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Breaking: DROID X Android 2.2 Update Starting Tomorrow at 12PM EST

Just as we said yesterday, the Droid X 2.2 update will be released tomorrow to the masses.  The update will become available at 12:00PM EST giving any user with a DX the opportunity to “pull” the update manually.  Yep, just as we talked about at the beginning of the month, Blur does have one major benefit and that’s the ability to pull updates rather than forcing users to wait for them to be “pushed” to their devices.

To have your phone check for the update visit the following screen:

Settings>About>System Updates

At noon tomorrow, or 9:00AM here on the west coast, the update should be waiting for you.  Oh, you can stop checking for updates now.  Might as well wait until tomorrow.  🙂

One more shot after the break.  

And finally?

  • 362601342

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  • Derose912

    I downloaded it and now I lost the marketplace app

    • I had the same issue! Fudge!

  • Seanmc23

    Just got the 2.2 update pushed to my DroidX. I was really looking forward to getting the update, expecting improved performance, as well as FINALLY being able to view FLASH. Unfortunately – Im very disappointed.

    First – my Marketplace app dissapeared. Had to do a Factory Reset and totally clean out my phone. This did get it back.

    Wireless is now broken. Just cycles through searching, getting IP address, Searching, Getting IP address. Never connects.

    Bluetooth is now broken. Basically the same problem as I have with the wireless. I USED to love my X. Now, 2 of the things I loved about it are broken. And to make it worse – I just bouhgt my wife a DROID2- SAME THING! Well – her Bluetooth connects, anyway, but not the wireless.

    NOT HAPPY with this update – certainly hope this is going to be patched sooon!

  • hank you for the great post, I had fun reading it! I always enjoy this blog.

  • Chrisrach3

    Hmm. Mine sucks. Why is it that when I hit my search button to search for contacts and then click on the contact, it goes to the contact for a second and then goes off of the contact info back to the search screen?! TERRIBLE oversight by Motorola. And makes me wish I had my Blackberry back, where I could type someone's name and call them instantaneously. It's at least two clicks away with the Droid.

    Also, does anyone else notice that the browser is not as smooth? And the Motoblur is less responsive, too. And I can only think of one website I visit that uses flash. I do like the shorter vibrate on the key touch.

    Overall, I think I prefer 2.1. Can I somehow get it back?

  • Brian

    Wi-Fi sucks on 2.2. Mine keeps dropping and reconnecting and dropping and reconnecting. Motorola and Verizon have ZERO clue and have really been of no help other than to do a hard reset of the phone which of course loses any apps and other customization I've done. This really sucks Verizon.

  • JamesDC

    I'm not sure I like the new keyboard look, and my slide lock lags now. Otherwise I love it!!! I'll just have to get used to the keyboard. Volume update would be nice!

  • DeeTee

    I got the update at 1pm, the internet is snappy!

  • bsmelski

    oh boy…I'm in love

  • bsmelski

    Woohoo! However, mine didn't upgrade to 2.2….it is now 2.3 on my DX!

  • Boudin

    Had a wifi issue after 2.2 update. wifi kept dropping and reconnecting every few seconds. Wireless router was set to TKIP or AES. Changed the setting to AES Only in the router and it works like a charm.

    I'm looking for an Android side fix. As some routers we can't change the settings. This issue is not with all wireless routers. Have a couple wireless connections that are set to use TKIP or AES and it works fine.

  • Fcsd88760

    First! I got it!!! Got up this morning 6:30am pacific time, decided to check for update and I'm running froyo as we speak! Watch it download as I pooped and peed. Then watched it install as I brushed my teeth and shaved! Ohh yea.. feels so good! Hahaha

  • Jcdioses74

    About bloody time! 🙂

  • Josh

    I got mine at 12:16 am last night. Downloaded in about 5 minutes and took about 4 minutes to install. So far….noticeably faster web browsing, much improved camera actions, and the speaker volume is certainly better as well. Thanks for finally coming through! So far…..very impressed. Would have been nice if there were options to update all your downloaded apps at the same time….but not really a big deal. Relief and satisfaction at long last.

    • Josh

      Oh……and I pulled the update myself……with no waiting!

  • steve

    in michigan no update

  • John_19712001

    Just got my update!

  • Den

    Update is available now… I live in Chicago and this morning (9-22) at 7am I did the “check for updates” and got it. Took about 10 minutes total to load. YES…. FINALLY!!!!

  • yesnut

    Downloading as I type…. 8:47 am Eastern Time Zone.

  • Edingerdj


  • Ryan10

    Just got the update. 5 extra hours of froyo!!!!

  • Jason Sowder

    Just manually updated my DX at 10:40 pm PST. Sept.21

  • Drdoolittle

    Just downloaded the update here in DC! There is a GOD! Froyo….*sigh*….<3

  • Joseph Cadena81

    It already hit I just got it. Just do autoupdate

  • Duke

    I pulled mine at 12:00am Central time. Im in Chicago. It is downloading as I type this…. too excited….

  • Thatkid

    It's already out now! Im running it yay!!!

  • Nomadicpiercer

    update is out!!!! downloading it now!!!!!!!

  • birdonamission

    FYI — TURN ON YOUR WI-FI! I had mine disabled and was downloading via 3G only and man it was CRAWLING. Now it's flying…

  • Bondra23

    Well worth the wait.Wow

  • Chrishd4ever

    i gotit im downloading flash player from market now yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Sandeepnin

    oh my god .. cant believe it.. Me too downloading!!

  • Dpry3580

    Im downloading NOW 2! guess they meant AM.

  • J0nnyman17


    • Jp369

      me 2 i just update my system and it did it for me 2

  • DStripedApe

    I have updated. There is a god.

  • Chrishd4ever

    installin now this is a dream come true finally.

  • Steve Hall

    Go get it…it's available NOW!

  • Chrishd4ever

    90% donne so far

  • Jay_holi


    Check your signal strength. I'm at 90% on my download and it's only been about 15 minutes.

    • birdonamission

      Wow…90% for you. I have 5 bars, but still going painfully slow — after all this time, just at 2%.

  • Steve Hall

    Must have meant 12am EDT. cuz I'm downloading it now as I'm swyping this. Check your X's now.

  • Bondra23

    I checked my phone at 12:02 and froyo was there. Finished installing. Its amazing

  • Chrishd4ever


  • birdonamission

    So… How fast is your downloading going? It's still at 1% after almost 20 minutes. Over 3G. Is Wi-Fi faster?

    • Jjlinke18

      I have been downloading on 3g for about 20min too but im at 16%

      • birdonamission

        You're doing better than me. 🙂

        I'm in the basement..phone in multimedia dock. Going to bring it upstairs to see how much better it gets.

  • Jjlinke18

    Just an FYI the article shoud say 12AM EST because my DX is downloading the OTA right now!!!!

  • Jay_holi

    It's been a long time coming! Just made the rest of my week. Guess Verizon and Motorola CAN keep promises after all

  • luis

    I'm downloading the update now!!!!

  • David Degnan

    Its 12:11am here in cobleskill ny and here I am downloading it now cuz for some reason I felt like checking for updates. Dunno why its lettin me pull it so early but I am ^^

  • Baldypal

    It's a little past midnight on the eastern side and i'm downloading 2.2 on my X as i type this. I did a pull and BAM…there it was.

  • Chrishd4ever

    it 11:13 pm here by the way my bad lolo im so happy

  • birdonamission

    Yep…in Maryland. Started right at midnight. It's slow, though. Still at 1%. Glad I can do it now because there's no signal in my building at my desk at work!

  • Android 2.2 is beginning to roll out right now! I just checked Settings/About/Update and it says “Update Available”. Hell yeah! It's 9:00PM PST here so I guess at Midnight EST!


  • Jay_holi

    the update has been released….finally 11:10 P.M. Central Time

  • Bigass41ft

    it is 9:08 on 9/21 pm and i am downloading 2.2 right now….it came early

  • Chrishd4ever


  • Jjbass311

    Downloading in orlando fl

  • Dashman32

    It's 12:09 a.m. on the East Coast and I'm now currently downloading the Froyo update!!!

  • Rrebozo

    just started the download 12:01am

  • Placeofstillness

    I think they meant 12:01 AM guys. I'm pulling it down now. Bit of a misdirection from big red if you ask me.

  • locsta

    Just got my froyo update 12:07 am EST

  • Kylr

    Froyo available now

  • Jason

    Update available now…downloading

  • Ssplumb

    I am downloading update now.

  • MMM333


  • Steggall2580

    Just hit the update button and guess what 2.2 downloading right now guess they couldn't wait till 12.00 pm

  • Leron

    Mines downloading right now 🙂

  • Screechny

    Pulling update as i post this. 1202am east coast.

  • MN6

    Just checked and froyo is downloading as I type!

  • Thetechie

    Really? Cuz I'm downloading 2.2 RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • i totally called it

  • This will pass the time spent in jury duty for me tomorrow, go by much quicker.

  • Mauricegregory

    What about the volume..

  • Marcio

    I have installed the leaked froyo 2.2 but have some issues. So I would like to do the update but do I need to revert back to 2.1 first? if so how do I do that?

  • Roger

    Does anybody know what the behavior will be if you're on stock 2.1 and rooted and try to upgrade? I'm speaking of those who've rooted with the 1-click method (and who haven't modified/deleted/frozen/removed out any of the stock apps) Will 2.2 tomorrow:
    1) not allow to upgrade
    2) Allow you to upgrade, but lose root
    3) Allow you to upgrade, and keep root

  • carl

    I'm so stoked for this I can't wait (: take an already amazing fast phone and make out faster and make full web content available on the gorgeous 4.3 inch screen..this update will virtually eliminate the need for my lap top..the leaked froyo fixed my speaker issues so I'm sure the official will to..yay yay im excited..droid x best phone ever made!!(:

  • Evermour

    We'll see.

  • Hambrtd

    About time…. guess next time I purchase an android phone it will be from HTC. I've now had the original droid and now the droid x and from my own experience and what i hear from users and read htc is a better experience and they seem to be on top of things when it comes to google official updates and overal satisfaction…. just my opinion…

  • PassTravelFool

    It keeps saying 12:00 EST but we're still in EDT! Is this a simply mistake or is this a hoax email?

  • Larry

    Anyone know if i'll lose root with this?

  • Jtnix430

    Anyone heard anything about the volume fix for the dx?

    • Dragoneer

      Lemme Google that for you: http://tinyurl.com/33ojr3f

      • Aubreyvt

        Thats sweet!!!!!! Never seen that before. Maybe im to old :). Nice link.

  • Tracy Wilborn


  • Poopetr

    I've had Froyo on my discontinued Droid Eris since forever now. What took droidx so long?

  • Turner

    This is why I love DL. And my dads new X just got here. He's going to love Froyo! (I already do!)

  • Hlema

    Our they going to do something about the weak sound output? Can hardly hear the phone ring. Sucks.

  • aha this is hilarious to me in the last two droid x post i had just said verizon had the update if u go to the store they will push the update to you cuz i had it for two days already and no one believed me now look yall getting it tommorow when u couldve had it when i told you guys sucks when u dont believe someone lol

    • Dragoneer

      I call BS on this. You're a liar unless you prove it by posting a screenshot of your system info showing that you have the official build.

      • Aubreyvt

        Tried to get “Javonte” to prove it yesterday. Wouldn't. So im with ya….. BS.

      • how do i post picture

  • Awsome but now what are we gonna complain about hahahaha

    • Carlos

      When gingerbread gonna be heah?

      • Hope X users get it first!

      • Wayne

        How do you root gingerbread

    • Hahaha geez where is my ginger bread lol

  • JFKempf

    According to a post on the Computerword website:

    “Droid X users can start their own update by going to Menu>Settings>About Phone>System Updates, where Verizon has posted step-by-step instructions.”

    I'm happily cruising along on my overclocked undervolted Sapphire'd Droid, so I can't really attest to the veracity of the post.

  • Let the Flash and overall speed begin!

  • Anyone know if there are any major differences between this release and the leaked one from last month? I know there are subtle version number differences.

    I'm having zero issues with the leak and don't really want to do the whole downgrade upgrade thing….

  • Chris

    What if your dx is rooted? What do I do?

  • bartman

    Today Is my. Birthday; But. I will be hapy
    with this” better late than never” gift.

  • Dmwilkins00

    WHOO HOO!!! I'm so excited! I've set my alarm and calender for 12pm tomorrow!! Droid X Rocks!!

  • Wheresrenaldo

    Does that mean we will have a horizontal homescreen?

    • Crawford720

      I actually had my DX go into landscape mode for a brief period, was very cool and easy to read. also if you set it on top of a case with a magnet in it it will go into mulitmedia mode. Saves having to go buy one, very cool.

  • Dwdiamond

    i cant wait. i hope the volume issue is fixed with this.

    • Demonshout

      I had the leaked Froyo for a while (went back to 2.1) and yes indeed it does fix the speaker vol.

  • Rjoudrey

    Does anyone know for sure, other than what Motorola insinuated, that there won't be an upgrade path for leaked 2.2?

  • reetung

    OH wow, Im telling you dude, Droid is the one to watch! Wow.


  • jag28co

    LOVE YOU GUYS you are always first in breaking news. If i continue following the M forum and Matt I will die waiting for news.

    • pwm91c

      It is amazing isn't it, Droid Life sends a tweet out and it takes two hours later for Verizon wireless to send out the exact same information. http://twitter.com/VerizonWireless?from_source=onebox

      • Mrpicolas

        Thats what we do:-) we dig everyday for info to share with you guys

        • pwm91c

          and thank you for that, big time kudos.

  • Kingsfan3344

    Damn – I spent all that time preparing the class action to be filed tomorrow. well, ill save it just in case 🙂

  • overweightXman

    does anyone know if FROYO updates the speaker volume issues?

    • JTE

      It isn't mentioned in the PDF on the support page, but I'm crossing my fingers that they included it.

      • BD

        Matt from the Motorola Support Forums posted that everything isn't in the release notes and we should have a more detailed list tomm. after release. *fingers crossed*

        • overweightXman

          Appreciate the help, hopefully they do ’cause listening to music u can hardly hear is the worst.

  • I can't wait? Will Gingerbread / 3.0 cause this much excitement?

  • AllSystemsDown

    So, I rooted my DX but haven't upgraded to the pre-released Froyo/2.2. Do I need to revert back to factory state to get this update?

    • Yes, and even then theres no guarantee you’ll get the update.

  • Leoj43

    If the leaked one is working fine why would I update to this one?

  • ac106058

    Soto them end of summer means last day of summer. Good news my dx has been incredibly laggy lately 🙁

  • Beegore

    So if I already rooted my ex to 2.2. Do I have to unroot back to 2.1 stock to receive the update? Also do I need the 2.1 original file and where do I get that?

    • ABQ X

      Installs right over leaked froyo…my droid world already has it

  • Storms20002000

    Congrats x users glad you can join the froyo club I have extra spoons 🙂

  • 11knives

    Had to just check for an update after reading this… Wow can't wait!

  • dredaav

    Now don't get too happy, I will start my celebration once my phone has been updated!!

  • ABQ X

    My droid world already has it…installation went smooth as glass but I am rooted. Great thing is I stayed rooted.

    • dredaav

      How did you go about rooting your phone??

      • ABQ X

        go into the droid life root section. Or many of the other droid sites. There are a great many people around to help if you run into problems. I have yet to need help cuz there are amazing devs that make the process easy.

  • Chad59

    Booo ya, was starting to feel like the redheaded stepchild!!!

  • Robersns

    IF Motorola/Verizion roll out tomorrow then it will be as foretold in this prophecy:



    • Robersns

      It is in long essay posted at 6:44 pm on 9/14

  • HELL YEAH! Bloody awesome!

  • Jake

    This article fails to mention or link to the source of the quote in the image.

    • Anonymous

      Added another shot in case you were that worried. It’s from a Verizon internal system.

      • Anonymous

        I read what the updates were on your new shot and I’m wondering who in the world would use VZ Navigator?!

    • Jake

      Is this info posted on a VZW or Moto support page or forum? Press release? Leaked internal memo?

      • RanballX

        Ditto… What is the source of this info?

  • What are the chances that the update servers will survive past 12:01pm EST now that the release time has been made public? 😉

    /just sayin

  • Gg101

    I will be waiting to see if this can be rooted before flashing an sbf back to 2.1 so i can get the official update. Mydroidworld actually already has this leaked 2.3.15 version of froyo available but you must install it on top of the original leaked froyo kernel. We'll see if there are any real differences between this and the leaked versions.

  • viewthis74

    its my understanding after speaking with tech support that the “pull” method only works if your phone is in the selected batch to be updated. so if they update 10,000 (equals 1 batch) at a time and say your phone is in batch three you not be able to “pull” it till the third batch is rolled out.

    anyone else getting that info from tech support?

    • Anonymous

      You can push the OTA on your phone. Just check for updates.

    • Jd

      I can't understand then why they would show you how to pull in the pdf

  • Wow. Finally! @___@

  • dverson

    So I'm guessing I have to SBF my rooted 2.2 DX before the update goes live? And just when I got all my modded apps the way I liked them…

    • ABQ X

      Nope…installed right over the leaked 2.2 without requiring data or cache wipe….so sweet.

  • Droid x + froyo= all I*hone users realizing that thrre phone comes no where near to the droid x.

  • Spatak

    does anyone know if this will include a google calendar sync issue fix?

  • Michael_NM

    I'm breaking a promise not to mention this again… If the release occurs at Noon EST (Eastern Standard Time), that's 11:00 a.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) that will actually be 8:00 PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). I'll try very hard not to mention this again. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You are too into this time thing. 😛

      • Anonymous

        Haha! I need to find “time” for something else. 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    Welcome DX owners to the froyo world 🙂 We have been awaiting your presence!!

  • Jl92880

    Ok. I feel dumb asking this question:
    I'm running firmware 2.1-update1 Rooted. Installed SBF.
    Had 2.2 flashed it back to 2.1.
    Wonder If I should unroot then update.

    Let the Rooting Questions for 2.2 OTA beginning.

    • They already started asshat. Read.

    • antintyty

      i would wait until they root 2.2 first…

  • Here's to taking mobile porn to a whole new level with Flash 10.1 for DroidX!

    • MMM333

      Nothin better than mobile porn on a 4.3″ screen. 😛

    • porn is the root of all evil.

      • Marvin

        I thought money is root of all evil

        • The *love of money* is the root of all evil 🙂

          • bellastrong

            yes sir that’s what the bible says

      • MMM333

        Well now we can be evil on the go.

      • I thought women were the root of all evil…

        • RanballX


        • NuclearFluxx

          I am not sexist. Sexism is wrong, and being wrong is for women.

        • Women generally are the viewing subject of porn. One begets the other….

          • unless your gay (which i am not!)

          • God

            not “your”. Try English….. “You are” as a contraction is you’re. The phrase needs a verb.

          • Seth

            Hey, god. try existing. major faux pas.

          • bellastrong

            you’ll know He exists real soon

    • Sandeepnin

      Hehe!! Porn in toilet!!

    • almost 50 likes

  • Mango

    Can the rooted 2.1 be updated to 2.2 via OTA?

    • ABQ X

      Find the leaked 2.2 then install the update over it

    • antintyty

      you would lose root…best idea is to wait until the “pro's” root 2.2. for the X….that's what i'm doing!!

  • Mandorawk

    Great news for dx users but I wonder if the dx will be the red headed step child in the droid fam. And get there update last hopefully they will be more on point with ginger bread and not be last

    • Msnight04

      It already is last. The original Droid and Incredible have already been updated, the Droid 2 shipped with 2.2, and the Eris was discontinued so Verizon is not updating.

  • Gskellig


    • antintyty

      major FAIL….lol

    • Please stop doing that. It wasn't funny in 2005 and isn't funny now.

  • MMM333

    Finally! Wait isn't that technically fall at that point? 😛

    • Actually no – Fall doesn't start until the 23rd, so I guess the 22nd is as late into late summer as you can get! 🙂

      • MMM333

        Ah you are correct! Well at least Verizon didn't lie to us! Oh damn…they said beginning of September…

        Whatever. I'm just happy I am getting it.

    • Michael_NM

      Actually Fall starts at 11:09 PM EDT, so if it really comes at noon, they'll beat the deadline by a few hours. 🙂

  • Nemesis099

    Perfect I was already off work tomorrow so I'll be hooked up to some wifi to download this as soon as it is available.

  • Dan

    Happy birthday to me! If only I had an X. :p

  • nice watermark kellex LoL 😛

  • Maansova


    • antintyty


  • Britboy3000

    great. im totally ready for this….and ready to stop checkin for updates every 5mins haha.

  • first

  • bart welter

    About time!!

  • Surprised that after all this shit you actually consider Verizon or Motorola a reliable source.

  • The Droid X was the last to be released, so it’s actually fair it be the last to be updated. That said, it was still frustrating to see my old currently unused unactivated Droid 1 get Froyo before the X. Cannot wait till tomorrow.
    This pull deal from Blur hopefully does not fuck up.