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DROID X 2.2.1 Update Will Be Available Tonight? (Updated)

We just received a tip mentioning that the Android 2.2.1 update which will bring the Droid X up to system version 2.3.340 (not Gingerbread) could start tonight (12/7) around midnight.  We do know that the update information came out yesterday and Verizon has done a good job of keeping these under wraps lately until they are ready to go, so this wouldn’t surprise us.

And remember that Blur on the Droid X allows you to “pull” updates, so at midnight EST tonight, you can start going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates to check.

Update 6:31PM:  Motorola Feedback Network members with a Droid X will get the update early tonight as a test group.  If that goes well, the majority of the rollout should happen within the next few days just as the original Droid FRG83D update did.  (Cheers to everyone who sent in their MFN emails!)

Stay tuned…

Cheers Aaron!

  • CloudsX

    Is the update avail for anyone to pull right now b/c i cant pull it. Says update system not avail.

    • Guest

      reboot your phone then try again.. i got this message too, a reboot fixed it.

    • Erik

      i got that too.. then rebooted and got your phone is up to date… this is annoying me lol

  • Aaron Brodsky

    I'm rooted, but no ROMs or anything. Didn't get the update. Not sure why. Got the email from Moto last night. Any thoughts? Also, very odd, I can't download z4root. When I rooted I used the 1 click method in the forums, not z4root. Could this be why? z4root isn't in the market for me, and when I tried to sideload it from XDA Forums it said my device doesn't support that file. Any thoughts? And how can I get the update now? Thanks!

    • Aaron

      reboot and check again

  • Buckgrad

    Registered as part of the MFN but did not get the email others received…update was not pushed to my X but had no trouble pulling it this morning. Only problem was when I tried charging it I received the message that the battery could not be charged because I needed an official Motorola battery (mine reads Motorola and was sent to me by Verizon). Did a battery pull then all was fine. All looks good so far. I'm seeing a definite increase in speed and responsiveness.

  • 11knives

    I was able to simply reroot with z4 after installing the update. Just thought I'd share…

    • Mike

      I'm not getting the update. Did you unroot with Z4 first? Do you have to unfreeze the bloatware, or does that just happen when you unroot?

      • Aaron

        Defrost the bloat and reboot and try to pull the update. settings-> about phone-> system update

        • Mike

          Still no go. I’ll just try later. Almost had a problem by unrooting Z4. Kept rebooting to clockwork mode. Finally got it to reroot though.

  • Guest

    im officially in love with this phone all over again.. its soooooo much better. smoother, faster… no more keyboard lag. it even boots up faster. just overall MUCH less buggy. im a happy camper right now. thanks moto

  • r3velation129

    I am officially updated as of 7:30 am Eastern time, checked as soon as I woke up, it should be there for everyone now. Everything went smooth as can be this time around, not like last update thank god, and the phone seems super responsive. MAJOR NEWS: MY TEXT MESSAGES ARE IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, all hail to the droid X.

  • Geri O

    Running the update now. So far, so good…..

  • so we got madden

  • Mtndrew308

    i just downloaded on 12-8-10 at 643 am

    • Brownt01

      Ive tried 3x to install and as soon as I hit install after it downloadsit reboots then when all started up it says update failed….
      Any ideas?

      • did you put all the bloat back? did you install the gingerbread keyboard?

  • I got my official upgrade at 5am EST

  • Just got the update, didn't kill my root or my angry birds scores…WIN!!!

  • Heymondt2000

    Just so everyone knows the update does delete your root access howevr z4root can reroot your droid x within only minutes.

  • This Phone seems more responsive as well…might just be me though. Madden is there…and it wants you to download more content to play,Thanks for sharing with us…

  • Brianburk

    Got it BOON

    • Brianburk

      And it already sucks so sad thanks again verizon

    • Brianburk

      And it killed my angry birds got to start all over

  • Santos

    Downloading it now…

  • Bob7847

    i am unable to get on line on my Droid X.. itsw 2:21am pacific time. Is tis de to te new vrsion release?

  • 3g is down for entire vzw network people, its not the uipdate!

  • Wega923

    After I updated my Droid 1, I got to the Droid “red eye” screen and it hasn't moved from there… what should I do?

  • Tony Pagoria

    Best part of the update that I can see is now contacts pop up when you are dialing there name instead of searching through conacts or dialing the whole number. Oh yeah and madden.

    • were you able to get root back?

  • It looks like you need to have the stock keyboard (not gingerbread) restored, cityid and vvm. dont need blockbuster/amazon. thumbs up to move to top. update is out for some owners not in the network. i am not in the feedback network and got the update. i have the update.zip on my pc. its in /cache on the phone

    • haevolution

      Whoops I uninstalled cityid and now the update is failing. Any easy way to get cityid back?

    • Kenneth

      Dude can you upload it to Multiupload?

  • Tony Pagoria

    No data for me neither. It sows I have 3g but no data. The incoming arrow on 3g stays litup consantly for some reason.

  • Installing the Android 2.2.1 update now!!! Go pull it!

  • Mikemacris

    ever since i updated i can no longer use the internet on my phone…

  • Its out pull it! 3:20am

  • Madhatter-1992

    After update I cannot get my moto droid 1 to get data service at all. I'm running on strictly wifi now. Any advice?

    • Amal

      same here. the update fails for me though about half way through, then no-go on data service… just wifi.

      • were you rooted? did you put bloat back? does it give an error?

        • Dean2359

          how do you re-install the bloatware?

    • Hooplaaha

      Same here for me too.. I haven't rooted my phone at all. The 3g isn't working at all even though it looks likes its active. wonder if anyone knows how to fix this or if this is a problem on all updated phones

    • moregeebeez

      Verizon data is down nationwide right now

  • saimin

    I just installed the update OTA. Don't notice any functional difference except that Swype doesn't work. I like SwiftKey better anyway.

  • My phone crapped out 100%. Tried to pull the update, phone went haywire, factory reset 3x now, cant get anything going. WiFi wont stay connected, no 3G (or any other cell service). Phone says I am without a Motorola service account. But it wont let me set up an account (it says the update is waiting, pending setup of an account). I am a member of the MFN. Hopefully VZW will have some answers in the morning, although they rarely do. Might be the most useless service techs in the world.

  • Duckpsp3000

    I got the update at midnight nothing impressive that I have seen as of yet

  • Yuki

    no service… according to twitter, verizon is down nationwide???

    • yeah, no 3g service here about 30 min ago..im on wifi now..so i dont know if 3g is still out..here in chicago

      • Yuki

        well the sad thing is, I won't update my phone anyways lol. of course until the sbf and apex rom are out tho.

  • Guest

    update it up!

  • just checked, and its downloading as im typing this..im rooted on my droid x

    • Santos

      I had it rooted (z4root) with no roms or themes. Update worked fine. It took away root access, though…

  • Michael_NM

    Successfully updated in NM, and it's “Madden”ing! I'm probably too tired to make a decent review, but… as others have reported: Root is gone. No easy access to Z4 to try. No 3G data.

    Regardless, thanks Moto! We love updates, but please unleash our bootloaders…

    Oh, and it's not Gingerbread… LOL! Good night…

  • Dre

    Just got the update and didnt join the motorola feedback network

  • Jpastrana10

    I just got the update!!! In cali

  • Sarge_sarge2000

    my internet is down.is anyone else having the same problem?

  • DroidXWins

    I pulled the update 25min ago and i hit download but nothing happened… no little arrow in my notifications, nothing. But when i hit system updates again it tells me there is a download in progress and it will notify me when its complete… should I be alarmed by the fact nothing is happening???

  • four bells

    Got it! First!

  • Avg2k1

    Btw its 11:40 pm in los angeles…. pull your update guys…..

  • Jeremy

    first bwahaha

  • Installed successfully. I lost root however this was expected. What wasn't expected was to see such little change in performance maybe I am just picky but damn can I get please get it so my contact list is not so laggy and choppy when scrolled. I really don't understand. It has to be blur, Rubix focused rom works so much better. I think the Moto interns coded Blur, that is my Theory. Trying Madden now.

  • Avg2k1

    Just got my update, dowloading it right now….wish me luck 🙂

  • Elianelalifonso

    my phone is updating right now

  • Jbob

    Just got the update installed…looks like the text time issue has been resolved. Phone seems more responsive as well…might just be me though. Madden is there…and it wants you to download more content to play, which is kinda good news only in so much as it doesn't add anything besides an Icon from the update.

  • Big Red

    Just pulled the update and lost root… Booooo! Lol excited for the fix…

    • civt

      z4root worked for me

  • Kit


  • Jawshua

    OMG I'm gladly eating my words… but after how long Froyo took totally understandable.

    But I just started downloading the DROIDX update. I'm in Cincinnati, so anyone in that area should be getting it as well. Here's to hoping it fixes my orientation and speaker problems on the DROIDX.

  • Jeyrivera89

    I can confirm as of 12/8 0225 (am) i was able to pull via blur the update

    • Jeyrivera89

      I should also mention i'm not part of the MFN thing

  • Confirmed, I pushed for the update at 12:10 and it finished installing at 12:20, did lose root but Z4Root Team hopefully will get that back for us soon. Phone seems faster right off the bat and hopefully will continue to get better the more I mess with it. Madden 2011 is on my phone though I haven't played it yet, wanted to inform everyone about this right now. Now this is what a Droid X is supposed to be in my opinion, FAST!!!! :-).

    • civt

      z4 didnt work for you? it worked for me

  • Chris Pickerel

    Im downloading as I'm tying this

  • I am currently downloading 2.3.340 as I type. I have been checking for the update for the last couple hours and it just now worked