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Entire DROID Lineup Goes BOGA Today Through X-mas at Verizon

If you and the family need a fresh set of Droid devices for the holidays, then now is the time according to this latest tip out of Verizon.  It looks like the entire Droid lineup of phones will be “BOGA” or “Buy One Get Any Phone Free” (of equal or lesser value) starting today and ending on X-mas Eve.  I don’t actually see the Droid Pro listed on there, but the Droid 2 Global is so you’ve got to figure that it’s included.

Cheers money!

  • Mikec843

    According to the VZW site, the Droids are BOGO, not BOGA.

  • KniteLyf

    Why buy 3G devices when 4G LTE is just around the quarter? (Horrible joke intended)

  • Doolidg

    I hate to correct….but I belive its bogo
    …buy one get one….Not boga?

    • It's buy one, get any – as opposed to buy one, get one, which implies that it must be the same model of phone.

      • Doolidg

        Ohhhhhh… I see now…sorry the bumpy ride on the short bus made my helmet cover my eyes… Lol

    • Stevaroo01

      Just look at the web page he included from Verizon. I think they know what they decided to call it!

  • mike west

    What I always hate about this is you technically have to have two lines eligible for upgrades you can't just upgrade 1 line and put the new phone on another line, they never really say that fact.

  • Beka27

    Ugh. I'm ten days too late for a price match on our new Xs. Would have really liked the extra $100 back. (Oh well…)

  • Jessecnyc2

    That suck I'm not up for upgrade till next year

  • Doc_Brown


  • Fuyuasha

    Yeah, well fine in some ways, but who in their right minds would buy any device on VZN right now and get locked out of LTE just around the corner ?!

    • Ohrioh

      Just add a line 😛 Plus LTE devices that initially launch are just data cards, not handheld devices….

  • J Maynard Jm

    Just saw the X on aots.

  • Un3k1109

    Rooted my x n have rom mngr how to I add custom roms n themes…asking cause I tried and its not as easy as my d1…btw iphone sux…

    • Puck

      you have to download DX bootsrapper , and make sure you have the sbf file and rsd lite before you flash a rom

      • Un3k1109


  • Rnr24553

    It's Christmas. Not X-mas. We aren't celebrating the Droid X's birthday. Lol

    • Actually, X is the Greek letter Chi, which has been in common usage to refer to Christ for most of the history of Christianity, and the modern idea that Xmas is somehow secularizing Christmas is an invention of evangelicals beating the “America needs to return to God” drum.


      • Stevaroo01

        Whether what you say about X and Chi etc is true or not, I think it's pretty brazen of you to make statements like this. If someone believes that, let them! What's the difference to you?

        Would you rather people harp on how lazy American's are that they can't even spell out the word Christmas? It's one or the other. Take your pick. And neither one's good!

        • 🙂

          As to whether it's true or not, I included a link for a reason. This is the internet, ffs, anything can be researched in an instant and there is no excuse for ignorance.

          If you had bothered to so much as scan through the Wikipedia article, you'd see that what I say about the history of using X to represent Christ is true, and that it has nothing to do with secularization OR laziness – though the fact that you couldn't read these things for yourself speaks volumes about laziness.

          I'm not actually going to spend the rest of my day arguing this point. I'm not even Christian, and I just don't care enough to spend any more time on it. My original comment was a result of my desire to inform when I see ignorance.

          • Anonymous

            You see, the fact that you assume that I never read your link speaks volumes about your ignorance! FYI, I did look at your link. But the fact that it’s on the internet means absolutely nothing. There is all sorts of information on the internet, and unfortunately, quite a lot of it is simply not true. Even this splendid Droid site that we are having this discussion on has been known to publish the occasional mis-information.

            Also, you seem to think that this Wikipedia article is the end all source for information on this topic. To be honest with you, the fact that it’s on Wikipedia means very little to me. You see, it’s not hard for anyone to get something published on Wikipedia. Whether it is true or not isn’t important. As a result of this well known fact, Wikipedia isn’t even accepted as a credible source of information in educational institutions. Perhaps you would recognize this if you didn’t blindly believe everything you read on the internet.

            I’m not here to say that information you provided in your link is true or not. To me it’s simply irrelevant. My whole point was to point out that the average American doesn’t abbreviate Christmas as X-mas in order to substitute an X (Chi) for Christ, but because they are either intentionally doing it or because they are lazy. Let’s face it, how many Americans actually use (or even know) much if any Greek?

            Obviously you have your view and I have mine. And that’s fine. Feel free to use X-mas instead of Christmas if you wish. It’s a free country. Just don’t assume that your information is the end-all to a discussion just because you found it on the internet and shared a link.

            Have a splendid Christmas!

          • Oh ffs.

            Having done real-world research in a university library about the history of using “X” as another way to say “Christ” about 15 years ago as part of a comparative religion class and part of my own spiritual journey, I’m not assuming anything is true because I “found it on the internet and shared a link,” you pompous bastard.

            I don’t care why the average American abbreviates it, I’m just tired of hearing people bitch, moan and complain about an alternate form of a word based on their mistaken belief that it is somehow insulting to their religion, which they clearly don’t even understand to begin with.

          • Is anyone else having SNL flash backs here? Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin couldn’t have done better! Thanks for the entertainment you two! 🙂

        • Cgmartin33

          Don't be mad because she just schooled you… she was just explaining the reason behind the X and the reason people use it besides being lazy!

    • Stevaroo01

      Thank you! No matter a person's reasons for abbreviating Christmas, I hate to see it. Is it really so hard to just spell out the whole word?


  • Msk1277

    no surprise on this one

  • SheckyXero

    Expect to see many people walking around with Droid's this holiday. ^.^