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OpenFeint Unleashes New Wave of Games Including Mega Jump, Finger Physics and FaceFighter Gold

OpenFeint just dropped a whole bunch of awesomeness on you in time for a long X-mas weekend with crazy in-laws and bad sweaters.  After today’s batch of 11 games hits the market, the total from them will have reached 158 which is pretty remarkable.  Of the 11 you’ll see today, we have some big time players like Mega Jump, Finger Phyiscs and FaceFighter Gold which were all hits over on the enemy side and have now made their way to the soon-to-be winning side.

Full list after the break, plus an X-mas giveway from OpenFeint.  

Aliens require Brains – Humble Gaming Ltd – $0.99
Astraware Casino – Astraware – $0.99
Can Knockdown – Infinite Dreams Inc – Free
FaceFighter Gold – Appy Entertainment – $1.99
Finger Physics – PressOK Entertainment – $0.99
Galaxy NGC3D – HyperBees Ltd – $0.99
Impossible Level Game – HyperBees Ltd – $1.49
Letter Rip! – Anthrological – Free
Mega Jump – Get Set Games – Free
Sky Force Reloaded – Infinite Dreams Inc – $1.50
Super Drill Panic – OrangePixel – $1.36

Solid list right?  A whole lot of “free” on there that should allow you to easily kill off the rest of 2010.

Giveaway info: (from OpenFeint)

Any Android user who downloads one of these games and turns on OpenFeint will be automatically entered into our Ho-Ho-Holiday giveaway. We’re giving away a $50 gift card on Thursday, a $75 gift card on Friday, and a Barnes & Noble Nook Color (soon to be updated with Android). Games can be found in our Game Spotlight app.

Oh, there is a $.99 Mega Jump on the market, but it’s just some random livewallpaper.  Ignore it.  The game is free.

Have fun!

  • DEEroid X

    I love feint games!

  • Mdd10031

    Downloaded the free ones to check out, on a side note has anybody checked out the Mafia Wars game available through getjar yet?

  • Jun

    My non-rooted Droid running FRG83D got much more faster after uninstalling Mega Jump.

  • Umm…WOW?!

    This is just incredible. Yes, Android will be winning soon. And sooner than later I would expect.

    OpenFeint keeps getting better and better. Awesome!

  • Jager07

    Finger Physics totally crashed my OG Droid (i.e. it rebooted my phone in the middle of the game with no warning) and also randomly launches non-magnetized pieces up the screen and out of play. No chance for refund after 20 minutes of play. Oh well, it was only a buck. But I wouldn't download it.

  • Mega Jump is pretty cool! But it is a beast of a game! 40MB + … Love the OpenFeint though 🙂

    • exact reason i didnt install 🙁

    • Timoh

      Move to SD card, it's not a big deal.

  • Nicholas

    Mega Jump installed fine but is slow as hell on my Moto Droid

    • Mr. Grieves

      Same here. Installed fine on OG Droid but runs super slow. Is it just me or does Openfeint seem to slow most games down? I feel like every time I open a game that features Openfeint, it takes 10 times longer to load up than others.

  • bravoleader2

    So many games, so little free time.

  • Sdwyatt916

    tried installing mega jump but my phone is telling me i dont have enough space WTF! i have more than enough space on my Dinc.

    • Russ

      Looks like you and I are having the same issue. I wonder if it's a DInc specific problem.

      • Htcsucks

        htc fail

      • Salsa

        OG Droid here, same problem. Dammit, I wanted to Mega Jump whilst taking a Mega Dump.

      • Evil-D

        Not a Dinc specific problem, installed and runs quick on my dinc. though I am rooted running virtuous rom.

  • I love Hyper Jump, but I accept Mega Jump with open arms. Thank you OpenFeint for helping to mature the android market.

  • Russ

    Just tried installing Mega Jump but my phone says I don't have enough free space. I've got more than enough for this game. I don't get it. Anyone else having the same issue?

    • Alfie213

      I'm having the same issue…. Sorry, there's not enough space to install this item

      Available Space
      SD & Phone Storage:

      Internal Phone Storage:

      Phone Memory:

      • Alfie213

        Droid Incredible by the way

    • Adam1982

      same problem on my Incredible. It's happened before with other larger-sized games.

  • Thanks Kellex.

  • Gemnsitone

    First. time to try out these games. Yay..