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HootSuite Update Adds Much-needed Facebook Support

Hootsuite, one of our all time favorite Twitter apps recently became free, but out of no where today, they announced that Facebook accounts are now supported.  It’s about time, people!  I know this seems like something that should have been included all along, but Owls and Robots haven’t always been friends…

There once was a time before owls and robots got along, but thankfully those days are well behind us. That’s why HootSuite is so happy to release a bigger, better, Androidier version of the HootSuite Android mobile app.

The most exciting addition to HootSuite Android is the integration of Facebook.

Now Android users with the HootSuite app can add Facebook accounts right to their handsets, as well as import existing accounts and pages from the HootSuite web dashboard. It’s all sorts of Facebook fun — you can “like,” add comments, and schedule updates too.

That’ll make you and your friends happier!

I’ve said this before, but for power users there really are only 2 players in the Android Twitter world and those are TweetDeck and Hootsuite.  And one added bonus to Hootsuite over Tweetdeck is the seamless transitioning between the browser version on your computer and the Android app.  When you login, it imports all of your accounts and settings, giving this a huge +1 in my book.

Which one are you using?

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Via:  Hootsuite Blog

  • Thanks for spreading the news about the new lil robot. Also thanks for the feedback in the comments – we are always looking for ways to help you socialize on the go. Enjoy!

  • OFD

    I have used Hootsuite for a long time, but now I cant get my home column to notify me of new messages. The option used to be a check box in the edit columns area. Anyone know how to set up a column to notify in this new version?

  • i love tweetdeck. i have it on my phone and computer. it'd take a lot to make me switch now.

  • Another benefit of Hootsuite over TweetDeck is that, if you sync it up with your Hootsuite acct (the one you can use in your browser), you will be able to update any FB pages which you're an admin of. This is what I've been waiting for in a Twitter/FB integrated app on the Android market ever since I switched over from BB a few months back. TweetDeck's user interface is still much better so I still use it on my desktop.

  • rayz336

    nice, now I can't decide between HootSuite and TweetDeck

  • Serqet

    If this is an app that will consistently (and in a timely manner) receive FB notifications, I could perhaps finally replace the abysmal official FB app. Tweetdeck has a good thing going, but for whatever reason (I think they said the API limitations or something), you'll only get the first notification on an item. If 10 people comment on your status, you're only getting notified for the first. Anyone know if this is any different/better?

  • I'm still using TweetDeck. I haven't seen any benefit to switch over to Hootsuite yet.

    • Serqet

      I want to love Tweetdeck, I really do… but not getting all the notifications is enough for me to have to keep email notifications coming instead of being able to rely on an app. If a status turns into a conversation, I'd like to keep on top of it and get notices for all comments and not just the first.

  • Timoh

    How on earth could they do this with so much fragmentation?!?!!!!11!!eleven!one!!!???

  • TheRPN

    “I know I’ve said this before, but for power users there really are only 2 players in the Android Twitter world: TweetDeck and Hootsuite. Which one are you using?”

    Ever heard of Touiteur?

  • Patwww

    first. Wow i wasted my time