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HTC Incredible HD Model Number will be ADR6400, Thunderbolt a Possible Name

We’ve received word that the model number for the Incredible HD will be ADR6400 (officially ADR6400LVW) which makes perfect sense.  The original Incredible is ADR6300 and if everything we have been led to believe comes true, this is the follow up device to it, so the numbering sequence matches right up.  We’re also hearing that a name has still not been finalized and that “Thunderbolt” is appearing on documentation alongside “Mecha.”

Maybe “Thunderbolt” is just a code name for it being the first 4G LTE device?  Remember that first 4G commercial from Verizon with the thunderbolt in a box?  Fitting.

Oh, and I already ran through the standard Picasa and Google searches, but feel free to in your spare time.

  • marcos

    hello I would like to unlock my htc adr6400 to use as I do in Brazil?

  • Fudge Monster

    do i have to pay extra for 4g is my area has none?

  • Jake

    I love how the article says a “Thunderbolt in a box”………. Its a lightning bolt, not a thunderbolt.


  • Rtgytegrgdfvfr
  • Thunderbolt though, think this is a passenger cell phone name.

  • Droid Thunderbolt sounds like it could be the first in a long line of kickass new Droid-branded names.

  • kimir

    i hope it is mecha. thunderbolt is kinda lame by comparison

  • kimir

    as long as it is droid thunderbolt… no wanto bingo 😀

  • Ghess517

    Going to wait to make sure an Incredible phone lives up to hype with speed, processer power, 4g, rootabilty, etc.
    Don't put an Incredible name on a device that isn't. Not saying it won't be everything we want it to be, but let's have it in hand first.

  • HTC and Samsung get me going more than the girls in a Playboy magazine probably would.

    • kimir

      note the word probably 😀

  • akazerotime

    Why not call it “THUNDERSTRUCK” and get a AcDc to do the teaser

    • Nice but that would mean a Lucas license AND one from AcDc no?

  • DF67

    thats would explane the 4G commercial if you think about it.

  • anyone seen this yet on Picasa??


    • Trombone Dixie

      It won't let me view anything… what is it?

      • kimir

        same here

        • kimir

          double clicking worked for some reason.

    • Timmah

      Whoa, nice find!

    • Secano

      Not liking the screen size…that's if all those phones are scaled to the same size… 🙁

      • You serious? I'd prefer a 4.8 inch screen which is big but still pocket-able. 4.3 with the width of the EVO 4G instead of the thinness/length of the Droid X would be fantastic.. means bigger keys on the qwerty which makes for easier typing!

  • Timoh

    Damn, I was hoping for “HTC Droid-gasm explode” with a lightning bolt under explode.

  • themiracle2012

    It definitely looks like it doesn't have an amoled screen. Bummer

    • Lot of people report having eye strain and eye problems looking at LEDs, and I don’t like looking at them, though they are tempting to look at, they mess with my eyes somehow.

  • scuba_koop

    Still want plain android vanilla experience! It might just be me, but I have a droid2 and I don't see a lot of roms? Tried rooting once, but had a lot of rebooting, so went back to stock??

    • Wingman520

      you were probably stuck in bootloop i havn't toyed with a droid 2 but prolly not many devs working on it

      • scuba_koop

        I wasn't stuck. I could use the phone sucessfully and had it overclocked. It would just reboot sometimes for no reason!

      • DROD2169 is thinking about porting RubiX to the D2… that ROM is straight BUTTER… you will be happy with it… combine it with jrummys overclock app and your phone will be 100x better

  • This might be my next phone if the specs are great, and plan pricing are right


    • kellex

      Hah classic.