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SBF Files Released for DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro

If you own a Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro and plan on doing any rooting, ROMing or tweaking, then you’ll love this bit of news from our friends over at My Droid World.  The SBF files for both devices went live today, so you may want to go download them immediately before they are gone forever.

For those not familiar, SBF files are used any time your device hits a state of unrecoverability (that a word?).  An SBF flashed using a program called RSD Lite will wipe your phone back to its stock state, which is like having a brand new, out-of-the-box Droid.  The files are normally used by carriers to wipe phones before sending them off for warranties and such, but if you can have one in your back pocket, it may come in handy should you do something horrible to your phone.

Of course, we do not recommend that you do anything out of the ordinary to your phone and cannot recommend that you even try using one of these files.  We’re just letting you know that they are out there.

Droid 2 Global SBF Thread | Droid Pro SBF Thread

  • Droid it will be the next windows so be prepare!

  • Rdessert

    HELP! Bootlooped after installing CM7 nightly 7. Big problem, can’t access my ClockworkMod Recovery (Power-X) nor the USB via ADB (showing offline). Any suggestions???? 

  • fghjh
  • Anonymous


  • down with jobs

    I noticed the post said you have to use rsd lite…is it not possible just to flash the sbf like you would a new rom and wipe data and cache? Just curious cuz im not familiar with the rsd lite program…

  • Fhgf Hj
  • Fyty


  • Quentin8171

    So I tried downloading the files and they wont download to my droid please help I need these so I can start roming..

  • Westfd

    On an unrelated (but still sorta related) note, does anyone have any insight into when/if we’ll see a full sbf (instead of system only) for the droid x (I’m referring to .34 of course)

  • BeefSupreme

    i just got the droid 2 global. best phone i ever had. its capability’s are truly amazing.
    the SBF files are handy to have just in case. thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This is off topic but I have a droid incredible and I just received a notification that says I’m low on space. I have gigs of free memory left on my sd card, internal memory so why am I gettin this message?

    I’m rooted on stock with stock kernel.

    • Check your apps. Sounds like something you downloaded.

  • I would never, ever do anything to my phone that would require an SBF file just to unbrick it. 😉

    Oh wait, I just had to do that very thing today using VRZ_MB810_2.3.32_1FF_01.sbf for my Droid X. Thank you for SBFs.

  • Anonymous

    Here is probably a n00b question but I want to get my hands on the OG Droid SBF file. I know SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf gives you root access, but is there one out there that root is not built in? Or I use this one, wait for the OTA that should flash the newest update to the OS and let that remove root? There have been a few times where I thought something was messed up on it or lost it (i do have lookout on it now so that wont happen again) and thought about doing a claim on it. Other reason is I just like to have it for piece of mind.

    • Anonymous

      You can flash stock verizon 2.2 (rooted and unrooted) via rom mgr. I’m pretty sure you can use sp or clockwork recovery to do so. (Or save to sd and then copy to pc for more peace of mind)

  • The350zWolf

    Hi everyone and happy new year…

    This is great news and thanks devs for giving the community the ability to bring from the dead a bricked phone, indeed thanks. Although I do have a small rant. Why do you choose to use Megaupload or Rapidshare? These services SUCK! Wouldn’t just be easier to put it on a google server or even dropbox? Anyway, the effort is appreciated. Peace

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’ve been bricked for a while after trying to go back to stock after testing out Fission! Now I’m all fixed up. God bless those bastards behind Team Black Hat 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Motorola nuclear weapons inbound!

  • Anonymous

    How well have these phones even sold?? And how is the development on them…just curious…

    • Anonymous

      I would say subpar on both, but I have no official word on that. 😛

      • Anonymous

        That’s sad considering both of their capabilities, but I kind of assumed the same…

      • Anonymous

        I think the Droid Pro is doing subpar, but the Global is seeing a pretty good success rate. People are ending up buying the Global instead of the Droid 2 simply because its 50 bucks more for a phone that has more features. The Pro is sort of a niche phone, so I expected this much.

        • DBK

          FYI, other than an extra .2 in the processor, the global features, and the extra color, they are basically the same phone. In the end, it comes down to whether or not one needs the global features. Both phones are equally great (yes I have a Droid 2 OG, so I am possibly a little biased, but I doubt that’s the case). /rant