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Netflix on Android Confirmed for Snapdragon Phones First

Qualcomm happened to mention to our friends over at Android and Me during CES that the Netflix app would be coming to Android phones running their Snapdragon processors first due to their grasp on security and today, they confirmed it at MWC.  We had seen a random video of an LG Revolution running the Netflix app back at CES and since that device runs on a Snapdragon, it is no longer surprising.  No word at all on when phones with Tegra 2’s or other processors might see streaming movie goodness, but I’m sure they are working a hard as they can do get it done.  So yeah, that means no Netflix any time soon on your XOOM.  And maybe HTC has something up their tablet sleeve for their event tonight?

Not that you needed one, but I guess this gives you another reason to consider the Thunderbolt.  It’s almost guaranteed to have Netflix support before anyone else in the Android game.  

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Platform to Help Enable Instant Streaming from Netflix on Android Devices

Fulfills Netflix Security Requirements Necessary to Bring Netflix Application to Snapdragon-enabled Android Devices

BARCELONA, SPAIN – February 14, 2011 – Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, today announced that future Android devices powered by the Snapdragon™ platform will have access to instant streaming of TV shows and movies from Netflix.

“We’re excited about this collaborative effort to help bring the Netflix application to Android devices running on the Snapdragon platform,” said Liat Ben-Zur, senior director of software strategy and ecosystems for Qualcomm. “Qualcomm is in a unique position to help bring the most optimized and advanced Android apps to market through working closely with the strong ecosystem of Snapdragon developers like Netflix.”

Snapdragon processors are designed to deliver dynamic performance and media protection features in a turnkey package, allowing the devices they power to more easily pass through the approval process required for Netflix certification. Additionally, Netflix video decoding is handled by highly efficient dedicated hardware, extending battery life and improving picture quality.

“We’re pleased to expand our mobile offering by providing our members an app for TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix to Snapdragon-enabled Android devices,” said Bill Holmes, Netflix vice president of Business Development. “Qualcomm’s expertise in mobile hardware/software integration and their collaboration in the consumer electronics space makes them the perfect fit in bringing Netflix to a range of Android handsets and tablets.”

Qualcomm will demonstrate the Netflix application for at the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress in the Company’s exhibit, located in Exhibit Hall 8, #8B53.

About Qualcomm
Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. For 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of wireless communications, connecting people more closely to information, entertainment and each other. Today, Qualcomm technologies are powering the convergence of mobile communications and consumer electronics, making wireless devices and services more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere. For more information, visit Qualcomm around the Web:
Corporate Blog: www.qualcomm.com/blog
Twitter: www.twitter.com/qualcomm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/qualcomm

Except for the historical information contained herein, this news release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, including the Company’s ability to successfully design and have manufactured significant quantities of Snapdragon components on a timely and profitable basis, change in economic conditions of the various markets the Company serves, as well as the other risks detailed from time to time in the Company’s SEC reports, including the report on Form 10-K for the year ended September 26, 2010, and most recent Form 10-Q.

  • Pkooistra

    Does anyone know if you can use a Remote Desktop Client to watch Netflix on an Android Tablet? Not the ideal, but it seems like it would work

  • MD

    just got the thunderbolt and to my surprise, no netflix app, only blockbuster. What happened.

  • Timothy_powell

    Would the EVO 4G be able to do this? or is it to old of a Snapdragon?

  • James J

    I have been using Netflix for years and have grown to love streaming TV. Unfortunately, I got tired of always hunting around for something to watch. I have since switched to the Remote Access app from my employer, Dish Network, and will never switch back! I can now stream live TV, on demand content, and all of my DVR recordings. With so many more features, I couldn’t be happier.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, its another reason to consider an iphone. As much as it pains me to swype that, it’s something that should be available now. As it sounds, nobody is going to get netflix unless they buy a new phone. I honestly do not see it being released to the og or the dx if it’s ready and they haven’t released it yet. That’s ridiculous. If the powers that be don’t make a push to equalize the android market with the app store (not in number or even quality, but with the same big names) I’m going to rethink my 2012 upgrade. Get on the ball already.

  • Sdf

    I’ve had Netflix now for two weeks on my OG Droid media streaming it thru the playon software that just got it working for android devices. I just have to go and add a movie to my list and it shows up in their browser based html5 format. it can get laggy at times depending on if I’m using it on 3G or wifi.

  • Anonymous

    According to Engadget there needs to be some clarification. It isn’t coming to any Snapdragon device currently on the Market. It is only coming to new Snapdragon devices with hardware DRM/encryption abilities.

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean the .apk can’t be ripped and put on any phone. We’ll just have to see. But I am really getting tired of waiting for Hulu and Netflix to get on Android.

  • Anonymous

    According to Engadget there needs to be some clarification. It isn’t coming to any Snapdragon device currently on the Market. It is only coming to new Snapdragon devices with hardware DRM/encryption abilities.

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean the .apk can’t be ripped and put on any phone. We’ll just have to see. But I am really getting tired of waiting for Hulu and Netflix to get on Android.

  • great article…
    nice technologies..

  • I guess that’s new Snapdragons only, then? I got excited for a minute when I saw Snapdragon, but then I read “future devices” and took that to mean, “not your Incredible, Mike.”

  • Great…I just hope though that the Droid X’s of the world get Netflix, as well…eventually, not just phones with Snapdragon duel-core.

  • Raptor007

    I need real proof and confirmation that HTC will support this in the ThunderBolt, having a 2nd Gen Snapdragon Processor isn’t enough especially if you are dealing with hardware level encryption.

    • Anonymous

      android is more open and so are the tegra 2’s…qualcom can make adjustsments easily to enhance security thereby releasing the app on qualcom phones first so don’t look for any netflix apk ports anytime soon.

  • Skychet

    my 2nd generation ipod touch can get netflix. outdated ipod 1, og droid 0 😛

    • Viper76269

      it’s just cause of security. there was a time when you could say this about Angry Birds, and now who cares about it

  • Anonymous

    So im assuming no one picked up their thunderbolt today then? 🙁

  • JumboMcNasty

    Xperia Play has a snapdragon processor… +1 more for that phone for me

  • Buttons

    Does this include HTC Incredible?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait. Highlander on the go. yes.

    • EC8CH

      In the end, there can be only one.

      • Anonymous

        LOL! And thats what I’ll say to everyone who gives me road rage since I can’t cast magic missiles.

        • Chris Nimon

          lmao, magic missles.

          • Anonymous

            I’m glad someone got that.

        • Chris Nimon

          lmao, magic missles.

  • question: cant you go to netflix.com and watch the movie or show you wanted?

    • No, because Netflix uses Sliverlight, not Flash.

      • what about that moonlight port? It was said that that would allow for a “silverlight” type of function. Or did it die?

        • KO

          Moonlight lacks the DRM component as Microsoft isn’t the sharing type. Without it, Netflix is a no go.

  • Anonymous

    So the HTC Incredible and EVO are good to go for Netflix?

    • Come on man, your answer is in the article. Phones with snapdragon CPUs will be the first to get the Netflx app…

      Do those two phones have Snapdragon CPUs? Why yes, according to a simple Google search, they do!

    • Anonymous

      no, not old phones only new ones…like the revolution, possibly not even the thunderbolt but possibly again yes..

  • Kevoskee

    Can’t wait until the thunderbolt is released . This going to be nice app to have on it

  • probably the most anticipated app i’ve been waiting on

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been wondering how all those people who just knew BB would get them their pre-ordered Thunderbold today were liking it. Yesterday there were so many who just knew BB would come through this morning, because BB employee’s told them so. I haven’t been able to find any post of pictures of new Thunderbolts.

  • Agacom24

    i know this has nothing to do with this but if someone can PLEASE help me that would be awesome….I have a Droid 2 and I recently unrooted it and factory reset the phone….i had to download the 2.3 system version off of a website somewhere…The problem is i am just wondering if my “About Phone” tab in settings reads what the stock version would say? If someone could please tell me what theres looks like for the droid 2 that would be awesome! mine says this: android version:2.2
    -Baseband Version – BP_C_01.09.07P
    -Kernel Version –
    [email protected] #1
    -Build Number – VZW
    ERI Version – 5
    PRL Version – 52189

    Somehow if someones stock D2 is different from that please let me know! and if indeed it is wrong, maybe a way to get it completely back to normal?! Thanks in advance hopefully this awesome Droid-Life community can help!! Cheers!


  • Can’t we just have a Netflix to edit/add to our queue? sheesh…. these companies are clueless

  • Anonymous

    So when this coming to Linux desktops?They can’t pull the whole it wont work card anymore….

    • Anonymous

      Sure they can, for the same reason they didn’t allow it on Android up until now: without a unified DRM system baked into the OS (or the CPU, as appears to be the case with Snapdragon), there is no way to guarantee that Netflix people won’t download then distribute all the movies in the Netflix library. Until they can get that reassurance, the studios would never sign with them if they were distributing to such a DRM-insecure platform.

      • Anonymous

        What a waste of time. Every movie in the Netflix library can already be downloaded illegally somewhere by those willing to go through the time and effort to find it. Do the studios really think anyone will spend their time copying all of the movies in Netflix’s library and distributing them all over again?

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. We’re talking about the MPAA, though — historically, logical reasoning hasn’t really been one of their strong suits…

      • Anonymous

        Moon light has been asking for DRM support from MS but they wont give it.

  • NCX

    and cue the rumors for the delay again 😛

  • Anonymous

    I really want to see an “airplane mode” mobile Netflix feature – something that would allow you to download an entire movie or TV show to watch while you are in the air without having to be connected. Anyone else?

    • Anonymous

      That would cost extra, and is the prime reason why it’s taking so long for netflix to come out with an android app. Once you can download a soft copy of a movie, you open it up to all sorts of piracy. That is their main concern.

      Also, your phone would need to have a HUGE hard drive.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the soft copy piracy issue makes sense, but remember the TBolt has 40GB of storage from the start, so I don’t think that would be an issue (compressed movies with phone-screen size quality would only run you 700 – 1000MB). Also I was picturing a scheme where you would only have the movie for 12 hours or so and then it would erase itself.

  • Mr Carteratl

    B.S> balled up grass str8 out a cows ass

  • Bo

    God I really hope the Bolt gets it.

  • Bo

    Kellex—some were saying on other sites that Tbolt would be miss this since its release is so soon. Thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      Why would the phone coming out before the app have any impact on availability? Assuming the phone meets the standards demanded by Netflix and the media companies, the app should be available for download on the Tbolt as soon as it’s released elsewhere.

      • DBEvans

        Other sites are reporting that Neflix is saying that the software will not be available for download from the market – only available as a pre-installed program on new phones. As the t-bolt is coming out so soon, it’s quite possible that the only way the t-bolt would get this is via an OS update package from HTC/Verizon.

  • Tbolt

    This sounds awesome. Question for everyone… I’m going to get the Thunderbolt, what are the best extended batteries that I can look at?

  • Tabe

    Only on Snapdragon devices… Until someone over at XDA gets ahold of it and ports it to all of the other phones! lol

    • DBEvans

      Not so sure … depends on if the processor is used for validation or for decoding. If just for validation, then the code can be easilly worked around and ported. But if the decoding is in the hardware, then porting the software isn’t the hard part. Without the decoding component, the software on a different processor wouldn’t accomplish much.

  • Anonymous

    The question is will it run on current Snapdragon devices or only multi core ones? There’s some talk and a video out there suggesting that the bolt might not get it.

    • Calixtro

      My hd7 has the Netflix app. Although it is a windows phone 7 device, it has the same 1ghz snapdragon found on the hd2 and many 1ghz android phones.

      • NCX

        only reason WP7 has it first before other OS’s is because of the strict security on the OS, you can’t do anything with it outside of marketplace and other locked down security allowed it to meet all the requirements of the movie studios, which the studios recently approved for Android snapdragons.

        • Calixtro

          I don’t care what os had it first. I was answering a question. Durangojim asked for which snapdragon processors. All android devices with a single core 1ghz snapdragon is compatible. Since the hd7 has same processor

          • Mr. Joshua

            I think NCX is saying that the WP7 could have it regardless of the processor b/c of the features of the operating system itself. Therefore, the fact that the windows phone has a certain processor does not necessarily mean that Android phones running the same processor would meet Netflix’s requirements.

          • Calixtro

            So far I think the hd7 is the only wp7 smartphone to have a Netflix app. I read somewhere only the hd7 was supported because of the snapdragon. Could be wrong tho…

          • DBEvans

            Actually, it does matter which OS is on it. The decoding of the DRM can be done in either the OS, or the hardware. In the case of WP7, the OS is so tightly locked down, the decoding is in the OS so the processor doesn’t matter; which in the case of Android, the OS is open source, so the decoding must be done by the hardware which will, at this point, require a second generation Snapdragon or later.

      • …as the article stated, it is not about the power of the CPU. Android does not have the security features to protect Netflix’s content. You could have a quad core CPU and 8 gigs of RAM, but if it’s on an Android phone and the CPU doesn’t have the built in security like Snapdragon CPUs do, it won’t be getting the Netflix app.

  • Ha

    So the Incredible will get it sometime…?

    • DBEvans

      No – the Incredible uses the 1st gen Snapdragon. To access the MSM technology that the Netflix software is needing will require a 2nd gen Snapdragon or later. Plus, another site is reporting that the software will only be available if pre-installed on a phone, not available for download from the market.

      • I don’t think that keeping the app out of the Market is a very big problem in and of itself, considering anyone with a rooted phone could get and post the .apk.

  • Nice touch with the tbolt….

  • Anonymous

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