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Motorola: DROID 2 Didn’t Explode, Dude Dropped It and Cut His Ear

Remember the exploding Droid 2 from last week that crushed some guy’s ear, leading his shadiness it to bleed all over the internet in a set of ridiculous pictures?  Well, I’m sure you’ll be so surprised to know that the guy was potentially lying.  Shocker, I know.  Motorola has commented to Gearlog this morning, confirming that the phone was likely dropped, leaving the screen cracked.  The man then cut his ear on the cracked glass after forgetting Childhood No-Nos 101 which says, “stay clear of broken glass you fool.”

Motorola also made it clear that nothing exploded in this device:

[T]he only things that could explode in a phone would have resulted in a phone that did not work, yet this phone worked. And there was no explosive damage to the device (things inside blown outward, etc).

I love scamsters.  They make for great internet reading.

Via:  Gearlog

  • Somebody needs to pack his next phone with c4 then his relatives can tell how his phone exploded in his ear.

  • Uplink

    lmao we all knew it was bullshit, biggest bullshit ever that not even HE believed it :b

  • Jawshua

    Well at least he lost some blood over the whole ordeal. Too bad it didn't explode and decapitate him cause that would do wonders for sales.

    “The Droid 2.!! It's so awesome it'll blow your mind…. and your head clean off!”

  • Droidalicious

    Forget the hillbilly, POOR DROID!

  • Cgmartin33

    They should turn around and sue that hill billie for everything he owns…which is probably just an 86 Camaro but you get my point. His phone looked exactly like my Droid 1 after I dropped it face down on the concrete. The difference is…I went out and bought a DX because chicks don't like bloody ears. They do however like a large device 😉

  • Hahaha wow, we all knew this was a lie. I mean come on we all know only apple products are known to blown up.

  • Tergiversator_Maximus
    • The350zWolf

      Awesome!!! With the risk of showing off my age, I agree that this is a great comment! :^) Classic movie!

      • Tergiversator_Maximus

        I'm only in my 20s, but that's one of the greatest movies ever made.

  • I blame Obama and Osama

  • Rw-1

    Any Gump could have forseen this outsome, the phone shows no explosive damage, just external impact damage.

  • saimin

    This sounded like a big hoax from the beginning. Shame on all the bloggers that fell for it.

  • zedsded

    It's the Mainway Toys branded phone.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    what a shock. a WT douche bag trying to pull a scam to get some quick attention and $

  • The350zWolf

    OMG!!!! Help!!!!! My son just went off helpless inside that balloon… please help!

  • What a douche!

  • EC8CH

    Duh… OGD doesn't have the efuse

    All those D2 and DX owners out there better watch out though 😛

    • EC8CH

      DOH… it was a D2.

    • Mrpicolas

      actually all the omap chips have efuse built in to them but not active so yes the OG droid does infact contain efuse

      • EC8CH

        Well then… speaker for me from now on 😛

  • Michael_NM

    This is the one guy to whom I'd recommend an iPhon't…

  • T from Chicago

    It's people like this that are the problem in the world. Trying to scam someone or a company out of something. In the end everyone would have paid if he succeded in scaming the company.

  • Bigrob60

    That's what happens when you upset your Droid by dropping it. It cuts you ear. Hopefully it was playing “Stuck in the Middle with You” from Resevior Dogs when it happened. That would be epic.

    • Higher_Ground

      Awesome reference!

      • Bigrob60

        Thanks. I droped a Hackers reference yesterday in the Droid rooting tale. But I think it was too vauge.

        • MattInPDX

          Reservoir Dogs was epic, Hackers was epic fail.

          • Bigrob60

            awwwww. 🙁 no 3d Linux 3d support. I was just listing to part of the soundtrack that morning & was influenced by it.

  • Effin Liar!!!

  • Ray

    Suprise Suprise

  • boot879

    My brothers wife slapped her phone (was falling out of a chair and smacked it on the table as she grabbed at the table) and did similar damage. Odd since I have dropped my Moto Droid several times and not suffered this damage. I don't have a bumper, screen protector or other case.

  • KillaPenguin

    Why do we reward these morons with fame and TV time?

    Memo to TV journalists: Why don't you try and get the whole story before you parade this idiot around and giving him the attention he DEFINITELY DOESN'T DESERVE.

    This is why I don't watch the news. Shoddy journalism all around.
    (FYI: This is not referring to Droid Life. Kellex was right all along. This guy was an idiot scammer and he called it)

    • kellex

      Because “Exploding Phone!” is must-see stuff. 😛

  • I can't say this is at all a surprise, but glad that Moto is saying it and not going to give him cash just to shut up and go away. There's just no way it could have happened the way he said. A bit like all the people who bring their computer in loaded full of pr0n and viruses and don't know how it happened.

  • Mike

    Nothing is my fault ever.

  • tjpeco

    File this under the “Duhhh” category.

  • FRED!! This was reported by EVERY loval news station not just Fox. So by your logic all news stations have no integrity and they all report crap. And this is new to you how?? Doesnt matter who it was reported by they had to assume the guy was telling the truth at first even if it may have been somewhat apparent that he was indeed lying. Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty??

  • What a douche!

  • What a douche

  • See what happens when you “trust” Fox News, regardless if it is a local affiliate or the national cable station? There is no integrity in their news organization, and their incompetent reporting standards festers down the local stations.