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Download: New Desk Clock, Fixes “Set Alarm” Voice Action

When Google announced “Voice Actions” for Froyo, there was one in particular which they advertised but appeared not to work correctly for, well, everyone.  Luckily for us all, the G2 leaked system build keeps pumping out awesome updates to our favorite apps including a “set alarm…” voice action that had previously not been available.  As you can see from the screenies above, the one on the left is the old version, with the right screenie showing it working flawlessly.

Download:  DeskClockGoogle.apk

Install as you would any other application, just make sure you have Android 2.2.

Source:  XDA Forums

Cheers garbaged!

  • personguy

    Didn’t work for me on desire. Replaced my 7 screen desktop with one, showing the clock and weather, and still asks me to get a proper app from the market when I use the voice action “set alarm”…
    HTC desire, froyo 2.2

  • Kingjt3


  • mathees

    anyone else have trouble disabling or silencing the alarm once it goes off?

  • Lance

    The slide show and music functions don't work (Stock Incredible w/2.2).

  • static

    anyone else having issues with the alarm clock disappearing from the status bar with this new clock? i dont know if the alarm works still or not, will know in the morning if i'm late for work

  • FortitudineVincimus

    thanks for posting this. to bad I fell in love with Alarm Clock PlusV2 and sadly, when you use this voice action it places the alarm into the stock Clock app only

  • Mr. Steve

    What about the “listen to” feature not working with the music app? Is there a new music app also included in the G2 leaked system?

  • Anyone have the issue of the “search” softkey no longer working since installation. I'm on D1 with Lithium Mod running…help!

  • jtwildman1

    Sweet. Thanks again Droid life for keeping my phone super kewl.

  • Chris Nimon

    Installed without asking to update on
    my Droid. Works great. Been waiting for this.

  • Enrick Duporte

    Does anyone have a walkthrough on how to install this update for the clock on my Droid 1?

  • briderx

    Still can't get this installed on BB 0.4.. “Application not installed” error.. Opened Root Explorer, deleted the APK in the system folder and now rebooting. Going to see if it installs now. 🙁

  • Jeff

    how do you get this to work, it just installs as a regular alarm on my phone. i dont see any voice actions

  • Doug8307

    “Navigate to…” and “Go to (website)…” work great for me, but my DInc won't recognize any of my contact names for calls or texts.

    The other day I said “Call Dad at home” and one of options was a google search for “call Yankee stadium”

  • Edjm711

    i downloaded and did a test. works great! except now since it was only a test i looked to shut it off but i can't find the alarm anywhere. it's not in my alarm and timers, and i can't clear it from the notification bar. anyone know how to cancel the alarm went to set it with voice?

    • garbagedick

      what phone do you have? if its not stock you'd have to open the application named clock

      • Edjm711

        i found it! Thank you very much. I'm on a droid x. i was looking in the wrong place. i see that i can change the alarm tone after i set it, but is there a way to be defaulted to the tone i want to play when I use it?

        • garbagedick

          I don't have a droid x, but i believe it should use the default notification tone set in menu, settings, sounds. i'm not sure if the BLUR-ish ness of the phone changed that. if so i'm sure a fellow Droid X-er can advise

          • Edjm711

            thank you again for your help. i'm at work so i don't have a lot of time to play with it right now. but i will see what i can figure out. i'm not very keen on the alarm clock that shows up with the voice action alarm. the alarm clock on the droid x allows for a tap to snooze and a slider to dismiss. I really like that one.

  • Bxrider117


    I would like to know if the Droid X is your personal phone now. I noticed that you are using your in most of your videos. I just ordered one because I think it is time typo move on day from the original Droid.

  • Dx4life

    Tim-o-tato what is your personal phone

  • Dx4life

    Kellex is your droid x your personal phone if not what is?

    • Jdstell

      Even if Kellex has a Droid1, Droid2, and Droid x, wouldn't they all be his personal phones? just sayin…

  • Michael_NM

    This is cool, but I really want a “Voice Action” for snoozing my alarm!

    • I would kill for that….”STFU!!!” then i hear “snooze activated” lol +1

  • Ace Z.

    Thanks Kellex and those involved in this….this is so cool.

  • Alphabets13

    Parse Error….”there ia a problem parsing the package”/

    im running stock 2.1 on my DX???

    downloads but then get error when i try to install.

    • kellex

      Have to have Android 2.2.

      • Alphabets13

        ok, the directions seemed a bit fuzzy to me. im dissapointed bc i have issue with the stock dockscreen on my DX. weather widget and whatnot is junk.

  • kellex

    UPDATE: It should install on the DROID 1 just like any other .apk. It will just ask you to “upgrade” during installation.

    Have fun!

    • kriven4437

      What about on droid 2

    • Br_d

      What clock version should this be? It seems to be installing version 2.0.1 on my D1 with SS 4.7 ROM. Confusing as I already have 2.2 installed. It didn't ask me to upgrade, it just installed it along side the other clock app, and it force closed every time I tried to set an alarm.

      • I had to uninstall my 2.2 alarm clock manually

      • I didn't have to install it since all I did was used Root Explorer to rename the /system/apps/DeskClockGoogle.apk to /system/apps/DeskClockGoogle.apk.old and then copied this file there and reboot. Like you, the original version is 2.2 and the new one is 2.0.1 which by version numbers would actually be a downgrade unless it was really 2.2.1 and they somehow mistyped the number in the code before it was packaged.

  • garbagedick

    For the Droid i just hit install on the apk, it overrides the existing one and just works!

    • kellex

      Oh really? OK, nice!

      • josh1980

        Hey Kellex is your DX rooted and on 2.2?

        • kellex


          • josh1980

            Thanx. Can I download the icon pack and dock from my phone or do I need to

            use my computer? Like your DX setup.

          • kellex

            You can do it from your phone. You'll need Astro though since its in a zip file.

          • josh1980

            Thanx, for the fast replies. How do I get the stock icons back once I

            change them?

          • briderx

            Never compliment his quick replies… Lesson learned.

          • josh1980

            Point taken.

  • necroscopev

    Nice find, will await instructions for rooted D1!

  • Kraymanbauer

    First! Yeah my first first

    • Bill


    • Win!

    • Jdstell

      FAIL. Joe beat you by a minute! BWHAHAA

  • Nice!

    • Kraymanbauer

      Sorry joe!

      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you don't see it lol!