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Full Version of HootSuite Turns Free on 10/13

HootSuite, one of our favorite Twitter apps of all time, just announced that its full paid version will become free starting 10/13.  For those of you not interested in paying the $2.99 price tag of months past, next week will be your chance to check out the app we’ve raved about.  In our books there are 2 Twitter apps worth using:  Tweetdeck and HootSuite.  I’d go into my list of reasons, but it could take a long, long time.

From HootSuite…

Mobile HootSuite fans will enjoy an added bonus next week – as of noon PST on October 13, the full version of HootSuite for i*hone and HootSuite for Android will be absolutely FREE to download.

If you have already paid for the full version, they would like to thank you for the support. No refunds people.

Via:  HootSuite Blog

  • Chris

    I do not understand why droid-life does not give LevelupStudios any love? Droid-life uses Beautiful Widgets, but never gives any mention to the best twitter app Touiteur. The support by the dev is 2nd to none on both apps. Constant updates and changes. Trust me, I'm looking forward to Tweetdeck, but I always come back to Touiteur.

  • As I understand it, it is just the full version of the app, and not the full version of the service, which is, what, 5.99 a month?

  • Evermour

    looool no refunds..

  • El El Kool J

    I don't see the reason to use any glorified Tweet app other than the regular free tweet app for droid. It lets me read peoples tweets that I follow just fine. What real features could you possible want other than read tweets and just type your own tweet?

    • skltr21


    • I suggest trying twicca, or as many others have enjoyed, tweetdeck.

      Honestly, ever since LaunchPro Plus released a twitter widget, I have used twicca very, VERY, rarely.

  • Br_d

    Twitter to me is just a news feed. All I do is read tweets, and I rarely tweet anything myself. I tried HootSuite, and it had that annoying “press here to fill in the gap in your timeline” thing. I like that Seesmic simply picks up where I left off reading in my timeline. I don't need anything complicated, so Seesmic is the clear winner for me.

    • The350zWolf

      I can't speak about any other twitter mobile app except for Seesmic and I do agree 100% with Br_d.

    • skltr21

      Also agreed. I use seesmic and love it. I dont know why you would need more than it offers????

  • Still no Facebook interaction. Tweetcaster is the best!

  • Doolidg


    • yep, that's me. Also, haven't they really given up on this app? I haven't seen an update in a long while. Tweetdeck is already better right?