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DROID 2 Allegedly Explodes in Man’s Ear, Still Works

According to reports out of Fox in Dallas, a man and his brand new Droid 2 are no longer friends.  After a heated exchange while attempting to get into his car, the D2 decided to ignite its eFuse in order to blow a hole in the side of the man’s head that would require 4 stitches.  This man obviously doesn’t read Droid Life or he would have know that the bootloader on these Blur devices isn’t meant to be taken lightly.

OK all jokes aside.  This guy really believes that his Droid 2 exploded in his ear.  Of course we are all questioning the entire story especially since the guy admits to having zero health insurance, called in the local news to cover his story and is hoping that Motorola will help with the medical costs.  He’s also already contacted a lawyer.  Another McDonald’s hot coffee story in the making?

The phone still works though!  DROID 1.  Man 0.

Full video after the break.  


Cheers @Jeremy_Barnes!

  • Destin246

    Droid 2 is the best and i heard the dude had dropped it before it exploded quit hatin on the droid 2 cause it really is the best…

  • Actually, Kellex, the McDonald's coffee lawsuit was not at all frivolous, here's the whole story:




  • Blackn6345

    I would have to say, this would be a little hard to believe. The battery would be the only thing I could think of that could cause any damage. But the battery would go out the back causing damage to the hand that is if it blow with a force to knock the cover off. But it would not come forward and with the acid in the battery, there would be pretty nasty burns. And all that was heard was a pop? With screen damage like that and the stitches there was no hearing loss?? The force it would take would cause hearing damage and more then a pop. Now lets notice the screen, how cracked it is. I believe this is Cornings gorilla glass. If you were to watch youtube clips on this glass and see how much pressure it take to break or even etch the glass, he would have more then just 4 stitches in his head. That is if his head would survive the blow. BUT, not saying its not true, hell could be possible, somehow. Just if you do the math, highly unlikely.

    • Blackn6345

      I just watched the clip and notice in the news clip, the screen has more cracks in it then in the photo. If you watch the part where the tech guys is talking, the screen has more cracks then shown in the beginning of the clip or at the end when his wife is holding it. Not only that, but the pic above is not showing all the cracks. And I doubt it would have anything to do with the lighting when the pic was taken or how the video was shot. So whats up with that?

  • Dollyyvonne22

    He is absolutely correct. My sons Droid exploded and caught fire in his pocket while he was at school. I contacted Motorola and they r giving me the hardest time about replacing his phone That is all I am asking them for. It has been since September 18th

  • Kristyelise

    I think it's aweful that your site is making light of this man's suffering. I would never buy a Droid. And you are poorly representing the company on this site by such an uncompassionate attitude.

  • Jim

    Looks like someone slaped him in the head using the phone

  • Mungyun

    He said he was getting into his car when it happened so i bet he just hit his head as he was getting in and the phone was between him and the car, causing the screen to crack and him to cut his ear. There is nothing around that area that can explode

  • Sluggo97

    Sounds like a steve j job
    To discredit Droid!

  • Nat

    I think he is lying…like a dog.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Come on, if the phone internals blew out or shorted out the phone would quit working. This is BS

  • eddieonofre

    hey kellex do you see what have you release????
    Now this forum is a fight of ideologies….
    between the “I have good ideas, i got them from FOX”
    and the real people who thinks critically

  • Holy crap….

  • Jarrough

    I never imagined that this thread would turn into a political debate. not interested.

  • Revolution X

    Holy Crap!!!! Totally Randon and off the subject but the Reporter, Sophia Reza, used to be a neighbor and did the news in my hometown in NM. Small World!!! Was wondering what ever happened to her LOL!!!

  • gilmourd

    It looks like it was struck from the outside. It's impacted and pushed in. If it had exploded, like he claims, the glass would be pushed out.

  • Guest8822

    In my humbled opinon its not fair to say he should've used the money for health insurance because so many occupations out there have sliced benefits to the “umphthteenth” degree. We don't know the fully story of this mans life. Is it possible when he got the phone he was in a more finacially comfortable position and unfortunately choices have had to be made. I think that is what people are focusing too much on. The bottom line is there is a possiblity that this phone blew up or created a spark or blast of some sort and thats the problem. This wont be the first time and Im sure it wont be the last. I recall a national story a few years ago about a young man being completely lit on fire because he was talking on the phone and it got hot—-There are many different variables that play a role in each case such as; Was the phone on the charger when it blew?; Is this due to overheating of some form etc. One this that doesnt make a difference is HEALTH INSURANCE. I say that because even if he had Health Insurance who is to say this still wouldn't have happend. More likely than not; the determination of how much the manufacture is at fault will determine the outcome of the case; not the lack of insurance.

    Just my opinion, not here for politcal arguments…Have a Blessed one Everyone & Happy Holidays 😉

  • One more thing that droid does

  • Tgfree

    So I guess in a way Droid is like Timex…where Timex “takes a licking and keeps on ticking”…”Droid blows off your ear but keeps working, Oh dear!”

    On a serious note…he has no health insurance but has purchased an expensive cell phone which requires a monthly data plan. Even if the phone did blow up….why did he have it instead of using his money to provide for his family's most basic needs. I have a cell phone, as a matter of fact, my wife and all my children have cell phones that I pay for…but I would not have them if I didn't first have my immediate and necessary needs met. It just seems this guy is looking for a quick buck. Look out Motorola!

    • Tgfree

      Maybe, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobil could create an “Idiot's Cell Plan”, for $300 per month… which would include a free cell phone, data plan and basic medical insurance protection….maybe I should call them and discuss this great idea!

  • Xbicex

    Starting To Really Wish That Only Smart People Could Operate Smartphones

  • Guest

    I didn't feel like reading all the comments but did anyone else notice the hole in the ear piece? It looks like it was shot and when it was enough to make the glass shatter. Hmm something this small would be a beebee gun. Either that or something was put in the phone to make it explode. I hope that Motorola does not pay a cent to this man and actually fights these allegations!

  • Uplink

    hi my D2 just blew up in my pants and took with it my right nut

  • FPS Doug Said It Best “Boom Head Shot!”


    • RoadsterHD1


  • scknoll123

    Forget Health care I ant the government to pay for my next android phone. I'm spending to much on all these new phone's

    • scknoll123

      Want. Sorry

      • Keithsmnr

        *Too, sorry. 🙂

        • scknoll123


  • CyberPete

    After examining the D2 teardown, the only possible thing that could explode is the battery. This could happen if it were completely shorted, but: 1) if the battery were shorted, he wouldn't have been making a call because the phone would not be on, and 2) if the battery exploded, the phone would no longer work (as it apparently is)

  • JohnPA2006

    Maybe he has an electrical problem on his car and when he touched the door, he transferred
    an electric charge from the car, through his body, out through his ear and into the phone.

    Otherwise I call BS on this one.
    Not to mention the only part of the phone capable of exploding is on the other side and is a separate piece.

  • Stephen D

    Maybe he was super overclocked and it got too hot and blew up?

    • Anonymous

      He don’t look smart enough to root anything

      • Stephen D

        No, he doesn’t. Did you use “don’t” instead of “doesn’t” on purpose? Because if not, the irony!

  • I just noticed that the dude's left is is the one that got “hurt” yet when his wife was in front of the microphones, she was pointing at her right ear/neck area to explain what she “saw.” Lulz wut?

  • If the phone works, how did the eFuse blow, eh? Story just doesn't add up. I call bullshit.

  • Jeremy5417

    Droid does…bodily harm.

  • Manuelg728

    he wont be able to sue motorola because to powerful

  • Mrpicolas

    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??? Gee thought someone wouldst said that by now lol..

  • The350zWolf

    Hah, Droid does rackteering!

  • Bigdogflyer

    Hopefully it was a rooted phone…..voided warranty! !! Lol

  • ndog21

    Or the efuse activated some how

  • ndog21

    Did he hack it with out being carefull?



    • tjpeco

      Stop complaining and report it to a moderator. If everyone does it he'll get a boot.

  • Mikeeyyyy

    word. do they still have laptops? i need a new one.

    • Andyt

      yea like everyday theres a bunch.

  • Notifire1

    Why would you watermark an image that came from FOX? Seriously?

  • Frankd

    I think his wife got pissed off at him when she found out he spent money on a phone instead of insurance, grabbed the phone and smacked him upside the head with it…

  • Andyt

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  • Dang I could swore it was april 1st with this post. Come on I saw this publicity stunt from a million miles away. Lmao

  • Djyosnow

    I never did like motorola any way… Crossing my fingers the man gets a good compensation! even though he looks like a douch bag D'oh