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TAT Joins RIM, So Much for that Cool UI on Android

We’ve talked a lot about TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) here at Droid Life as a company that could possibly reinvent the way we use our Android phones and today RIM announced that they have snagged them.  Yep, say your official goodbyes to TAT Home, those sweet live wallpapers, and teasing for test groups to any of their products.  They will now turn the Blackberry Playbook into something even more awesome.

I guess we’ll just hope Slick UI comes out soon and owns the world.  

One last look at TAT home:


Via:  RIM

  • RIM Sucks

    Yep, just like RIM to buy up somebody else's innovation, instead of coming up with something on their own.

    Typical RIM, they think if they buy enough companies, eventually they might have enough to piece together a decent smartphone.

  • Chris Nimon

    Sucks they're jumping ship but after using BB's new Torch all i can say is it is the slowest, most useless piece of crap I have used yet. It should not be called a smart phone, maybe a “slightly intelligent” phone. They need to scrap EVERYTHING and completely start over if they want to be viable in the future.

  • Cgmartin33

    Good for them…now if they would work a little bit on their hardware and throw in a decent processor they might have something here!

  • Rainbowpedobear

    android is like an awesome cancer that cant be stopped. if apples cant stop it, blackberry sure as hell cant. but i guess they will be getting nice sums of paychecks. good luck to them over there though.

  • Binglut9

    BBm is really bad and soon will be extinct that is why they are switching to the droid app era. And damn I wish they would of put this home out this looks raw hopefully some devs can hook it up and take something from this

  • 1bad69z28

    Looks like BB is heading to a more fun and creative UI. Let's not forget 1) BB is not stupoid, their UI hasn't dominated like it used to and thier phone sells are down especially wtih the latest BB phone, expect a remake in the future. 2) BB is coming out with a tablet of thier own, don't be surprised if TATHome is behind something neat to rival Android and Apple.

    BB is hurting and they are quick to make changes even in the corporate space as more and corporate phones are not Android or (Sorry to say iJunk). Case in point, Adobe employees are issued the Droid X and many other companies are now android friendly.

    BB is trying to stay in the hunt in 2011.

  • Meh. If they were actually ever going to release something, they'd have done it by now. Now they can just not release things for Blackberry instead of not releasing things for Android.

  • mlk007

    Eye candy which will eat into battery life. Does it add value.. I dont think so. I hope I am wrong.

    • takeshi

      Depends on who you ask. A lot of iPhone fans cite eye candy as a reason for their preference.

  • That UI is a bit too flashy to be a daily functional thing. They are probably buying the company for it's talent and not necessarily that product.

  • Josh

    Son of a….!!

  • verds

    I'm shocked! My heart dropped when I read this. Blackberry, UI innovation? Does not compute. Damn Canadians.

    • takeshi

      Slow innovation != no innovation despite what whiny, impatient consumers apparently think. Google the original BB's — they're nothing like today's.

  • Adc123

    *bleep* you TAT… seriously.

  • KleenDroid

    Who cares…

  • Anyone seen the NEW LP called TITS – (This Is The S**t) – That's TITS not TAT

  • “an emphasis on function rather than design”
    i don't like this

  • RIP TAT 🙁

  • richlost

    What if TAT was always working for RIM, and they were just making empty promises for the Android community to make us think that they were the chosen ones, and we might follow them and switch to a Blackberry?

  • Devin Jones

    Ah well. Good for them. THEY NEEEED IT! Blackberries freakin suck. Android's UI was BOSS from jump street on the G1! It was soemthing never seen before on a smart phone. I mean pull down notification bar? Place apps anywhere you want? Widgets? Pull up app drawers? Simply freedom of the home screen!

  • Well, if there was one mobile OS that really needed an overhaul it was BlackBerry OS. Maybe RIM will finally have something fresh come out of their shop now.

  • tjhrulz

    I have been waiting for forever 🙁 Leak NAO

  • Scottyman21

    that upsets me. i was wanting that for my droid 2. i cant really complain though. i only paid $4 for my phone. haha. :p

    • Twistdx

      haha. im pretty sure that the cheapest verizon sells it is $99 buddy.

      • Scottyman21

        well it wasnt from verizon “buddy”. i got it on quibids. and between my phone, my tv, and my new ps3 i saved $1,023. which was well worth the $60 to sign up. plus they give you 100 bids when you sign up.

        • Twistdx

          what? and you only paid $60? thats not bad. do they still have tv's? i need a new one.

          • Scottyman21

            yea. they do. i'll give you the link. “http://www.quibids.com/?refer=3068417
            if you go to that link and enter WINBIG on checkout they will give you another 3 bids. pretty decent.

          • Twistdx

            thanks man. i really could go for that 32″ LG. ha.

          • Timoh

            Wow, talk about spam. Go away.

          • Devin Jones

            Yea I know right?

          • Anonymous

            They need to work on making the pitch a little less obvious…

          • Dan

            I lol'd

  • b

    not for nothing but mocked up UI movies and empty promises are the only thing TAT ever delivered to the community. They will be inhaled by RIM and be making new icons for RIM OS.

  • villian1998

    How is that going to work on a blackberry?

    • BB OS supports both Java + Flash – Most apps that are created for #Android can be ported to BB OS very easily.

      • Anonymous

        I’m mostly talking out of my butt, but I wasn’t aware that BB OS supported widgets and multiple screens. I’m aware of the apps being compatible, but not the UI so to speak. I think Google could learn from developers like this to improve their UI.

  • jason6g

    As this sucks in that android wont be “handed” a sweet new ui, one thing to look forward to is the further push for innovation. Im sure if this takes off on blackberries that there will be loads of spin offs available for android, and given the open vs closed nature, i have no doubt that androids iteration will be nicer.

    on a side note… i cant see how blackberry will be able to make things “pretty” to match apple and google while still keeping their business customers happy. not everyone wants a touch screen

  • Timoh

    If it's taken them this long to not release a home replacement application, it probably wasn't going to happen anyway. I personally wasn't impressed by their wallpapers either. At this point I think RIM is panicing and just grasping at whatever they can. RIM is all about business users and with so many “main stream” consumer smartphones out now, they just don't have a chance to regain their momentum.

    I doubt you'll ever see anything close to their never finished homescreen.

  • sgtnubbl

    i am disappoint.

  • Inouno


  • Br_d

    So much for TAT.