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DROID X Theme Friday: BigDX Serenity

We’re thinking about bombarding you with custom themes for all devices today and the first one up is the Droid X.  This theme has been out for a while, but it just seems to get better by the week with new colors, pieces themed, and more support.  Say hello to BigDX Serenity in our favorite, pink!  Serenity is one of the few DX themes you’ll find that will actually take over almost every piece of your phone.  Some of the themes out there are just a framework update, but this is so much more.

Hate pink?  Don’t worry, there are 7 other colors at the support thread below.  

Download:  BigDSerenityXPink1003.zip


1.  Download the file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions)
3.  You need to run Koush’s Bootstrap Recovery.
4.  Your phone needs to be deodexed.  (Instructions)
5.  Open the DX Bootstrap and “boostrap” the recovery.
6.  When that finishes, “reboot recovery.”
7.  Once your phone boots to Clockwork Recovery, scroll down to “backup and restore.”
8.  Choose “backup” to make a clean backup of your phone.
9.  When that finishes choose “install zip from SD card.”
10.  Then “choose zip from SD card” and find the BigD.zip file, select it and hit “yes.”
11.   Your phone will apply the theme.  When it finishes, reboot and enjoy!

If you want the Droid Life wallpaper, download it here.

Full support thread and additional colors at BigD’s XDA thread.  Donate too!

  • I definitely like how it looks but perhaps you could have posted a screenshot of a popular color other than PINK…It may have turned people off on this theme now….Thanks

  • well i tried to install blue and it stays on the blue froid eye logo forever….

    This is for 2.3.20 full blur right?

  • novice

    i tried it anyways, got blue eye on reboot. hope it works. lol

  • novice

    if you are running a deodexed theme, do you have to do it manually again to run one of these themes? i have no idea what i am talking about

  • when i plug in my phone it wants adb? i love this theme… help please.. i am trying to deodex my Droid X… coming from a D1 and missing my colors… lol…

  • I agree, that's why I ended up switching back to it…Edit: not that this one is all that bad, 928 just seems more “polished” imo…

  • i really love this theme….pink is ok….

  • thanks to make easy our downloading process with giving instructions and process…..

  • Cleopete

    Says the guy with the Vista avatar.

  • Patschenck4vzw

    wish these were available for my O.G. in pink or green

  • Patschenck4vzw

    wow … thats way harsh for a comunity of people that have learned from eachother…. wtf… i think its great work for someone to make what they like and even share it where would any of us be if not for eachothers help and encouragment… cause you were an ametuer once yourself…

  • Patschenck4vzw

    wow … thats way harsh for a comunity of people that have learned from eachother…. wtf… i think its great work for someone to make what they like and even share it where would any of us be if not for eachothers help and encouragment.. really dude kinda lame. cause you were an ametuer once yourself…

  • carpecervisi

    I can appreciate the effort involved, but there's nothing serene in this Serenity theme. Ugh.

  • MMM333

    I've used both the white and red themes now, and in both the font color of the clock in the notification bar and the notifications are black, which is on top of a black notifcation bar. Wtf? The pictures aren't like that. Did I do something wrong?

  • Mithedhel11

    Lets keep in mind. The work one does for others should never be scoffed at it should be praised and showered with gratitude. Especially if that work is given freely. Keep up the good work devs. Your work is appreciated by many.

  • DRG Lancer

    This whole process is giving me a headache, and I'm typically very well rounded with computers 🙁

    What are the chances I have bricked my phone? I followed the steps exactly up to the Deodex and finished that. My phone rebooted and now I see nothing but the Moto Logo infinitely!

  • Well, I must be tacky, because I've been using the blue one for about a week and I love it. I love that it's a *theme* in the sense that everything goes together, and I think it looks well thought-out. I tried the black glass theme and quite liked it, but I really prefer this.

    I do think it's less overwhelming in blue and red and green than pink, yellow, purple,and so on.

  • Come on people. Were better than this. Please start making more professional and sleek themes. :/

  • Fawzi94

    I so read this as “Big Dicks” at first glance” hahahah

  • *Cough* tacky *Cough sneez*

    • Also hur dur I'm gonna use the bevel effect and pink glow and pink outline for everything.

      • Lakerzz

        Thats some great constructive criticism there…I'm sure the dev will read these comments of yours and keep them in mind when hard at work for the next theme they put together.

  • timarnette

    I really love this theme. Pink is OK!!!!!

  • itzkr0me

    good god this theme is ugly. I've yet to see a good skin for DX.

  • surfgirl757

    I LOVE IT!!!!! (but I don't have an X or root. ) But yall enjoy.

  • I give the themer credit for taking time, i really do! But yes, perhaps just subtle highlights would have been a bit more complimentary rather than big, bold strokes. And am i the only one who really appreciates the traditional Android Green?

  • El El Kool J

    some theme devs should take a lil more time and work into theming the more popular apps that most Rooters have.. (rom manager, root explorer, drocap2, setcpu, wifi tether… etc shall i go on.)

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    Looks like someone just found the bevel and emboss effect in Photoshop!

  • JTE

    it's not bad but I think they might have actually gone too far with some of the theme. I don't really like the themed app drawer icons… it looks bad when half of them are themed and the other half isn't. I do like the liberal use of bevel/emboss as I think it gives the phone a level of depth. Overall, I'd like a theme that only goes about half as far as this one.

  • Serqet

    In the words of the great Billy Madison… “Gooooooo!!!”

  • This really is gross looking.

    • So I assume you can do better then? I await your offering with anticipation.

  • Tom

    928 Black Glass is much better than this

    • Lakerzz

      I agree, that's why I ended up switching back to it…

  • Zfliss

    Wheres the Original Droid Theme? WTF?!?!

  • timarnette

    Would be very nice if there was a easy way to root the X

    • Crmay1215

      …Easy Root… 1 Click Root… How much easier are we talking?

    • Zackkallen

      just follow the instructions that was posted on droid-life. it did it in 5 min last nite

      • Anonymous

        Can you please tell me where and how please. I look at it on here and it seem so hard. Thanks

        • What seems so hard about it? Follow the directions step by step, don’t get overwhelmed by the process, just do one thing at a time.

  • Joanna Jadore

    Where is Jrummy16??? We need the Pink Life theme ported to DX!! I've tried doing it myself but theres wayyy tooo much to do with the little knowledge I have. I know there's the half ported version out there that I currently have on my phone but it doesn't have the matching dialer, contacts and calendar. I still <3 it though!

  • blu3bird

    So when are you going to start featuring good Droid X themes?

  • ohshaith55

    uh ohhhhh

  • Chris Nimon

    Thought i was redirected to one of those adult sites for a second when I saw “Big DX”

    • kellex


    • 1bad69z28

      Chirs, you're dead on man. lol All we need know is a nice little rated X or DX with a nasty little hot blonde on the theme LMAO

      • Chris Nimon

        I like that. All DX themes/apks should carry the “RATED DX” tag.

  • Static_prone

    Even though pink is not my color, this looks great. Take a look at all of the other colors available over at xda. All of them look great. now i just wish i had a DX

  • Ryanrj1352

    Ive tried many themes out there and I ended up going with this one in RED. I definitely like how it looks but perhaps you could have posted a screenshot of a popular color other than PINK…It may have turned people off on this theme now….

    • kellex

      We love us some pink. 🙂

  • It's sharp… I'm feeling it 🙂

  • aczm1988

    What happened to custom theme friday for Droid1? No love anymore? Theres still themes out there for it. I cant name 2 new ones off the top of my head lol.

    • kellex

      Oh its coming dont worry.

      • 1bad69z28

        Yeah!!! Go D1 “Themes” lol P

      • aczm1988

        I dont know what i was thinking, you wont abbandon our baby! Haha

  • theineffablebob

    Holy wow this is ugly. Did this guy just get Photoshop? Only amateurs with no design sense would use bevel and emboss so excessively.

    • I think that’s what he was going for, but then again, that wouldn’t make any sense.

    • El El Kool J

      Thats hilarious dude… exactly what I was thinking about when seeing this thing..

    • Really? I kind of like it.

    • Really?

      So I assume (as I said above) that you’ve been working on a theme that we will all think is awesome, and that you’ll be releasing it soon to rave reviews?

    • Cleopete

      Says the guy with the Vista avatar.

    • Cleopete

      Says the guy with the Vista avatar.

      • Anonymous

        I designed my avatar myself in Photoshop. Just a bunch of pen tool.

  • THE PINK!!!!!!!

  • Patwww

    Cool theme

    • wow….thats horrible looking

    • Patwww

      i just said that quick so nobody could say “first”. So yes it is pink and ugly.

      • Paul706

        where is moto droid theam

      • Lakerzz


      • Lakerzz

        1st to say first…dang…just kidding. Seems as though your comment was just as useless as you think the “first” comments are, that’s great.

    • CONGRATS!!! Your fingers have been swapped with yellow pickles!!!

      • Anonymous

        Umm.. ok whatever that means