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DROID X 2.2.1 Update Will Be Available Tonight? (Updated)

We just received a tip mentioning that the Android 2.2.1 update which will bring the Droid X up to system version 2.3.340 (not Gingerbread) could start tonight (12/7) around midnight.  We do know that the update information came out yesterday and Verizon has done a good job of keeping these under wraps lately until they are ready to go, so this wouldn’t surprise us.

And remember that Blur on the Droid X allows you to “pull” updates, so at midnight EST tonight, you can start going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates to check.

Update 6:31PM:  Motorola Feedback Network members with a Droid X will get the update early tonight as a test group.  If that goes well, the majority of the rollout should happen within the next few days just as the original Droid FRG83D update did.  (Cheers to everyone who sent in their MFN emails!)

Stay tuned…

Cheers Aaron!

  • Texasmde Eddie

    i’m still on 2.2.1 there’s a lot of reading; a little confused.

    • Texasmade Eddie

      Forgot to mention; Droid X! What do i need to do?

      • Texasmade Eddie

        okay never mind guys; sorry. i just saw that my system version is 2.2.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US
        the android version 2.2.1 and i apologize for the questions im new to this, i have never rooted my phone.

      • Texasmade Eddie

        okay never mind guys; sorry. i just saw that my system version is 2.2.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US
        the android version 2.2.1 and i apologize for the questions im new to this, i have never rooted my phone.

  • jim001

    I installed the new update, Madden is there but requires an additional content download that won't download. Huge lag (5 seconds) when I push the home button to leave an app. Nothing positive to post on the update.

  • Defiantj3

    Mine failed as well at first. I have a rooted Droid X that i renamed some of the bloatware. Once I renamed them back to the correct name it updated fine. After the update it looks like I am not rooted anymore. Running Z4 again 🙂

  • Kellex, when you say 2.2.1, are these the folks that used “update.zip” to go to the previous Verizon DX upgrade early? The reason I ask is that I am running 2.3.9 release and it's not showing me the new upgrade as being available when I do a poll. HELP please! 🙂

  • For some reason my update installation fails on my rooted droid x. Any suggestions?

  • John

    What about Android 2.2.1 for the Incredible?

  • luvnmyd2

    I may have missed it…..but what about the D2?

  • Njd32

    I bought my phone december the 8th and i havent gotten any OTA update i checked it and it say im just running 2.2 and no madden 11

  • Is this still not out for everyone? I'm running 2.3.15 and manually checking is saying I'm up to date.

  • adams

    quick question:

    can i use the VRZ_MB810_2.3.15_1FF_01 SBF to remove clockworkmod after installing the 2.3.340 system update?

  • Slipgatevoid

    My droid 1 tried to get the update this morning, but it didn't do anything since I'm running BB v.5. Oh well, a phone's a phone.

  • Ryanskeltis

    I'm using 3G now,and its running fine

  • Ewg956

    I have a original Droid…..Bought it last year when they first came out. Just did a system update to the Android 2.2.1. Still have NO idea what this means…..anyone feel like letting me know?

  • Thehaggis

    Update was available for me at 7:30am EST, but I had to reinstall some bloatware. By the time i got that reinstalled, the update seems to have been removed. I'm getting the “up to date” message.

  • Alphabets13

    still nothing for me…..10:30am est. i am z4 rooted….defrosted any apps that were frozen, rebooted several times…still says no update at this time:(

    no custom roms or anything, just overclocked, wireless tether, that sort of thing. and no gingerbread keyboard.

  • forohagen

    I did. Mn here.

    • Kyjonkivelle

      Maybe its the southern part of the central time zone I am in Louisiana

      • Carol

        I am in Texas…no update.

      • Cporter15

        Still no update here in Champaign/Urbana IL Central IL. Driod X Z4 rooted.

  • Kyjonkivelle

    Has anyone in central time zone gotten update?

  • Dbenit15

    My droid x wont update…just say device is up to date. My phone isn't rooted and I just did a factory reset..but still no update? Anyone no what's up or why my phone wont update?

    • Alphabets13

      why did u do a factory reset?

  • CloudsX

    Central Time zone no root everything stock No update says phone is up to date. Why does insist on lying to me? 9:20am

  • Vinzky

    at 6am it says check update not available check later and then at 8am it says i am up to date. until now i am not getting the update. i am rooted and i have removed all bloatware except the cityid. is this causing the problem. if yes, is restoring to factory helps? thanks guys

  • forohagen

    I was rooted and downloaded the update. I didn't install right away and read that I needed all system apps in place. Since I deleted a few of the system apps like city id I reverted to my original backup… now I can't download the update again… oops. Oh well, i'll either get the ota later or find a manual update… or I might just go to .320 since there's a safety net otherwise known as sbf.

  • Kyjonkivelle

    It'a 8:49 central time and still no update for me. Any suggestions people???

    • Chickensaftereggs

      anyone try calling verizon?

      • Kyjonkivelle

        Yea they don't kno anything

    • michael scott

      In in the central time zone and got mine at 6am

      • Kyjonkivelle

        What did u do to get it?

    • Carol

      I am in central time zone as well and have tried all the tricks and still no update.

  • Sean

    i didn't get the update, i've rebooted and did a battery pull, still nothing.

  • Alex

    I am rooted with Z4, running 2.2, version 2.3.15, with no custom ROM, just back notification bar, and new Gingerbread keyboard. I did uninstall Need For Speed. Did not I go to pull it and says I am up to date. Do I need to install the stock keyboard or get rid of the theme for it to work?

  • Ericcaverly

    Got mine last night. What is it? What does it do?

    • Aaron

      Bug fixes, app updates and madden added as bloatware. Madden is NOT uninstallable!!!

      • Guest

        i think the “app” that comes with the update is just a virtual install package.. im thinking once you actally install it youll have the option to remove it.. i would hope anyway.. anyone actually playing madden yet? do you have an unistall or move to SD option in your app manager?

  • Chris

    I had 928 Black Glass and had the update come it. Tried to run it twice and it failed. Installed the OTA and now it says device is up to date, but still on 2.3.15.

  • Got the update this morning. I am now running 2.2.1 version 2.3.340. It broke my root access, but YOU ARE able to re-root. I used z4root app to re-root and am back up and running!

    • Beachm4ever

      Did the same. z4 re-rooted with no problem at all! z4 rocks!!

  • Cporter15

    I'm still on 2.2 rooted with Z4root it's 8:05 Central time in Illinois and still no update available. I've rebooted my phone and checked again still no update! Does that mean I need to unroot before I can get the update? No other special things on my phone all bloatware still there. I will try to reboot again and check. Any other suggestions?

    • Aaron

      Battery pull?

      • Cporter15

        I will try that now and if it works post it back here so others will know. Meanwhile I tried to reboot twice and still no update. Pulling battery now and letting it sit for 30 seconds.

        • z4 root should not be a problem, though you will lose root after the update.

        • Cporter15

          Still no update after a battery pull. Could it be possible that the update is hitting certain satellite's then working it's way around to others for the update? I'm in Centrall Illinois Champaign/Urbana area.

  • George Straight

    Running 928Droid BGX 2.3 rooted. When I select System update I get “System update” is not available without a Motorola account. I am assuming that somehow the deoxing and rooting are causing that, am I right? would like to go back to s non-rooted Froyo 2.2 and then update. Can someone tell me how to do that?

  • Walker_daniel

    DX here. One-click root. When I attempt to pull the update I get a message saying that my device is up to date. I have rebooted twice to no avail. Any suggestion?

  • CloudsX

    Got a link for that sbf. Everyone I flash does not seem to be full cause its not erasing all the apps and info?

  • Mikeyland73

    Hey guys do I need to install the 2.3.15 before I will get the update for the .340? Please someone let me know bc if so I will DL the 2.3.15 so I can then update to .340!!!

  • cdmoore74

    Upgrade worked fine for me. But I decided to use the 2.2 OTA SBF before upgrading when I noticed that koush bootstrap still booted into recovery after reloading stock 2.2 backup. I haven't tried re-rooting but I'm waiting until a SBF is released for this OTA. Like starting from the beginning. So far OTA is solid.

  • Elliottcs

    Got the update this morning!

  • Aaron

    I had to reboot before i could pull the update. It downloaded quick and z4root rooted it sucessfully. However z4 did not show up in the market after the update. Anyone else seeing this?