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Want More HTC Merge/Lexikon Pictures? OK, Here You Go

The HTC Merge/Lexikon keeps making appearances, but for the most part, is still somewhat of a giant question mark.  We gave you the user guide for the device which lacked an official name, had heard that it was initially going to be a part of the Droid franchise until it appeared full of Bing, and know that it won’t be a 4G device.  We do know it’ll be a global device that runs at 800MHz, but we still have zero idea as to when this bad boy might launch.  Questions, questions.  It sure looks pretty though doesn’t it?  

  • Pongor410

    It looks good. I really don't like the keyboard on the droid 2, its so flat but hopefully this will be a better phone and keyboard.

  • huevosgrande

    hows battery life cause the incredible kills battery like crazy

  • Rousellbrandon

    1st not a Droid stop the coverage.
    2nd why buy a phone now when 4g is around the corner.

    • Doko

      because 4g will kill todays batteries and cost at least $10 more a month

  • I am not sure why these companies put a handicap on their phones by choosing bing. I am sure Microsoft is paying them to do it, but in the end they need to sell phones. Your average user does not even know that you can root a phone, or what that even means.

  • tarman

    This is actually a nice phone. Yes it has Bing on it and the default search is Bing, but you can always install Google Nav and maps on it. As for the slow processor, this is running the second generation snapdragon and the 800 MHz processor out performs the 1 GHz processors of the FIRST generation snapdragons. The main focus of this phone is the Global capabilities. I deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan and hate to carry 2 phones with me; my droid for the apps I need to use in the field and my older samsung for making calls. Having the ability to do both on one phone makes it great.

    And this appears to be running the new version of Sense since the phone is rotated and the screen does too.

    • The home screen automatically rotates when you slide open the keyboard

      • tarman

        Thanks for the clarification. Then I hope it does come with the new version of Sense.

  • tjpeco

    Physical Keyboard?!

    Kill it with fire.

  • Iturbided

    i hope this is out before the end of October.

  • EggoEspada

    I'm crossing my fingers it will launch with the new Sense, otherwise this is a no go.

  • ZZ

    Too bad it's running the old version of Sense, evidenced by the + button instead of the paint palette in the new one.

  • I also reported in with the pictures the boot video, which does not show “DROID”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYzWGzoe8J8

  • RoadsterHD1

    Come on, the focus should be on the DX and whats going to out do it. This is just another phone with nothing better. I have a D1 rooted to the hilt with SS4.8 and York Blue running OC 1.1 P3 med volt kernel. Come on MOTO lets get another DX out there with video chat a dual cores and LTE/4G capabilities, running 3.0 gingerbread or whatever. now we're talking….

  • bkj216

    It looks so nice…then Bing

  • bkj216

    It looks so nice…then Bing

  • snowblind64

    I would say no. Slower CPU+Bing=Fail

    The keyboard and styling are nice and if you're a business user who travels globally the GSM ability would be cool. Still not better than Droid X though.

  • HTC makes crap. They always have. The newest addition to their lineup is the G2 and that thing is a joke with terrible hinge design.

  • 1bad69z28


    • Lakerzz

      *BADA BING* lol

  • Is this phone better than the droid x? I like its design better.

    • snowblind64

      I would say no. Slower CPU+Bing=Fail

      The keyboard and styling are nice and if you're a business user who travels globally the GSM ability would be cool. Still not better than Droid X though.

      • eryk
      • spygame

        slower cpu isn't always “Fail.” It could be a newer generation architecture CPU which is faster than the previous one. For example, take a core 2 quad @ 3.00 Ghz and compare it with a I7 @ 2.8 GHz.. No way the 3.0 CPU is faster than the new gen 2.8 CPU right?

  • Sim card?

  • Hamholla

    why are the kernel version/build numbers blurred out?

    • Lakerzz

      *Its not moto blur, its sense ui* lol (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

  • Mr. Steve

    I think it's a nice looking phone. Too bad that it only has a 800mhz processor and has Bing set as the default on a GOOGLE phone. Way to go HTC!

    • snowblind64

      I believe that Verizon is behind Bing and other bloatware on recent Android phones. Lets hope this trend doesn't continue, however I fear it might.

  • EC8CH

    If I was the Droid 2… I'd be a little worried

  • I refuse to buy another Verizon phone if it has Bing on it. My D2 with Google and a locked bootloader is better than bing 😛 Plus I got a N1 so Ill be good for awhile 🙂

  • It's a nice looking phone, and I feel like the Bing is pretty beside the point, since it took my wife all of about half an hour to root her Fascinate and wipe every trace of Bing off of it. It should be a nice offering for anyone looking for a physical keyboard, but aside from the competition between HTC and Motorola, I can't see why it's coming out right now. The Droid 2 should be overshadowing it except for the folks who love HTC.

    Am I the only one who feels like the market is getting flooded with a bunch of phones that just aren't that much different?

    • sylent101

      While I do agree that the market is getting flooded with useless devices I just don't see how the droid 2 overshadows this.

      This looks way better than the droid 2(sorry but I haven't seen a ugly HTC device yet) the UI is better than blur, they both have 5 megapixel cameras and the g2 just scored above 1700 in quadrant with a 800mhz processor.. and this beast is basically the cdma version of the g2.

      Maybe the global version will overshadow it though

    • Bigdav1178

      I agree, but I fear it will have the same “rootkit” that the G2 users are having to deal with now – considering it’s a close relative to the G2/Desire Z phones. I really don’t like that it has Bing on it; but I can deal with it as long as I can root it and get rid of it. I think this phone has a much nicer keyboard than the Droid 2, and it appears to be just as powerful performance wise, so it should compete well against it. But should it end up having that rootkit that makes modifying it unnecessarily difficult, that may kill its potential.

      I plan to pick this one up when it’s finally released, as long as it can be rooted to remove the Bing crap and doesn’t have the rootkit to contend with. I’ve been seeking a higher-end physical qwerty android on Verizon for a while, but the Droid/Droid 2 keyboards just haven’t cut it for me. It’d be really disappointing to see this one fall short of being great because of carrier/OEM choices of Bing and rootkit.

  • akkkk! Bing icon!

  • Aaron

    looks pretty sweet