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Mega Jump Headed to Android this Month

One of the next big gaming hits headed to Android is a little game called Mega Jump that has apparently been downloaded over 7.5 million times by users across the globe.  While I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of or played the  game before, after seeing the video below, I can see why it would be so popular.  Get Set Games, the maker behind this madness, has announced that it will be out some time this month and we’re guessing that it’ll be pushed by OpenFeint, which means it’ll be even more amazing.  


Anyone played it?  Tell me why you love it.

Via:  Get Set Games

  • mathees

    ill buy it just for the music

  • When is talking bacteria coming to the android market?

  • John Higgins

    You all realize that Hyper Jump is just a knock off of Mega Jump right? Mega Jump has been available for the iPhone and iPod touch since May and having played both I can say with much certainty that Mega Jump feels much smoother than Hyper Jump but that was also on an iPod so I will reserve judgement for the Android release.

    • Well, all I said was, Mega Jump seems/looks like knock off to Hyper Jump, I never said it was.

      And I've never played Mega Jump before, but it still looks pretty good. Also, playing Hyper Jump in a super fast Droid X is as smooth as butter, maybe smoother. Not sure how Mega Jump can be smoother than that.

  • it would be sweet if they offered it for free also…go the angry birds route, give it for free and place ads in it.

    • Honestly, I'd much rather pay $4.99 for Angry Birds, than to see ads in the game, which can decrease performance a bit.

      • rockymtnhigh

        I used the ad remover from the Droid Overclock app and poof! No more ads! Now if it could only get rid of the add for some stupid baseball game from Slice it.

  • This seems like a knock off of Hyper Jump, which has been out for months.

    BUT if there's a demo, I'll gladly give it a whirl and see if it's even better.

    • FrenchToast

      That's EXACTLY what I was going to say. Here's a link to the game itself on appbrain.


      • kellex


        • FrenchToast

          Been quite a while since I have posted here, but in regards to the two games from the stills I think I like the styling of Hyper Jump better 😛

      • Interesting enough, when I first got my Droid X, Hyper Jump was one of the first games I ever bought. And Hyper Jump is still pretty damn awesome.

        • FrenchToast

          I love that game, it has kept me occupied many hours during the odd time

          sitting around here and there.

          • Yep, or waiting for a movie at a theater to start, or even waiting for a haircut, or in line at a super market, etc. lol

            Also, definitely like the really cool backgrounds in Hyper Jump. Okay, I'll stop there.

            But like I said, I'll give Mega Jump a spin when it arrives.

    • maaax

      I'm pretty sure that game is a rip off of all the other jumping games that came before it like Mega Jump which was released for i devices in early May while Hyper Jump was released in July.

  • skltr21

    theres a game already called hyper jump that's just like this game.