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DROID X Android 2.2 Update is Live Now!

Unless it has been pulled this morning, the official Droid X Android 2.2 update is live right now!  We will not be searching for a manual update method since the update can be manually pulled to your device at any time.  To pull it to your device go to:

Settings>About>System Updates

Go! Go! Go!

Other Links:

Droid X 2.2 Update Notes |  Unroot and Return to Stock 2.1

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Apparently once you have updated to the official OTA 2.2, you will no longer be able to use the 2.1 SBF that’s in the wild (Not the leak, the actual OTA update).  There is a good chance it will brick your phone.  So that means if you update to official 2.2, you are stuck there.  It’s OK though, because we can root it.  Just be warned!  (via birdman)

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  • Myavon4you

    I got my Droid X after the update so it was already there. I have nothing to base an opinion on 😛

  • Its not good that once you have updated to the official OTA 2.2, you will no longer be able to use the 2.1 SBF

  • Just downloaded 2.2 on my droid x and the speaker volume has drastically improved and has flash 10.1 so far so good.

  • I am little bit confused about this post…what “There is a good chance it will brick your phone.” mean?

  • If anyones still experiencing their phone freezing after the update I found a solution. You must format you sd card and put your files back on it. When I updated my phone it would freeze every time, so I restarted it without the sd card and it worked perfectly. So I put my sd card into a card reader and saved all the files on my computer and deleted them off the card. I put it back in the phone and formatted the sd card on the phone. I put my files back on and everything works perfectly

  • If weve waited this long why would we update it manually? Especially if all they got to do is fix some bugs. Plus well probably get it next week so another week is nothing compared to 3 months.

  • Can't find Flight Tracker from the market, after updating!?!

  • I hope they had a good source for manual update, because I know it didn't work on the Incredible.

  • Nice blog,I think I will be waiting to upgrade my phone after reading all these comments. I tried earlier but half ways through the installation it reboots with a failed msg.

  • I hope they had a good source for manual update, because I know it didn't work on the Incredible.

  • Ompaloompa

    Any can give me just a little help % have the Droid X and after I upgradedfrom the 2.1 to the 2.2 it was working okay,i went to the movies I put the phine on vibrate and now out just stays on vibrate.my ringer doesn't work what so ever,the notifications sound work just the ringtone.and something is going on with my music player (stock player) it freezes, stops playing sometimes…anyone can give new a lil help?
    I don't do anything to crazy with my phone its pretty much stock.

  • lakerzz

    For those having trouble pulling the update, go to settings, data manager, data delivery, social applications, then uncheck sync over wifi. This sounds weird, but after you do that…power down, pull battery and sd card. Then reinstall sd card and battery. Turn on phone, and you should be able to pull the update…thats what i did and it worked.

    • Droid X Fm

      Dude, thank you!!! I thought I would never get Froyo. I did what you said and it found the update right away.

      • lakerzz

        Not a problem…I actually googled it like crazy to find out what the deal was, but I forgot the site I found it on…MAD PROPS TO WHATEVER SITE THAT WAS…lol

  • Levi95

    Still have not got the update. Southwest Arizona…

  • Not sure if anyone is reading this, but I would really be grateful if something could be posted for those of us who are on extended network and can not download the update.


    • lakerzz

      For those having trouble pulling the update, go to settings, data manager, data delivery, social applications, then uncheck sync over wifi. This sounds weird, but after you do that…power down, pull battery and sd card. Then reinstall sd card and battery. Turn on phone, and you should be able to pull the update…thats what i did and it worked.

  • lakerzz

    I haven't received it either. I can't get it from “pulling” it. I'm thinking it might be because I had just received my DX, and haven't had it very long…(I hope)

  • John Menefee

    I still have not got the update to 2.2… in central Texas

  • Mdn5024

    After installing froyo, I can't make phone calls anymore, there's just no audio when I make or receive a call. Any help?

  • Evermour

    wow… so many paperweights, so little time..

  • Joshua89

    Hey, can somebody tell me why the people i'm txt messaging are not being organized by activity anymore? like i'll reply to them and it will show them at the top but then when they send something back, it puts them further down on the list…weird. Help please!

  • Joanna Jadore

    I've tried unrooting and still getting failed error. Help? 🙁

  • Yoboy318

    Do you have to pay for the update?

  • Darkwood

    Can't find Flight Tracker from the market, after updating!?!

  • meagan.

    i rooted the droid x 2.2!!!! it WILL not thether though…. why not?

    • Merc56

      if your trying to use Wifi Tether switch to Barnacle Wireless tether… I was using one then had to switch.

  • Joanna Jadore

    Uhhhh I think I will be waiting to upgrade my phone after reading all these comments. I tried earlier but half ways through the installation it reboots with a failed msg. WTF! Anyone have any ideas what other things I can try to push it through?

  • Mango

    Speed dial is not working. It was working fine on 2.1. It was working up to #3 slot on the first 2.2 leak. It wasn't working at all now. Is yours working?

  • Mine quit taking pictures. It's got one in the gallery that doesn't even exist. In fact, I deleted my entire camera folder but the thumbnails are still there and when you select one you get a blank picture. Can't get rid of any, and can't take any new pictures.

    What was wrong with Google's gallery app again?

  • Rickrmsy

    is anybody else having market issues after update?

  • Rickrmsy

    Is anybody else having Market issues after update?

  • jroc869

    Loved the unofficial 2.2, this official crap sucks. My phone locks up sometimes when i try to answer calls and my wifes does the same plus she cant hear people on the other end sometimes when she makes calls. anyone else having similar issues?

  • burpootus

    Am I missing something here? Why are all of the people who were running the leak upgrading. There is no way to go back or restore your phone now. If you load a theme or do other root stuff and end up stuck at the M, you are stuck, there is no SBF to fall back on. The OTA appears to be the same as the last 2.15 leak. What gives?

  • 2.2 Killed my phone. I didn't root or preupdate or anything I was an original 2.1 user. It keeps freezing at the M. Took it to verizon and they are sending me a brand new one in two days. There was nothing they could do to fix it.

  • Kristen697

    I'm still having trouble with some sites telling me that it requires flash. Installed it this morning wtf????

    • lakerzz

      In the browser…go to settings/add ons/and select either “always on” or “on demand”…I prefer “on demand” lot faster page loading

  • Footballin60

    I feel like I have the power smart phone I waited for… Finally

  • No pictures of the new Swype keyboard that came with Froyo? I mistook it at first for the multi-touch keyboard! It looks amazing!

  • Andrew

    I was on the phone with someone and i tried to talk on speakerphone and the person couldnt hear me at all.i wonder if they really did fix the speakerphone.anyone having the same issue?

  • Jl92880

    500 comments for $20 :-p

  • Won Bin

    whn is the update for Motorola Milestone for Malaysia!!!

  • Patrickbfogarty

    I had the check for update was not available error and was told by a verizon tech that if i had not received a notificaion for the update the manual update will not work. This is because the update is pushed out by serial number. And there is no supported pc update or in store update option idk hope this helps

  • timarnette

    I LOVE 2.2

  • tjpeco

    Still have a lot of apps that “can't be found” in the market after upgrading to official 2.2. These apps were available with the leaked 2.2.

    So far for me, I cannot find:

    • Darkwood

      I can't find Flight Tracker, either!

      • Anonymous

        i cannt find paypal or openfeint

  • I am highly pissed. I used the OTA 2.2 a while ago and it bricked my phone so I went back to the 2.1 sbf no problem. Then I updated via motorblur and it bricked my phone to absolute brickness. I am now without a freaking Droid X…it wont let me get pass the freaking bootloader now. Anyone has any idea how to assist me please contact me [email protected]

  • So besides becuming the droid xxx what else cool does flash player do for me?

  • Kingofhill21

    I updated to 2.2 for my droid x and only took 20 mind to download and install then installed flash love it worth the wait

  • Grapevine Dj Merlot

    so i Downloaded 2.2 and now my X has been charging for two hours and it has not moved from 15 percent battery. I am use n battery status pro Getting a little worried…

  • FYI for those having to enter in a pin code at unlock. It is a new feature built in 2.2 that allows Exchange to set policies on your companies side. IE, my home office has something built in to their polices that require a code to protect their info that is on my phone. Those not having the issue are not using corporate sync.

  • Come on wheres the biased “OMG there is bugs don't download it” article. This is the same (leaked)build you bashed weeks ago because idiots where having problems and now your telling people to download it?

  • Mudtohip

    Downloaded @ 09:35 AM today. No issues. seems alot faster, idk maybe just newbee observation. Download took 16 minutes 30 miles west of Detriot. (yeah spelled that way for a reason)

  • Rjmjr72

    My father sold his droid x and wiped the phone today. He's running the leaked 2.2 version that supposedly can't be upgraded to verizons 2.2. He did the pull this morning to vzw version! Apparently wiping your phone and doing manual
    update works!

    • neknoznip

      Any thoughts on this?

  • Sitndux1

    Does anyone know how long the download actually takes? My download progress seems to be stuck on 6%

  • Hach38

    Updated, and I'm now bricked! Stuck on the Motorola “bat-wings” symbol.

    • Deybwah116

      Keep restarting. Eventually reset to factory

    • Mudtohip

      Try the pull battery trick before hard reset. may take a couple try's. also clear the cache. you may have an app that is tripping up ur phone. unless u clear cache it keeps throwing the gremlin back in. Just a thought.. Im no expert.

      • Mudtohip

        As a last resort: hard reset!!!! from Motorola!

        1. Hold Home Button and press power

        2. Screen will show a Android with a triangle with astrisk

        3. Let Go of Home Button and Power

        4. Press Search Button (Far Left Button)

        5. A blue menu will show at top of page, scroll to Format Device

        6. Select Yes to verify

        7. Allow format to complete (Information at bottom of page will go through a few steps)

        8. Once Format is complete Blue Menu will show at top again, select Reboot

        9. Sometimes phone hangs after rebot and will take a while but if no responce after 5 – 10 minutes, pull the battery and reinsert. (Device usually starts fine after this)

  • Akin67

    I did not automatically get a puch update. Every time I go to download manually I get the following message:

    “Check for Update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

    Anyone else have similar experience? Any suggestions?

    • John Menefee

      I'm having the same problem. Verizon tech told me it is a pus only update but a lot of other are able to pull it in.

    • Akin67

      A colleague has the same phone. I toldhim about the update, he goes to settings and on first try gets prompted to download. I tried 50 times since this morning and still no luck. This totally blows.

  • trackzilla

    Anybody else notice that pattern locking the phone is disabled by VZW after updating to 2.2?

    • mine is not disabled.

      • Puffy98

        im on it also….but on droid life video, it seemed kellex was able not to have any security lock even though slide unlock screen was still there..

    • Mine still lets me use the pattern lock … try turning it on again from the menu

  • John Menefee

    The update manually using the SETUP > ABOUT PHONE > SYSTEM UPDATE will not work for me. Called Verizon tech support and was told it is a “push only update” I guess I'll have to wait until they push it to my phone. I so upset with big red on this one because everyone else is getting it on demand.

  • R R

    anyone else getting a force close when viewing usage statistics in battery manager after updating?

  • Romma1

    Man, reading some of these comments about the bugs encountered while loading the Froyo is makng me glad I have the Dinc. There were some bugs I recall, but not this many.

  • I like it.

  • Rbianchi5

    anyone not able to pull this?

    • MzA

      me ive been trying all night since 10:30pm ( i work graveyard shift) and it keeps telling me update is not available at this time 🙁

  • TokyNeg

    Have anyone try to update while still rooted ?? issues ??

  • Mrguipo

    soooo….anyone notice differences between the leaked 2.2 and this official?

  • Insultz1984

    I had root and updated and now I've lost it! Anyone??? Still have superuserand when I try to root it doesn't work

    • just have to reroot again, that's all

      • Insultz1984

        I tried and it says I'm rooted

  • Earlier this am got the checking for updates that would do the would sit and spin and never find anything. Now, I got Check for updates was not available at this time. BOO!

  • Shadow

    Did anyones phone become bricked after updating to 2.2? Just did the standard update in about phone and now it is stuck at the motorola logo.

    • Hach38

      Did you ever get yours to work? I have same problem. Called Verizon, and they didn’t have an answer for me. This sucks!

    • Bigsike

      Battery pull?

      • Shadow

        I wasn't sure if pulling the battery would mess up the install causing the phone to reset. Of you had re same problem and still have contacts/photos/apps then it shouldn't hurt too much.

    • you might want to try factory reset too if you can get into recovery. you will lose everything, but should get back in syncing it.

    • I had the same problem. I pulled the battery out and it loaded up in froyo. Seems to be running great but I'm not sure if I missed something since it didn't go all the way through.

      Did the boot screen change at all? Mine didn't… and it doesn't say DROOOOOID when it boots up. My wife's incredible does that in froyo.

    • I got the same thing. It’ll boot fully 1 out of every 10 times or so. Was able to get it into recovery once, did a factory reset and cache clean, still same problem. Took it to VZ they didnt have the software for it so they’re sending me a replacement, should get here today. Bit leery of doing the update on the replacement since i’m on vacation and won’t have time to wait for another phone until I get back home!

  • AShoupy

    Question about the 3G Mobile Hotspot app… If you don't already have the subscription with verizon and you try to activate the mobile hotspot, are you taken to a page on verizon's site saying this costs money or is the account automatically charged? I hope I didn't automatically get charged because I was messing around with Froyo and I activated mobile hotspot and I was in without being taken to a webpage and I'm not subscribed to the service. Can someone shed some light for me please?

    • dandroid

      you can still go through the motions of setting it up on the phone but nothing will be able to connect to your hotspot

    • dandroid

      forgot to mention that you shouldn't be charged

      • AShoupy

        OK, that's good. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • Floyd

    54% Downloaded!

  • guz1115

    Welcome to 2.2 Droid X

  • Kevin G

    Anyone else having problems installing Flash?

  • bman

    how do you tell what % has been downloaded? says “an update is currently being downloaded. you will be notified when the download is complete.” been there for almost an hour.

  • Aubreyvt

    I think it may be a conspiracy…… they did like that Kellox started talking $*%# last week. 🙂

    • Aubreyvt

      Sorry, miss spelled ur name Kellex….

  • Aubreyvt

    Updated and everything works great. It did delete my Droid Life widget though….. not to happy about that. I guess i will try a reinstall. 🙁

  • Ryrybentley

    Can anyone find the tv.com app in the market on 2.2? I go straight from the flash.showcase and it can't be found.

  • sean

    Ran quadrant with new official froyo update and im scoring less than average.. anyone else seeing this?

    • Portertm

      Give it some time to get up to speed. Same thing happened when I ran the leaked ota in August. It does speed up.

    • Ryanrj1352

      No I went from 1245 to 1395!!!!

  • Kingsfan3344

    1) 2.1 with root > Unrooted > UPDATE FAILED.
    2) Then I tried putting back the bloatware, as per: http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/froyo-2-2-news-rumors-wishes/7451-does-your-2-2-say-update-failed-look-here-fix.html
    3) Factory reset > STILL UPDATE FAILED.
    4) Now I am reflashing the Stock SBF from link in Droid-Life blog. And then I surely hope update wont fail.

    • I am in the exact same boat. I'm SBFing it cause i'm wondering if Clockworkmod Recovery has something to do with it. I'll keep you posted.

      • Yeah Clockworkmod messes with the download

        • It's not the download part, but the install part. You are right though. Clockworkmod does mess it up. You have to be clean 2.1, well atleast no other recovery on it.

    • Kingsfan3344


  • Dkprnce

    Now I get july to pretend to load a video before it tells me it wont work. What is this update good for again?

    • Dkprnce

      Not july… hulu. Well at least my helpfull keyboard is still the same

  • DiGs

    I disabled the screenlock on 2.1 and now have no way to enable it without having to put in a password or pin as well? Is this normal for 2.2? I just want the lock screen, no added security.

    • Yea, just select none. It just allows you to slide the lock screen to unlock or get the app No Lock, works great.

      • DiGs

        I select none and there is no lock screen at all. Maybe this is a bug after upgrading but the lock screen only shows up if I pick a pattern, pin, or password.

        • maybe you should try getting No Lock app to see if it will enable the lock screen.

          • DiGs

            No luck…guess I gotta live with it. It will show up for a brief second and then disappear and let me in

          • try putting a lock on with pattern,pin, and then select none. see if that helps

  • Garrisonjw

    If I've rooted and uninstalled some of the pre-loaded apps (like Blockbuster and the other safe-to-removes), am I going to mess things up by accepting the OTA update? I'm sure my phone is a great paperweight, but I really enjoy using it as a phone. 🙂 Thanks for any advice or links to people giving advice.

    • Bigsike

      Yes! def go back to stock 2.1 if you have removed any preloaded apps that will cause a problem.

  • Basher

    My Droid X after updates forces me to lock the screen with a pin number!!!!! and wont let me change to nothing or to a pattern None- Disabled by remote phone administrator Pattern-Disabled by remote phone administrator. What the Hell!!

    • Bakerlebo

      I have that too now. Do you have your phone synced with your corporate email? I do. I have a feeling it may be a security measure being enforced by your corporate mail server.

  • User9001

    OK just update to 2.2. Can we root using the Motorola Droid Rooting Guide found here –> http://www.droid-life.com/2010/09/09/how-to-root-motorola-droid-running-android-2-2-frg22d/

    Or should I wait for an official guide for the DroidX here on droid-life.com




  • R3velation129

    I downloaded and installed and so far im not too happy. My espn score center widget goes in and out of service. Facebook is laggy. Actually had a force close first time that's ever happened. Internet seems in the same ball park. Hopefully it gets into the groove like people are saying because as of now its kind of a let down.

    The on screen capture button for the camera is tits. Ill give credit there.

    • R3velation129

      Inserting foot into mouth. It really does take time for it to get in the groove. This thing is running like a horse on steroids now. I don’t know what that really means but my droid x is off the charts now running perfectly. Popping champagne for droid-life.

  • Djenks24

    I would rather have just a plain android rom for my DX. Like my D1 with a big screen.

  • Ebbressi

    yay, 2.2 is here. This morning is starting of really well.

  • Hicks887

    I am currently running the leaked 2.2 update on my droid x and I'm not rooted. Do I need to downgrade back to 2.1 in order to receive the official 2.2? I have tried to pull and it says “check for update was not available at this time”. Please help

    • Oranje

      I am also wondering about this…

    • Anonymous

      I believe you do have to go back to 2.1. Check the previous posts and see

  • Will there be a update.zip file for people that are running the leak?

    • loco

      I would like to know this as well

    • Chrisss

      I think its only logical to drop an update.zip considering how many people took the risk and jumped into the leaked 2.2…


      YES! Please produce a .zip file. I am shook and afraid to brick phone flashing 2.1

      • Anonymous

        If you have the leak, you can go back to 2.1, but if you have the OTA, you can’t… That’s why i’m sticking with the leak until someone releases a 2.2 sbf file. But if you want to go ahead and get the ota, just use rds lite to flash the sbf file onto your phone, and check for an update.

  • ssjnimmaX

    updated this morning on the way to work…

    it got stuck on the motorola image… waited a good 10-15 min… still was there so I just did a bat pull, turned it back on and everything was -A- ok!!!

  • skatenaked911


    and what do i do now that i have 2.2?! there's nothing to look forward to and wait in angry anticipation

    • CharlieK

      gingerbread, dude.

  • Portertm

    Has anyone who experienced a Smart Profile bug under 2.1 checked to see if the new ota fixed it? My wife got the most recent ota and her phone still refuses to ring. Trying to figure out a solution, as she has been dealing with this since day one. Thanks.

  • WhereIsTony

    So glad this killed my screen lag, still not sure what caused it, but its gone so I don't care.

  • I updated 2 DX's this morning. GoGo!

  • Eric

    I just tried the update, it downloaded and all but upon reboot it said download failed. Should I just try reformatting and then doing the update? Everything's backed up can't imagine anything will be lost.

  • tjpeco

    Not finding a lot of my previous apps in the market after the update. Like FlightTrack.

  • Tom Gagne

    With the upgrade, the calendar app has become useless. It only shows the first appointment. I can't find a day, week, or month view. What happened to the agenda?

  • Dizzle

    Update Flash Player from market. The version in the Froyo download is not current.

  • Ryanrj1352

    Ran Benchmark on Droid X before update and I was at 1245….Installed official 2.2 Froyo update and Im at 1395….Pretty significant difference as you can tell….

  • Ghettogeek414

    OK, I retract my comment yesterday about Tupac releasing a new album before 2.2 was release for the DX…I'm mentally stable again…Thanks Moto/Verizon!!!

  • Negrito768

    i like to point out after i updated astro pro paid verison not on market along with G4TV app and Documents to go paid key. Kinda upsetting since i use and paid for those. Only the free version. Can anyone see those on marketplace>

  • Mentalspaz

    Just a quick question, If you're currently rooted running 2.1, and you request the update, will you

    A.) Recieve the OTA update and wake up to a fresh 2.2 w/out Root

    B.) Fail to receive the OTA

    C.) Have a giant polar bear show up and smack you in face and take your phone?

    • Spatak

      Stock 2.1, rooted, checked for OTA update, downloaded, installed, still rooted (to my surprise)

      • Bigsike

        Are you sure? cuz that’s what I’m going to do, do you still have superuser access?

  • Spatak

    Updated this morning. Too my surprise root was still there upon updating from stock 2.1. Sweet.

    Little glitchy on first bootup and sluggish for a minute or 2 after rebooting again.

    Happy to say the calendar sync issue seems to be fixed.

  • Jeff

    Built in Music app is still buggy but everything else is better than the original leak!:)

  • Mine keeps saying not available.. 🙁 3 hours 38 mins to go till the end of summer. Come on guys, let me have it!! 🙂

  • Rcrump56

    Performed a manual update first thing this morning and much to my delight 2.2 installed.

  • Jl92880

    Anybody have update failed error?
    Runnning – VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.sbf
    while be unrooted.
    any ideas?

  • Angelc0719

    Is anyone still having problems with the Droid X Volume being too low :/ ?

    • Eadsrc

      notifications MUCH louder for me…

    • Rain_king46

      I have never noticed a problem with my volume unless the phone is speaker down on a soft surface. I did notice that it is much louder now after the official update tho.

    • Buckgrad

      Got my update at 12:15 this morning. Volume is much better. That was a big issue for me.

  • Notgenough

    Odd I updated this morning and I got ” Version.2.3.15.MB810.Verizon.en.US” How did I skip 2.2?

    • Ralubin14

      you didn't, that's just the system version. under android version it should say 2.2

    • IzzyD

      That is Froyo ( ie 2.2 ) so you didn't skip anything

  • Ryan

    Before the update I used a pattern to unlock my phone. Now it's forced me to use a PIN to unlock it, and wont let me switch back…saying “Disabled by remote phone administrator”. I have my phone connected to an Exchange server (my own)…would there be anything I need to change?

    • stephen

      I have a very similar problem. I had no lock and now it forced me to choose a pin which i can’t turn off. any help?

    • GotNitro

      I use a pattern and it the update did not effect it at all, it still works and looks the exact same.

      • Snidermann56

        Same here. Works fine

  • wprocter

    Updated shortly after midnight….thought for sure that Bird would have posted a stock 2.2 root by this AM. 🙂

  • supermiah

    Is anyone else missing apps in the market with the update this morning? MLB at bat is one

  • IzzyD

    FYI folks this OTA update and the newest leaked 2.3.15 that is posted over at MDW is the exact same file. so for anyone running the one posted a few days ago why bother updating or trying to get the Official update threw VZW . You already have it and there is absolutely nothing different between the one at MDW and the one getting pushed out over the air. To further add if you went the route of the leaked on you already have root access also.

  • R R

    After I downloaded the update, the phone rebooted and installed it and I got stuck on the M logo! I had to do two battery pulls before it booted up!

  • Godfrey2009

    Can't update. How do i remove clockworkmod recovery?

  • Rjmjr72

    Updated mine early this morning. Nice to be back on 2.2. The official one

  • stlbryson

    Woo Hoo!!!! It's about time VZW is showing the Froyo love to the rest of the family!

  • Hogasswild

    Reading here and the forums it sounds like this version is more buggy than the leaked 2.2.

  • Jeff

    Finally….. 🙂

    I just finished my upgrade!

  • Majestepic

    whats the big deal with froyo?? it doesnt seem to be that big of a difference. I recieved the update for my d1. how moto claimed it would boost the performance 450%!? yeah right!! its sllower than before. 2.1 seemed just fine. all this hype about these small updates are irritating people…

    • Rjmjr72

      I for one think the droid one just shouldn't have gotten that update. It's just too slow processor to run it. Droid x runs awesome

      • jason6g

        watch it, there are alot of droid 1’s that are running faster than your droid x 😉

        i for one think every android phone should have the option to upgrade to the latest revision of android. bug fixes, and added features are always a good thing, regardless of slight adjustments to performance. On topic, i’m glad 2.2 finally hit 😀

      • Meletiche1

        Unless your Droid X runs at 1.2Ghz or more I’d say my Droid1 is faster than your Droid X… just sayin’…

    • Uncle paul

      how long did you wait until you starting bitching about it? it takes a good 45 minutes for the phone to transfer images, etc before it will speed back up after the 2.2 update.

  • Neilstpnk894

    I was able to pull the update at 11 pm central time

  • Mza

    When I go to check for update it still tells me its up to date . How do Iget froyo!


    Still says “Check for updates not available at this time” for me. Am I missing something? I'm in Ohio.

  • Dustinjwco04

    How do I root my official 2.2?

  • Teagadinho

    Now give us how to root it. One click please.

    • Mrpicolas

      If you want one click you’ll have yo code it yourself

  • Mrcookjr


  • vbphenom

    Installed. It is saying all my music has expired licenses though.

  • Snidermann56

    Lol at the people who upgraded to the leak and are now stuck. Upgraded from stock, working great.

    • Mrpicolas

      Well right now your stuck if you root on official 2.2 you cannot sbf back to 2.1 it will be inoperable till there is a 2.2 sbf

    • Lorenzokellogg

      The leak works perfectly….plus rooted all the same features…no difference. ..plus with leak I have a custom rom an my quadrant is 1578……

      • Snidermann56

        That's awesome. Im talking about the people who want the official update but are unable to because they can't get back to 2.1.

        • droidrev71

          Most of us that are rooted could flash back to stock if we chose to. Its much better to have same version and be rooted. There are apps we can get get and u can’t. There are custom roms and themes that are awesome that u can’t have so ha ha right. LMAO

        • Lorenzokellogg

          Lmao yeah. …….that is funny you right

  • palmettogirl

    downloaded it shortly after midnight. now hopefully i won't want to throw this phone against a wall, and it will stop freezing and power cycling.

    one can hope, right?

  • Kristen697

    I can't run flash sites!!!! Help!!!

    • palmettogirl

      don't forget to download flash out of the market…

  • Jjbass311

    1368 on quadrant. Above nexus one 2.2 yay I have the fastest phone out right now lol droid 2
    evo and fascinate owners

    • Lorenzokellogg

      Sorry IM running the leaked 2.2 my quadrant is 1578……and that's rooted with fly x
      …..but all in all froyo is the sh*g have fun my phone pretty much my PC now

  • I am on extended network in Alaska and can not do a system upgrade. Can anyone point me to a manual upgrade?


    Im running the leaked version. When I search for update it says im updated already. Is it a must to go back to 2.1 so I can get the official 2.2? If so im probably going back to 2.1 root since I lost root on the leaked 2.2. Btw my phone still has The super user permission showing and says its rooted. But its not

  • Mkeefer74

    I got it … now what? What is the deal?

  • Kentpickle1

    i keep getting the software update failed, i unrooted and still get it, i never removed any of the stock apks, Please HELP!!!

  • Mboudreaux03

    Got it n love it!

  • cjsorum

    After install you may get the 'Droid Eye' for a long time. Do not panic, let it do it's thing. It will load to your Home screen.


  • mahk2069


  • J Folk53

    Got my Froyo ready and waiting for me when I woke up 3:00am here in NW Arkansas

  • P Winowich

    Im lovin it 🙂

  • Erude00

    Wonder why when downloading app from the market and you close the market you can't click on the download and have it redirect you to the market from notification bar, like droid 1 can. That's lame

  • Congrats to DX owners

  • Barlog

    HELP!!!After the update on my X everything seemed to be working fine untill I tried to set my alarm clock and put an mp3 song for the alarm. My whole music player does not work at all it wont play any of my music. I went to the amazon mp3 app to see if it would play a sample song on it and nothing pandora won't work and youtube wont play videos what's going on! I'm on a stock never rooted official 2.2 update has anyone else found a problem with there music player I hope this is temporary I was so happy to get this froyo 🙁


      Turn it on and off my leaked version says” unsupported file” after reboot it works. I don't know why sorry

      • Barlog

        Thanks for the help I did that and it worked fine hope it was a one time

        Eric Young

  • drawde

    really need help with my main screen page scroll!

    <object height=”385″ width=”480″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/nBQHGvBkqEk?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US”><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”><embed allowfullscreen=”true” allowscriptaccess=”always” height=”385″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/nBQHGvBkqEk?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”480″></object>

  • Jiuya

    I need help!!!

    I really messed up, here's what I did…

    My DX was leaked 2.2 and I went back to 2.1 using RSD Lite & VRZ_MB810_1.13.6.2_1FF_01.sbf

    then I updated OTA 2.2 tonight.

    I think I totally forgot I did flashed from leaked 2.2 to 2.1

    and, I did again(flashed w/RSD Lite)

    Then I can't boot the phone, some error comes up…




    MEM_MAP Blank

    Service Req'd

    Battery OK

    OK to Program

    Connect USB

    Data Cable

    What do I do? run to Verizon Store?

    Please help~~


  • jamisles02

    As an original Droid owner, I wish to welcome our Droid X cousins to the world of Froyo. We've had it (non-rooted) for over a month now 😛

    • sheldawg

      But ours are bigger 🙂

  • Lorenzokellogg

    Glade to see you all finally having fun with the dx. ..does any one know if there is a difference between official an that leaked version I have the leaked an running birdmans fly x….which is superb. …so if anyone see a different let me know…my quadrant is 1578 with the leak….congrates have fun because with 2.2 it is fun using your phone.. 😉

  • Matt

    Any coincidence that 2.2 shows up on the “22nd”?

  • Chuck

    Got it 8:20 a.m. Looks like the leaked version I had installed on Droid X. Works great!

  • Xplhavoc

    Yeah great!

    1.Speaker phone still low.
    2.Biz email still doesn't work.
    3.Swype still doesn't spell right.
    4.Great fixed Auto-rotate but why not upside down?
    so far

    • Anonymous

      My swype works perfect but speaker is low.

  • Here is my quick update on install of Froyo:

    – Actual update: took less than 10 minutes to download, and less than 5 to install. Didn't have phone rooted prior. Did have Wi-Fi turned on. hung for second on droid eye, but nothing crazy. After it started up, it took another minute or two on homepage before it recognized that I had USB plugged in charging and until it said the phone was updated with new OS with confirmation message.

    – Haptic keyboard feedback definitely is softer (less vibration). Not sure if I like that, but oh well I guess. Intense haptic feedback is what helped me transition from bberry.

    – First hour with the device seemed laggy, but somehow it slipped into its groove and now typing and flipping through homepage screens is very smooth.

    – The sliding unlock screen is still laggy and bugs me, but not the end of the world.

    – Had to download flash (some people were noting that it came with their update???).

    – Market was working fine for me

    – Websites seem to be loading significantly faster on same Wi-Fi network I use on a nightly basis

    – When a notification email comes up saying that I've got an email in Android stock email app (I use this with Google Apps email addy because I like it's functionality better than Gmail app), I open via notification, and I delete the email, it pops me out onto the home screen as opposed to my inbox. Haven't decided if I like this better or not, but definitely noticeable.

    – Calendar loads much smoother.

    – Definitely peeved like other users about the lack of .com button in the browser.

  • Puffy98

    after update, if i disable security lock, even slide unlock screen doesnt appear, too…so weird.

  • Jmtanzo

    UPDATE: Well it took a bit to get it downloaded via Wi-Fi for some reason, but 2.2 is now installed on my new Droid X and it is pretty good so far. Gallery has changed, Lock screen has changed, seems more responsive. Still debating on rooting it cause I did root my OG Droid to get it to overclock, I loved it but sometimes it lagged or just acted a lil wired so I think I might just stick to stock on this. Since this is already at 1Ghz, it plenty fast for me…. So in conclusion, My 12 year old daughter just inherited a OG Droid, rooted running 2.2…. I guess she'll have to wait til the next latest and greatest Android Phone comes out to get my Droid X… 🙂 DROID-LIFE YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

  • Uhm, it says I'm downloading Update 2.3…?

  • Tryoung01

    I got the update, But did not see anywhere on the update notes where the volume increase for ringtones and notifications was taken care of. Would that be on another update ? or did they forget about it?

  • Me

    Do i have to go back to 2.1 from the first leaked 2.2? Im not rooted just have the first leak.

  • One_ina_milli

    I gotta say froyo is a big deal, flash games look great and I really l like the new swype theme

  • anyone noticed a NEW bootloader? its the same droid eye but nicer graphics and details

  • Mecevans

    Much more stable than the leaked update. Love it!

  • Deybwah

    Disappointed with Froyo. Droid X is still laggy on performance. Try browsing your gallery for example. Swipe left fast, then swipe right. Does not even register. Unacceptable!!!!

    • Mine is running smooooth as hell

  • Skinlab133

    1474 Quadrant score. Is that good?

  • Puffy98

    I've done to update!!! and working perfectly….no laggish..it's flying!! w/launcher pro.

    i found out couple of difference from 2.1….batery manager…unlock screen…camera interface..etc…should try more……..

    just i can say……much smoother and faster…better than i expected!!

  • Jmtanzo

    In Anaheim , CA and am downloading it as I type to post this…. I just got this Droid X yesterday from my cousin who for some reason went back to his i”havenoreception”Phone. 🙂 so he gave it to me!!! Have the OG Droid so if this works, then my 12 year old daughter just got herself a rooted 2.2 Droid!!!!!

  • Deybwah

    Try rebooting your X… updated Froyo successfully. Used it for a while, thought I would reboot to get fresh. Now it's stuck on the Motorola logo. UPDATE: I found that it's not 'stuck' on the Motorola logo. It's as if the display is messed up but the touch still works. I successfully unlocked and shut down my phone by muscle memory. I could feel the vibrations for the unlocking. And just held the power button, then aimed at where the shut down button is.

    So anyone else having this issue? If you haven't rebooted yet after Froyo update, I DARE you to!

    • Did you leave it rooted before installing?

    • Deybwah

      UPDATE: It works now, had to unplug from charging when rebooting.

    • djxtreme

      i had the same issue i removed the battery a few times left it out for like 10 mins and it now works fine

    • djxtreme

      I had to remove the battery a few times the last time i left the battery out for like 10 mins and it seems to work now

  • Ufish2

    anyone see any difference between leaked and ota verzion..still got root? My X running super on leaked 2.2,rooted and bleasy's build mod..probally hang with this and wait on the dev's for updates..but I'm sure glad to see all You X owners getting 2.2 sure makes a big difference..congrats to all of you..enjoy :):)::):):):):):):):))):)…X is the best!

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

    • Rain_king46

      Official seems a little smoother than the leak to me. Less screen lags etc.

  • Mustardhomie

    WHAT GIVES? does anyone know why i can't connect to my computer with my dx??

    • Mkelleygcsi

      I had the same problem, i plugged it into the USB power adapter to make sure the USB recognized anything, and it did. I then plugged it into my computer and it worked.

  • Andrew102281

    Does anybody know if the speakerphone was fixed?Does anyone notice when you unlock your Droid X on the Home Screen is a little slow?

    • Mkelleygcsi

      I definitely noticed a difference with mine

  • Myth

    Updated and Rooted. Lakewood, CA.

  • socalrailroader

    Installed and working like a charm, woo hoo! Now, how can I get root back?

  • Does anyone think the update fixed the volume issue? I really cannot tell.

    • Nope…. seems to be the same and it also seems the vibration is alil weaker when texting now

  • Andawd

    failed to update…do i have to put back the bloatware?

    • kellex


  • Let's see if I will be satisfied…..downloading now

  • Teng247

    Hmm i download just fine but when i installed everything boots up quick and says the update failed to install

  • MC

    phone is running really quick… on quadrant i got a 1446 and on linpack 14.4 mflops

  • Funguy74

    Sweet! How come it still say “no video format for your phone” on MSN video though?

  • trothmaster

    Installed fine but the market is not showing all apps…its missing a lot that were there before the update! Anyone else see this?

    • Thats cause they didn't update to 2.2 status yet

  • Stuff

    just updated, and now wifi will no longer maintain a connection to my home network. that was worth the update.

  • YES!!
    Im almost as excited about getting the new gmail as i am about Froyo..

  • Guest

    Keep checking for updates… still nothing

  • I just ran a benchmark… got a 1502

  • This has to do with getting back to stock from the leaked 2.2, so I can then update to the official OTA. I've followed the directions to the T, but everytime I boot my phone into the bootloader, my computer won't recognize it, asks me to install drivers for “TI OMAP blah blah blah”, and therefore won't show up in RSD either. Any suggestions? I've googled it a lot but can't find any definite answers.

  • Updated my wife's X… fails to boot now. She's 'unhappy'.

    • Try taking the battery out then turn it on again… that's what I did and it works fine now

      • Nope. Tried that a few times, still sits at the white Moto logo forever.

        I even tried booting into recovery mode and doing a factory reset. Same result. Sounds like we’ll be stopping by the Verizon store today. Grrr…

  • synplex

    Restarted my phone and now its finally pulling via WiFi!!

  • krze

    Yup, this is working in LA. I did a push at around 10:45pm and I got an update, I was soo surprised to see it finally. yaaay! Downloading now.

  • Droiddoesforme

    downloading now (10:51pm PST), San Francisco Bay Area-

    • Socalrailroader

      Downloading now 120 miles north of you in Redwood Valley, halfway between Ukiah and Willits up here in Mendocino County 🙂

  • timarnette

    I love it !!!!!!!!

  • Mkelleygcsi

    Updated. and now my camera app keeps crashing…great…

  • Teng247

    anyone know if the volume issue is fixed?

    • Buckgrad

      Volume is MUCH better on mine now. That was what I was hoping for…

  • Barlog

    YES WHOOHOO!!!!! I'm gonna get a stomach ache from all this froyo goodness! I'm sooo glad this wait is over 🙂

  • synplex

    I've been stuck on “Checking for available update. Please wait”
    ANyone else stuck on this?
    What can I do to speed this up!!!

    • Droiddoesforme

      power off then power on.

  • Mecevans

    is there a root guide for froyo droid x?

  • Way to go Verizon, delivering right before the end of summer for us west coasters 🙂

  • Teng247

    WOO HOO downloading now. Man im gonna miss my root though = (

  • Atherton213

    anyone elses google widget broke?….using launcher pro….seems google search jumps to the top of the screen and stays there

    • Atherton213

      Never mind there was a newer search widget on the list that works fine

  • Joanna Jadore

    Omg!! And ofcourse my battery is about to die. FML!

    • Joanna Jadore

      Ahhhh I have updates avail but I gotta wait till my phone is charged a bit more. Don’t want it to die mid update then I’ll really be screwed :/

  • I've downloaded 3 times and 3 failed updates. Anybody else having problems? I was rooted the first time, so i unrooted for the second time and then the for the 3rd time i uninstalled my root apps. still nothing.

    • droidrev71

      Do u have 2.1 or? Are u running a theme?

  • Downloaded and just about to finish the install, from California! 😀

  • mlittle

    I just tried Universal Androot on the 2.2 update and it failed.

    • droidrev71

      Do u have easy root?

      • Anonymous

        —–Original message—–

  • droidrev71

    Do u still have root?

  • Mfinlay04

    Looks like the kernel is the same as the leaked 2.3.15 by TBH team. Any quadrant scores yet?

  • DarthRogue

    To anyone who has a Droid X with Leaked (non-ota) and Rooted 2.2 (or Kellex)… Let me know what happened to your root after updating. I'd like to see if this fixes a few things (like music randomly playing when I have headphones plugged in) but I don't want to loose my root.

  • Ceewiz

    Can froyo be rooted yet?

  • mlittle

    Anyone notice the new battery manager? Nighttime saver? WTF??

    • ReebX

      Noticed that too, but I think its just Smart-mode renamed. I’m trying out the custom battery saver mode, as it has more options.

    • cjsorum

      you can turn that off if you’d like. This feature helps save your battery life if left unplugged at night.

  • Sean

    being able to pull the update is a great feature. should have been like this for all android devices.

  • J2886m

    Got bored checked for update yet… annnnd nada bing 2.2 baby!!!!

  • Puffy98

    yay!!! Downloading!!!! OC in CA!!!

  • jag28co

    watching the event at nbc and the video is a lagging.

    • jag28co

      watching videos for CNN look awesome.

  • angermeans

    Well I have had the Nexus One since March and was the first to get Froyo then I bought the Captivate on launch day (which I am still waiting for, but doesn't to much matter as I am selling it) bought the Droid 2 last week brand new and found some kid that was selling his one month old DX and DInc for $400 for both! So the Droid Incredible already has Froyo and I just fired up the DX and downloading Froyo now. Good day to get this phone and I haven't had to spend that much time the last couple months without Froyo. Congrats DX users/waiters you have earned this one!

  • dredaav

    Its not working my phone isn't finding it!!! SOME ONE HELP ME!!! AHHHHHHH!

    • Anonymous

      Its ok people I just got it to work! We can all go back to our everyday lives… lol

    • Guest

      Servers must be overloaded. I can’t seem to get it either.

  • Ace4311

    Finally Motorola delivered!!!!

  • danimal

    performed the update restarted after install and now my phone is stuck on the droid eye!?!?!?!?!
    Anybody else have this problem?

    • Jay P

      patitence child it takes time

    • quiklives

      It took mine a little while, but it booted eventually.

    • danimal

      Wow it literally took 14minutes to startup after the update!
      ~patience IS a virtue

  • Why does it say 2.3?

    • dredaav

      that could be your system version not your android version…

  • Skr1923

    Im not getting it, i have the leaked version and im not getting the real update :/

  • Dan

    “F*** it, I might as well try to pull the upload, maybe they released it early”

    1 second later


    I gotz teh Froyo and it taste great

    • Elliotthj91

      exactly what i did

  • mlittle

    I had no problems unrooting while in the middle of downloading the update. I used easyroot to root my phone on 2.1 and the same to unroot it. Installed and rebooted without any problems and I verified that my phone was upgraded to 2.2. I love the new phone lock…

    • droidrev71

      Do u still have root?

      • Anonymous

        No. I just tried easyroot and Universal Androot and they both fail.

        • droidrev71

          Thanks for letting me know.

        • droidrev71

          Do u know how to do the droid 2 root? If u try it let us know.

  • and now im ready to root my phone tomorrow… im sure ill have some questions to ask before i do it

  • Bobb30510

    I got update at 2330 on 21st.

  • Baldypal

    How come my pattern lock is gone and it now says “disabled by remote administrator”. Who is that? VZW or Motorola?

  • droidrev71

    Do we lose root? Anyone out there download it with root? Chewing nails

    • reuben

      i just finished downloading and installing the update and i DID NOT lose root i was rooted before i updated obviously lol with universal androot and when i went back in to universal androot to root thinking i had lost root like everyone said i was going too it said i was already rooted to my surprise!!

  • Turner

    Woot!! Downloading NOW!!

  • Zookb

    Apparently it doesn't work on a rooted 2.1 if you themed your phone. FML

  • Just updated to Android 2.2, installed Flash 10.1 and Flash games actually work on my Droid X! WOW!

    This is too bloody awesome. Thanks, Blur, you've done good!

  • Gawain23

    A littllittle laggy since the update. Root is gone. Looking forward to the community getting it back. Then this thing should really fly. Market isn't connecting, though.

  • wooohoooo ….awsome……… now where is my ginger bread hhahahaha j/k

    • David Degnan

      Or honeycomb 😛

  • birdonamission

    Like I said in the other thread…if your update is going slow, turn on WI-FI. HUGE difference. Good luck, all. Have fun! 🙂

  • MMM333

    Sooooo mine has failed to update twice. The first time I unrooted just to be safe. The second time I rerooted because I was bored. I watched it try to install. It got a quarter of the way when it had the unboxing screen, and then it had the triangle with the exclamation mark, and then it went into the clockwork recovery screen. then because no one would help me in the live support, i just hit reboot and it started up normally and told me that it failed the update. Any suggestions?

    • Ddteal

      Same thing happened to me.

      • MMM333

        I just unrooted and uninstalled most root apps. Trying again and hoping for the best.

        • Android

          I believe this has something to do with clockwork recovery. I’m having the same issue, let me know how it goes for ya.

          • Email

            Mine failed, and I’m not using clockwork. I’m default 2.1 with root.

          • Godfrey2009

            It is clockworkmod recovery. How do we get rid it????

      • MMM333

        Didn’t work. Fml.

    • Josh_mstrs

      same here called verizon they guy didnt even know what update i was talking about

  • droid2droidx

    I just got my droid X today and now I'm downloading 2.2. Doesn't get much better than this.

  • woooohoooo…. got it awsome…………….now wheres my gingerbread hahahaha j/k

  • Rob

    Am I the only one who is wondering why this is labeled “2.3” instead of 2.2??

  • Chad59

    worth the wait!!! thanks Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Downloaded earlier….this version of “blur” is really nice. There are a lot of fine touches added that really make the interface cleaner.

  • Chapboogie

    It is very snappy

  • Michael Hoffman

    Froyo woot woot

  • No

    Nashville- dowloading now! !

  • wolverinefan

    Should we get the flash mine is downloading ???

  • Username

    Looks like motorola had to screw something up in the update, I bought a couple of extra batteries online and just got the message after updating that I have an “Invalid Battery” and that my battery cannot be charged. I have to replace it with an “original Motorola battery”. What is wrong with you motorola, I have been using these batteries for weeks and you decide that I can now only use YOUR batteries. I now have to pay $50 because I lost my old battery, when the two I have work just fine! You have now crossed the line and I will NEVER buy another phone from you again.

    • They hate it when you use ANYTHING not approved by them. {{-_-}}

    • tritongreek

      I had the same problem when I used the leak. Just buy one of the stand alone chargers for about $5 on ebay and charge your non Moto batteries. The only problem is you will not get battery info like how much battery is left.

  • Fr

    cool good that i checked before i went to sleep

  • Kryptonetics

    Anyone else getting the stalled Motorola symbol (after restart)? What do I do?

    • WoogieBoogie

      Yup…got it too and waiting…

      • Kryptonetics

        Does the symbol just mean “working”? I have no problem waiting, I just wish it would say “please wait” as oppose to being mysterious.

        • Well i took a chance and removed the battery (after waiting over 30 mins.) So far, so good.

          • Kryptonetics

            I tried that twice, and unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Tried to update right at midnight EST and still haven’t gotten phone back up yet. Perhaps a couple of hours on the charger (and left alone) will allow it to fix itself.

    • Jay P

      just wait and give it time

  • Jenayyee

    Yes!!! I just downloaded it!

  • ReebX

    Update successful. 🙂 Appears that Swype was updated as well.

  • mlittle

    Let's see what happens. I was rooted on 2.1 and now I'm updating to 2.2

    • ravenofdoom

      Can you please confirm if you used the 1-click root method? And that you didn't freeze/remove any stock apps?

      • Anonymous

        I did not lose any apps and yes, I used a one click method, easyroot

        —–Original message—–

  • Bob
  • mlittle

    Downloading it as we speak. Thanks for the update. I need to stop checking this site so much…

  • Mine “failed”, anyone else? I had unrooted using androot.

  • ravenofdoom


    • quiklives

      I had mine rooted on 2.1. I unrooted it through easyroot while I waited for the update to download, and didn't have any trouble, but can't re-root until someone updates a rooting method (the way I understand it).

    • mlittle

      Did the same. I unrooted with easyroot while downloading the upgrade. Let's see if this works…



  • quiklives

    Ok, downloaded and installed. I actually think the colors on the screen look better, but maybe that's my rose colored glasses.

    • Straitkd

      Hahaha I was just thinking the same thing. Probably the glasses lol.

  • Jeyrivera89

    seems that the server has crashed, i'm getting errors when trying to pull, even hard reset not working

    boston, 0049

  • Riccal25

    So do we no longer need task killers. i read they were useless with 2.2

    • Socal_jnunez

      You don't but it works for battery longevity

  • Should I be worried. I have two just completed download and installs. Still in the booting phase on both for several minutes.

  • Gogetphuct

    WILL ANYONE PLZ CONFIRM IF YOU LOSE ROOT WITH THIS OVER RATED BLOATWARE!!!! THATS WHAT FREAKIN MATTERS PERIOD! also on a side note does the home key long press still serve as an app switcher with this update?

  • i love it!!

    • droidrev71


  • i love ittt!!!!

  • Riccal25

    What are the first impressions?

  • Kamikaze

    Downloading mine now. Is it possible for someone to save off a copy of the OTA in case you have to reformat your phone for some reason? Just curious.

  • Me

    hawaii downloading…

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    Houston 1141 on my gf x

  • Eric

    w00t installed now <3 flash

  • Sandy0380

    Downloading now in seattle!!!!

  • Confession: After I downloaded Froyo and Flash the first thing I checked out was porn ..sigh

    • Mprotske

      haha! what site!!!

      • Kierra

        I checked xhamster , no stuttering on my end.

    • Anonymous

      Where is the Do Not Like button… That is abusive use of a Droid X… You should be ashamed of yourself

      • How so? Android is all about freedom! If you want to look at porn, there is no Steve Jobs to stop you!

        • Darwin

          The iPhone has a web browser. Duh.

          • Meletiche1

            But no Flash!!! ha ha

    • So that makes it a Droid XXX then right?

    • frump

      what sites play?

    • KillerSaurus

      WARNING: Do not try and flash back to 2.1 after applying the 2.2 OTA update. It WILL BRICK your phone and is non-recoverable until a 2.2. SBF is available. I’m sure it been mentioned down this thread already, but here you go.

    • Dave

      What websites?

  • Michael_NM

    Las Cruces, NM: 31 minutes to download, 5 minutes to install/reboot, but VZ/Moto made it by late summer… Now we know that “late” means as late as possible when used by VZ/Moto. Sweet Froyo dreams Droid Lifers!

  • Adrian

    Downloading! +1 Motoblur!

    • Michael_NM

      Never thought I'd agree to +anything for Blur, but… You're right… this time. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        As much as I hate to say this, there are some aspects of blur that I like… The phone is nice, other than the call log, and the ability to easily select your position in text is cool. But other than that, i’m using widgetlocker and launcherpro, so I’ve removed as much blur as I can. But I’m thinking that if cyanogen came out for the droid x, I might miss these features.

      • Reiswig78

        Non-update related, how can I get your avatar Michael?? I love how the seahawk eye is integrated with andy!

  • Socal_jnunez

    So is there any difference between the leaked version and the ota

  • Ok, so like most of you I downloaded 2.2, since the restart I CANT stay on WiFi. I get a small notification saying check my WiFi settings just before my phone loses its connection. Yet my laptop is working fine on the network. Anyone else with the issue? Any suggestions?

  • Rain_king46

    Excellent timing! I had JUST finished downgrading from leaked 2.2 to 2.1. Decided what the heck and hit the check for updates button and it started downloading?!? Reloading all of my apps now. Thank you to Droid Life for all of your help!

    • Richrashed

      how do i downgrade from leaded 2.2 to 2.1

  • Downloading!!! Woohoo, glad I didn't have to wait til the am thanks DL 🙂

  • Kkinderen

    linpack from 7.15 to 13.5. Quad from 1216 to 1350.

    First difference I see is with swype. Looks good.

  • Ddteal

    Mine failed, trying it again.

  • MrDew

    Congrats X users

  • Vzw actually got it out early!

  • Riccal25

    29% percent woo hoo

  • guest

    update live in seattle

  • my download went fast

  • r0landct

    moving su to xbin doesn't work as most have guessed, time for bed and I'm sure the method will be ready in the morning.

  • azdude

    my phone is not too happy–really sluggish and locking up. Going to try to restart it and see where we go…

    • Bbrutcher69

      same here!!!

      • guy



      Thanks for the tip 🙂

  • Ralubin14

    Downloading! And peeing with excitement

  • Jjbass311

    I'm on 2.2 swype looks different!

  • Howie Dub

    downloading as of 9:35pm in Los Angeles… Woo Hoo! 45% done

  • jag28co

    I was about to go to be when I decided to give it a try. Awesome.

  • Buckgrad

    Just got it!! Yay! 7 minutes to download. 8 minutes to install.

  • Nico_villalobos

    Downloading it now in LA

  • Mr West

    9:30 west coast! Got the update yessssss!!!! 🙂

  • Natelv

    installing – it says it will take 5 mins….

  • Cwperdomo1

    in Tampa,fl and phone is rebooting now

    • Jay P

      funny in St Pete , FL

  • This has been a great birthday for me!

    • Anonymous

      Its my birthday too 🙂 congrats to all the dx owners out there, this has been a long time coming

  • cankle hunter

    Downloading now allentown buffalo ny

  • wolverinefan

    Should I get it, im concer of the bugs in the software at this time cuz it fuc… my first droid 1

  • Charliej36

    Installing now, Nashville TN.

  • Booo Ya!!!

  • Sixty-SECOND!!! lol

  • jag28co

    downloading Connecticut. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh awesome.

  • bman

    still getting “check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

    • Anonymous

      i was getting this for a while as well. I turned my phone off and back on and it still didn’t work. I turned off wifi and it didn’t work until I used airplane mode to disconnect from the network for a few seconds, and then with wifi turned off, I turned airplane mode off and checked for the update and it was available.

      • bman

        that worked! thanks so much!!

  • Mine is downloading! I feel like it is Christmas morning. And I thought I had to wait until 9am tomorrow.

  • Cwa9801

    11:20 central rolling

  • Bakerlebo

    downloading. can anyone tell me how long the download and install takes?

    • Michael_NM

      I'm at 84% and 26 minutes…

      • Buckgrad

        Mine took 7 minutes to download & 8 to install.

      • Bakerlebo

        84% install?

  • Jake

    I had already downgraded back to stock 2.1… Did anyone stay w/ the leaked version and were you still able to pull the update?!


      No update available on mine with 2.2 leak.

      • Nico_villalobos

        You have to down grade back to 2.1

  • ajax

    i just pulled mine….12hrs early from the post nice

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Someone that was rooted with the 2.2 leak and decided to unroot to get this please let us know if its significantly better, or worth it at all.

  • Josh

    was there any other updates rolled into it besides 2.2

  • axela


  • J Varchetto

    does this take anyway root??!

  • quiklives

    Downloading now…

  • Vincepimp10

    No go here in el paso texas

  • Lunaticmo87

    Downloading Kansas City, MO! Go Froyo!!!

  • Goran1459

    YEAH!!!!!! SWEET!!!!

  • WAHOO!!!!

  • Gavina182

    Downloading in Chicago…..FINALLY!



  • Kevindroid

    downloading in San Diego……..!!!

  • Ruzz311

    Motorola… you may have me distracted for now but you still broke promises of having froyo on the device when I bought it and then left me in the dark for 2 weeks past the promised date of update… Don't think for a second that I wont look at the customer relations for the next phone manufacturer I buy from.

  • My Droid just ratcheted open his mechanical mouth and dropped in a heaping spoonful of froyo joy!

  • Bbrutcher69

    waiting for mine to install……anyone notice a change in the volume by chance???

  • Guest

    Nothing here mountain standard time yet

  • Ivideo

    100% East Coast……installing

  • My me

  • azdude

    restarting now

  • J Varchetto

    this obviously takes away root right??

  • Videomagi

    Haa I d/led mine about 10 mins ago! Looks like someone got their AM and PM mixed up!

  • w0000000000 GO GO GO!

  • w0000000000000000! GO GO GO!

  • Who presses later?

  • Smokeeater218


  • Maniacman54

    loooooveee it

  • r0landct

    I'm hoping moving to xbin keeps my root. Though I'm sure the method to root will be out later today…

  • Sweets420jc

    Its 11 where i live and im downloading it now !!!!

    • Sweets420jc

      although downloading the update is taking a while

    • J Varchetto

      it goes off of Eastern Time Zone

      • larry

        ahh i see. hopefully this 2.2 is crazy good!

  • future sailor


  • Rashad0802

    I just updated mine and i'm loving it!! Thanks Droid-Life!!

  • Wizend

    I looks like that is what leaked a couple days ago. So is there any point to sbf back to 2.1 to get the same update I have been running for a couple days?

  • n0m0n

    If I SBF back to 2.1.1 and root will I lose the root?

    I really don't want to lose root, the app's are superior to there un-rooted counter parts

  • Nick J Poirier

    Boston here started the download at 12:02

  • azdude

    how long until their servers get pounded?

  • Joshsantee

    Same downloading complete

  • Jjbass311

    I'm downloading in orlando fl wooooo hooooo

    • bartman

      Just finished install.

  • Bigass41ft

    i started my downloads at 9:00….so nice to see it early

  • Lecon223

    yeah! do i need to unroot to update tho?

  • YEAH! Downloading/Updating to Android 2.2 as I type this! Hell yeah!

  • Ivideo

    Doing it NOW!

  • Paltema

    ugh. pissed fascinate owner lol. congrats guys

    • u bought a fascinate? are u dense?

      • Rayman411vm

        Are you? That phone is legit

        • Jamerson90

          Except that it has an awkwardly placed power button, absolutely unknown 2.2 update, and my eyes cant do that Super Amoled screen

      • +1

  • Downloading!

  • Yeah!! Updating to Android 2.2 now(downloading)! HELL YEAH!

  • Nick J Poirier

    Downloading it as we speak was hoping to be first =)

  • Kevo2u

    Downloading now. Thought it was going to be 12pm 9/22/2010. I checked right after 12am and low and behold it was there.

  • MMM333

    Woot! I got sooooo excited when I saw this on my phone.

  • Downloading now, finally!!!

  • SjB

    who got this and didn't post the file? lol

  • Michael_NM

    Yipee, downloading now. First!

  • Taylor

    F*** yeah. about f***ing time verizon.