation.
      Which now brings me to my other point, Motorola, get off your high horse. You were on life-support a little over a year ago and the OG Droid coupled with Verizon’s huge customer base (and Verizon’s lack of an iphone) brought you back from the brink. You were swirling down the drain not too long ago. Bring the damn XOOM price down or at least offer a wifi only version “yesterday” or Apple will eat your lunch with the ipad 2. I for one refuse to pay $800 for a luxury device because that’s all these tablets are for anyone as far as I’m concerned. Can I afford it? Yes, I’m fortunate that I can. But I refuse to pay for your (Motorola) exec’s high end office remodels, corporate flights and liquor filled junkets. I went the Notion Ink Adam route and am I patiently awaiting the arrival of my new toy that I do NOT need but bought anyway.
      Also, while I and most of us here on this site love most things Android, the Android platform and community MUST coagulate and soon. There needs to be a central platform/interface where all one’s devices can be automatically updated to the most current OS version as well as where one can sync all of their devices with the same apps and media content. While I don’t, and many of you guys here, don’t necessarily need that central “itunes” esque functionality because many of us love tinkering and modding, most consumers don’t wanna beothered with all of that crap. They have other hobbies. We are a small community. Us nerds, half-nerds, tech-buffs, and tech hobbyists are in a minority. The other 90% of consumers just want it to work and want it at a decent price. That’s what Apple brings to the table. Google, steer the ship. Get some kind of centralized platform and fast. I love ya and wanna see ya flourish but get on the ball and soon.
      I for one won’t be buying and ipad 2 but I can almost guarantee the majority of the housewives, soccer moms, working dads commuting on their train rides to work will be unless Moto and all of these other Android tab manufacturers cut their damn prices. I’m not saying give the damn thing away but…$800? Really Moto? Really?!!!!!???

      • BonerFace

        What youre saying about the updates is never going to happen. Androids open source and it will never stop being so. If you want centralized updates get a windows phone.

  • Stephen D

    This would be nice, but I’d have to wait for Samsung and LG’s tablets before I decide if I want one, and which one I want.

  • Anonymous

    Come on Moto, respond to apple. Give us a wifi version in the states. I won’t wait for ever.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone notice that it says “delivery available 9/4/2011”? Is that a typo? What gives? Preorder in April but won’t ship until September. Did I read that right?

    • Anonymous

      They use different date format with month and day swapped

    • Anonymous

      Day/Month/Year. The US is only one of a few countries that use Month/Day/Year.

    • Anonymous

      In Europe the day is noted and then the month. Day/Month/Year

      • Baldypal


        None the less, 3G all the way for me. Working for a major company, IT security will only let “corporate” devices on their private wifi network. Can’t tether for 8 hours in and out of meetings. To each his own.

    • Gpaulu

      Europeans write it dd/mm/yyyy

    • Dregur

      Everywhere else in the world other than the US use a d/m/y format. So that’s still 9 April, 2011.

    • Beneathonyxskies

      Its Europe. They do their dates the opposite of us. Day/Month/Year.

    • Mike1825

      Europe does their date system backwards from the US.

    • jeppray

      Everyone other than the united states displays dates dd/mm/yyyy… So its really april 9, 2011…

    • Muddy B00ts

      They do dates opposite of how we do it. This listing is European. That makes it april 9th.

    • Smeckle

      It’s Europe, dude. 9/4/11 = April 9, 2011.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t like this stop and wait for apple approach that Moto is taking. You’re not going to be successful if you are looking towards apple on how to price your devices. You had two weeks to sell a wifi only model and be successful. Who knows now.

  • Anonymous

    I think I’m going to skip the whole tablet scene and let my Bionic do everything for me… If I had a lot of money and wanted a tablet, I could justify the purchase. As of right now, I’d rather spend my money on a Bionic. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion.

    • Rayman411vm

      I feel the same way…this is just a luxury device, it won’t do anything my DX or mac book can’t do

  • WiFi-only Xoom will launch in mid-late March. I say March 24.

    • Anonymous

      Can’t come soon enough 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This. Soon. In America. Where God pays attention.

  • Chriscorp

    What’s the good vs. bad of getting a WI-FI only vs. a 3G XOOM?

    • One has 3G, the other doesn’t…
      One costs more, the other costs less

      • Padrick77

        the 3g one has GPS the wifi one will not.
        I got the 3g one and use it with my mifi however the GPS for weather apps and maps are great. Also I can use it in my car for navigation since the GPS works. The wifi one even with the mifi or a cellphone tether will not have this capability.

        • Anonymous

          Can you confirm that? I see no reason the wifi model would lack GPS.

          • Padrick77

            Might be right guess it is something only Apple does I know their wifi version does not have gps in it.

        • Anonymous

          Is that confirmed? Because I there are PMPs like the Galaxy Wifi that has a GPS but no cell radio. In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of the crappy froyo tablets have a gps too.

        • TheDave1022

          Believe that is incorrect. They all have GPS listed


    • One has 3G, the other doesn’t…
      One costs more, the other costs less

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Correct me please if I’m wrong but it wouldn’t make much sense for them to run the Wifi Xoom through the FCC if they had no plans of selling it in the US. The FCC’s jurisdiction only covers the 50 states.

  • Anonymous

    If they can’t beat ipad’s $500 price, doesn’t matter when they release it.

    • Anonymous

      Pointless comment, unless you mean it costs more from converting GBP to USD, in which case you can not do a direct currency conversion on a products price.

      • Anonymous

        Timoh is right. You can’t just convert the 499 into US dollars and expect that to be the price.

        • Anonymous

          Kellex you win the award for biggest fanboy on the planet. Honestly. That has to be the dumbest thing you could have come up with. How often can you evenly convert money like that? It doesn’t work that way buddy.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if I get what you’re saying but a lot of people try to convert prices to claim “$” is how much “X” will cost. It’s very prominent on web forums.

          • Anonymous

            Im saying $499.99 USD =/= £499.99

          • Anonymous

            I think Kellex was saying the same thing by agreeing with me.

          • Anonymous

            wow, that was a REALLY stupid comment. Did you actually read what Kellex said?

        • fish1552

          I don’t see him saying that. I see him saying that Apple sells that same iPad for $499 here in the US. If the wi-fi Xoom can’t beat that price….etc. etc.

          He wasn’t using that UK price, but using the existing iPad price here in US dollars.

      • This is actually an excellent case in point. A direct conversion of £499.99 would be $815 per Google’s conversion. There’s no way a wi-fi only version is more expensive than the 3G model.

        • Anonymous

          The £499.99 is inclusive of 20% UK VAT, so before tax it’s £400 = $650 USD (which is still to high but closer to what it should be).

      • Anonymous

        What I mean is that if they cannot ship a $500 product in the USA, then they will utterly fail.
        90% of ipads are reportedly used WiFi only without any contracts.
        Very unlikely that Xoom users will be significantly different.

        • Anonymous

          I see, I guess I read into your comment a little too much. I don’t think they will flat out fail, but they will definitely miss a huge market opportunity.

          • Justin

            They will fail, which is the same as missing the huge market opportunity.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that, they need to atleast announce a launch date.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling that Moto was waiting for iPad 2 wifi only price point…
    Obviously, Moto now has to set its wifi only Xoom to $499 or less to compete.

    • Anonymous

      Not necessarily. The 32GB wifi iPad 2 is $599 which is the same price that Sanjay Jha said the XOOM would be at. They aren’t going to release 8 versions of the XOOM.

      • Anonymous

        True. Though, most general people make comparison based on the lowest price… So, we shall see. Hopefully, I am right. Lol

        • I don’t really see how you can hope 499$ will be the price point, because it just isn’t possible. Beyond the fact that the guy above mentioned the fact that the same storage wifi-onlyiPad will also cost $600, the Xoom is also a better tablet. It has a bigger screen with a better resolution. It has more RAM. It has an micro-SD slot, meaning up to 64MB of storage. It has HDMI out (that doesn’t require a dongle!), and a micro-USB port. Comparing the 32GB wifi only Xoom to the 32GB wifi only iPad, the Xoom is clearly the winner with far superior hardware, so to get that tablet at the same price as its lesser competition would be a steal in my mind.

          • Anonymous

            If that’s the case, Motorola picks a hell of a fight.

            Try going out and ask a Joe/Jane this: “Are you gonna buy the 32gb Motorola Xoom for $599 or the 16gb Apple iPad 2 for $499?” I bet most of your answers would be the iPad 2. Some people might think about $100 vs 16gb more, but general population aren’t like that (Can I justify 16gb for $100 more? Do I really need that 16gb?) The general people would think Apple is cheaper, why would I buy Motorola.

            Even though the spec sheet is better on Xoom, it is like what it actually like when trying it out in hands. I really need try another demo Xoom again. Last time I tried it, it (the UI) was cool and nice; but, it is not snappy at all. It went more like, I clicked that apps, waited a few seconds, nothing happened, clicked again, waited another few seconds, and it eventually popped up (happened to the Map, Youtube, and something else too).

  • Motorola must now want more money. You could count me in the group thats dying to give them my money. Why wont they let me!! lol

  • tanknspank

    Might be a little more likely to pick up one of these. I do not want to be tied into a contract if I do not want to, and I tether to my phone a lot so tether to my XOOM would be no different. 🙂