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Video: Angry Birds Full Version Walkthrough

Angry Birds is almost here!  As we’ve been telling you all week, the full version should land on the market tomorrow in its 150 level glory.  Yes, you read that right.  The full version will have 150 levels, secret Golden Eggs, and full multi-tasking support.  The kind folks at Rovio sent us over a copy to play with before it hits the market which meant we had to do a video walk-through for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!  

Cheers Rovio!

  • ThatsTony

    What theme is that you're using?

  • Mikeramos_2000

    <img alt=”qrcode” src=”http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&amp;d=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffile%2F571iow6ikg4uoel%2FAngryBirdsLite_1-1.3.5_lite_beta2.apk”>

  • skatenaked911

    =] i hope i was the first to find this and point it out on here.
    go me
    and the eggs lead to more levels!

  • Dusty Rhodes

    Here is another mirror:


  • Chris Nimon

    figured out how to get 3 stars on 1-2. shoot over them and the bird bounces back knocking them all over with 1 bird

  • Jeff

    WTF – The full version, which we have to PAY for has AD's on it? Thanks but no thanks!

    • Bigcheese

      this is the full version and its free.. in the future if you want the option to remove ads like many other android games you can pay for it.. if you dont mind the ads then its free..

  • Bigcheese

    if you are looking for it, go to the gizmodo post and there are several dropbox links up in the comments.. byw, adblock works great if you dont wants the ads..

    • Tuna

      where do you get said adblock, the only one i could find was the dolphin plugin

      • Bigcheese

        you have to have your phone rooted, then install the adfree program, then update it, reboot your phone and you are good to go.. sorry i said adblock earlier but its actually adfree..

  • Chris Nimon

    I got the email at 7 am eastern time and couldn't download. Why wouldn't they have a few mirrors set up knowing so many people wanted this?

  • I got the email saying the new version was released (FOR FREE), but the site seems to be down and I can't find it in the market yet. Anyone able to snag it who would like to put it up on Megaupload for us? It is a free app so I'm assuming that should be fine right?

    • Wsmiley4

      It is up but they are getting slammed with request. Keep trying and it WILL go through.

  • Steve Jobs
    • ckeegan


  • blackcatroad

    Seeing how they made it free and crashed their servers……somebody that did get it should post the .apk! 😉

    • Jookyboyx

      i just did… look one down

  • Jookyboyx
    • Jookyboyx

      Just an FYI, the file name is beta 2 but it's the full game with ads!

      • Reneg

        Do you mean the full new game, as in 150 levels?

        • Geoff

          yep. it's the real deal. playing now. thanks man!!!

    • Chris Nimon

      Thanks! Good job, went through on first try 🙂

  • Tony Williams
  • It's up right now at http://www.getjar.com/angry-birds for free (this is from the Angry Birds newsletter so it's 100% legit). It will also be up in the Android Market pretty soon for free as well.

  • So its up in full and for free. Yet to hit the Droid market but give it a while.

  • ckeegan

    Maybe getjar should have made sure their servers could handle it, before deciding to be the sole place to find Angry Birds on launch day.

  • Port

    Getjar is getting hammered. When I've been able to get the download to start on my X, it craps out at 30-40%. I'd wait for it to pop onto the Market imo.

  • lurch

    It's going to be free and the apk is available on http://www.getjar.com

    • socalrailroader

      The getjar site is crashing, not loading and is just plain overloaded from this, I hope they get it out on the market soon.

  • Matt Lowery

    This game is actually totally free (with ads) to all android users through the getjar store. Thanks Rovio. 🙂

    • Docrx


  • stlbryson

    It's out there!!! Just got the email!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!

  • gadget_man

    Its Available!!!! And its free. At http://www.getjar.com/angry-birds

  • Ross

    I am loving it so far – Well worth the wait!

  • Sousa Amarao

    Not up in the market yet, but Rovio's twitter said it was up here: http://www.getjar.com/mobile/43600/angry-birds-for-motorola-droid/?f=1

  • Legionthefecalexcretion

    Been playing it for a few hours, was definitely worth the wait!

  • Jasonh128

    Wheres my angry birds?

  • timarnette

    I can't wait. I love this game!!!

  • Justin

    playing the full version right now! Awesome 😀

  • So fucking pumped

  • It's getting released midnight time in California (PST)!

  • lance

    I already have the full version 🙂 so one post a full copy online

    • I hope you will still buy a copy, this level of development has earned our patronage.

  • Nope, give the full non-ads version. I'll pay $3.99 for it. I can't wait!

  • LukeDukem


  • guestt

    This needs to come out friday morning so I have something to do at work tomorrow

  • kervation


  • Heytshirtguy

    I feel like having a BLT, hold the L and T with extra BACON!!!!

  • White2007gt

    I have a question: Should I wait until the Droid Terminator comes out and get it on the first day and pwn you all or upgrade to a Droid X?

  • Anyone else notice Kellex sounds like Dave Cook?

    • Never heard of him.

  • Who would of thought we would be this excited to play with birds…can't wait!

  • Hell yeah! Been waiting for this ever since I 3-starred all 15 Android beta levels, along with I'm sure most of the world. Or the United States.

    This is awesome! Tomorrow…is National Angry Birds Day!

  • Justin

    I didn't watch the vid.. Price?


    (Sorry for the caps, but this warrants it 🙂

  • Xeneize480

    Yessssss finally I can do something nice while working hahaha… =)

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Kellex!! You gotta let us have that wallpaper. I have an all white and black theme going and that wallpaper is perfect for it. Purty please….

  • GMaster7

    So quick question for the Droid Life staff… is there a way for you to transfer stars and high scores from the Beta to the full version? Does this happen automatically? A lot of people have worked hard to beat these 15 levels – including me – and don't want to have to suffer through them again!

    • That is an excellent question, and I'd very much like to know as well!

    • Ghostrigger

      i have actually uninstalled and reinstalled many times to just get all stars again come on man up 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Considering the levels are actually different, it actually doesn’t make sense that they would transfer.

    • In order for me to even get the full game to load, I had to uninstall the Beta and then install the full game..

      As with almost every beta out there, your prob gunna have to do them again.. sorry dude..

  • Tracy Wilborn

    Looks pretty sweet to me.

  • Here's my problem with this game.

    I just beat the lite-beta version. Arghghgh, now I have to go and beat this game. Stop throwing down the guantlet! I do have another life to lead!

  • ADS? on a paid version. pssssssssssssssssssssssssh

    • Exzaybien

      I know, that's what really caught my attention in the vid too. I've already got the full version on my ipod and I was going to grab this for my DX just to support them. But if there are ads, haha screw that.

      Maybe they'll do a 99 cent full game ad supported and $3.99 no ads version

      • jason6g

        This has leaked, been playin it for about 4 hours now. game apparently has ads in it but with root+adfree no ads for me. runs super smooth and is LOADS of fun. droid1 😀

        Cant wait till this officially hits the market. need some sleep from straining my eyes so much! lol

      • SirBrass

        Um, that’s too high ;). like I posted above, the ITUNES App store (which generally runs far more paid apps and with higher costs than the Android Market generally runs) cost for this game is $0.99, and that’s the FULLER version with leaderboards, etc. I think we’ll be getting this for $0.99. NO game that is paid should EVER be ad-supported.

        Rovio is far too professional to run an ad-supported app.

      • Anonymous

        Its going to be free w/ads

    • It’s free.

  • wish i got a copy today 🙁

  • NadTwist

    ALL Android games should strive for this kind of quality! Can't wait! =]

  • so excited for this!

  • I won't buy just because of the ads. Get this fixed and maybe I'll think about it.

    • WAldenIV

      Root + AdFree = No Ads

    • Why would you buy a free app?

  • mathees

    i wish i could just click “play” on the first screen shot and have it work

  • Serqet

    Do you even know how much bathroom and flight time this game has logged for me? Perhaps the most reply value of any game I've ever had, and THAT was only 15 levels!! :O

  • FortitudineVincimus

    amazing that people spend their time messing with this stuff

    • You obviously have not played it, then. Otherwise you would know how addicting it can get!

    • You obviously have not played it, then. Otherwise you would know how addicting it can get!

    • We are all benefitting enormously from your holier-than-thou attitude. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and interesting contribution to the discussion.

    • We are all benefitting enormously from your holier-than-thou attitude. Thanks so much for your thoughtful and interesting contribution to the discussion.

  • Laszlo Boocz

    Oh mang! About time. I'm purchasing this game tomorrow

  • Azilla

    the golden egg you in that chest if like i*hone you should just be able to touch it with your finger and it will open

  • ryanallaire

    I'll 5 bucks if i have to, this game is awesome!!

  • Stephen D

    I wish that they'd give a free copy to the loyal people who signed up for the beta and have had it downloaded since day one.

    • For different prices, I hope. I'd pay $1 vs $5 and deal with the ads, I think.

      • are their ads on the iPhone? that app only costs $.99

        • Perfectparadox3

          No ads in the iphone/touch version

          • I was under the impression that making the Android version has been a lot more work since they’ve had to make it compatible across so many devices and OS versions.

          • I was under the impression that making the Android version has been a lot more work since they’ve had to make it compatible across so many devices and OS versions.

        • Perfectparadox3

          No ads in the iphone/touch version

  • Munsonberry

    how much is it??

  • db17k

    TEASE!!! i got all excited

  • Magmoss3

    Awesome. Can hardly wait.

  • Viper10a

    They are PIGS!!!

    • kellex

      Hah 😛

      • JubbaTheHutt

        Goblin-Hippos…you heard it here first folks, Kellex has discovered a new breed!

  • mathees

    still don't understand why they would kill themselves just to piss off some pigs

    • EC8CH

      because the pigs took their eggs… duh?

      • mathees

        then why don't chickens try to destroy my house when i'm cooking breakfast?

        • Armyof2

          Because then the chicken would have to cross the road, duh!

        • joe1138

          Because chickens are obviously the “special” retarded breed of bird. Haven’t you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds? That was all because someone decided to have a couple of quail eggs for breakfast instead of some chicken eggs.

        • EC8CH

          chickens can't fly… duh?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Chickens can fly….

          • Anonymous

            haven’t you ever played zelda?

          • EC8CH

            That gold NES game cartridge was a thing of beauty.

          • Anonymous

            true dat

          • Fireproof


          • Anonymous

            i prefer mapquest

        • EC8CH

          Did you physically take the eggs you ate from the chickens??? It's the farmer who has to watch his @$$

    • Serqet

      Clearly you never watch any world news… 🙂 There are some crazy people, er, birds out there… O_O

      • so your saying that these birds are extremist.. ? I do believe that clears up everything 😉

        • fleury 14

          Joy Behar &Whoopi Goldberg just walked off the set.

        • fleury 14

          Joy Behar &Whoopi Goldberg just walked off the set.

    • kris

      if someone took your kids? I would go rambo

  • Theowb4

    There would be an ad…

  • sweet!

  • can't wait!

  • Urufu_Shinjiro

    Anyone know how much it will cost at launch?

    • SirBrass

      iTunes app store cost for this game is $0.99. I don’t think they’d charge more on the Market for it

      • Sweetfeld28

        According to the email I received this morning, if you were signed up to test the beta lite app, then you get to download it for Free. However, I am currently having issues to trying to download it, the host site they linked me to is having issues.

        Currently, there have been more than 97,000 downloads, I assume these are from similar beta testers.

    • EC8CH

      Sounds like the full version on android will start off as free and ad supported. They will add the option of a paid ad free version in the future.

  • PezHead

    Awesome!! Can't wait to have the full version.

  • Pardon my drool. Don't take it personally, it happens sometimes when I get excited.

  • Acalvillo5