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Handcent Update Fixes DROID X Froyo Text Message Issue?

Apparently Handcent has already figured out a way to fix the text message issue that has plagued the Droid X since its Android 2.2 update.  The newest version 3.3.0 just hit the market in the last couple of hours and has “Droid X 2.2 Support.”   A couple of readers have already said that this fixes the 4-hour time gap that was plaguing many of you, but we want to hear from everyone.

New Handcent update fix your DX text message issues?

Cheers @antroyd!

  • I have heard other people say that clearing their cache has fixed other hiccups since 2.2. Maybe its worth a shot??

  • Actually my Handcent was fixed prior to this update….

  • all it did for me was make 2 of the same text come in every time.

  • Drew

    The problem I had was it would send multiple texts because It would say the text did not send and I'd resend when originally they had gotten it. It would send the texts and receive them delayed or out of order. Seems to me the update fixed the problem. But if your questioning it just download it ha.

  • Karyney

    Fixed my issue 🙂

  • Blulie

    Fixed time issue but the app has some other quirks that aren't working.

  • Jakepenumbra

    It did nothing for my DX. The previous version of Handcent running on DX 2.3.15 didn't even have a problem. The timestamp was correct inside the app as well as in the notification pull-down. What was off is the widget. And this update does absolutely nothing for that. The widget is still wrong.

  • Hancent to the rescue! If only they could fix the home WiFi issues!?! Anyone?

  • Wuzkrackin83

    ive been using handcent since i got my original Droid. love it. and love it even more that they fixed my text message issue. Thanks handcent !!!

  • dredaav

    This program rocks!! Like this way better than the stock sms program!!

  • Plankton127

    I have a stock droidx 2.2, I am not having any issues with the timestamp. Have friends on both att and Verizon, my time stamps and others are correct. Recent texts goes to the top of my list. Multiple conversations, correctly received and sent. Not all droidx users have this issue.

  • PsychoticPenguin

    Handcent is still +6 hours on my DX

  • Bluh5d

    Id like for them to make it where you can send a recieve pictures with handcent and them not to error when sending. This happens if you uninstall the stock tx message program. For rooted users only everything else works just not sending and receiving pics.

  • dredaav

    I like it!! Someone text me so I can see how it works… 414.841.6379…

  • andyandroid

    Works for me DX rooted 2.2 on Incognito. Liking the Invernito screenshot kellex 🙂

  • Rain_king46

    Have you people who are still having problems tried going into manage applications and clearing your Handcent cache? I had the Handcent problem when I first installed the leaked 2.2. A couple of days later, a new version of Handcent was released, i undated to that version and have not had the problem since. To upgrade to the OTA 2.2 I had to flash back down to 2.1, did a factory reset, and immediately did the 2.2 OTA update. Then re-installed all of my apps via appbrain including Handcent. I have noticed NO problems with Handcent since the 2.2 OTA and I send a large of sms every day. I have heard other people say that clearing their cache has fixed other hiccups since 2.2. Maybe its worth a shot?

  • Justreboot

    still getting dupes / one with 4 hr time diff (-4 hrs)….

  • RD

    Haven't had an issue since I installed SMS Time Fix.

  • Ahdooet

    2 questions:

    1) Has anyone noticed any lag after installing handcent or chompsms?l to their droidX?
    2)If you've tried both extensively, Chompsms or handcent?

    • Antonioc

      yes i have been noticing the same!

  • Flying_Hellfish

    It did fix the ordering for me, however mms messages are still staying at the bottom of the conversation until hours after they are delivered.

  • Socal_jnunez

    I don't see what the big deal is its a little glitch

  • Dannyjedi

    any way to stop getting dual notifications from the regular txt service when using this???

    HELP! 🙂

    • Socal_jnunez

      Friends your notification off on your stock smssmall and your golden

      • Socal_jnunez

        My bad I meant turn off your stock sms notification of and your golden

  • Digital312

    Chomp SMS already fixed this on Tueday with an update

    • dblj

      i switched from handcent to chomp and have 0 regrets..

      • Im trying chomp now. Can i have customized led colors and vibrations like handcent?

        • dblj


          • lakerzz

            I just didn't like the pop up as much on chomp as I do on Handcent. Wish I can use chomp, and just use Hancent for the pop up only.

  • El El Kool J

    Third party devs fix error quicker than OEM devs…lol…Maybe they should be asking all these great 3rd party devs how things should be done.. 😛

  • tjpeco

    I'm not having a text issue on my native SMS client on my 2.2 DX.


  • @Glasstrash

    has not seemed to fix it on my dx.

  • Tex

    Just got my new DX about an hour ago and installed Handcent immediately, I've only had two texts since then but they both had the correct time, but they are also showing in the native messaging app with the correct time also….BTW the X is a great phone but I am already sad for my droid….

  • Iam Nothumanx

    Yes! It works perfectly!

  • Woodylee

    Looks like its working. Just received a txt and it is showing on the top of my list in handcent. Went to check the stock txt app and the new txt is listed in the #2 position below a txt that I got earlier today.

  • Jager07

    I have a D1 and can't comment on the issues with the DX. But I love Handcent–use it exclusively and have it way tricked out with customizations (which is actually why I reverted from root because I hated re-setting Handcent every time I changed Roms, lol)–and have to say the new “Attach” feature makes this awesome app even more cool!

    • Kraymanbauer

      HAd the same issues on my d1 but titanium backup kept aal my setting for people. If i changed them i would just back it up again… figured you should know incase u want to root again.

      • Jager07

        Good to know! Thanks! 🙂

  • shr1k3r

    anyone else having problems with handcent and bugless beast v.05?

  • bryan

    Has anyone tried reseting their phone after the update to see if that fixed the issue? I had several issues including the text messaging time issue and after the reset all my issues cleared up. My nephew also had the same problem and it fixed his as well. I did the reset by pressing the power and home key combination not the factory reset option from the settings.

  • AFBcon06

    Chomp already fixed this in a update

  • Troy Anderson2

    Yes, it works!

  • Kraymanbauer

    Love handsent! downloaded it for one of my first apps and been a fan since. Love having everyones message page totally different. Checking for update now! kellex… you ok? >: (

  • Gg101

    The update fixed my timestamp issue on my DX 2.2. The timestamp offset option actually works now.

  • kellex

    People! Just tell us if this update fixed your issue or not!

    • yes!! please tell us if it works or not!!…jeez you people!!

  • Imajinaxn

    Does this also fix LP's messaging widget time stamp?

  • JTE

    anybody have difficulty editing forms in the browser with swype on a 2.2 DX? It used to allow you to use the red bull's eye to move the cursor but it now only works in the text messaging app. anyone else having this issue? made a topic over here: http://forum.droid-life.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1012

  • JagoX

    I'm doubtful of that…ChompSMS has said the same thing twice in the last 2 updates and I'm still seeing the odd timeframe bug since the update to 2.2 on my DX.

  • bravoleader2

    By the way, I just tried to go to http://www.iphone-life.com and it was good for a quick laugh. Germans are silly.

  • droidrev71


  • bravoleader2

    Looks like i*hone. No thanks.

    • Ok? lol It has a few layout options…another reason Android rulez…we have options 🙂

      • syrinth

        And I love me some options lol XD

    • mbreezy

      you shouldn't knock it just because it looks like i*hone. it's actually a lot better than the stock messaging app and you can change the appearance so that it looks like the stock messaging app.

    • antintyty

      then you use your stock plain Jane bs of a text messaging app!!

      • bravoleader2

        Mine isn't plain. It's HTC Sense baby!

  • firsty..yay..ok lemme read it now..