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Download: Unlocked Skype that Makes Calls Over 3G

Android developer Xeudoxus, one of the visionaries behind Dark Edge, has taken the Skype Mobile Android application and ever-so-slightly tweaked it to now allow you to make calls over 3G.  To Verizon customers this isn’t that big of a deal as the VZW Skype already allows this, but to users who downloaded the newly released U.S. version for other phones and carriers, just know that you will no longer be locked into wi-fi-only calls.

Download:  Skype.apk

*You DO NOT need to be rooted.

Install as you would any other application.  Download, tap “Install” and run it.

Full support thread can be found at Xeudoxus’ dedicated page. Donate to him here.

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  • Mneabei

    Thank you
    for your share of your article, and it was really wonderful, very good

  • Armenh12

    Why cant i find the skype non-mobile version on verizon anymore???  i uninstalled because the app was f@#$ing up, but now i cant find it!!! somebody help

  • ScottK24

    Keeps saying Incorrect Password. Oh well, uninstalling.

  • SpamIAm

    Meh doesn’t work on my Samsung Intercept. As soon as I hit “Call” i just get a force close error “The application Skype (process com.skype.raider) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”.

  • SpamIAm

    do i need to subscribe to a skype minute plan to dial out or no?

  • Londonfox85

    The hacked Skype is working smoothly on my LG Optimus T. It runs even better (no freezing or glitches) than the original Skype!

    • DiegoLeCroix

      can’t sign in it says the name doesn’t exist

  • Amalejcolma16

    That's for taking the time to come up with this app. I am a T-mobile user and I spend 80% of the year abroad so this is very handy.
    Now to my point. I donwnloaded the app via wifi and as soon as I tried to use it to make calls over wifi I was given the following error ” We're sorry, but we couldn't sign you in. Please try again. I tried multiple times without any luck.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help.

  • Shinfuyux

    wait, if it's “free” to make Skype to Skype calls, then why are my wireless minutes being used? It doesn't make any sense.

  • sean

    i did try this app on motorola droid (old phone) using both 3g and wifi but kept on getting — call failed —- error. Am i missing something here or is there a way around for this problem.

  • Benjr06

    This is Great!

  • Yup. I only use Skype calling to call another Skype user. But thanks to Verizon, I can do it anywhere without having to unlock it…..Wow I love how Verizon has changed over the past couple of years ago.


  • El El Kool J

    Well all my family is stateside so… Skype doesn't interest me at all.. Skype to Skype really is the only good reason to actually use this app/software.

  • Shindo107

    does anyone know if this will fix the issue with the galaxy S?

  • awesome andrew

    i just read the description of the sky app on the market and it does say it does calls over 3g? hmmm

    D1 cm6
    verizon's bitch

    • Read my posting – there are two apps: Skype and Skype Mobile, both on the market. One does only wifi, the other does only NOT wifi. This hacked one will do both.

      • sorry but you are incorrect. Skype, not Skype mobile on Verizon, says in the description and i will quote for you.

        “Free* skype-to-skype calls over 3G or WiFi”

        further down it says “data plan OR WiFi connection required”

        now i can only go by what the market says because i cannot actually sign into the app for some god unknown reason, keeps telling me my sign-in does not exsist.

        • yes, but in the US, the app wont actually let you make calls over 3G.

        • You

          how did you read all that and still miss underneath that where it says US calling – wifi only? Sorry, but YOU are incorrect.

  • Ash

    That was fast, awesome!

  • Ajdurk

    This app sucks! It is causing my browser and email to force close all the time. Uninstalled!

  • Ajdurk

    Can you make Skype calls outside of the U.S with this app? Also why can't I sign out of Skype? HTC incredible.

    • Michael_NM

      To sign out, tap the “my info” tab. Then (near the bottom of the screen) tap “Online” under “Status” select “Sign out.” You're done. 🙂

      • Ajdurk

        thanks Michael! Much appreciated!

  • Myles

    Hey I think I spoke with you earlier then kellex 😉

  • TO CLARIFY as there is a lot of misinformation floating around.

    There are two different apps. Skype and Skype Mobile.

    Skype Mobile is for VZ customers only and was released to certain devices awhile ago. It can only make phone calls on the cell network NOT wifi. I say cell network and not 3G because it uses VOICE not data. That's right. Skype Mobile doesn't do VoIP. It just makes a phone call to some special number somewhere, and that server does the translation. That's why it doesn't work on wifi – it's not because they don't want you to be able to, it's because the app doesn't have the ability to actually convert voice to data in a skype way. That's also why the quality is so good – it's just making a regular phone call as far as you can tell.

    Skype (not mobile) is for all Android users, and in the US only allows making calls over Wifi. This hacked version allows calls over 3G as well.

    There IS a difference between the two versions for Verizon customers, and I hope I've explained it well.

    • Michael_NM

      Bingo! Nice summary Jeff. This should be “liked” by all to be on top.

    • can vzw users use this app to make real voip calls then? over wifi and 3g?

      • Yes. It uses Skype service, though, so the calls are not free – you need to purchase Skype Out credit to call phone numbers. Skype-to-Skype calling is free, though, and can be done over Wifi or 3G using this hacked app.

        • so, if I am in international territory, and use THIS Skype app, and I have purchased the $2.99 unlimited U.S. monthly plan….when I dial a number, my Droid asks me if I want to use either Skype OR the phones normal dialer…..if I choose the Skype app,….it will call either a mobile or land line U.S. number, and I WILL NOT get charged the international calling rate, because the call is going through Skype and the 3G network??? because I have been told MANY MANY things…..
          So then THIS .APK above WILL allow me to reach U.S. landlines and mobile numbers via a Skype call from the app, and is NOT considered an “international” call by Verizon, and should not even show up as a call, because it is data…..correct or wrong??

          seeking clarity!!

          • I believe what you are saying is correct, one way to check is to see how many minutes your at, make a skype call for a few minutes and check to see if your minutes went up, BUT I dont know why you would want to even use 3g data out of country when they charge $1.99 per mb even if you have an unlimited plan. Your better off using then non hacked Skype app (not skype mobile) use a wifi connection

            Anyone care to correct me? Its been a year since ive been out of the country so dont know if they changed their service at all

          • The350zWolf

            When I'm out of the country I use Skype via Nimbuzz over WiFi to call back home, just need to find a hotspot to hook up. If Skype allows wifi, then I guess this would be the ticket, although I would never use 3G abroad. This is where the world phone would come in handy since one could potentially buy a SIM card from the country's local provider that included 3G service.

          • andrew

            After reading the thread thee is still confusion. I travel outside of the country frequently and i am a verizon subscriber. I have an unlimited data plan, therefor, I had hoped to use Verizon Skype when overseas. As cited, Verizon Skype does not use data so I am wondering if the standard skype android program ( not skype mobile for verizon) works oversea and if it uses data. Thanks –

    • Mark

      The OP referring to this app as a tweaked version of “the 'Skype Mobile' Android Application” has contributed to the confusion. It's really a tweaked version of “Skype” Android Application.

      Of course, the real problem is having two different versions of Skype, but I guess the new one (Skype) contains an implementation of their compression algorithm, whereas the Verizon one (Skype Mobile) does not, hence the huge size difference.

    • Yeah, the VZ Skype will MURDER your minutes if you don't have an unlimited minutes plan…or use the Skype number as your “Friends and Family number”

    • tony

      First of all ,,,,,I have Verizon Samsung tab 3G and I had activate back in the states ,,, now since I am out of the country ,,,I have not been able to use skype at all!! I have down load the version of skype you are talking about ,,but still unable to log on skype ,,now the other problem I am having with WIFI ,, I am able to log on home WIFI ,, but not able to log on open WIFI It is frustrating to me
      1. skype doesn’t work
      2. wifi will not connect on open web
      3. download skype .pak still the same

      anyone ?

  • ericsorensen

    You must UNINSTALL SKYPE first, then install this apk file. It works fine with no noticable difference in sound quality.

  • JagoX

    Wow its amazing how so many people have absolutely no idea how Skype works >_<

  • droidlocz

    can you make skype calls to mexico???for free on this

  • you know with the droid pro coming out im starting to see a change in the droid line up and what the definition of a droid means. I really hope that companies like motorola and htc dont start releasing just any phone and put the name droid in front of it just for marketing purposes. But honestly I think its inevitable that this is the future of droid. Quality of droid phones will most likely be any phone they decide. shame shame.

    • MindofStorms

      Ryan, shut up…. Really. You see where the Droid lineup is going? I highly doubt you do. Since they came up with competition to the BB line, you know ALL right? Ugh, why do people like you troll the forums… I mean really….

  • eww, it looks like an iphone

  • Steenerk

    So if I download this will I be able to make a skype to skype call if I'm overseas on my d1?

    • On wifi? You can just use the regular skype app (not skype mobile) in the market to do that. This app allows you to also make calls over 3G (which I assume you won't have access to overseas)

  • Coco

    “Calls to US numbers will be carried by Verizon Wireless, not Skype, and charged according to your call plan.” – this is what it says when VZW try to call US numbers. Will this unlocked app change everything and allow us to use skype credit instead of the VZW call plan?

    • That's what Skype Mobile says. Skype not-mobile (and this hacked copy of it) do not use verizon voice service to make calls.

  • Michael_NM

    While I don't find Skype useful over 3G, this is nice. Loving the wi-fi access!

    One question though, how many of you Swype while you Skype? 🙂

    • The_Other_Ray

      Is there a quality difference between calls on 3g vs wifi?

      • Michael_NM

        Not that I can tell, but I've only used it on 3G once. I'm not an average Skype user. In NM, there are a few places (“outdoorsy lodges” with no phones in the room) I go where there is no VZ service (take a look a the VZ coverage map, much of it is white, and I spend a lot of time there), but there is wifi. In the past, I've always had to lug my laptop along to make Skype calls or use a frickin' pay phone. Now, I don't have to do that and it makes me very happy. Sorry for the long story…

        • Anonymous

          Actually that is very cool that now I can talk on both. I downloaded it and it sounds good on both. My wife will be going over seas next month and the hotel is suppose to have wifi so hopefully we’ll be able to talk on skype with her on wifi while I’m on 3g.

  • Wait, on our Droids, we can use 3G but not wifi right? Is there a way for us to use the skype app for non VZW Android phones to make wifi calls? I'd like to be able to skype my buddy in France using my cell phone, and 3G isn't cutting it.

    • Michael_NM

      This app (wifi & 3G) will let you use Skype on wifi on a Droid. It works great!

      If you want the wifi only Skype, see this: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/10/05/skype-available-in-android-market-for-all-devices/

      • There should be two versions in the market – Skype and Skype Mobile. Skype Mobile is the crippled VZW version, Skype is the nice new wifi-only version that you linked to. And of course there's a version of regular-skype hacked to also allow 3G posted above.

      • Armenh12

        Why cant i find the skype non-mobile version on verizon anymore???  i uninstalled because the app was f@#$ing up, but now i cant find it!!! somebody help

  • Me

    [email protected] they cant sownload non market apps

    • socalrailroader

      Oh yes they can 🙂

  • will this fix the Galaxy problem?

    • Michael_NM

      No, it does not make the Galaxy a Droid X. 🙂

  • Maansova

    WAIT, can i call any number even dead lines or still skype to skype?

  • ohshaith55

    does anybody not on verizon read this site?

    • Imhiphop01


  • Austin

    wonder if droid can shutdown mobile signal but leave wifi signal? hm…

    • tommyz

      Isn't that Airplane Mode?

      • Airplane mode shuts off all antennas (antennae?).

        I don't think you can stop the mobile radio, not stock on the DX or D2 anyway…?

        • Michael_NM

          Turn on Airplane mode, then reactivate wifi. Works great and keeps you from draining the battery when you're out of VZ signal range.

          • Makes sense considering in-flight wifi…somebody was thinking. 😉

            Thanks for that, will come in handy with Tasker.

          • DarthRogue

            I upgraded to a DROID X (and anybody who actually remembers seeing me comment on ANYTHING is probably is getting sick of me saying that) and I just leave my old droid 1 in airplane mode with the wifi on… It lasts forever that way, and still gets internet access. Also, this app is great for that phone, because that way I get skype on my D1 even though it's still not activated 😀

  • Gardner24

    Good for all you non Verizoneee's