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Is the Nexus S on its Way to Verizon? (Updated)

So, maybe you didn’t hear, but the Samsung Nexus S was announced yesterday and it will indeed run Gingerbread out of the box.  Best Buy will sell it exclusively for $529 (unlocked) without a contract or for $199 on a 2-year contract through T-Mobile.  The device looks amazing, but that whole T-Mobile thing is what’s holding us back from taking the plunge and buying one.  We’d really love to see it on Verizon as we’re semi-homers, but the current model is only GSM compatible…or is a CDMA version in the works?

The crew over at AndroidGuys was sifting through the rules for the new Nexus S contest and pulled out these cleverly phrased words…

The currently available Nexus S is a GSM device and is not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint.

“Currently available” lends us to believe that their are other options on the way, right?  Or am I just drinking some weird Kool-aid?  Would you ditch your device and use an upgrade on the Nexus S even if a 4G LTE device was just around the corner?

Update:  SamFirmware tweeted that their insiders have mentioned that the Nexus S might be more appealing come February.  4G LTE Verizon version maybe?  (Cheers Andrew53517!)

Update 2:  We hit up SamFirmware looking for clarification and they gave us some.  It will not be a Verizon Nexus S in February and will likely be something even better from Samsung…

So, something better?  Now we’re really interested.

  • geekdc

    interesting as sprint just announced event Feb 7

  • geekdc

    interesting as sprint just announced event Feb 7

  • geekdc

    interesting as sprint just announced event Feb 7

  • geekdc

    interesting as sprint just announced event Feb 7

  • InvaderDJ

    Something better means that the Galaxy S 2 will be out. If you are really attached to Verizon, then that may be the way to go. For me though, I have learned from the Nexus 1, an unlocked stock Google phone supported by Google is definitely the way to go. I'm going to hold off a little just to see the reviews of it, but if it works the way I hope it will, it will be my next phone. I'll just get the cheapest plan I can (maybe some data only plan if possible) and use both my Verizon DROID and this one until my contract runs out.

  • Kiriuskris

    Remember that the Nexus One was supposed to come to Verizon? But then they said hold off and wait. And the Droid Incredible was made to take it's spot. I would bet this is a similar situation…

  • it's probably that 4.3 inch phone we saw a few weeks ago with the dual core and the ultra iphone-y touchwiz overlay

    • Ninjalex76


  • Emike72

    Wasn't everyone told to wait on the Nexus One until it came to Verizon? We know how that played out. It won't be on Verizon unless they can put their bloatware crap on it.

  • Mrpicolas

    Something better huh? So no touchwiz no rfs file system runs ext 2 front and rear camera unlocked SD card slot and removable battery all with vannila android… ill believe it when I see it you sam-sung the same old song I'm not biting…

  • chrismcconkey

    If the Nexus S was a Tegra2 LTE phone then it would be in my hands. I just don't see the point in upgrading to a phone with specs like the Nexus S with dual core phones in the VERY near future.

  • EggoEspada

    I recall over a month ago Black_man_X had his hands on a newer Samsung device that looked better than Super Amoled. I suppose this is what he was talking about.

  • xFenixKnightx

    My next phone will be a Nexus device. EFF that, I always want the newest OS and Nexus phones deliver. I <3 Stock Android. =)

  • It would be most excellent if it was coming to Vzw. I was really hoping the nexus one was coming to verizon and my world was shattered when it didn't. but that moment passed after a minute. I guess this will be the same

  • sylent101

    Didn't the same thing happen with the nexus one? By the time it comes on VZW there will be something better out and VZW wont want it..

  • Take it for what it is worth but that sneaky panda hinted to me that Verizon would be getting the NexusS

    @black_man_x I hate that verizon refuses to release a stock android phone and is going to make me go to t-mobile just to get the nexus S

    @jbernard703 ooooo we have that covered!

  • BeeJay

    OH MY GOD THIS IS THE NEWS IVE BEEN WANTING!! Plus i got a birthday in feb… WOOHOO!

  • Drumbum123

    OH. My. GOD. I wan tit i want i ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it ti want it

  • JRX1

    “Currently available” might also just be wording to cover themselves if they ever change their mind. There might not really be any current plans to put this phone on Verizon, and it might never happen. Reading too much into this is a waste of time, like most rumors. If I were a betting man, I'd say it's not going to happen, for the simple reason that by the time they release a CDMA version, better newer phones will be out. So why would they invest the time and money into a CDMA version just to release an old and obsolete phone? We are at a point were your phone is obsolete in 6 months. Just my thoughts on it, but I hope I'm wrong.

  • alex

    T-mobile..ya ya!!!!!

  • Jawshua

    No way, as much as Verizon makes me angry they still have the best network.

    Plus even if it comes to Verizon I have to keep my DROIDX for another year or so.

  • mphunter995

    dude……… i would pay 1,000$ for a nexus S on verizon

  • Eric

    I want some of that kool-aid your drinking!

  • Klx125

    The advantage that I would like to have by purchasing this device is being able to get all of the software updates first which is really awesome. I will only consider it if it comes to Verizon, however.

  • T-Mobile has the cheapest network for family members or small business. T-Mobile now too claims 4G speeds plus the footprint of service is only getting larger – NEXUS S – Vanilla do I have to say more.

  • Paul

    I'll believe it when I see it. But… why no MicroSD?

  • Ksizzke9

    I would without a doubt ditch any phone to have a Google development phone on the nations best network. Faster updates(Google themselves), faster service(LTE), and that's pretty much the two best reasons a man can think of.

  • CD Andrews

    Fool me one shame on you. Fool me twice ….. I have heard this one before. Waited for too long for NEXUS ONE on Verizon.

  • Gujupmp88

    wont buy it, ever, because samsung made it. dont like samsung phones and had bad experiences with them. they are not made well and don't last. and if this phone is anything like the galaxy s, i wouldnt hold my breath on fast updates…

  • Travillion

    I'm starting to wonder if we're ever going to see a Google phone on Verizon. After being skipped twice in a row, I must conclude it's deliberate. Verizon has the largest fan-base, so they'd be the logical choice to launch the phone. But…they also have a very successful DROID line that maybe Google doesn't want to take away from or compete with. Perhaps it's more lucrative to let the DROID's dominate Verizon and the die-hard's who'd go for the developer phone can subscribe on a different carrier. Makes me mad, but…if Google wanted the phone to have a successful tenure with Verizon, they would've launched it there.

    • Jas

      What if the next pure Google phone were a Nexus Droid/Droid X? First in line for updates, LTE, vanilla Android, no bootloader, and a 4.5″ screen. That'd be one bad ass phone.

  • I would get the Nexus S versus any other phone with Motoblur or Sense.

  • Muddy B00ts

    if it were announced on verizon, I'd pre-order today. I want.

  • b


  • The350zWolf

    I'll take any phone on verizon with an unlocked bootloader even if it doesn't come with gingerbread out of the box. By this I mean i'll go with the nexus if it makes it into the lineup of big red

  • tearminx

    Verizon won't come out with a pure google experience phone. They'll do what they did with the incredible and come out with a “sister” phone (incredible HD?) that will be loaded will all the lovely apps verizon has to offer (Bing!!!!, VCast!!!) and possible LTE compatibility to “1-up” the Nexus S by providing you with an emerging technology that will only apply to a tiny percent of the android user population, yet cost users more for limited data. Hoorah!

    • tearminx

      Another thing is that Verizon has no incentive to provide customers with a device that could potentially make less money by keeping it barebones. They will continue to feed manufacturers their famous c*ck-meat sandwiches because people keep buying their “superior” devices. T-mobile on the other hand knows that by releasing a pure google device, they'll actually gain more money and customers who will change network providers for the latest and greats GOOGLE phone.

    • Trombone Dixie

      It wouldn't be the Incredible HD because that's an HTC phone. They will likely make another Galaxy phone with similar specs.

      VZ is CDMA, why make a flagship phone for a limited market?

  • If it was on Verizon, had an SD slot, notification LED, and maybe A dual-core CPU. So the short answer is no, not this device. I will wait for a better device by Samsung. My next phone will definitely be Samsung, but not this one.

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    I wouldn't use my upgrade on a 4G phone because 4G is not covered where I stay and nowhere near where I stay, so it will be basically a waste of money to get a 4G data plan and can't use it. and i woudn't get this phone either because It's better phones out now than this phone, i think the Nexus S should have been a lot better than what it is. but then again, I don't upgrade until october, so who knows what verizon has in store.

  • jonny6pak

    I think this is just a COA statement their legal department tossed into the contest terms. It doesn't mean they have anything in the works, but just in case something crazy happens, a previous contest will not bight them in the a$$ after the fact.

  • rals

    ehh No thanks, I'm ok waiting on Tegra 2 device.Plus I would think this device would compete against the fascinate if it is available.

    • Stephen D

      :O You copied my picture…

  • Nope, still holding out for the crown jewel

  • Booboolala2000

    Come on Verizon, do something decent for once.

  • tjpeco

    >>Or am I just drinking some weird Kool-aid?

    Yes, just like the leap between market downtime and Gingerbread's release a month ago – you read into things that have no basis in actual fact.

    Its a recurring theme.

    • That's what these sites have to do – speculate. Rumors in and of themselves have no basis in actual fact other than someone said something. Sites like Engadget and Droid-Life use rumors to create discussion. It doesn't mean these things will happen, but it lets people discuss the theoretical options, and more than anything else, figure out what they really want in a device by giving their own thoughts and hearing others. If you're looking for just straight phone news, I'd recommend Endgadget Mobile or Android Central – they tend to speculate less.

  • Vp

    Yes, I would if it was on verizon

  • I want something that is LTE, FF Camera, and is a Nexus device that gets updates from Google directly. Do it. I will pay $500 for something like that.

  • Coaster36

    I love my D1 and I probably would get the nexus S if my droid ever took a dump and never woke up. Vanilla android for ever? First to get updates? Fast? No bloatware? ROMS? Unlocked? Its a given, nexus is where its at.

  • Mth2134

    Here's a thought. If this phone launched without gingerbread would you even be asking this? I say don't let gb influence your decision when it will eventually reach the x and others. Just my 2 cents.

    • Anonymous

      Good point but I have been waiting over a year now for the next unlocked and un-bloated android phone, I have specificaly not upgraded waiting for a phone like this, not to mention that it will be receiving all updates first including gingerbread and honeycomb. Also this will be the phone that will get all the new roms first especially if it comes out for verizon, then all the D1 programers might switch up to the next generation of development phones. And if it did launch without gingerbread it would be the first phone to get it once gingerbread did come out as it is now googles new pride and joy. Ps I will be getting one as soon as verizon get the phone… fingers crossed.

    • Google releases a new OS about every six months or so, Verizon takes about four months to get it to you. Over a two year cycle, that’s four cycles, and thus you’re behind about 16 of 24 months.

    • Google releases a new OS about every six months or so, Verizon takes about four months to get it to you. Over a two year cycle, that’s four cycles, and thus you’re behind about 16 of 24 months.

    • kellex

      It's a great point.

      • Not really. The appeal in the S and any Googlephone is that it’s the *official* developer phone, so it will be the first to get all upgrades, will have the most native version of each Android release, and will generally be the device at which all development is targeted. It’s not just because “it will launch with Gingerbread”. That’s an extremely limited view of “googlephones” as a concept.

        • Mth2134

          You’re assuming that I am bashing the phone. Im not. Simply saying that look at everything else the device offers not just ui. If u like the specs and the development possibilities then go get it. If u r only interested in gb then maybe u want to wait. I wasn’t making a statement but really asking an honest question. See NorCalGuys response.

          • Your question was pretty leading “if it wasn’t launching with GB would you even be interested?” You could have just as easily asked “What is your primary motivating factor/what interests you most about the N1?” Well, I guess to answer it then, of course I’d still be interested. Even if the specs weren’t top of the line, I’d still probably want it over a similarly spec’d/superiorly spec’d non-googlephone. It’s also the reason I’d probably, even still today, take an N1 over most superiorly spec’d phones – there’s massive independent value in having the device at which all google development is targeted…it’s not just about being “first”, it’s about getting the device that the OS was pretty much directly written for.

          • Mth2134

            That last sentance was well said. I agree with you in some aspects. But the reason I worded it that way is because of the marketing campaign and the average end user. You don’t see the ads saying ” first to get all updates” “googles new baby”. Instead you see them focus on gb. I say don’t let gb be your deciding factor is all.

          • That’s fair, but considering the audience here (Droidlife readers definitely AREN’T the typical users), I’d be willing to bet we’re all mostly motivated by the “right” factor – that this is a development-targeted phone.

      • Machiz7888

        no, its a limited view point. Its a Google phone, don't just think about gingerbread, think about all the software updates it'll get before every other phone

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking about. AND that I’d get to ditch Motorola.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Why not just make Verizons Nexus S a 4GLTE device? Wait, thats EXACTLY whats going to happen! ZOMG *head explodes*

  • Mth2134

    No. Lte ftw.

  • mo

    it would be cool with 4g, the weak point of the galaxy s phones currently is samsung…..remove samsung from the software side and youd have the best android phone available.

    and no bootloader…..this would be a fitting replacement for all those droid 1s that people are clinging to..

  • Trophynuts

    i agree i think the specs are mediocre. I'm happy with my X for now.

  • Hinano

    I really want this phone and if it is, in fact, coming to Verizon, it'll hit around the time my contract is up for renewal and I'll be all over it. I used to be on T-Mobile and never had a problem with them. If the phone doesn't make it to Verizon, I would consider switching for this device.

  • Chris G

    The only thing i like about it is it will get the updates before anyone else. and it would be an unlocked world phone. but no way would i use my upgrade for something other than LTE at this point.

  • Michael_NM

    The idea of the Nexus S on VZ is intriguing, but not enough for me to switch phones. My kool-aid hope is this. Two of three major Android handset manufactures (HTC and Sammy) have had a shot at Nexus builds. It's Moto's turn now…

    A “pure Google,” 4G, Nexus Droid!

    • The OG Droid is Motorola’s Nexus. When it was released as a Dev Phone, the word/brand Nexus hadn’t been invented yet. Google is cycling through major manufacturers to create Dev Phones. First HTC with the G1, then Moto with the Droid 1, HTC got a second chance with the Nexus 1, and now Samsung with the Nexus S. If LG has success with the Star that we saw leaked here, I’d bet they are a possibility for the next Dev Phone.

    • Timoh

      I've been thinking the same thing over the past few days.

      On the topic question: I wouldn't upgrade for the Nexus S on VZW as it is currently. If it were released back with the Droid X, no contest, Samsung would be in my hands. As close as we are to the next generation of handhelds, I'd wait for something that has a better processor/gpu and LTE capability.

    • StuntinX

      For sure, because then it would have to have an unlocked bootloader, dumb moto

    • Booboolala2000

      Motorola is VZW's Bitch. They will never have the cajones to sell a pure Google experience phone on Verizon.

      • Rydytg

        What is the motorola droid? Don’t see any blur on it. Or anything else..

      • Booboolala2000

        Excuse me. They will never do it again. They had a winner with the og droid. Lost it ever since.

    • Nope LG

    • Nope LG

  • sham sham

    Nerds…… hahahaha

    • Michael_NM

      Shame Shame Sham Sham… we're GEEKS, not nerds!

      • sham sham

        I am def. messing anyone one who comes on this site and says that is def. one themselves. I love the Droid.

      • Dariusclark73


  • Trombone Dixie

    The D-Inc replaced the Nexus One that was going to be on Verizon. Maybe they'll do something like that again with the Nexus S.

  • You're probably drinking really weird kool-aid. I'm sure some folks are still waiting for the “currently available” Nexus One to come out on Sprint/Verizon. Plus Verizon has a deal going on with Bing so unless the big red V can get microsoft goodies on an Android flagship phone… I wouldn't look too deeply.
    (Discosure: I have a motorola Droid on Verizon and I'm happy with it)

    • Bing isn't on every VZW phone. Droid Branded devices so far have been Google.

  • AShoupy

    I would wait for LTE. Plus, I have had some not so good recent experiences with Samsung phones and I am trying to stay away from them at the moment. But hopefully this phone is different. Doesn't mean I would get it if there is a Verizon version. I'm happy right now with my Droid X.

  • monkeydroid

    Uggghhhh…..This is a stretch CLEARLY

  • hell No. Not wastinga n Upgrade on that.

  • Raptor912

    I would leave my Droid X today if the Nexus S was made available for Verizon!

    • Heck no. The only thing I'm leaving my X for is a dual core X2 🙂

      • NewsWorthy

        +1 – Call me crazy but the Droid X is DOIN IT for me right now. I will wait for the LTE flavored X2 with a turbo/supercharger. Hopefully it doesn’t drop around the same time as the 10 inch Motorola Pad cuz I plan to purchase one of those for photography purposes. I would like to do with it what others in the industry are doing with the i*ad.

        • Quick question to everyone here: Why do some people (including Kellex) substitute an asterisk in for the “p” in apple devices (i*ad instead of ipad, i*one instead of iphone, etc.)? It looks incredibly stupid, and if it’s literally only because of rage/hate for Apple, that’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen, so kudos on that. If it’s for a legitimate reason, I’d like to know though and would reserve judgment.

          • NewsWorthy

            I personally only do it because I think it’s funny. I think Apple makes a great product, just not my cup of tea. Therefore, it has nothing to do with any kind of rage/hate against Apple as far as I am concerned. Proceed with judgment…

          • ……..

          • You’re worried that searches for “Apple” are going to end up with Droidlife in the results?! I think you *VASTLY* overestimate DL’s pull/influence relative to Apples’.

          • Collin

            It’s so that search engines don’t return DL when A*ple fanboys and fangirls search for the aforementioned search terms. We don’t want them coming here all “OMG ANDROID SUXX0RZ!! L0LZ!!!111”

  • Davishackelford5


    • Anonymous

      RANT ON (again) Ahhgg…you’re not even first… you just HAD to interrupt a perfectly good thread with FIRST… and your not first. Geez. RANT OFF

  • The specs are pretty MEH in my opinion.

    • Ummm the specs aren’t really surpassed by any phone currently out…

    • Ummm the specs aren’t really surpassed by any phone currently out…

  • KillaPenguin

    It's a stretch, but I am willing to stretch with you because I really, REALLY want one on Verizon.

  • ckeegan

    Give me a LTE-capable Nexus S Pro with a hardware keyboard on par with the Touch Pro2 and I’d consider it.