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Tuesday Poll: What Features Must Be Included in the Motorola Tegra 2?

We just can’t help ourselves but continue to talk about the mysterious Motorola Tegra 2 phone, especially since it has been rumored to be the next game changer just like the original Droid was.  This device is expected to push the limits of a smartphone like no one has seen before, which means specs and features that might even impress Steve J*bs a little.  We asked you yesterday what you would call this device, but now we want to know what you expect from it.  It will definitely have a dual core processor hence the Tegra 2 reference, but what else must it have?  A large screen?  Slide-out keyboard?  High mega-pixel front facing camera? Some new technology that hasn’t been made public yet?  What?

For me, I really just want a large screen that’s at least 4 inches, a Motorola camera that finally takes quality shots, and 4G LTE.  From there, since we’re already expecting Gingebread, I want something else to sneak in that no one expected.  Surprise us Moto!

  • Insane resolution! 720p screen that can rival Super Amoled in contrast!

  • Joansie

    DDDuuudddee, I want 4inces plus one inch. Bigger the better!!! That will be mine and others deal breaker!!

  • Support for Unreal 3 based games, like AVA and Modern Warfare 2. 🙂
    Oh and no lag when pinch zooming while flash plays in the background of the browser please 🙂 Go Moto!

  • Droid1294

    A 10mp camera with awesome software and xenon flash. A 3mp front facing camera with a flash. A dual core processor, 4 inch screen with hd resolution, gingerbread, super slim and light, open bootloader, 4g, global, hdmi 1080p recording, no keyboard, better better life, battery cooler which keeps the battery nice ans cold, great speakers and more.

  • Wcgjoed

    With the Nvidia dual-core Tegra 2 chipset rumored to be running this thing, my primary “dream” for this phone is battery technology that will allow it to run for at least a day under normal use without having to run for the charger cable every 2 hours. I also hope it doesn't get hot enough to start making it uncomfortable to hold or cause components inside to fail. Assuming Motorola has this all figured out already:
    > Keep the 4.3 inch screen size of the Droid X, bump the resolution up to the iPhone 4G's pixel density.
    > For the love of God, SOMEBODY get a camera/video cam and software UI into a smartphone that WORKS.
    we've been putting cameras into phones for 10 years now… so why is it nearly every phone that's out there
    has the same failings? Does someone need to go have a chat with the guys at Nikon to see how it's done?
    > eFuse needs to DIE, MotoBlur needs to be strictly an option you can shut on or off. Manufacturers need to
    stop trying to REPLACE components of Android. Give us options fine, but we should be able to have pure
    Android running if we want to, with no manufacturer/carrier doo-dads in the way.
    > Easily accessible card-slot for memory expansion – OR – game storage. With that Tegra 2 chipset, a large
    high resolution touchscreen, and accelerometer, this could be a nice gaming platform as well.
    > The rest is pretty standard for current “WishLists”… 4G LTE, front-facing camera, excellent speaker and mic performance, Gingerbread, HDMI output, shoots lasers, etc…

  • J Maynard Jm

    Really? Does no one else want to be able to use their phone as the remote for their TV/DVD/everything else?

  • Kevin

    A must have is the capability of webcamming; camera on both sides.

  • Mdn5024

    What is vanilla android?

  • Kellex, i think you should send this page to Motorola to look at the comments.
    Let them have a concept of a phone that can satisfy all customers 🙂

  • 1. 8 – 12 Megapixel Camera with better camera sensor + Xenon flash
    2. NVIDIA Tegra Chip
    3. 1 – 2GHz Processor
    4. 512MB – 1GB RAM
    5. Durable
    6. Front Facing Camera with 2 Megapixel camera
    7. Android 3.0
    8. Gyroscope
    9. More than i*hone, HTC
    10. HDMI output
    11. 1080P Video recording
    12. Vanilla Android
    13. 4G
    14. Crush that “FRUIT” company 🙂

    And Only by Motorola 🙂

  • 1. 8 – 12 Megapixel Camera with better camera sensor + Xenon flash
    2. NVIDIA Tegra Chip
    3. 1 – 2GHz Processor
    4. 512MB – 1GB RAM
    5. Durable
    6. Front Facing Camera with 2 Megapixel camera
    7. Android 3.0
    8. Only by Motorola 🙂

  • Here would be my dream phone

    -Vanilla Gingerbread
    -Open bootloader
    -4' screen, and wider than the original Droid
    -A Kodak camera with excellent lens and at least 5mp with 30FPS video recording 720p
    -At least 512mb of Ram and 8GB of internal space with a 16 GB SDcard
    -Tegra 2
    -A higher resolution than 854×480
    -A 24-bit electronic paper display than can be seen in direct sunlight and makes Super AMOLED dim
    -An excellent keyboard that is both gamer and typer friendly
    -Typical Motorola build & call/reception quality

  • 1. More like an HTC EVO 4G, less like the Droid X, but better than both
    (Meaning big screen, LTE, No Moto UI, etc.)
    2. 1080p playback and capture
    3. Higher MP Front Facing Camera and at least 8MP camera in the back
    4. Adjustable Zoom when recording
    5. Quality Speakers
    6. FREE WiFi hotspot like the Palm Pre
    7. MicroSD card accessible without removing the battery cover
    8. Excellent Battery Life
    10. WiFi b/g/n
    11. Vanilla UI and kill that awful Moto Blur, or just use Gingerbread
    12. 8GB or + internal memory and RAM
    13. Accessible on Xbox 360 (through USB mounting or whatever)
    14. Decent media player built-in
    15. GPS, similar to HTC GPS
    16. Voice-to-text texting and text-to-voice text playback, all done hands-free.

    That's for starters…

  • 1. 4″+
    2. 1.3+ MP front-facing camera
    4. Gingerbread
    5. 8+ MP camera
    6. WiFi b/g/n
    7. It'd be nice to have a REAL GPS instead of A-GPS
    8. 1080p playback and capture would be awesome
    9. Built-in memory, plus MicroSD slot
    10. again, UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER!!!!

  • Kate

    1. Slide out keyboard is a deal breaker for me. I need one.
    1a. If we're talking dream phone, I want THIS keyboard. I've been lusting after this keyboard ever since I first saw it. I'll be able to type without looking at the keyboard again!
    1b. As for the virtual keyboard, I'd like to have Swype on it.
    2. The biggest battery you can fit in the thing.
    3. The ability to delete all the stupid bloatware or any of the preinstalled crap I don't need or want. (I'm looking at you, Amazon MP3 and Facebook.)
    4. Vanilla android. Or the option to turn off whatever they put on it. Options are good.
    5. < 4″ screen. I'm a girl. I want something that'll fit comfortably in my tiny girly hands. Sorry, guys.
    6. I have yet to root my phone or anything like that, but for all of you people who are into that, I'd like to see the phone not locked down or anything. I love Android BECAUSE it's free and open and I have the choice to root my phone if I want to.

    Uh. That's all I can think of at the moment. Not that it matters for me, I just got my Droid1 back in March, sooo no new phone until March 2012 for me! I know. I'm late to the party.

  • Steven Tolnai

    -slide out keyboard
    -front facing camera
    -4″ screen
    -LTE (duh.)
    -blur with customizing would be cool (colors, icons, etc)
    -wireless N
    -premium speaker(s) as andrew hewitt said
    -Carl Zeiss camera lens (optical zoom would also be neato lol)

  • Alex23xx

    slide out keyboard

    front facing camera


    4″ screen

    8megapixel camera

  • Bob

    – Front/back cameras
    – No slide out keyboard
    – HDMI out
    – Huge internal memory

  • i for one think that device is ugly as sin

  • None

    It has to run Crysis

  • 1. Front Facing Camera
    2. No eFuse self-bricking bullshit
    3. Gingerbread OS
    4. Retina Display, preferably 16:9 ratio to make it perfect for movies and gaming
    5. 4G LTE capable
    6. Wireless Synchronizing with your PC
    7. Wireless charging
    8. 4+ inches screen
    9. HDMI port
    10. 8+ hours of battery life

  • Chris Nimon

    1. unlocked bootloader 2. 1Gb ram 3. 4+ inch screen 4. Hdmi out 5. ability to use as garage door opener 6. QUALITY 10 Mp camera. 7. 16 Gb internal memory w/ 16 Gb sd card standard and capable of up to 64Gb sd card 8. kickstand for watching videos instead of working 9. waterproof to 30 feet 10. gorilla glass

  • Racket

    Integrated pocket projector like this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-R0COWqhKA

  • Originalme8

    1. Slide-out keyboard is a must!! I disabled the screen one on my D1
    2. Stock Andy please!
    3. Bluetooth
    4. (Stealing this from EC8CH) Open bootloader (Remember kids, just because we can fly in our dreams, doesn't mean you should jump off a cliff in the real world.)
    5. Root pre-installed? (May as well go all the way with the bootloader thing)
    6. The ability to make phone calls 😀

  • 4-4.6 inch screen, 640 by 960 resolution screen at least, Super LCD or AMOLED Display, Tegra 2 dual core 1-1.3 Ghz processor of course, 8-10 MP camera with dual flash 1080i video encode decode, Gingerbread STOCK UNLOCKED FOR GOD SAKES, also Keyboard is optional only if its a great keyboard, or hell if we're lucky and touch screen slide out keyboard

    • oh and a front facing camera would be nice

    • also a 16-32 Gig internal storage would be great, and 514mb ram or more

  • beeda

    I for one am hoping it has a non-lte version. Too soon for that technology as the battery life (read: HTC EVO) and the cost for right now. I just want this amazing phone on 3g, please.

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    Screen doesn't really need to be that much nigger than og droid. Front facing camera, better flash, gyroscope (not accelerometers, to shut the iph*ne up),4g, ginger bread hopefully will settle andys mostly fugly uis, unlocked, hdmi, memory. Not too much to ask

  • im4degreesaboveu

    yeah mine:
    open boot
    10mp cam w/ dual flash + 5mp front cam
    sweet full screen ala dx or lg infinia tvs
    massive storage capacity 80g+ (to dump i*od)
    a screen bigger than my… well its gotta be big
    usb 3 or firewire
    fingerprint/voice unlock

    telekinesis (make calls or open apps when i think them)
    lasers (not a bad idea chrisjkanney)

    free (for us, since we consulted)

  • feztheforeigner

    Big screen and vanilla android

  • JTE

    lasting potential. I don't want to buy this phone and then 3 months later kick myself for not waiting…

  • BAoxymoron

    Honestly my only REQUIREMENT is the OPEN BOOTLOADER… if I have that in a week or two I'll also have Vanilla and any bugs that pop up will be shortly and easily fixed

  • Droid_Dizzle

    1.I want 4g LTE & Verizon exclusive.
    2.4″ screen or bigger.
    3.A real HD screen. (Preferably 1080p)
    4.Better battery life then the past Droids.
    5.Super LCD or Supper Amoled.
    6.Front Facing Camera 5mp.
    7.Sony's new 16mp camera phone lenses (to one up apple since they are rumoed to be using 8mp Sony lenses)
    8.at least 512mb of RAM
    9.16 to 32 gb built in Memory.
    10.Back to the black metal design like OG Droid.
    11.NO BING!!!!!!! (Probably the most important besides #12 & #13)
    12.Stock Android Ginger Bread.
    13.No Verizon Bloat Ware.
    14.World Capability phone
    15.1.3 ghz
    16.dual core processor.(But we know this is for sure right???)
    17.Comes with headphones, case or something other then what Verizon always stocks in each phone box.

  • Sjschwar

    1. No keyboard, just swype
    2. IR/bluetooth emitter to use as remote control (tv+ps3..)
    3. 8 mp on back is more then overkill, but how about some HDR?
    4. 3 mp on front should suffice as well
    5. What happened to those pico projectors?
    6. Days worth of battery life
    7. Micro usb, micro hdmi. Lets leave those ports alone for a while
    8. 4 – 4.3″ screen, amoled isn't a big issue and probably won't be stable by the time this phone comes out anyway
    9. Not sure 3 mics really does much on my DX, so i'm going to say unnecessary.
    10. How about an sd card you can remove without taking out the battery? possibly a second slot outside?
    11. Gorilla glass
    12. Shock proof? Is that even possible?
    13. A laser pointer might be cool too
    14. Do they still make matte screens?

  • burpootus

    Unlocked bootloader

  • D.J.

    -4″ SLCD or SuperAMOLED with resolution at least 960×600 and MaxTouch touch sensor (or better, as long as the sensitivity doesn't suck like the DROID'S.)
    -1Ghz CPU or the equivalent performance of the CPU in the G2. I don't care about it being dual core, I think that would kill battery life with today's batteries and MHz means nothing in reality.
    -At least 512MB of RAM, 640MB would be better, but unrealistic
    -At least 1.5GB internal space for apps, with 16GB that can be used for apps and other storage being the dream. I don't understand how Apple is the only one able to do this all of these other phones have 8 or 16GB of internal storage but only 512MB or 1GB can be used for apps…
    -Decent back camera that does good 720p video. Megapixels don't matter, and don't try to trick people by just making the images bigger, take some cues from Apple and Nokia in the camera department
    -1.3MP front camera
    -Slideout keyboard that is at least G2 or Pro 7 quality with large, well spaced keys with a D-Pad or arrow buttons that aren't stupid. Bonus points if they are on the left so they can be used well naturally for games
    -Good optical trackpad
    -The biggest damn battery you can fit in this thing without making it ridiculous. I don't care if it is thicker and heavier than the original DROID, I want at least a 1400Mah battery, if not 1500Mah
    -Vanilla Android Gingerbread with unlocked bootloader. I will begrudgingly accept Ninjablur and just use another launcher or put another ROM on it, but if the bootloader is locked Motorola can count on a lost customer and Google may count itself down one less Android customer, especially if this Verizon iPhone comes to fruition

    Of all those the screen size/res/sensor, CPU quality, storage space, and unlocked bootloader are a must. Without them I will not be getting this phone, no matter what else is going on with the phone

    • D.J.

      Oh I forgot, HDMI out with no 30fps lock like the Evo had for awhile

    • sensitivity definitely does not suck on the Droid's, there fantastic

  • Slide out keyboard
    4″ screen
    8 or 12 megapixel camera on back
    5 or 8 megapixel camera on front
    Unlocked bootloader

    These are what would make me buy it first day if it had even just these

  • I think it should have Flash and AIR pre-installed. Flash is great but now that apps will be coming out that require AIR, it's going to become a pain to say “Download my app but first download and install AIR.” Pre-installing that puppy will do a lot and rid of hassles.

  • 16gb of space, and two sd card slots. World-phone abilities, plus LTE upgradeable. Gorilla glass screen that is curved like the Dell Lightning. 1600mah battery standard.

  • Michael_NM

    2000 mAh battery.

  • dipdcrown

    4.4 inch edge2edge display with horizontal slideout qwerty (scrapping the D2 qwerty, more like the new DroidPro blackberry-ish keys), front facing cam, adjustable kickstand, LED signal/bat meter

  • That is the ugliest phone I have ever seen lol

  • Fault

    At least 4 inches, video out, 32gb support. And maybe some super amoled or super lcd. Also some more ram. NEED MOAR RAM

  • rjholla2003

    While I don't mind the feel of the 4.3 inch screen of the Droid X, I think that the sweet spot is the 4″ mark that Samsung has found with the Galaxy S line. It's a screen that is not only has a widescreen aspect ratio, but also is wide enough in portrait mode that it is as comfortable to type on as an iPhone. That IMO is a big deal. It also seems that when it comes to the ladies, they usually are not comfortable going above that size, especially with their non-existent pockets.

    I think the best surprise Moto could probably throw in to truly trump the iPhone would be the first actually HD screen, whether it's 720 or 1080. It doesn't matter if it's i or p in that situation, it would just be an absurd resolution for a handset.

    • Kate

      “I think that the sweet spot is the 4″ mark” and “It also seems that when it comes to the ladies, they usually are not comfortable going above that size, especially with their non-existent pockets.”

      This. As a girl, the Droid X is just way too big for my tiny hands.

  • Tvtodd

    Vanilla Android 3.0
    At least 4″ screen (maybe 4.5″ max)
    HD (720) videocall capability/webcam (Tegra 2 can provide hardware compression for video)

  • Jose Cotto92

    Hdmi out included with all the other goods.

  • adam

    same display type and pixel density as iphone 4, only 4″ instead of 3.5. 4.3 is too large in my opinion. 🙂

  • RogueGeek

    1. Unlocked bootloader
    2. No Blur or other such alternate GUI
    3. No bloatware. If I want ESPN, Blockbuster or other I will install it. (Listen up VZW)
    4. Unified Connector with power, audio, video, data all in the same connector. Should also have regular micro USB for charging and data
    5. Decent camera ~8MP

  • mtkregs

    1. Rugged Motorola build. Not the cheap plastic look and feel of some other devices.
    2. Better quality camera. “I don't care” about the megapixels as that is not a measurement of a good camera.
    3. If it has a manufacturer UI (i.e..blur), then make a setting available where users can disable it in favor of vanilla Android.
    4. Make a theme setting available so that the UI and core apps can be set to either a dark theme or a light theme.
    5. 4″ screen with resolution competitive with the iPhone retina display.
    6. Stop playing games with the bootloaders. Allow those of us who want root to be able to do that without the need for hackers to become sleep deprived.
    7. LTEs and the Gingerbreads.
    8. A battery with the stamina of a pornstar.
    9. No bloatware…or the ability to easily remove it.
    10. I love my D1. So, just improve on it, but don't change everything.

    • im4degreesaboveu

      8. A battery with the stamina of a pornstar.

      i cant stop laughing at the perfectness of this comment

  • steve

    400+ ppi screen
    2Ghz processor
    HDMI out
    native Android
    Better camera (Megapixels are meaningless)
    Front facing camera
    4G/LTE capable
    1750mAh battery
    More Ram

  • geekabilly

    1. Verizon LTE 4G
    2. Screen >= 4″
    3. Latest version of android
    4. WiFi N

  • Tvldone

    Ok this is how Moto Should do it.

    1. 750 Ram

    2. Bluetooth connect to more than 1 device. (Simultaneously)

    3. 4″ Display

    4. Speaker like Droid 1

    5. No Keyboard

    6. Front and Back facing camera

    7. More than 5 MP Camera. Dual LED.

    8. Screen has anti glare.

    9. Noise Cancellation Mic

    10. Last but not Least (NO BING….PLEASE)

  • El El Kool J

    They should do a commercial putting Droid up against Bo “Jackson”.. anyone remember those Bo does… commercials….lol..

  • Slide out keyboard from right.
    Multi touch. & a high resolution camera.. atleast 5 MP


  • Towelie420

    1: 4.3″ screen or larger.
    2: HDMI output.
    3: Pretty much like the Droid X, except more powerful.
    4: Comes with Kingston's new 32gb Class 4 Micro SD card. By then hopefully class 10.

    Why the higher class? Because I use my X now to play videos on my HDTV. I also play Emulators on my TV using the Wii Classic Controller, which is quite an experience. I found that the whole process runs a lot smoother (especially the PSX emu) once I got my Class 10 16gb Kingston

  • Gadgetguitar

    Can we please stop releasing phones with slide out keyboards? Really, if people that have sliders would just try a phone without it. I say all of these comments minus a physical keyboard.

    • Joe

      Can we please stop releasing phone without slide keyboards? Really, if people that don’t have sliders would just try a phone with one. I say all of these comments plus a physical keyboard.

  • Drew_VA

    DLNA would be nice too.

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    Steve Jobs. Steve. Jobs. STEVE JOBS! HAHA, THERE I SAID IT!

    • Wow, you’re a pointless idiot! Thanks for letting us know!

  • A 4.3″ LCD screen @ 854×480 resolution
    1 gig of ram
    8 MB internal memory
    4g LTE radio
    10 megapixel camera that also shoots HD video
    Dual led flash
    3 megapixel front-facing camera
    The Droid's soft button arrangement
    A 3000 mAH battery (cuz it'll eat batteries for breakfast)
    And most importantly, an UNENCRYPTED BOOTLOADER!

  • Onelegchair

    Front camera!

  • Trav

    Lte 4g capable, 1080p playback at 30-60 fps
    Dual core processor, 2gig ram, 4-4.5inch screen, 16g inboard memory, sd card easy access up 64gig
    Hdmi out, dnla, fingerprint hand reader for security embedded on back of phone when you grip it
    12-16mp camera with true zoom on back and 5mp front camera
    Flashlight on top of phone so you can see key holes at night, auto sync system with car to start or whatever
    Number 1 though super call quality, noise cancel, great battery life
    Maybe some way to increase ram for future speed proofing, keyboard version and standard to please people
    Super amoled or slcd high pixel density/resolution 3d without glasses
    Name of the phone: droid x2, droid ultimate, droid deity (pick one)
    Hotspot free, lots of accessories, ability to put your own boot loader, ui, or rom over android
    Easy custom ability

  • Rain_king46

    10MP front and rear cameras
    4″ LCD screen with Gorilla Glass (AMOLED looks nice but sucks too much power)
    The biggest battery they can stuff in the thing (removable of course, who would be so stupid to provide a non removable battery?)
    LTE/4G ready
    At least 32GB on board and a 32GB Micro SD
    Ships with a debugged Froyo and a new and improved Google browser (Chrome Mobile maybe?)
    Mutli-colored notification LED (configurable like a Blackberry with BeBuzz)
    Swift Key type smart Muti-Touch
    No boot lockers
    Comes stuffed full of Blur and whatever bloat they want to give us (but we can delete every bit of it.)
    Netflix app capable of playing through HDMI pre-installed
    Ships with iTunes style desktop software for sideloading music and apps easily
    Smooth up the design from what is shown above. Looks to angular like an older HTC

  • JayZR211


  • Double A Thomas

    Wow! You definitely are not married, but I love it. 🙂

  • HuckleBuck

    4″+ screen with 720p resolution


    It's needed.

  • CZS

    It needs to have sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

  • unknownmonkey

    I might get flamed for this… but what if all the connections where at the bottom, with an attachment that would make it connect to ipod devices?

    also the same of what Andrew said

    “Andrew Hewitt ~
    I now present to you: my dream phone

    1. Slide out keyboard
    2. 4″ Super AMOLED screen
    3. LTE 4G capable
    4. >8 megapixel camera
    5. 1080p video recording with an EXMOR-R sensor
    6. >5 megapixel front facing camera
    7. No blur except for the blur dock app
    8. Gingerbread (or honeycomb?) ;]
    9. harmon/kardan speaker
    10. Unlocked as the OG droid was
    11. HDMI output

    And tons more I'm forgetting”

  • Kraymanbauer

    Couldn't agree more kellex! Woulod like all those things and hopefully a surprise game changer! Open boot loader would be and should be a must. As far as gingerbread is concerned, I realy don't care either way. Love froyo and really don't see what could make it better and by howmuch. Front camara would be cool I guess, and I def want better camara and video action and capabilites as well as hdmi output. Keyboard I could go either way, battery life should be real good 2 g processor or not. NO BLOATWARE OR LOCKED DOWN BS PLEASE!

  • Cass Bussell

    4.3″ screen

    Higher rResolution, better quality screen than the Droid

    Micro HDMI or HDMI out

    Wireless N Support

    16GB / 32GB Internal, with support for another 32GB via MicroSD

    Android version > Froyo

    4G LTE

    Larger battery

  • unlocked bootloader and a fast processor, and a nice amount of RAM.

  • Vanilla Android Preferable

    or fix all the dam errors in Motoblur

  • durangojim

    4″+ screen with 720×1280 resolution, FFC, DLNA, good camera that takes pics quickly and gets excellent reception.

  • No bing, no blur, unlocked bootloader, LTE, front facing camera, AMOLED screen, SwiftKey and/or Swype standard, an overhauled 8MP camera that's much easier to use, and Gingerbread.

  • Vanilla Android, 4.something something screen, FF camera, really loud speakers, surprise me Moto.


    This will be locked up tighter than any other Motorola. Devs arent gonna keep buying em because of this fact. Devs are actually telling us to get Incs and other older devices. BLAH

  • guest

    An IR sensor so it can be used as universal remote!!

  • I bought the OG Droid for the physical keyboard option (AKA worried about a horrible touch screen) and honestly I barely use the damn thing. I would probably prefer a thinner phone than another physical keyboard, so it's presence (or lack thereof) on the Tegra 2 wouldn't be a dealbreaker to me

    • I (heart) my D1's physical KB. That's the great thing about android there's so much choice on the hardware side.

      Anyway that said, I wouldn't consider it a necessity for Tegra 2. It looks darn sexy in those pix!

    • Spartacusxiii

      I agree. I love my Droid, but I never use the keyboard. Not saying that I'd rather have the Eris or anything, but my next phone (hopefully this will be the one) won't have a keayboard.

      • tjpeco

        Physical Keyboards need to go the way of the 5.25″ floppy disk.

  • tjpeco

    I would like an unrootable, locked bootloader phone with vanilla android. Yes I know I'm weird but I really would.

    I don't want a physical keyboard – if it has one I'll pass on it. It needs to have a 4.3″ or bigger screen a-la droid x.
    8MP camera that takes really good pics (although the DX one takes really nice pics if you take your time) and a FF camera would be nice but not necessary.

    Basically if they just gave us a DX with 4g, upgraded internals and vanilla android with no bloatware – I would be a happy damn camper.

    • Bmtbandit

      What possible reason would you want it to be unrootable and locked? If you dont want to root or install custom roms don't. No reason to make it locked, it really provides you no benift.

      • Anonymous

        Get rid of all this fragmentation.

        It needs to go away or it will be the death of android. Allowing user communities to muck about with the device’s OS is part of the problem.

  • EC8CH

    Can it build me an island and transform into a jet to take me there? That would be awesome.

  • Mth2134

    We all know it will be a locked bootloader.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but can’t we dream? I have a dream, that one day people will finally understand Android and give us plain vanilla Android and unlocked bootloaders…. one day….

  • rals

    yes a better camera please and vanilla gingerbread would be perfect.

  • Dr.L'ling

    Open bootloader, Vanilla Android, at least a 4inch screen, physical kb would be nice but not necessary, HDMI out would be nice as well.

  • John

    Just don't give us a garbage AMOLED screen like the Incredible. I don't want to see pixels. I don't want the screen to look textured. It's ridiculous. OG Droid screen still has best color accuracy, and a super crisp image.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    I now present to you: my dream phone

    1. Slide out keyboard
    2. 4″ Super AMOLED screen
    3. LTE 4G capable
    4. >8 megapixel camera
    5. 1080p video recording with an EXMOR-R sensor
    6. >5 megapixel front facing camera
    7. No blur except for the blur dock app
    8. Gingerbread (or honeycomb?) ;]
    9. harmon/kardan speaker
    10. Unlocked as the OG droid was
    11. HDMI output

    And tons more I'm forgetting

    • make it the D2 slide out and you got your self a super phone!

    • adam

      nope super amoled screen is trash I dumped the samsung fascinate just because of that. very unclear and extreme blue color cast…bad bad

      • jason6g

        i for one love the screen on the fascinate, no blue imo and is very crisp. i just HATE the bing integration, or lack there of….

        • adam

          I guess then I had a bad one or something, so that it hurt my eyes looking at it

          • Stephen D

            :O The SAMOLED is beautiful. It puts every TV I’ve seen to shame, and I am a major home theater buff. I can’t wait until OLED tv’s become mainstream. Mine only has a slight blue tint when displaying whites.

          • Anonymous

            so THAT’S why samsung went with a blue theme… because anything white would look like an off-white, so and they couldn’t fix the problem… so they just said to hell with it, MAKE IT BLUE!!! xD

          • Stephen D

            :O Oh my god….. THAT”S IT! Whatever, I like blue. I just want it to be darker. I’ll edit whatever files I need to someday.

    • PLEASE!!!! MOTO!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! MAKE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!! HTC WILL CRY!!!!!!!!!

    • unknownmonkey

      can I just copy yours?

  • Droid1294

    It has to have an hd resolution screen at 4 inches. Super thin, world capable and has lte. Dual core processor, open bootloader, gingerbread, 10 mp camera with 1080p recording and xenon flash. A 2 mp front facing camera with a flash. A bigger battery with amazing battery life. No keyboard

    • Drew_VA

      This, but specify vanilla gingerbread. I don't want any blur crap. And I'd settle for 8mp camera in necessary.

  • NuclearFluxx

    1. Front Facing Camera
    2. HDMI Output that shows whatever is on the phone screen
    3. Vanilla Android
    4. Unlocked Bootloader
    5. Gingerbread
    6. LTE

  • It should do everything the pomegranate does: http://pomegranatephone.com/

    Is that asking too much?

    • EC8CH

      I*hone users will never see that thing coming…

      *flash site*

    • OMG! Had me fooled up until the coffee. LOL!

    • El El Kool J

      absolutely hilarious Android Guy.. had to share that one on FB..

    • kellex

      Hahha +1

    • WHA!!!! never seen that before!!!

    • Flighinhigh

      Now if it could make a latte or cappuccino that would round out a great on the go phone.

  • Drive my car…

  • Dan

    I would like for it to cook, clean, and do my laundry.

    “Droid Does Breakfast”

    While it isn't busy with that, it can schedule my appointments and take my calls. Also, no back talk allowed.

    • That would be my ideal wife as well.

  • Bmtbandit

    LTE/World Capability

  • Unlock that sucker!

  • chrisjkanney

    must shoot lasers

    • EC8CH

      if that's the case, they should call it the Droid Shark…. YEAH BABY!

      Sharks with Fricking Laser Beams.

      • im4degreesaboveu


  • Mike L

    I REALLY want this phone to have a slide-out keyboard. I know it won't, but if Moto actually decided to put a slider on this I would be one happy man. I just can't go full touchscreen yet. I'm too old school for that, I like to have a choice of how I type.

  • gamboo


  • Chris G

    I'd like it to have an unlocked sim card slot so I can use VZ at home and then what ever carrier i want when i travel for a week or two at a time.

  • PyroHoltz

    Real HDMI output that doesn't require additional software to output displayed anything on screen to an HDTV. Is that really all that difficult?

  • Front facing camera,super high resolution display, at least 4″ screen, no keyboard

  • Billy_27596

    Front facing camera, LTE and no Bing or Blur interface. 2 Ghz CPU, a 4″ Super Amoled-esque screen since Samsung isn't coming off any.

    • This…. plus an open bootloader!

      I could do without the Amoled screen since it isn't that much of a difference and the battery life is considerably better without it.

      Wouldn't mind if the CPU was also a dual core model… like say the A15

  • EC8CH

    1. Open bootloader
    2. Vanilla Android

    • Anonymous

      yea… what he said… only I want a 4.3 (capital 3) screen! or maybe even a 4.5… just to be bigger and different. More memory to match devices like the htc merge would be cool, but I think we are all starting to expect that in any new devices…

  • hakoreh

    better battery life, front facing camera, superior slide out keyboard, awesome resolution and gingerbread.

  • Jerflash63


    • CONGRATS!!! You've won a Big Time Rush poster!!!