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Home Replacement App: NetFront Life Screen

I speak on behalf of everyone here at Droid-Life when saying, “We love home replacement apps!” LauncherPro, ADW, and even Helix from back in the day. Android allows for customization beyond peoples wildest dreams. And here is yet another app which is no less than awesome.

Based around a single circle of icons, you can control every aspect of your phone with a single screen. Two to be exact The second of which is the screen that holds all your applications in a very slick cube design. With built in social network APIs and widget features, I might hold onto this for a bit. Or at least until I miss custom wallpapers.

Check this out. Sweet or what!?!

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wX96RbxNMeg[/youtube]

If you are so intrigued as many others were with this, then by all means, search the Market for “Netfront Screens“. Or use a barcode scanner to access this QR code!

Let us know what you think!

Learn about the other Apps the ACCESS CO LTD makes by seeing their website.

  • Ross Alejandro

    Totally sweet, best home replacement app of all time.

  • Quintarashirell

    Is that clock part of the app because I can’t find an option for it and if not where is that found???

  • dvation

    Now stuck in boot loop after installing this. Wonderful.

  • soopadoopa

    It looks good, but lacks any customization features. Oh, and a little glitchy. Haven't quited worked all kinks out yet.

  • Stevegonz

    laggs alot on the moto droid. : /

  • Ruikenshin

    This put a smile on my face as far as the setup… easy to get to stuff, only thing I don't like about it not being able to get rid of the mixi and rss feed app

  • Yousef

    doesnt show up in android maRKET,.

    droid 2

  • DeltaX


  • Surfminded

    Great concept. I would use it more once they update it very laggy and I hate the fact you can not remove the mixi or RSS buttons.

  • Ravenbrook

    Installed it on my Droid X and it just lags. I'll keep Launcher Pro for now. Cool concept, but runs way to slow. Speed it up and she's a keeper!

  • Downloaded on my DX, and i runs pretty smooth only sometimes is stops on the contacts icon and it won't move for a couple seconds. Also, I have only had one force close when i rebooted my phone. Other than that, It's awesome!

  • Maguiz

    I liked it lot

  • King24

    How do I uninstall??

  • Hater McHaterson
  • Looks like your running low on internal memory!

  • A bit laggy, but on an overclocked original Droid with LithiumMod Rom (fast, stable, and plenty of free ram) it works pretty well. Like I said, a bit laggy at times, but I think that will improve over time. So far, it hasn't shown up as eating any battery, I don't know if that's accurate but I can't see that it's doing anything to the battery. It might over time though.

    Love the concept. It's a keeper.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Look cool but not real good for day to day use, seems like you would be looking for your apps constantly. Let us know when the update comes.

  • Jordon182

    What clock is that?

  • antintyty

    i can't get it to scan or search the market for it.

    DX running TranQ 3.0

  • SFC Airborne51

    Okay I tried this out for a while and I really like the concept but several times it got into a boot loop and it would take several times of rebooting for me to get out of it. I am using a Droid 2 rooted/overclocked to 1.45Ghz. I think this will be a great product at some point but it needs some serious work. I hope the devs keep working on it and I am sure it will get better.

  • interesting.. but even droid with 1200 lags… like it though

  • trumpet444

    rooted OG droid. works fine, but a “little” laggy, but not as laggy as I thought it would be judging by the comments

    • RoadsterHD1

      Can it be uninstalled if you don't like it?

      • trumpet444

        Yep. Switch back to your other home launcher app. Uninstall thru the market or ur phones app settings

        • RoadsterHD1

          cool thanks

  • AIXJedi

    Cool idea, and it looks nice, but super laggy, and deleting apps from the UI isn't very intuitive. Maybe when they update it I'll try it again. Launcherpro FTW until then.

  • Paul706

    where can i get the clock background from

  • Matt

    If it wasn't for the hanging and force closes. Love the concept and would like to try it out once they get it working.

  • Ajohn7211

    Awesome idea, slightly missed execution. D1 overclocked to 1.2ghz and still laggy

    • exactly, but very interesting..

  • GoNoles

    Looks great, but as others have said, still too laggy for me. Look forward to updates tho.

    DX running Rubix 1.8.6

  • Josh

    It's laggy as all heck, but definitely an awesome concept. I'll consider this thing in the future when it's refined moar.

  • Newjeruzkid71

    I like the concept but it lags too much and of you were able to change the background picture it would be cool

  • Josh

    I love how you say “Helix back in the day” and proceed to link us to a post from 5/14/10. lol May was sooo long ago, it was back in the day.

  • Pandemic187

    IMO this looks more like something that is fun to play around with than an everyday replacement for the likes of LauncherPro. Kind of like using pre-alpha software.

  • Chris.Go

    Even the demo was lagging. Add a widget and it goes to gallery LMAO…

    GARBAGE! Better be free.

  • What is “fede”

    • Anonymous

      fede would be the first name of the all mighty creator of launcherpro

  • Love the concept..waaaaay too laggy though.

  • antintyty

    guess it's been pulled….it won't scan or search in the market.

  • Zpocbob

    Droid X Rooted 928Droid Theme slow at first, even 1 force closed. 2nd try, I let sit, without touching it, and it finally went to the home screen. Facebook integration was slow, need a few options, like the ability to move shortcuts within the carousel, place widgets where I want and add more than 1. App list should be full screen, I have a lot of apps and 3 rows at a time takes a while to get to the bottom of the list.

  • bobo

    Great! Another home screen I “need” to go along with my five others…

  • very laggy…promising and i hope updates will help solidify. concept is nice though!

  • Peurifoyd

    Yeah….can't do without the customization of fede

  • Its gone!???
    Can anyone find it in the market? cause i cant! πŸ™

  • ran this on my dinc last night… got about 5 minutes of use. cool idea, but just not functional enough. loss of all but one widget really kills it.

  • Yep really laggy and as far as I know…nothing beats Launcher Pro!

  • g00ber

    A neat idea. I tried i really did try this but after 6 hours of lag a fc's on my R2 i gave up and went back to LP+ felling sorry i ever left.

  • 11knives

    Gross looking… Sorry

  • Bmedic1999

    I have been in love with Launcher Pro Plus for months now. I have only played with this one for about an hour. I am sold…This one is awsome….Droid2

  • SolRaven

    It has potential but it's still an infant.

  • darn.. its lagyish (the start up screen …took too long yea a home launcher with a start up screen 22 secs average.) too cool looking for my og droid (rooted 6.1.0 rc2 ) lol if anythings to cool for it is I jk, and cant remove widget idk 2 lame home screens what els oh! cant remove the installed services farcebook, twarter and wtf is mixi? from the ring if that gets fixed, its has potential to be a solid home replacement app and i give it a 2ΒΌ/5 hopefully in the near future it see majoy improvements… i be trollin

  • balthuszar

    i installed this on my Droid, running CM6.1 RC4, everytime i do something(like go to the market for example) this launcher resets, and i have to wait for it to load…is this something its supposed to do?

    • im sorry but i think thats the app sucking ass im having the similar problems are you experiencing a 22 sec load up screen? lmao

    • youl be better off unistalling this app its hates droids is rc4 any diferent? than the others? rc1/2/3

      • Anonymous

        not as far as i can tell…but then i’m not really into all that tech stuff…

  • SFC Airborne51

    I am trying this out (even though I LOVE LauncerPro) but it seems pretty cool. If I could add more apps to the wheel then I'd like it more. It is pretty responsive. It gets a little sluggish here and there but I'm sure they will work on that. I am also using this on my Droid 2 overclocked to 1.45 Ghz so that could be part of the reason it is so responsive to me and not to others. Anyway I think it is a great addition to Android and with some work could be real competition to ADW and LauncherPro.

  • ikagi

    Wow I got try this out

  • Carnine55

    What clock widget are you using?

    • Lakerzz

      D-clock widget. (In market)

  • superchachi

    Not a bad idea, but the inability to remove the RSS, Twitter, Mixi and their home button from the ring wastes 4 icons for me. And they aren't easy to re-order. I'll keep it installed and revisit another time.

  • DarthRogue

    Separating Ideas on Different Lines:

    I'm running with a rooted droid x, and I found it just fine searching for “netfront” in the market.

    I had to watch the youtube video in order to know how to access my apps… xD

    Would be a great home replacement for me (currently using LauncherPro), but last time I checked, I had 184 or so apps in my app drawer, so something that uses a 4×3 grid for apps really doesn't work that well…

  • a little slow but works fine for me! -OG Droid

  • Droidn

    Didn't work that great on my DX, sticking with LauncherPro!

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    Cool concept. Had fun for 48 seconds and then uninstalled it because my OG Droid isn't really up to making that a full speed experience.

  • Donnydee

    ummm horribly slooooooooowwwww!!!!!!! but nice try launcxherpro still rules

  • 1bad69z28

    I haven't downloaded this app but, have watched several youtube videos and read alot of the comments here taling about the draw back. I think this app has a real Big potential if the Dev of this app listens and makes the right changes. LauncherPro is my favorite and hands down the king of launchers

    But this app has some real potential if they change and add on some of the features with the abilty to turn off or on if the user likes. For example have the abilty to have more home screens, more widgets, and maybe have the carousel with the abilty to have a floating invisable carousel. Just my thoughts.

    Oh and a choice on wallpapers. This is app is pretty fresh and diffently could give Fede of Launcher Pro a run for his title if the makers of this app can open up and be more creative and listen to the what the users want.

  • Adecker

    Great app! Love the UI but….the lag is horrible on my DI …. once it updates and rids of lag ill use it for sure.

  • droidinmind

    It's awesome for me!

    • droidinmind

      Sorry….. DX!

  • Mgomez621

    If you are rooted with a dx and can't find this app in the market look for an app called “eris market fix” in the market download it and open it you will get some directions from there. I was also missing alot of apps after i downloaded the leaked update but this app fixed my market.

  • Tkampka

    Well its works but slows my og Droid down. I'm running at 1200 MHz as well.

  • Droid-ice

    This is clean the landscape lag all it need is a little update that's all…

  • Mgomez621

    If you are rooted with a dx and can't find this app in the market look for an app called “eris market fix” in the market download it and open it you will get some directions from there. I was also missing alot of apps after i downloaded the leaked update but this app fixed my market.

  • Kkinderen

    Works fine on X with Rubix but don't like fact that Twitter, Facebook, mixi, and music can't be removed from the ring. Kinda Blurish. If those restrictions go away, I'll try it again.

  • Still needs some polishing. I also noticed quite a bit of lag even with no apps running. Has the potential to be good.

  • Dspolen

    Do you a search on youtube for “first else” cell phone and its practically a dumbed down version. Still pretty cool though..

  • Rezin

    Btw…isn't access Co the company behind palms old garnett 5.x blazer browser?…anyhow…this kept force closing on my Droid X…POOP!


    @andrewscott- agreed! i tried it and removed it already. Might try again once its improved, but i need a little more customization than what is offered.

  • You made my Thursday!

  • Blood_iris

    definitely rough on my dinc, looks nice, but i think ill stick with sense for now…

  • Slelionis

    Pretty cool app, a little laggy. Uninstalled until some updates are made.

  • Je49424

    this new home interface is really nice but it is extremely laggy on my samsung fascinate and galaxy tab

  • Heather

    ok once you download it how do you get it installed on your phone

  • kimir

    is it free?

  • richlost

    Had anyone figured out how to switch it off do I can go back to the stock launcher?

    • @ronoffringa

      You need to go into Settings, Applications, manage applications, pick this app (it's labeled screens) and press clear defaults. Then press the Home key and select your launcher of choice.

    • Killershade

      You want to not set your default home to something you’re not sure you like. Silly.

    • Anonymous

      haven’t tried to install this yet, but usually you would either uninstall or go to settings – applications – manage applications, find the app and hit the clear defaults option. After you do that, when you hit the home button, it should prompt you for what home app you want to use and whether or not you want to set a default action for the key. If you want to move back and forth, don’t select a default and you’ll just deal withe every time hitting the home key bringing up that prompt.

  • Inquisitor

    Unusably laggy on OG. Ridiculous. Looks nice though, it's a real shame. Tried this a couple days ago when one of their other apps was featured either here or on gizmodo, I can't remember. It was an office app, I think, but w/ less features than docs to go and more lag. These guys are good but I guess their spec requirements are just too high.

  • very cool, hard to leave launcherpro though.

  • Bigheadman72

    I like it. But. It take over of default Home.

  • Worm4603

    having lag issues with mine. I like the design and ovreall concept. droid x user here. If this issue gets address in an update it will be my new home app.

  • brando56894

    This is pretty awesome. There needs to be more spots in the ring and it would be awesome if it would display the widget for an app if it was in the ring, for example if you had Mixzing selected it would display the Mixzing 4×4 widget.

  • Rain_king46

    Looks nice and great idea but laggy on my DX. Seems to not like coming out of Widget Locker, gets the splash screen a lot. Speed it up and give me some more config options and I will give it another try.

  • A little laggy on my CM6 incredible, but VERY cool and lots of promise.

  • Leenlargeo

    Nice Clock widget. what is it?

    • Lakerzz

      D-clock widget…

      • Anonymous

        D-Clock is D-Best! πŸ™‚

        • Lakerzz


      • Anonymous

        there two D-Clocks i hope you know. Me and tim have had a clock battle over that

        • Can’t use D-Clock because it is European DD/MM instead of American MM/DD. That would screw me all up lol. Wish they would update it with an option to change that, I would definitely use it if they did. Also maybe make an option for no background.

          Looks like I’ll have to stay with Typoclock for the time being, even though it doesn’t keep the right time always :/

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Notice the icon color.. the real reason kellex likes this launcher ;]

  • hmm i love the set up…but it takes so long for the homescreen to load. is there anyway to make it faster?

    using OG Droid

  • Gharris040604

    its not in the market anymore

    • Yes it is πŸ™‚

      • Paulwspence

        Rooted DX, I can't find it either.

        • Anonymous

          Rooted OG Droid, kept forceclosing on me, so un-installed. πŸ™ Looks pretty cool though. Guess maybe you have to be running a Samsung.

          • rooted OG droid here too, continuous FC’s

          • It kept doing that for me too, rebooted phone and loaded app just fine, a bit laggy in some spots, but overall it’s pretty slick.

            OG Droid

          • OtisJay

            only Forceclosed on me once, But just not smooth at all… looking foreword to a update that’ll fix that.. i love how it looks.

          • Dkprnce


        • Bsdmom44

          Rooted DX too. Found it in the Marlet via barcode, tried to install it and it completely crashed my phone.

  • Super laggy on my original Droid. Customization options were kind of hard to find.

    • Chances are that it will continue to be laggy on OG Droid cuz it looks like it is pretty memory/cpu/gpu intensive and the Droid just can’t keep up!

  • El El Kool J

    Yah i could work with this one for a lil bit.. you can change the icons in the circle of fav.. lol.. or whatever you call it. pretty cool.. nice design.. just a few tweaks.. I'm not a big multiple home screen user so this isn't bad for me…

    • can't change all of them though. i tried to change the mixi icon and it won't let me

      • brando56894

        Yea it seems you cant remove Mixi, RSS, or Home.

  • Mauro

    Needs to be a bit more stable, but it looks awesome!

  • Flyinion

    Looking at the last screenshot with the music on it…………nice someone else likes In Flames? πŸ˜€

    • In Flames f'ing RULEZ! πŸ˜›

      • Flyinion

        Yep, and strangely they're the only ones from that genre that I really like.

  • Wow.. This really is a nice launcher! With a few improvements it could be a major replacement for some simple users! Could compete with simplicity of windows phone 7. Sorry but they do have good simplicity, thats about it.

  • Mth2134

    Tried it. Eh. Not for me. Plus multiple fc's and a lag between screens. But thanks for the tip.

  • tanknspank

    hmm. sorta weird. don't think I like it so much…

    • zOMG! Stop the presses! Tank dislikes a launcher! AHH!!! πŸ˜›

      • tanknspank

        It's just not for me. πŸ˜›

        I don't like big and flashy, but rather simple and light. I swear, kill me on the spot, but something simple like the iphone or miui app setup would suit me. *shrugs*

        Though, I would like to still have a few widgets. Idk, I can't make up my mind.

  • keith

    This app doesn't appear in my Android Market from my rooted DX. I've had this problem with a few other apps too. Are they missing because it's rooted in general, or just the theme that is installed?

    • Aaron

      I was able to find it in the market, but for some reason it didn’t do anything for me. I have the home screen, and am running the 2.3.15 OTA update with the invernito theme and some other custom framework mods…dunno if I just didn’t give it enough time to load… was displeased as it looks neat.

    • MMM333

      I’ve had the same problem and I can’t find this either. I searched it and scanned the barcode. Is there anywhere online we can download this?

    • try using a new build prop in rom manager that should fix ur maket place issues

  • jonfhancock

    Wow! Pretty slick looking!

  • brife

    Has promise but needs some customization settings

  • Brian

    This is cool. There are two blank boxes in my rotation, is there a way to customize what is included in the rotation, and/or add boxes?

    • Yes if you slide to the left then the app drawer will open in a rotating cube thing ( really neat!) and you can drag and drop onto it.

    • John

      Just drag the app you want in that blank spot.

  • @ronoffringa

    It's very laggy on my Droid 2.

  • Mth2134

    Tim…. why do you insist on bringing up new fun things for me to do everytime I think about putting my phone down? Why do you do this? πŸ˜›

  • applesR4eating

    i had a bad feeling that once i finally paid for launcherpro+ something new/better might come along … its gotten to the point that i dont want to try anything else so i dont get a case of buyer's remorse. I must say this looks pretty sick from the pictures so imma go ahead give it a shot.

    • jonfhancock

      It's hard to have buyer's remorse over $3. That's like wishing I had bought a frappuccino instead of a latte.

    • really, 3 dollars and you have buyers remorse?? how is that even possible, you cant even get half a beer at a sporting event for 3$

      • applesR4eating

        wait, your telling me that you didnt pay 15,000 for launcherpro???? lol .. ok ok, seems like you guys took me too seriously.

  • Michael_NM

    This looks very cool, but as I've said before… I won't cheat on Fede. πŸ™‚

  • RacecarBMW

    is it free?

    • Anonymous


  • EC8CH

    It's $h!t like this that makes me love Android.

    • NYCLawyer

      Do they have anything like this on i*phone? Or is this considered porn by the Big Jobber?

      • Anonymous

        its straight up pron to him

      • EC8CH

        Home replacement app on the i*hone??? they’ll probably support Flash first πŸ˜›

        • Anonymous

          Woah, woah, calm down. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the idea of flash on the i*hone. That’s a little too much for them.

  • brife

    First! Yoohoo

    • Anonymous

      Anyone know the clock widget used in the screenshot? I don’t see any setting to enable it on this app so I assume it’s another download.