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Afternoon Android Snack: Q3 Android Sales, White Samsung Fascinate and T-Mobile Already Selling Tab

Your daily bites of Android Life tasty treats are here!  Android sales dominate everyone but Symbian in Q3, we get some white Samsung Fascinate pictures, T-Mobile starts selling their Galaxy Tab, and a 10″ version might be on the way…

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  • Anonymous

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  • Kinda like it in white…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    wait, isnt this story suppose to be on the “other” site?

    oh man, I am sooo confused

  • Michael_NM

    Thanks Dr. Droid! I was getting hungry… 🙂

    BTW: After a few hours with the Galaxy Tab, I give it a +1000. I've canceled my Nook Color order, and my netbook is up for sale…

  • Everyone can do white except apple….oh well 🙂