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Which New OpenFeint Game Should we be Playing?

Over the last couple of days OpenFeint has been unleashing a second wave of games onto Android, but I’ve got to admit that I have no clue which ones are awesome or not.  With most of them paid apps, asking readers seemed like a better idea than forking out cash and refunding as we all know how much developers hate that refund policy.  So of the new games out this week (not Fruit Ninja or MiniSquadron), which games caught your eye?

Which new OpenFeint game should we be playing?

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  • Skyforce looks interesting. I would try to check this one out.

  • rjholla2003

    Speed X 3D is pretty sick. I got my one friend hooked on the game in 30 seconds, and she doesn't buy apps. Super KO Boxing is my next purchase.

  • chops5648

    that touch nitro game is horrible bad controls is what ruins the game the graphics are pretty nice but if you cannt control the game what good are graphics right

  • Jarrett

    for some reason, whenever i try to download cestos 2, it says “installation unavailible” – D1

  • The350zWolf

    Man this is insanity!!!!! My D1 can't handle it!!! Sooo many games…so little phone space… need a D2 but waiting for the Droid2 World phone… ;^P

    • JTE

      probably gonna be well worth the wait

    • rjholla2003

      I'm in the same boat…and it's starting to suck. Bu I still love my D1 OCed to 800MHz!

  • cdick133

    Cestos 2 is so much fun

  • jcdagget

    You've left Touch Racing Nitro off of your list. You met with OpenFeint for a couple of days…when are you going to post something on the blog about your visit?

  • Dfs

    Flick Kick Rugby is a fun game, but it's almost identical to Flick Kick Football…I guess I should have expected that though.

  • TheDrizzle

    I like Cestos 2. The first Cestos broke ground with the multiplayer component and now it's received more polish. The game has a lot to do with luck but I still find it addicting, especially customizing your avatar. I played Sky Force before Open Feint and it was fun too.

  • Babo Crash FTW!!!!!!!

  • maax

    A bunch of these games were in the market before OpenFeint opened up to Android, so I find it a little bit irking to call these “new” games.

  • El El Kool J

    I'll stick to my gaming on the XBOX and PC… My 3.7in screen and gaming don't go together good.. 😛

  • ExtremeT

    Sky Force and Kamikaze Race are pretty much the big winners so far in this second wave although Cestos 2 isn't far behind that. Pretty much can't go wrong with those 3.

    Babo Crash Deluxe is also pretty slick

  • Legacy23

    Cestos 2 for me

  • Thomasapc