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Contest: Win a 3-month Slacker Radio Plus Subscription!

The kind folks at Slacker reached out to see if we would be interested in hooking up readers with a few 3-month subscriptions to their Plus service, and you know we never turn down an opportunity to feed you guys some free stuff.  For those of you not familiar with Slacker Radio, I highly suggest you check out their site and Android app because it’s one of, if not the best internet radio services on the planet.  You can customize stations using your favorite artists or listen to pre-sets, but most importantly, you can access it all from anywhere including your mobile device and computer.  And with the “Plus” subscription you get even more goodies like:  unlimited song skipping and song requests, access to song lyrics and no audio or banner ads.  Good stuff for sure.

So here is the deal!

1.  We are giving away three 3-month subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus.
2.  To enter, you have to follow us on Twitter and tweet the following message:

Win a 3-month subscription to Slacker Radio Plus from @droid_life – Details here – http://goo.gl/xGBIx #android #contest

3.  For those that hate Twitter, you can “like” us on Facebook to enter.
4.  We’ll pick the 3 winners on Friday  2/25:  2 from Twitter and 1 from Facebook.
5.  We’ll inform the winners that same day!

Good luck everyone!

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  • Gregorypickering

    I will just simply say this. I love the slacker radio like no other. The selection of music, the database of artists and the UI are just phenomenal. The one thing that makes me not use it and hate it more than life itself? Despite having it on two different phones and trying the free and subscription service, the app for Droid fails CONSTANTLY. If I get 30 minutes of music without it force closing it is a miracle. It has done so on the Original Droid and now my Droid X. Absolutely no acknowledgment from the company itself in regards to the problems, never the less attempts to fix them. With every update it seems to get worse. I hate that an app that could be the greatest thing to hit music on portable devices has such crappy development/tech support pushing it.

  • Anonymous


  • Dman27

    Well I not only Like droid life on facebook but i Love you guys, if you pick me I will make every one of my friends in the Droid community like u on facebook, follow u on twitter, and become so obsessed with Droid Life that they check it ten times daily like me 😀

  • Anonymous

    What is Bookface and Twatter?

  • twitterandfacebooksuck

    so what if you think both twitter and facebook are stupid?

  • Done!

  • What if I hate Twitter but I’ve already liked DL on Facebook? Am I still eligible? 😮

  • durtydusty

    Slacker sucks anymore. All it does is lock up and force close. I’ve uninstalled updates, uninstalled entirely and still the same result. SLACKER=FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Love Slacker, use it on all my devices (except tivo, which has Pandora installed) & i would love 1 of the free subscrips, but i HATE the social networking fad & have no accounts on any of ’em……oh well, sucks 4 me, i lose

  • Famouzstarzz

    entering again for another loss 🙁

  • Entered! Dont really care for the prize but love my droid-life 😀

    • Yeah I won the Lookout subscription not that long ago it was great and I still enter all of these just to help get the droid-life name out there.

  • Anonymous


  • Done

  • Done

  • LOL, Seems like the way we enter reduces our chance of winning!

  • I started using slacker when it was announced, but slowly moved to last.fm. Now that last.fm wants my subscription dollars, I’d consider moving back. I wonder what my login name is…

  • Mr. Joshua

    I win

    • How do you win already?! No fair!

  • Rydog626

    i think i should win this… maybe ill get to listin with it on my thunderbolt….

  • tbaybe

    darn that facebook crap 😉