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HTC Lexikon Shows Up Looking Like the Next Global DROID

The device we know as the HTC Lexikon (ADR6325) just made a huge appearance over at BGR. The device is meeting all of the specs that we figured it would, but now sports a very Droid-esque appearance and what looks to be a fantastic physical keyboard.  Let’s also not forget though that it’s a global beast (SIM card included), has a 5MP camera, runs Android 2.2 and more than likely the new Sense.

Oh…yes that shot above does say BING.  Maybe this won’t be the next Droid?  How could any Droid survive without the Google Apps suite?

After seeing our Droid 2 Global exclusive pictures and now this new HTC device, you’ve got to be excited for the holiday season.  Verizon again “ftw.”    Gallery after the break.  

Who wants one?

Source: BGR

  • Johnchinen

    my droid just jizzed over jealousy of the keyboard

  • Armonpazouki

    there is no way that it could have the market without being supported by google. ANDROID IS GOOGLE, THATS THE ANDROID MARKETPLACE, if its not, somone is looking at a lawsuit from google. Bing is just an app. It has google. Theres no way it dosent

  • andrew401

    this bing stuff really needs to stop…..

  • JohnPA2006

    Oh Hai, my next phone.
    SWEET !!!

    Touch Pro 2 keyboard is back , it is the HTC Merge.

  • JL

    Waiting for LTE (verizon 4G) enabled, 4' screen, 8+ MP camera, front facing camera, 1+ GHz phone with tons of memory…. not more of the same size/equipped phones…maybe thats asking for the world.

  • Collinsclerk

    I was really excited about this phone, right up until I saw Bing on there… same as I was for the Fascinate… I'm about a month away from being off contract on Verizon and they are about to see a customer leave (I get a sweet discount through my employer on AT&T) if they don't keep screwing up these phones. I've been really excited about Android, but it is seriously starting to loose some of it's luster almost purely due to the carriers… Verizon being the chief offender… with the manufacturers trying to finish the job. Bing? Really? Motoblur? Really? Touchwiz? Why?