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DROID Theme Friday: Pink and Tang for LFY

Another glorious Friday has come! I’m feeling good today, so I have decided to shoot for a double Custom Theme day, plus I really enjoy this developer’s work.  He has a ton of themes with matching boot animations that were created by himself and his girlfriend!  Here’s my question though…“Why can’t I have a girl like dat?”

The base ROM for these themes is called LiQuId FrOzEn YoGuRt that has great overall stability and coolness, but remains classy and streamlined.  


This is for the “OG” Droid1.

1. Download the LFY 1.7 ROM HERE.
2. After installing and getting tired of the stock look, download the Pink or Tangerine themes.
3. Place Zip file on base of SD Card, pop open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card.”
4. Navigate to the Zip and hit it.
5. Please make a backup just in case!
6. This is the really important step…ENJOY!

As always, please check out the comment section if you have problems or hit us up on the IRC Live Support Channel. We’re, “Freaks about helping people” and proud of it!


Props to KooKadoo, Liquid, and Liquidzgirl for the Themes. | To see everything he offers head here.

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  • Yoly

    Does anyone know if this ROM comes with Google Maps. I installed LFY v1.95 with the blueberry theme via Droid Forum's Liquid Developers tab.

    I no longer have goggle maps on my OG Droid and my phone will not install goggle maps from the market or by using the package installer. How can I get Google Maps back?!

  • scorpion77

    how is the massager on this theme ? Meaning can you change the Led color is it the same lame while theme or cant you make it blk ??

  • balthuszar

    i dont normally like orange…but i do like this one…now if only there were a green version i'd be all bout it

    • Well… Revolution is green and I have tried to make boot ani's for just about every color I imagined would look sweet for men women and others with a different preference all together. Also, in addition to the colored boot ani selection there are themes to match each to boot. Look for my upcoming limited releases shortly on droid forums and android forums if u like my work… Thanks Tim-O-Tato for the exposure on Droid Life 🙂

      • balthuszar

        i do like your work, but am running into some problems installing these themes…if i download them from rom manager, it goes into the boot animation screen and starts looping, and the only way i can get out of it is to pull the battery and boot into recovery…would i have better/different luck doing it this way?

  • Mattcrecelius

    Your droid will never run faster after installing this rom with one of slayher's kernels set to interactive.
    LFY is one of the best out there!

  • Bmos1821

    Can I install this rooted but on the stock Rom I'm new to the Rom process

    • Nope… :-/

      • Bmos1821

        Are there any themes I can run using stock Rom. How about onix?

  • FrenchToast

    I had been running LFY but actually just unrooted and went back to stock after continued bad performance on every ROM I tried. LFY ran the best of any ROM on my Droid, but stock has never given any issues.

  • bravoleader2

    Whatever happened to Droid Incredible theme tuesdays?

    • Atavanhalen

      are there any new themes for the incredible????

      • bravoleader2

        Surely there is more than one, and that's ever been featured on the site. I know I've tried 3 different ones, but I like the one I've got so haven't searched for more.

  • 1bad69z28

    Tang looks cool not feeling the pink, too much pink going on here lately lol good for the girls. Wish there were more color selction but nice overall theme.

  • Puck

    Lovin the LFY exposure FINALLY

  • Djlowproz

    Good to see LFY getting some exposure on droid-life i been using this rom since i first started rooting my D1 so far so good.

  • Xeneize480

    Blue??? =/

    • mo

      cold fusion for lfy is very blue.

    • Mattcrecelius

      Also has a blueberry theme

  • OFD

    Happy to see LFY on here. I have been using this rom for a few weeks and it has been the faster, more stable, and had better battery life than Sapphire or cyanogen

  • I can go for some pink. 🙂

  • Michael_NM

    Pink and Tang? What's the first thing that comes to mind… 😛

    • Socal_jnunez

      My favorite animal pussy cat

    • You see what I did there? I couldnt actually put it in the post…didn't wanna piss off the boss 😛

      • Michael_NM

        “4. Navigate to the Zip and hit it.” 😛 You put plenty in the post. lol… 🙂

    • Chris Nimon

      Dude, thats disgusting! I like the way you think 🙂

    • jahpickney


  • Dman27