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Fascinate Froyo EB01 Leaks for Rooted Users

The Fascinate Froyo build EB01 that we outed on Twitter last week and with a full gallery earlier this week, has made its way into XDA and is available to those of you that are rooted and antsy.  The package comes with busybox and root, but other than that hasn’t been touched or tweaked.  TouchWiz, bloatware and everything else that the official build has are included.

Instructions and download links here.

Cheers Stephen!

  • man they do not make flashing ROM’s any easier do they…..I cant believe how difficult it is to root the fascinate…compared to the DROID

    • Stephen D

      You run a batch program, it’s very easy. Actually, Adrynalyne has a new root method that’s simply putting Clockwork on and flashing a zip for superuser.

  • Mr. Joe


  • can this carry over to the OG or is it just for the fascinate?

    • Anonymous

      haha good one…

  • Judgesmails

    Is this different from the one androidcentral postted this morning?

  • Muddy B00ts

    I think OEMs should all quit doing updates and just let XDA handle it. We’d have every new version for every device in a week.

    Case-in-point, last night I put gingerbread on my wife’s Eris, and it runs PERFECTLY.

    • my00si

      Link to this?

      • Muddy B00ts

        Here ya go, it’s pretty much an unofficial port from the CM 7 nightlies, but my wife is a complete non-techie, and everything works great for her. No Fcs or anything.

        • my00si

          Much appreciated

        • my00si

          Much appreciated

  • Gg101

    There is also a debloated debinged version on XDA called super clean 2.0

  • Maddgenius478


  • CsBen15

    Thanks will give it a try on my dad’s phone

    • Maansova