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ADW Can Play Too – Special Guest Koveleski of DarkEdge

We here at Droid-Life are completely madly in love with making our phones look exactly how we want them to look. Isn’t that why we love Android to begin with? Choosing which Launcher is a big part of that. There are only a few big names that everyone is familiar with, but LauncherPro, and ADW stand on top. LauncherPro features seemingly endless customization features. But there are some misconceptions about ADW’s abilities as well. So I give you…WP7 for ADW Launcher and another nice surprise.


There’s a lot of misconceptions about why ADW could not have the same look. While they do go about their docks differently, it doesn’t mean that its not possible. So with a bit elbow grease, a borrowed dock image and a can of monster, I set out to bring ADW users the same kind of love that LP was shown. Of course, I couldn’t just stop with the dock. I’ve also themed the included search widget, added a custom font in and also threw in some of the wallpapers that come with win 7 that I thought were suited for this. Enjoy the “trash can”!


So Koveleski has graced us with an APK that will turn your ADW launcher into a beautiful wonderland.  You will just install this with ADW already preinstalled.  Then open up the themes feature for ADW, select the OMGWP7ONADW and have some fun!

Step 1.Download ADW Theme APK Here.
Step 2. Open the ADW settings and select the “OMGWP7ONADW” theme and enjoy!

In addition we have some other GREAT NEWS – Koveleski will be having a weekly segment on setting up ADB and creating your very own ADW themes! How awesome is that? So check back soon and keep your ears and eyes open.

Tim-o-tato and Koveleski

  • Auntymegz

    No more option for 4 action buttons on the dock bar?

  • Imoore13

    i can't get adw to recognize this download…anyone know why?

  • Renegade

    Where did my post go? When will this theme be updated for ADW. Its all jacked since ADW updated. No more 4 icons.

  • Renegade

    Are you going to update this theme? Since ADW updated the theme does not look right

  • Download link that works?

  • mv [url=http://popengleco.com/ww.droid-life.com/]ww.droid-life.com[/url] mo

  • Brandom

    Can anyone answer a question for me, I'm running DarkEdge Rom on my Droid and and call me a noob whatever but when I use Handcent sms to text, the letters I type are white against a white background. I changed the color theme to fix this and it worked but I was trying different colors the other day and now the problem is back with Handcent. No matter what color I choose. Is there a fix for this?


    How do you download the ADW Launcher itself?

  • Ruix

    .guys, why aren't the search bar skinned too, my search bar is still the default…

    .is is a nother widget too?

    • koveleski

      In the widget add popup, go down to 'Search Widget'

  • am

    I downloaded the zip then put the zip in my sd card and it won't show up in my ADW settings.
    what do I need to do?

    • koveleski

      install it. its an apk.

  • koveleski

    trash can is no longer the apple. #crybabiesprofit 🙂

  • Rehuxley

    what clock/date widget is that? Is that a beautiful skins?

  • Rehuxley

    Glad to hear there will be a segment on how to create themes.

  • Batmania15

    Is there a beautiful widgets skin for the clock theme on here. I only use LP but i want that clock skin, anyone know were to get it!!! thanks.

  • Neiche

    everything works great except how can I get that clock/date widget(?) that is shown in the photos above?

  • Darkcherubs

    what clock is that ?

  • Delicioustoast

    would like to have that clock asap, its totally mathematical.

  • mathematical

    Holy cow, I want that clock.

  • It would be great if you got rid of that trash can!

  • Dr.L'ling
  • Dr.L'ling

    where can we get those amazing wallpapers? theyre brilliant.

    • Dr.L'ling

      Nevermind. Pulled them from the .apk

  • Cowboydroid

    I'm looking forward to the “weekly segment on setting up ADB and creating your very own ADW themes!” All the themes in ADW right now pretty much suck. Can't wait to make my own.

  • skltr21

    for everyone asking about the clock….. its called typoclock.


    if you like donate.

    • Duuude, relax 😉
      Like I said…post coming lol
      Make them wait lol

      • skltr21

        dude…. i didnt see anything saying to wait on the clock????? link removed. the people must wait! hahaha oh wait….. there are a ton of links for it now……. sorry man. you can still do your post. the people will still love a post. promise. =)

        • Just giving ya a hard time 😉

          • skltr21

            i know. =) what did i start?! so many links now….. have fun trying to get all them removed! hahaha make a post telling everyone to remove their links so that you can do your post on the clock “officially” hahahaha

  • After reviewing this, i'm staying even further from ADW, lol.

  • the apple ruined everything.

  • zach


  • zach


  • Droidfan01

    Assistance for a newbie? Downloaded the apk and put on the SD, but i cant find it anywhere in settings. Do i need to reboot in recovery and load from there, or place this anywhere particular in the sd?


    • Chris Nimon

      Sounds like you downloaded it but still need to install it through Rom Manager or Astro File Manager.

    • skltr21

      download astro file manager. open astro. click sd card. scroll down to where your downloads folder is. click that folder. scroll down to find this apk file. click it and it will give you 2 options. select open app manager. then click install. now it may tell you that you need to allow for 3rd party apps to be installed. so if that's the case click on that and it will bring you to where you need to go. then just hit the back button on the phone till you get back to astro and try installing again and you should be good to go.

  • jimD

    how do I get those backgrounds? Cant find them anywhere.thx

    • jimD

      never mind – I just found it – sorry

  • Jmswim35

    where did you get the clock?

  • RAE

    tomorrow when you post the clock, will it also be useable outside of adw? like in sense?

  • what is the clock widget from and how can i get it?

  • Bleek1760

    I want the clock widget

  • Gonzo319

    is this only fro Droid2 and X will it work for Droid1

  • RAE

    i know im being stupid here, but i cant add that damn clock to the home screen. i have installed adw and the theme, still cant get it to work. any help?

  • Troy89

    apple sign looks cool

  • This will work on my Rooted CM6 Droid 1?

    • skltr21


  • MrTissues

    Wish themes would come to Launcher Pro.

    In the meantime could I get that dock for LP? (Sorry I know this is supposed to be about ADW)

  • Justin

    Heres a link to just the WP7 Wallpapers http://www.droidpirate.com/download/click.php?id=1226

  • I don't care for the Windows 7 wallpaper, but man I am loving this dock bar. Can't wait for that clock. I didn't think I'd ever regret paying for Launcher Pro+, but this is..man..

  • too bad it takes an more intensive understanding of the inner workings of making an apk than LauncherPro does, sorry I'll be sticking with LP.

  • Mauro

    Haha okay, so looks like I'm gonna be alternating between LauncherPro and ADW.Launcher for a bit.

  • Kierra

    Nice very nice

  • JDMaker1

    This is pretty awesome. But why am I getting “LAB” “LAB” and “RAB” for Three of the Buttons on the dock?

    • kellex

      You have to put apps there. 😛

      • CivilDroid

        How do we do that? Long press isn't working for me.

        • CivilDroid

          Doh…nevermind…you drag them there!

          • JDMaker1

            Thanks. I knew they were for apps, but I couldn’t figure out how to get anything there. Dragging them . . . I guess that makes sense? Seems like long press is much more logical, but whatevs. Thanks for the heads up.

  • It's typoclock but you can't get it on the market.

    • TheDrizzle

      or do you?

      • well, just look around xda in the android apps and games subforum. you'll find it there because it ain't in the market yet.

    • please?

  • The350zWolf

    Dude, bust out the shrooms! 8^)

  • I might have to try this bu I love LP… if lo just had some themes id stocked…. and if the popups on the text message icons would come up faster

  • honestly, i just want the backgrounds.. any links to just those?

    • Superfly175

      You can just download the file to your desktop and extract the files, then search the folders for the pictures and transfer them to your SD Card.

  • tehshift

    Awesome clock, sure wish someone knew what it was.

  • Jeff

    What is the point of having a google search widget on the homescreen? As soon as you click the textbox to type in it, it opens up the google search screen on the whole screen, anyway. Same thing you get when you open the google search app. May as well just have the google icon, instead.

    • Soap

      totally agree

    • GorillaTheHutt

      i like having the search widget (the normal one, not the one shown here) because i can press the “g” icon and set it to search something else (eg contacts, music, yelp, etc) with 1 fewer press. most of the time i just use the search button, as you said, but there is a perfectly valid reason to have the search widget.

  • Maizekid

    I want that clock. Where can we get it?

  • humungus

    What clock/weather/date widget is that?

    • Tomorrow…post will be up 😉

      • this clock widgets excites me in the same way that rooting my Droid the first time excited me

      • humungus

        But, tomorrow is not right now!

      • Paul E.

        I look forward to that. I want that clock.

  • this a very cool theme, i'm going to switch from lp to adw to try this out but i can't find adw on the market 🙁

    • Double A

      in the market its labeled as ADW.Launcher

  • What Time Widget is that

    • Tomorrow…post will be up 😉

      • Soap

        Gee, thanks for the c*cktease!

  • choosn2change

    how can I just get that clock?

    • Post on it tomorrow most likely 😉

    • by checking ur facebook

      • D2enigma

        not cool.. not cool at all.

        • D2enigma

          reply went to wrong post. above reply was to Tim-o-tato for having us wait a whole day

      • Anonymous

        thx dude! got it 😀

  • aczm1988

    Dave how do u manage to do this between working on DarkEdge. Crazy man. Must have been a gallon of monster lol.

  • why the hell is there an Apple icon for the launcher?

    • Anonymous

      Hah its the trash can. 🙂

    • damnit tim wtf bro

    • Read the post…..it's the Trash Can…..yikes

      • El El Kool J

        so you sayin i have to touch the apple everytime i decide to delete an app or widget from my home screen…..whoa!

      • Reading is for the birds, I'm more of a picture book kinda guy.

        • This coming from a pure Apple user Luda. You should be ashamed… 😉

          • Didn't you record your bands album on a Mac? Yes?

          • speaking of which its way past August

          • Anonymous

            No disrespect intended, but you just got pwned.

          • well in all fairness thats like saying you breath your air on earth? yes?

  • Michael_NM

    Even as a trash can, that fapple logo on an Android screen is blasphemy… 😛

  • Skyskioc

    I dont want to be first