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2011 DROID Lineup Makes Another Rumor Mill Appearance

A bunch of information from our friends at Phandroid popped up late last night having to do with the DROID lineup of 2011 and it all helps confirm the stuff we told you about back in January.  We first reported news that Incredible 2, DROID X2 and DROID 3 were all in the works, but we followed that up just a day later with news that the Inc2 would be a global device.  We also received word that the DX2 could end up with a Tegra 2 in it and that one of the new DROIDs might be our next stock Google device.  You’ve got to admit that seeing all of this information again is exciting to say the least.

Here are some extra tidbits that came out of this new report:

  • Incredible 2:  Will launch with a white back and silver rim, similar to what you are seeing in the photo above.  Codename “Vevo” is something to look out for.
  • DROID 3:  Bigger 4″ qHD screen and a Q2 release.
  • Samsung Stealth:  Might be the name of Samsung’s 4G LTE device.

So not a ton of new stuff, but again, nice to see a confirmation on our earlier report.  I will say that it would surprise me if Stealth ends up being the final name for the Samsung device.  As far as I know, that has been the code name for quite some time and am expecting a last minute surprise with that device.

And just to recap the stuff we’ve heard:

  • DROID X2:  Possibly dual-core and was scheduled for May.
  • Incredible 2:  Was scheduled for March.
  • DROID BIONIC:  Was scheduled for May.

As soon as we have more, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Via:  Phandroid, (2)

  • Anonymous

    droid 3 needs to be LTE.. this all touch screen LTE thing sucks… some of us want a physical keyboard. if not i’ll just rock my D1 until it a keyboard LTE comes out or i’ll leave vzw…

  • mxfox408

    is it just me or is htc sucking now as far as thier next generation 4g phones go? Im mean the thunderbolt is a EVO 2.0 slight diff specs but pretty much the same phone. So the incredible 2 seems like a step backwards. Wtf is up with htc, id like to see a tegra 2 htc device before 2013

  • Anonymous

    If the Droid 3 comes out with a 4 inch screen, vanilla android AND ends up being the “developer-friendly” device Verizon mentioned a few weeks back (meaning: no locked bootloader), its sales numbers will crush every other phone. I won’t hold my breath, but I can dream.

  • droid87

    I want dx 2

  • Sputnick

    If the DX2 comes with stock Android…I will crap my pants.

  • Bob

    all I know is that if it doesn’t have a physical keyboard, I’m not interested. Droid 3 it is.

  • I know, I know… everyone has a friend at Verizon, right? Well, mine was at some kind of Verizon shindig at the Consol Energy Center today. He said they were being shown the PlayBook and the Stealth, so that name’s looking pretty official.

  • Mike

    They should really consider making the Droid 3 an LTE device. All the 4G phones coming out are gonna be 4.3″ touchscreens. It’d be nice for a 4G upgrade for us physical keyboard lovers. And a stock experience as well could only make it better. What if the Droid 3 were the first phone to release with Ice Cream Sandwich? The OG Droid was the first with 2.0 Eclair. It would be the REAL successor to the OG Droid. Unlock the bootloader too, k Moto?

    • Droid 2 was the first to launch with 2.2 too.

      • Mike

        Exactly 🙂

  • I HIGHLY doubt that the Droid 3 or Droid X2 will be stock.

  • I HIGHLY doubt that the Droid 3 or Droid X2 will be stock.

  • cucabueno

    The D3 sounds amazing… but is it just a 3G device? Specially now that VRZ will have VoLTE by next year, an LTE phone is becoming a MUST on my list. Can’t risk it and wast that upgrade cuz next year there won’t be one…

  • (v)urphy

    Droooooiiiiid! 🙂

  • Me too! I’m still rockin my OG Droid havent seen a phone come out yet that would make me want to give it up, but that D3 sounds like it might be the one!

  • Anonymous

    so i know im getting the thunderbolt cause its awesome and sense…but who thinks because its the droid “3” it will be stock? just a question….i think actually there is an r3d3 in starwars….at least animated anyways….it was an evil r2 basically….

    • Anonymous

      wouldnt c3po make more sense?

  • Tanujc

    Hopefully no BS phones like the DX and D2.

  • Tanujc

    I’m excited for that Droid 3

  • Anonymous

    I still wish HTC would just release a damn Android phone with the Touch Pro2 keyboard already.

  • I’ve been rocking the motorola phones but my next phone will be either the Thunderbolt or Inc2 or maybe the Google Experience phone if they do release one…no more locked bootloaders after this X!

    • Anonymous

      my decision is between those two also. depending on whether or not the incredible has decent specs (hoping for dual core/high resolution screen) otherwise i don’t care about it.
      I would never use the global abilities…

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure about inc2 without dual core?

    • Anonymous

      kimir snapdragon’s dual cores….the only one’s htc uses and im coming to like aren’t coming out till at least 2Q this year…..the thunderbolt will sufice and if u can then just buy it off contract….

      • Anonymous

        yeah. i want them 🙂 will the tablets have them?


  • Anonymous

    Good to know Kellex, great keeping the peeps informed and validating your sources. Interesting to finally see if the D 3 rally lives up to the rumors. I think a lot of us were dissapointed with the D2, we thought the OG was going to be something like the DX or just better specs, that was a big let down. So we shall see.

    As for the DX recieving dual core possibly that is another wait and see, we all know how Moto has changed things up on us in the past and we all felt let down/ I really hope the DX and D 3 “DOES” get the specs that are being rumored. New Motto :DROID DOES GET”

  • DroidzFX

    DX2 open boot and EMP capabilities so I can destroy all other phones within 20 feet.

    • Anonymous

      my eris already does that. 🙂

  • Marcogiudice79

    Hurry up already! I’m dying to move up from the d 1 but don’t want to waste an upgrade for BS come on d 3 or bionic with 4g and root access and wireless tethering then I could live without an open bootloader, for the most part!

  • Stephen D

    If there’s a stock unlocked Droid 3 with a 4 inch screen and keyboard, goodbye Fascinate.

    • wizard

      Droid 3, Incredible 2 and Droid X2 will all be 3G devices..Also both the droid 3 and Dinc2 will have 4″ screens

  • David

    I know it’s not going to happen but I would love a motorola Droid nexus the two names don’t mix well but I’ll be satisfied with motorala nexus

  • Droid 3. 4″ qHD screen, Dual-core, LTE with Vanilla Android. I will definitely buy that.

    • Seedster

      I think EVERYONE would! I doubt LTE though and I think Blur is here to stay with Motorola despite their claims at a stock experience coming soon.

    • The350zWolf

      Indeed, if this turns out to be true this will be total vindication for both motorola and verizon

    • Jbrez2468

      A good friend of mine is a manager for Vz they just had a big lte thunderbolt seminar …Dx2 and Droid 3 will not be lte he was told.

      • palomosan

        I think I might wait for the Incredible 2, I’m pretty sure it’ll have a better screen than the TB and a better processor…I hope.

    • Dk

      Until you learn that the Droid 4 is going to have quad core use but what’s available within a month from now if you need A phone

  • EC8CH

    White back on the Twinc…. dumb.

    • Rocktoonz

      agreed, white backs look HORRIBLE IMO, makes it look like a cheap device (or an iPhail knockoff), which being a Droid we know it’s neither.

  • I like the “was scheduled for….” comments!

  • o1dm0n

    I would love to see a Verizon-based, stock Google device for a change. I don’t know why they have only been releasing stock devices on GSM….

    Bring on G4, Tegra 2, Front Facing Camera and an unlocked bootloader and I’m all about it!

    • Kashtrey

      It is about time that Moto release a Google Phone. I know they got the Xoom as the Honeycomb flagship but its not the same as a true Nexus type device. Moto built Droid Nexus FTW.

    • Anonymous

      do you mean 4G? or is G4 different

  • usure?

    I think you meant codename “Vivo”

  • Jay

    Ok, so…what’s the difference between Droid X2 and the Bionic?

    • EC8CH

      an extra G

  • Anonymous

    Inc 2 cuz I feel it has the best chance of having that stock experience… and hopefully an unlocked bootloader!

    • Anonymous

      They will DEFINITELY have HTC sense

      • Anonymous

        Ya Moto has blur and Samsung has touch wiz it doesn’t mean that one of these phones wont come with out a manufacturer UI pre- installed. The Droid 1 came stock Android and the Nexus S made by Samsung also came stock so its completely uop to the manufacturer of the phone and their development with Google.

      • Remember Nexus One? HTC phone.

        • Anonymous

          I know. But Google branded for the most part …

      • Remember Nexus One? HTC phone.

      • Remember Nexus One? HTC phone.

  • Anonymous

    Stealth is a perfect name for the Samsung phone. It’s meant to remind us of how “stealthy” the updates will be.
    The Twinc sounds cool, but that silver rim could use a paint job… I’m thinking black.
    For me, it likely boils down the Bionic or the X2… let’s hope Moto remembers it’s promise to open things up for developers with one of these phones.

  • Brian

    Stock google experience would be nice. Although, an unlocked bootloader is my number 1 priority 🙂

  • Out2bcrzy

    No way in heck the D3 will be 2nd QTR the first design was canned already and starting over. At best Labor Day for a release. Bionic is way off from a May release also last I heard was Aug time frame, and the X2 should be early – mid summer and will have a dual core unless they change there minds again which has alreyad been done a couple of times.

  • Anonymous

    i just want the damn thing from the nfl commericial
    its a tv, no its a tablet, no its a laptop, no its a phone…wait its a tv again!

  • Anonymous

    So psyched. Wish they were LTE. 🙁

    • Mr.Joe

      I wish I had LTE in my area.