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Lookout Locates Stolen Car, Returns DROID Incredible to Owner in 7 Minutes

Lookout has become the go-to security app for many Android users, but one in particular was able to use it to locate his stolen car and Droid Incredible in just 7 minutes.  The poor guy was on his way out to his car to go grab groceries for the fam’ and was held up at gun point by some lunatic.  The gunman then took the guy’s car which happened to have his Incredible sitting inside with Lookout Security activated.  So as any Android enthusiast would do, he ran inside, pulled up Lookout on his PC browser, found his car, sent the cops there, and they arrested the sucker in 7 minutes.

Android 1.  Gunman 0.  

  • Ice

    Lookout in a word is GREAT. Absolutely worth putting on your Droids.

  • anon

    Really? No comments at all about the guy's name being Stalin?

  • Thomaswildchild

    It sounds good but looking at the freeze screen on the video it says pasific time and this guys supposedly in jersey?

  • BBC News Desk

    Did you hear about the other incident where the gunman stole a guy's iPhone and car. They could never retrieve the car because the gunman thought that the gizmo was some fancy brick that did nothing. And they didn't recover the phone either because the iOS 4.2 update screwed the GPS

  • picaso86

    I want to see an iPhone do that… DROID FOR THE WIN!

  • Chris Nimon

    never heard of Paterson NJ till today. Now ive heard it twice. lucky this county official didnt steal his car.

  • Brandon

    Where's my droid…works. It is awesome as well, oh and free in the market.

  • that looks like Oakland, ether that or Richmond. So how does the phone end up being in the car when it should be in doods pocket? I guess he considers himself lucky to have left his phone in the car when he got jacked.

  • Flyinion

    So do we really need an app like this on Android that does antivirus? I understand the phone security part, just didn't realize we needed antivirus on Android. I'm seeing a lot of comments that Lookout drains battery so I'm hesitant to install it.

  • Adm930

    That's great! Glad I have it running too.

  • Jkeyes916

    GO FIGURE THIS GUY WAS IN JERSEY….theres no crime in Jersey…must have been a tourist

  • Like many of the comments, Lookout was far from spot on for me. But hey, better to be looking a few blocks than throughout the whole damn city. Personally, I drive a POS, so I'd be more upset if my Droid never came back lol

  • With my Lookout, on 3G, the location is not perfect, often off by a few blocks. On WiFi, its always been spot on for me.

  • Chris Nimon

    Awesome work officer Andy! Hope I never have to use this feature 😉 Whenever I pull up my phones location with lookout it is always accurate to about 10 feet.

  • This is a great story. Best phones out there.

  • The350zWolf

    This report begs for the following question to be asked, why can't car manufacturers install GPS trackes on cars??? I know that lojack exists, but hey one can just get a cheap android phone and install it on your car hidden. I suppose that you do need a 3G connection, so that would set you back $30/month.

  • Jeremy

    I remember having lookout but when i had it search for my phone, it said it was almost 2 towns over…about 15-20 min drive away when it was sitting right next to me. FAIL

    Tried it from my friends house too which was about 30 min from here. This time it told me the phone was in the middle of the city while I was on a completely different island miles away.

    I deleted it after that, no point of having an app to find my phone when it can't find my phone.

    • Stanger

      did you have the gps turned on?

      • baioc


        It works best when you're outside with the phone.

  • The350zWolf

    Cool story, it should also work if you get kidnapped! Only problem there is if your spouse/girlfriend wants you back :^P

  • hahahah go android

  • Excellent work on everyones behalf. This is a happy ending 😀

  • villian1998

    Still waiting for mobile defense to improve their app…..

  • Higher_Ground

    Reminds me of the story earlier in the year where they were trying to show off the technology by standing on the street corner and somebody actually stole the phone from the guy's hand (IIRC he was riding a bicycle) and was apprehended shortly thereafter!

  • This is the kind of situation that I bet developers dream about. No one wants someone's car to get stolen, but seriously, Lookout couldn't have bought better advertisement for every cent in the world.

  • rjholla2003

    I love Lookout! If only it had the uninstall alarm like WaveSecure does.

  • 1bad69z28

    Bad Boys, Bad boys, Whatcha gonna do, Whatcha gonna do when DROID Comes For YOU??

  • Binglut9

    What a great piece Lookout is da bomb love that app always tell my friends to download it you never know when you need to find your phone or when that little app will help you out.

  • Gb79

    That's just…. wait for it…. Incredible!

  • Romma1

    We need to start arming our Droids! Is there an app for that?

  • Rodeojones000

    I guess we have another thing to add to the “Droid Does” mantra.

    • The350zWolf

      “Droid does take a bite out of crime!”

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Hahaha this is the best thing I've heard all year. Literally.

  • takeshi

    The REAL story is in how the guy got the cops to respond so quickly.

    • Higher_Ground

      the suspects pulled into a krispy kreme donut shop 😛

    • Anonymous

      Robbery; just occurred. That gets a higher priority than your trailer getting burglarized 3 days ago and you’re just calling it in.

  • idk about everyone else, but i just use Where's My Droid, and then just hide the app with Launcher Pro, and put a screen lock on it with App Protector 😀 and for added help, Locale auto-turns on GPS by default. so i think i'll be safe if my phone gets lost lol

    • Romma1

      Very nice!

  • tjpeco

    There was a story about a guy who did the same thing with MobileDefense. He was picking up his family from the airport arrival curb when he got out to open up the tailgate some punks just jumped in and drove away. His son who he was picking up had his laptop there, and with the wifi at the airport, he got the cops chasing them. Apparently the crooks didn't suspect the phone as being the tracking device and started ripping up the dashboard looking for the lojack transponder. Eventually the cops got them and the car had only superficial interior damage.

  • Dariusclark73

    That's what's up

    Oh and first thank you

    • antintyty


    • Anonymous

      Congrats… your first! Wow… look at you all posted up before anyone else and stuff. Tell us your secret.

  • Michael_NM

    This is a cool story, but who would leave their Droid in the car unattended? Isn't that Droid abuse? 😛

    • I can’t go anywhere without my Droid… Leaving it in the car would be impossible. Must not have been a “high tech” user. 🙂

      • Meatlover

        Except that he not only downloaded the Lookout app, he knew how to use it, and in a stressful situation. I think he knew his droid pretty well. Let’s assume he was charging it in the car because of excessive use 🙂

    • El El Kool J

      Well I know most of you here have seen Jersey Shore!!! We all know how stupid they could be.. 😛 We got a “SITUATION HERE!!”

      My free app called Latitude would of done the same thing.. lol.. 😛

      • How easy would it have been to pull up the location of his phone using latitude without having a Latitude Friend doing the looking for you? Seems like Lookout is more appropriate for a situation like this.

        • El El Kool J

          obviously you haven’t ever used latitude.. “if your logged in on your phone and your location is visible, all you do is log into igoogle.com and voila!! there is your location right on the map..” hence y i dont spend money on useless apps when free ones do the job FREE!

          • Anonymous

            I like latitude as well… and I don’t use lookout… but latitude currently will not do real time tracking from your PC. You have to get on a separate phone… one you have added as a friend… and then turn on real time tracking. In this situation you would have been screwed using latitude.

          • Gadgetskopf

            I have 2 or 3 different Tasker profiles for having the phone report back its location. I’ve gotten to the point that every time I see a potentially useful new app, I now stop and try to figure out a way to have Tasker perform the same functionality.

  • Cabarete007

    And that's why I use lookout!