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DROID 2 Global, DROID Pro, Citrus and Palm Pre Plus 2 Launching November 11th

Late October-early November is shaping up to be Verizon’s ultimate holiday launch party if our sources are correct (and they usually are).  The latest news to hit our inbox suggests that the Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Motorola Citrus and Palm Pre Plus 2 will all hit VZW store shelves on November 11th.  This also matches up to the HTC Merge/Lexikon release date we had a couple of weeks back, making the 11th one heck of a day to watch out for.  Talk about giving Android users a handful of top notch Big Red choices, right?

Cheers money!

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  • i really appreciate this your good article
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  • LKK

    Question from non-techie but heavy phone user for texting, talking, web searching, FB, opening attachments, etc…. So…I need you all to keep it simple for me. I am upgrading from a Nokia twist because it did what I needed cheaply, BUT I now need to open attachments from my phone and wouldn't mind being able to link other devices wirelessly. So – 1 – Blackberry — seems complicated, easy to butt dial, don't know I need BB services. 2 friends had BB crash and lost all of their data and contacts. Almost thinking BB is more of a cool factor thing? 2 – Thinking Windows based to make life easy, syncing with my laptop when on road, like the fact that Palm slides. Want camera with video and Verizon is my carrier. 3 – DROID is too bulky for my needs and I don't need a bunch of apps or games. HELP???

  • MK17

    Not sure what the big deal is with the D2 Global having a world antenna. The R2D2 Droid has a galaxy antenna!

  • Georgep823

    isnt chrome OS supposed to be released that date as well?

    big day for google

  • Bdmsgaiters

    wtf is the motorola citrus

  • The350zWolf

    Good, finally a couple of global phones, YES! I wonder what hidden surprises, both good and bad, these new devices will have. 8^o

  • Rain_king46

    Two kind of pointless phones on the same day. party

  • Michael_NM

    Wow! Palm is still in business?

    • PersianDeity

      kind-of… aquired by Hewlett Packard (HP)

      • dub h

        Yea PersianDeity your right HP did aquire Palm quite some time ago. (I guess Michael has been locked in his mom's basement ) Anyway HP has seen the advanced OS that Palm has been using and will be putting it on everything from tablets to toasters. I've been using a Palm Pre Plus for along time while my wife uses a Droid and I have to tell you the Palm webos makes the Droid look antique. When webos 2 is released in a few weeks and with HP's vast wealth marketing it there will be there will be a loud thud as people drop there Droid's to pick up a Palm pre 2, like many of my iphone and bb friends already have. So be patient Apple is getting close to being able to do what Palm webos has been doing since 2009, so maybe Droid will get there soon too. Do your research Michael NM before you try to make a funny post, or was that a serious question? How's moms basement workin out for ya?

  • I Honestly Think This Only A Taste Of What's To Come By Christmas. I Just Paid My Bill At The Wireless Zone And The Guy Who Worked There Said Sutten About 40 Phones By Christmas, Maybe A Little Over-Reactive Or Correct…

  • EC8CH


    I had a nightmare last night that the i*hone was officially announced on Verizon…

    Thanks God it was only a dream…

    But it is official, I am spending too much time on Droid-Life.

    • PersianDeity

      Oh the iPhone will be on verizon soon enough, i'm sure… and as a store manager for a Verizon store I'm sure we'll sell all 5 we get in stock the first day… and we won't sell or have another one in stock for 3 months… but to be honest I can't wait until it comes out… cuz the people will come in and say, “ok, now that you have it, what's the difference between this iPhone and this Droid thing people keep talking about…” and 9 out of 10 people will walk away with a Droid… but i'm sure 1 out of 10 will just keep saying, “I want an iPhone 4, I don't need it to build me an island or turn into a jet and fly me there, I want an iPhone 4, it is 4G right?” LOL

      • Bigrob60

        I don't care. I need the iPhone 4 today. Where can I get the iPhone 4?

        My God! you are so stupid I'm going to get a gun & shoot myself. The Droid will grant you 3 wishes. One of them can be for an iPhone 4.

        I don't care. I want the app's

        My friends & I were quoting this last night. Love that video. Search iPhone 4 vs Droid on youtube.

  • Matthoop11

    Per my manager at VZW, Galaxy Tab should be released this day also….. so potentially 6 devices on one day!?!?!

  • Connor Frazier

    Same date as the original Droid was lauched, November 11th!!!!

    • kellex

      Ooh nice call.

      • KleenDroid

        Cmon Kellex… You should know this wasn't correct… 🙂

        • kellex

          That was a long time ago. 😛

    • The D1 was released on November 6…

      • KleenDroid

        Correct… I was about to ask how I purchased my Droid 1 before it was released… 🙂

    • Thenew3

      Actually the original Droid was launched on November 6th

  • Miguel Caballero

    Kellek do you have any news about Tegra 2?

  • anonymous


    • bravoleader2

      you mean second?

  • bravoleader2

    Looks like a big day ahead