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Gmail Update Available, Includes Priority Inbox and Other Improvements

A solid Gmail update just went live that improves the overall experience of our favorite mail client in a big way.  Priority inbox is now included, you can choose reply/forward/reply all while composing a message and respond to messages inline.  These seem semi-minor, but like I said, they improve the overall experience in so many ways.  Priority inbox is now my best desktop and mobile friend.  Yay!

List of changes:

* Better Priority Inbox support
* Send from any address set up with your Gmail account.
* Switch between reply, reply all, and forward while you compose.
* Respond to messages inline.
* Bug fixes

Grab in from the market now!

Cheers Matt and ChrisK!

  • ryanallaire

    Use Titanium backup to delete gmail, then reboot and install.

  • PatriotVirus

    OG Droid doesn't have “Priority Inbox”?

  • Trezborrell

    I have a Droid that is rooted, I cannot update my gmail, google search, goggles, street view, voice search, etc. Everytime I attempt to do this it tells me that my installation unsuccessful. Can anyone tell me what I need to change to make this work again.

    • PatriotVirus

      You might have to use root explorer and delete from system/app to be able to update.

  • emmur0

    Which keyboard is that pictured with the swype button on the bottom left?

  • il Sole Leone

    Just received my ota update on my D1. I am currently running a rooted stock rom and my question is do I have to unroot to do this update or can I just do the ota without unrooting?

    • il Sole Leone

      so I hit install and it just aborted the install, I just manually updated the apps in the market because I wanted to stay rooted.

  • i received this update and i just tried installing it but it didnt work. it went into recovery(i have clockwork mod)it tried going through with it but it failed then aborted.

  • lschicky

    OMG, finally the changes to gmail I have been waiting for!

  • Etg2120

    All I want is for labels to have notifications. I have my whole email organized into specific labels, but on my droid x I do not receive notifications for the labels, only my inbox. Please fix!!!

  • Very nice, but still can't create new labels from the app, only from desktop. Makes no sense.

  • Aargh! I can't delete the Gmail.apk from Astro File or Root Explorer. It says “error occurred deleting files. Anyone have any advice?

    • same issue!

      • Try uninstalling it using Titanium backup. Choose the uninstall option and reboot, then install gmail from the market. Hope that works for you this time!

  • * Send from any address set up with your Gmail account.


    EDIT: Nevermind, once it finished syncing, the option showed up

  • pdash

    still can't use custom label colors from the desktop gmail 🙁

  • Pignose240sx

    So I used z4root to well to umm root my phone. I was just wondering if I update if it will mess it up the way I have? Just wondering kinda of getting sick of my phone to update. I have the OG Motorola Droid.

    • i feel ya dude. im kinda nervous about doing it.

    • Tom

      All those that rooted were there before… When you do enough research to get the nerve to take the plunge, I will guarantee you'll be thinking “Why didn't I do this sooner?” Don't do it until you are ready, but I do suggest that you do do it… There are SO few reports of bricking it is insane…

      In fact… I know of only one…my friend who has a milestone recently bricked his phone, but that is because he tried a hack to open up the bootloader, which was experimental and highly risky. Because he did something that others were unwilling in an effort to open the Milestone (and potentially all other Moto phones on lockdown) Therefore he was treated like a hero, and has insane community support to get a new phone.

  • dblj

    I find myself going thru the browser to access my gmail. When I get notifications of new email, sometimes the app will still show unread emails in the notification bar but no new ones are highlighted. When I go to thru the browser, they show up and I can delete them. If that makes any sense.

  • D2enigma

    Where did you get white swype?

    • dblj

      ditto, I would like to get that on my D1

      • I've asked that everytime I see it. Is there ANY way to get that white swype keyboard on D1?

        • Chet

          I was wondering the exact same thing. Would love a white skype keyboard on N1.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      agreed.. where?

    • The350zWolf

      Wooohoooo, I got my beta swype invite yesterday and now I'm rocking it on both my OG Droid and Droid2!!! I do miss the red themed one though…

    • RealGame22

      If i'm not mistaken…..That is the Droid X/2 keyboard, that comes with Swype.

  • Jsmall88

    nice…but still no way to copy and paste or click on a phone or tracking number, or address. ugh

  • Leobautista 91

    *out of topic* *important*

    hii so umm, im rooted and i only have the new gingerbread keayboard.. i still havent got an update and when i try to manuelly do it from the android forum it kept sayin error on google apk something. any help please/ any way to be fully unrooted and restore my phone how it was?

  • Wraithix

    Still no way to download attachements? Lame!!!

    Easy work around. Just open your browser and point it to gmail. Problem solved!

  • Mmoreimi

    Droid Incredible, rooted, stock Froyo –

    I'm just wondering… should I be using gmail application or use the mail application by HTC? I have an exchange account, hotmail account and gmail account. Mail app seems to be fine. is there any reason I should be removing the gmail account from HTC mail and be using the gmail app instead? Is there any improved functionality? HTC mail seems to do the job for me. Any thoughts?

    Thanks guys…

  • Soooo…when can we actually download attachments from the Gmail app and not just preview them?

    • Yeah it would be nice for them to eventually fix this. Until then you should check out Save My Attach by Lexa. When you hit the Preview button just choose save and it will let you download the attachment. Simple and easy.

  • nld2

    I just want them to update it to be black background with white text the the default mail client on 2.2, that would be ideal.

  • PatriotVirus

    Here is hoping for the new Google Maps 🙂

    • Dmbatcofc

      I was going to say this, but ya beat me to it!!!

  • google maps turn. do it google.

  • nblufire12


  • spyder00

    Hmm…I tried updating about 4 times and it fails to install every time…I'm running MIUI on OG Droid does anyone have an idea of why and or possible fix for this? Thanks!!! m/

    • Zach

      use root explorer to delete old gmail. reboot. Install new one

      • spyder00

        Thank you that did the trick!

        • Dan

          I deleted it with Root Explorer and am still getting “incompatible update” when i try to install it off the Market. Any additional steps to flushing the old app beyond deleting Gmail.apk from System > Apps?

          • Dan

            Sigh – nevermind – i wasn't capable of reading and forgot to reboot the phone after deleting it.

          • I still couldn’t get it to work. I get an error message when trying to delete gmail.apk from Astro and/or Root Explorer.

          • I got it! Thanks to Titanium Backup! When it doubt Ti!

          • Illinipoke98

            I’m running Kangerade v5. When I try to use Titanium to “force remove” it it imediatly reboots and pops up Andy with an exclamatin point in the triangle… and sits there. if I hit the power button it brings up the clockwork recovery menu.and below that I get..

            ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.0.1
            Finding update package….
            opening updatepackage…..
            verifying update package…..
            E:signature verification failed
            installation aborted.

            Whats I should do?

          • That happened to me the first time as well. I went back to Titanium and clicked on “gmail” once and one of the options was to “uninstall”. This is the one that worked for me! Then reboot and go back to the market to download gmail and hopefully you will be good to go!

          • Illinipoke98

            I tried it again and it gave me the uninstall option this time. I think maybe I was long pressing it before or something instead of tapping it.
            Thanks, I had given up on Ti until you said it eventually worked for you.

          • Anonymous

            I am rocking the Mui rom and was getting the error for the gmail update. Titanium Backup solved my problem!

  • Zach

    cant install on miui. What to do?

  • EC8CH

    Wow, after this week it seems there won't be a single piece of android code at Google that hasn't been freshly updated.

    • Kamesen

      This update is only if you’re running Froyo, correct?

      • EC8CH


  • garbagedick

    Does Google go on early Christmas break next week? seems like they are updating EVERYTHING this week!
    (no complaints here!)

    • kellex

      Hah starting to seem that way. 😛

  • Mrpicolas

    ahh time to update i guess

  • Mr. Steve

    Wow, google is teasing us so bad. Yesterday they updated Youtube, Voice Search, and Google Voice. Today they updated Chrome to Phone and now Gmail, but they can't update Google Maps to version 5. Come on google, I want 3d building now!

  • works great 😀

    • kellex

      Seriously, this is what we really want. Tomorrow maybe?