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SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 UI Beta Released, Here is a Quick Look

Some of you may remember a little product that was introduced back in December called SPB Mobile Shell 5.0?  If not, just think of it as a home replacement on UI-enhanced beautification-steroids whose beta testing period finally went live.  And with sneaky apks flying around the forum-sphere, we were able to get a hold of it for just enough time to do a quick walk-through.

So what do we think about it?  It’s got potential.  You can’t deny the fact that they’ve put a ton of effort into making the UI super smooth, but also very eye appealing.  Once you get into “wheel” mode you really get to see the beauty, like how each panel has it’s own custom animation.  While it didn’t like any of my Blur’d phones, it ran just fine on my original DROID because of the stock Android and I’m sure it would just fly on phones with a much more powerful processor.  They also allow you to quickly create folders, extend out apps to show more options, and even hide certain things in the bottom tray.  It’s a unique experience that really can’t be described.

The one problem I did have with it though, was the fact that it removed the application drawer and instead placed all of my apps into their own separate panels.  This just reminded me way too much of iOS, so if they can find a way to include an app drawer, they might really be on to something here.

Note:  About the beta program…it’s closed and we aren’t allowed to post up the apk.

Video and gallery after the break.  

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  • It took my while but I figured it out to make it work with my my droid x.

  • Moniruzzaman92

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  • Tigron

    Whats that triangle-Icon in notification bar??

  • X5xamox5x

    spb mobile shell was the ish on window phone… dont know how i feel about it being on android though…

  • Anonymous

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  • Anon

    got it working on the OG, when the compatibility error pops up, hit the search button. should be good to go from there.

  • Vinzky

    i just got it installed on my droid x running liberty rom 1.5. activate and when u see the compatibilty error just let it run and wait for around 2-3 minutes. you will see the some of your icons with the spb clock on your screen together with an error box with an OK….dont press OK…press the home button instead and you will see the 3d version of your apps and then CLICK OK…walla…enjoy!

    • Msk1277

      didnt get it to work on my droid incredible…

  • working fine on my rooted froyo fascinate. I like this so far but wish it had some social networking widgets

  • 11knives

    Working on dx. An option to hide task bar would be nice

  • Pezjono

    Used to have SPB on my Windows Phone (like others have said), but I’m not sure I am sold on this release. If they had the app drawer PLUS modifiable windows (for instance I could make a “Games” window or a “Browser” window) then I would consider it, but for now Launcher Pro is my #1.

  • Anonymous