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Best Buy Says DROID Pro, Continuum, LG Vortex All Debuting on November 18th

So much for November 11th being the biggest Android day in recent memory?  It appears to have been replaced with the 18th according to reports out of Verizon’s camp this morning and now Best Buy.  The Droid Pro, Samsung Continuum and LG Vortex will all hit BB stores shelves on the 18th with possible pre-orders the week before.  

Does this mean the Continuum won’t hit Verizon stores on the 11th?  Like we said earlier, release dates for phones change almost hourly, so don’t be surprised if you see these adjust another time.  Just expect a whole batch of Android devices on every level to launch over the next 3 weeks.  It’s going to be one wild ride.

Oh, we should also point out that the Droid 2 Global is listed as “unknown” but we’re pretty sure it’s still on track for November 11th.  Check out this comparison chart for the D2 Global to be in the know.

Cheers money!

  • Still waiting for something better than my D1 to come out

    • sslayer22

      Recently traded my D1 in for a DX and I couldn't be happier. The hardware alone is so much better. It didn't take long to root, strap, oc, and find a rom I liked.
      I was 100% positive my D1 was unmatchable til I had the DX. The DX rules all!!

  • Emeraldjun

    How convenient, my upgrade's due on Nov.18, just in time for everything besides the Merge to come out.

  • JP

    Of all these, I'm most interested in seeing the LG Vortex and Droid Pro, each for different reasons. Droid Pro for the unique form factor – oh, that keyboard! – and Vortex to see how LG does with Optimus in the U.S. In Korea, the LG Optimus line seems to be great, but the LG Ally was mediocre at best…

    • kellex

      I'm with you on the Droid Pro. While I doubt a screen taht small could ever be my daily device, I want to use that keyboard and see what tweaks have really been made.

      • why does everyone need a huge screen? dude 3.1 is big enough!

        how do people type on a touch screen with their fingers covering 3/4 of the screen..

        what do you guys use your phones for games? movies? thats not what a phones for.
        its a communicator. Get over the smaller screen than droid 2/x

        • 4.3 would make it easier to work from my phone. I'm constantly modifying office documents on the go when I have spare time, and the extra real estate would be helpful.

          • no blackberry has a screen that big.

            blackberry the prototypical business man phone correct?

            this is a Humongous upgrade to any blackberry in all ways.

  • Acalvillo5


  • Lame, no Incredible HD