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Video: Madden 2011 on Android Quick Look

As most of the Droid X owners out there know, the new 2.2.1 update brought Madden 2011 to Android, a game that so many of you have been waiting for over the last few months.  Well, we upgraded to the $9.99 full version to give those of you on the fence a chance to see the game in all its glory and to help you decide if this purchase is for you.  I will say that the game runs really well for being a mobile app and comes packed with almost every feature you could ask for in a Madden game.  They may have taken their sweet time releasing it and unfortunately only went with this one phone, but at first glance, they seem to have done a nice job.

Oh and the 7:13 mark is a chance for everyone to see me put on a clinic.  

  • I am sooo glad that I did not open that crap app after the update. lmao

    Now if I could just get rid of that bloatware that I do not and did not want to begin with without rooting…

  • Sportypozz

    whenever i go to start a new game, right after the “choose your team” screen, I click play, and the app crashes. what can i do?

  • abhoward9

    This looks atrocious… looks like you had a hard time even picking a play. And I hope that your inability to make a tackle was only because you are bad at the game and not indicative of how ludicrous it is to try to replicate a video game controller with a touchscreen. Devs need to start thinking outside the box if they want touchscreen gaming to actually contend with portable consoles

  • The350zWolf

    Hey, where is the apk floating around?

    • Download the update.zip for 340, which is floating around the Internets. Open it and get the .apk from system/app. Install it. Whee.

  • Tarnette

    I never received the new update. I tried to pull it. Says I am up to date. What should I do. Thanks……

  • looks terrible

  • dewman

    I've got the leaked 2.3.9.mb810…how can i get the update and madded?????

  • ckeegan

    Yeah, I probably wouldn't pick this up for my Droid 2, but I would definitely consider it for my Stingray. So come on Moto, release that s*it already!

  • I know this has probably been asked before, but I've never seen it in the comments. What live wallpaper was that?! It's mesmerizing!

  • Mr Decker704

    Get Some Kellex! Deep Streaks!

  • Datboyred17

    My madden 2011 wont start up it load for a minute then go back to my home screen. Is there anyway i can re install it.

  • Brandon

    MYdroidworld has the it up for those who are rooted to install on any phone. I have it on my OG droid and works awesome.

  • villian1998

    I loved the Colts jabs in the review………… I can't stand the Colts and Peyton Manning

  • Ray

    Some of you have ADD kellex is like hey look @ my new car and your like but wait what kind of carpet is that in
    Your car. Lol

  • nblufire12

    Is there online mode?

  • Mike

    my question is.. when purchasing the game for $10, who are we purchasing it from? since it doesnt seem to be in the android market, would it be tied to the google account and be able to be redownloaded to the phone if the phone had to be wiped?

    • Mike

      also, once you install the full version, can it be uninstalled? or moved to SD?

  • I'm really impressed.. It looks great on the droid x but it would look even better on a tab.

  • graphics look worse than playstation (original)

  • looks pretty cool….wish they would of released it for all systems…

  • Cgmartin33

    I'll buy it…I just have to somehow get my lazy butt from Apex 1.0 to current.

  • anyone know that if, upon purchasing of the full game, you can actually delete the stupid thing? i'm half tempted to buy it and play it for while, but if still just will remain bloatware, i don't see the point.

    • why would you spend $10 just to delete it? and I doubt if even then you could delete it…

      • well i’d play it for a while, obviously. i had it on my iphone and played it to death. got really sick of it when, even on the hardest difficulty, i was beating the computer by about 70 points a game.

  • What is the green squares live wallpaper at the beginning of the video? (assume that is just a live wallpaper)

    • Looks like it is called Light Grid. Just grabbed the light version and trying now.

    • Light Grid Wallpaper in the market

  • Guest

    It looks like a pretty good game. Unfortunately, EA was too stubborn to release this game for other Android devices.

  • 7 minute quarters max? Lame

    • Pandemic187

      In the free version, I'm guessing?

  • Jay P

    The freaking players look like stick figures, the graphic players on backbreaker football look more real then the one on madden does.

    • Anonymous

      News flash: madden characters have never been scale with the environment. Just compare them to the goal post. I preferred the 2k games back in the day

  • axxis44

    in the beginning of this video what is the name of the clock ur phone has in background? is it beautiful widgets?

    • kellex


  • Downloading this game took over 15 minutes on wifi. Not to mention the fact that the download failed over 3 times

  • kierra

    I haven't had the chance to try it out. Even with wifi it takes way too long to download and I was driving the bus for this “crapware” coming to X. Still want to try it out though.

  • Mike