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Rumors: Android 2.2 for DROID X Delayed? Or Rolling Out Now?

Labor Day seemed like a great time to dip into the mailbag and see what kind of rumors were floating around and if any of them had to do with the status of Android 2.2 for the Droid X which we’ve all been waiting impatiently for.  Luckily we have a couple of stories in the works, both of which haven’t been confirmed by any of our Verizon connects, but are still interesting enough to let you know about.

We’ll start you off with the bad news first meaning this is the delay portion of today’s rumors.  According to one of our tipsters (a government telecom guy), the DX update has been delayed anywhere from 2-3 weeks and is apparently still running into Exchange issues, some of which are wiping security policies when moving from 2.1 to 2.2.  The current test build has been sent back to Moto for fixing.

I can’t say that I’ve tested any of the Exchange settings in the leaked 2.2 build, so I’ll have to ask readers to weigh in on whether or not there are still security issues.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this rumor though which leads me to believe it.

The second part of today’s rumor mill is more of a chance for everyone to let out a little laugh to end a long weekend.  According to 3 separate emails from 3 separate and non-related tipsters, we are getting word that the Droid X Froyo update has been rolling out since 8/27!  Yep, it started almost 2 weeks ago!  News to you?  Us too!

Obviously these reps are referring to the Droid Incredible update which did in fact start on 8/27.  The amazing thing is, that two of our guys called back on a separate occasions, asked specially 3-4 different ways if the rep meant the DI and each time were told, “No, the Droid X started on 8/27.”  Yikes.

When should you expect the DX update then?  We’re thinking next week at the earliest. And I seriously hope we’re wrong on this one.

  • Well the DX update has been delayed anywhere from 2-3 weeks and is apparently still running into Exchange issues, some of which are wiping security policies when moving from 2.1 to 2.2. Thanks for the information on blog.

  • Well it is true I might as well trade in my Droid x and just get an incredible. Honestly I though thought the Droid x was coming with flash..Thanks a lot for sharing this with us you really know what you are talking about!

  • Well its means, The exchange support for the DX is terrible. And until the integration is smooth I wont be going back.Thanks

  • Android 2.2 Froyo is without a doubt a highly-anticipated update for scores of users who own an Android phone. From speed improvements to Adobe's Flash 10.

  • Sophoclesdrf

    Sept 20, and still no update and no indications of one being imminent.

  • Thoraldi

    🙁 lied to by salesperson and Verizon!

  • Ccombs

    wonderful engineers terrible software developers

  • Bozy82

    I have the” leaked” version of 2.2 and it works great even when syncing using active sync and exchange. Flash also works very well and is included in the build eventhough its not available in the market it on adobes site. If u want more info or a copy of the leaked version contact me at b o z y 8 2 msn com. Its about 60mb so maybe I can put it on a ftp site for ya or something. Kevin

  • pissed customer!

    I was loyal to Motorola, up until now, it shows me how far behind they are when it comes to software. I mean come on, HTC evo has flash and that is with sprint . Pity , I always thought vzw was better than sprint. I might as well trade in my Droid x and just get an incredible. Honestly I though thought the Droid x was coming with flash, if I would of non this failure would occur I would of just got Droid 2.

    • Ccombs

      wonderful engineers terrible software developers

  • Genjisleeps

    Am I missing something? It might be me because I haven't been updating myself in the droid news but if i have been reading right the official 2.2 build isn't out yet? why are they releasing the flash 10.1 if the know it isn't out yet? I've been looking for a way to to officially upgrade to 2.2 but i get nothing. Can someone help me here?

  • Nujabe

    I been waiting so long i really want to return the phone back i feel.like vrizon got over on me. I could have went and got an evo or iphone 4 i chose this because i was led to believe that this phone would get the new up date. Also i don't understand that at all.all of there flag ship phones are running the newest os but this one. Makes me want to call the better business burrow. And have them get me out of my contract.

  • Kinz989

    Droid Does… everything but update

  • Kewlstewieguy

    Man thats what I get for buying a moterola android phone

  • XxCrys16xX

    I asked another VZW rep tonight about the OTA update and was told we'd get it by the fall… Doesn't make sense to me if gingerbread 2.x is slotted for October…

  • Masheen

    are you F*cking kidding me?….. Who the hell even uses exchange! i don't know of a single adult that even knows how to use it! its so irrelevant…… So this is the reason why the other 90% of us have to grind our teeth waiting for Froyo on our Dx ?! Unbelievable. You guys are verizon are F*cking idiots! ….oh and by the way, Gingerbread (Android 3.0) is scheduled to release in mid October. Useless

  • XxCrys16xX

    I called tech support tonight because of a text outage. My X will send them but not recieve them… Apparently there is an outage in NC, but I'm in SC, so the outage on my device baffles them, and they had to open a trouble ticket… But I digress…

    My point is, as an opening to my true inquiry, I asked the Tech if the froyo update would fix this problem and she said no, that it was either a network issue, or an issue directly linked to my device. She said that those with the 2.2 update have reported no change in the outages.. which led me to believe that some DX owners have gotten it already, so I asked. She told me that yes, the update has started rolling out, but if you haven't received it yet, it may be another week or so because the first couple batches were bad. Her exact words were “The first couple roll outs caused some customers' devices to actually crash, rendering them useless. So the software had to be re-evaluated and tweaked. You may get it a little later than other Droid X owners.”

    That being said, I have come to accept the delay of my OTA update… I would rather not brick my new toy with an unfinished build, all because I'm impatient.. I'm kind of glad they are working to fix the problems with 2.2 early. It's better than everyone screwing up their phones and attacking the company for putting out a bad update…And THEN starting this process of impatience all over again as we wait for a fix lol…

  • Buckgrad

    “…by the end of summer” right? Today is the 9th, and autumn officially begins on the 22nd. That gives them 13 more days to get 2.2 to the Droid X, which is possible given the latest rumor. Here's hoping.

  • Dannythompson2010

    Verizon, send motorola back to t mobile.

  • Bertb33

    nice how they got 2.2 on the droid2 which came out AFTER the X…WTF!!!! I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT EXCHANGE!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald

    you guys need to relax and focus on more important things in life..or maybe get one at that. You can wait a few weeks

  • JK

    Exchange support is crucial for anyone who works hard and has an exchange email account at work… Rogue is right saying you have MORE TIME for pleasure when you can delete the mostly spam messages constantly throughout the day instead of sitting down for a lengthy session. Exchange support is crucial and why I dumped the D1.

  • xelandroid

    Can anyone tell me if Easy Root will work on the leaked 2.2 I have installed?

  • Their interface works better and maybe it will help us hate Blur a little less…

  • I'm using the DX froyo leak and exchange (2003) right now. While I had problems with 2.1 and exchange, I've not had a single one on Froyo. I think that rumor is bs.

  • JL

    Is there anything peculiar about the fact that when I hit the System Updates button in the settings menu my DX says “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”? Doesn't it normally tell you that “Your phone is up to date.” or something like that?

    • AShoupy

      Maybe you just couldn't get a connection to the server. I just ran the update check here in Ohio and still no Froyo, I was told my phone is up to date.

    • ScottinMA

      I ran into that message. I first thought it was server overload. But when I called in to check I was told that if you check for a system update more than 2-3 times a day you will get that error message consistently. They were not clear, but I waited a day and then could check again. I was also assured that when 2.2 was ready for the Droid X, we would get a push notification when we turned on the phone.

  • IzzyD

    Man no wonder we have some many issues in this society. You folks need patiences that is for darn sure. Fact is you want an update pushed out that has bugs so you can complain even more or what. Or do you sit back relax a bit have a beer maybe and wait for a quality build to be pushed out.

    Bottom line is the OTA update will be lucky to be out by the end of the month is my guess. Last I got word is it failed its last test again and needs to go back and be fixed still. And IMO that is a good thing. the last thing we need/want is a bad build put out. You also need to keep in mind the priority for them is the D2 and getting everything rolling correctly. that is why it was the first device to release with 2.2. And on that note the Dx can run the D2 software. So once the kinks are worked out it will be pushed out to the Dx

    Oh and as for any of you folks looking for the Dx Froyo file it is still around to be downloaded you just have to do some hunting for it is all. I just found 3 links to it in a matter of 2 mins so its not that hard to get.

  • Rosman21

    Screw this im getting droid 2. I knew i never should have never traded my incredible for the X. I hate motorola.

    • Crazy Ferris

      Motorola makes the D2…

  • Mitch

    What i've been hearin is its supposed to be out mid september so your guess is as good as mine

  • NadTwist

    I really don't knows why anyone is upset over the delay. Honestly, with the information given by this wonderful website (Droid Life), i've been happily running 2.2 on my X for weeks and haven't had any issues. Rooted with Flash 10.1 and all.

    I kept a copy of the 2.1 SBF and RSD Kite is very easy to use. So no worries about going back before the OTA… Titanium Backup will reload all my apps. What's the big stress?

    • NadTwist

      Damn spelling correctors… RSD Lite. 😉

    • Whelp, most people don't want to void their warranty or go through the hassle of trying to jailbreak their phone and risk bricking it…that's my reasoning anyways.

  • Whiteboy3 Bw

    hurry the f##k up with the froyo update for the droid x

  • Ixobelle

    people are still waiting for 2.2_ lol I've been running it for weeks now, and (here's the big killer) EXCHANGE ACTIVE SYNC IS WORKING JUST FINE.

    when the OTA comes out, i'll flash back to 2.1, manually pull down the OTA, then reroot. I guess I'd be frustrated too, but I'm not sure why people are on the fence. If you want 2.2, there's nothing stopping you from running it right now.

    • Godwellz

      Agreed, but the rumors of bricking while updating (LIES) kept people back.

    • 1lionmurrill

      Not everyone is intrested or comfortable with rooting. We shouldn't have to root to get what we were promised when we made the purchace.

      I've read plenty of post from people who bricked their phone.

      • Bill K. Ozby

        You actually don't have to root to update your phone to 2.2

  • Ronnie

    I'm sure all DX owners are in love with there new device. I think this is getting ridiculous, you guys are making entirely to much money to be giving the public the run around. All we need is a rough date or something to look forward to. Please when is the update for the Droid X coming out??

    • Alan B

      I would expect 2.2 to be delivered by 23-September, the last day of summer. Moto will have to meet their promise made in the printed ads (Flash and 2.2 by “late summer”) or possibly face some serious consequences.

      • Ronnie

        Thanks for replying, that gives me something to look forward to. I just hope they wont say we have to bring it back to the stores because of a defect. This type of hold up makes me wonder. What if they try to come out with some type of different model, I would hope it would be a even swap.

      • 1lionmurrill

        I thought the last day of summer was Sept 21st. Either way,you make a good point!

    • Thoraldi

      We got a rough day it was 9/7/10 Ronnie and it is getting rougher as each day goes by that we have all ready paid for financially and emotionally. Maybe tomorrow! LOL!

  • the droid2 and droid x use the same sh!ty UI, why the eff is taking that long, if you gonna be failer in your company do it razr not Android. F U C K MOtorola.

    • Godwellz

      I have to agree. $500 for this bastard and its the same ole sh!t. Motorola, this will be the last dime you get from me.

      Even though I have been running 2.2 for about a month…I want the official build.

  • feztheforeigner


  • Buckgrad

    Actually, I don't care about exchange and won't use it. If that is why the big hold up, they should release 2.2 without and update it when they get it right. I'm sure Steve Jobs is getting a laugh out of this, but those of us with the X are not laughing.

  • Gosh

    Dude… this has become a terrible joke. If i had flash capabilities id be cool, but shit…wtf

  • Tyler Hilliard

    I started school a week ago so their 'late summer' deadline for me has come and gone. This is getting ridiculous. Exchange never worked well for me on 2.1 over my summer job but I do not need it now. I would say they OTA update to stock Android if it didn't rid of re-sizable widgets and camera functions.

  • I'd expect the update at the end of this week. Honestly, why would the delay the 2.2 OTA past their late summer deadline and alienate so many customers when they could push it out without the exchange fix, emphasize that the exchange fix is coming, and then push out a bug fix with exchange working in October if need be?

    • Gosh

      Exactly… amen my jewish brother from aanother mother

  • burpootus

    I think they should extend the grace period for the people who bought early. I bought mine on launch day and about the time I was expecting the update obviously my grace period ran out. If it was a simple OS update, it wouldn't be a real issue. But there's some big time bug fixes that should come as well. I'll never buy a phone in this manner again.

    • timarnette

      I agree with you. I bought mine on launch day. I am get tired of waiting for 2.2

  • 1lionmurrill

    My wife woke up the other morining and got the message to install 2.2 on the Droid Incredible. She hit install waited and nothing happened and that was the end of that. 5 days later and still no 2.2.

  • Exchange security setting were working correctly for me in 2.1. However, when I updated to the unofficial release, I am not required to enter my PIN as I did in 2.1. My company is using exchange 2007 I believe.

  • If we installed the 2.2 leak on our DX, will we be able to manually install the official via the update.zip method when it is released?

  • Brettbhockey

    If you can't wait 4 flash try skyfire its not perfect but plays some flash sites.

  • I cant believe we gotta wait for the update just so some workaholic can check is exchange email at the bar instead of talking to the hotty next to him.

    • kellex

      Oh wow. +100.

    • HallertauRogue

      If it were not for exchange support that workaholic would be sitting in his office minus the drink and hottie.

    • samwilli2002

      That's the main reason I went back to my blackberry. The exchange support for the DX is terrible. And until the integration is smooth I wont be going back.

      • Guest

        Try downloading Touchdown for Exchange… it runs like the Blackberry email app does, only it's on my much faster and better Droid X!

  • Neo1738

    i am from the NYC area as is my #, but I am currently in Michigan about 2 hrs north of detroit, no pull or push updates here

    • Same here, but I am from another part of New York, and I am spending my time in West Virginia…I guess it doesn't matter seeing as we have to wait awhile for froyo anyways. XD

  • lakerzz

    I thought Motorola was giving the Touchdown application for free to DX owners due to the Exchange problems the DX was having.

    • Neo1738

      they are last i heard, maybe they are sick of paying for it and won't release 2.2 until they won't have to anymroe

  • adams

    my droid x is sittin @ a fedex sorting facility which was ordered on Aug. the 25th 😛

    hope it comes soon 😀

    • adams

      2.2 that is

  • Jcomegys1

    I talked to a vzw rep on friday september 3 and he placed me on hold and then confirmed that 2.2 for the droid x has started rolling out but it was going out in phases and would recive it within a week. It just depends on what region u live in and what regions they release first. I really can't wait another day myself.

    • Darkwood

      To everyone! How about report what region you are from if you were able to pull/get the 2.2 update?

  • Les

    My DX shipped on Friday with delivery scheduled for Wednesday. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  • ericsorensen

    I couldn't get the X on the leaked 2.2 to work with Exchange 2003, but purchased Touchdown, which is a great program.

    I am still hoping there will be an easy way to update my leaked 2.2 with the new one (if there are any noticable improvements, that is)

    • Centralus

      To everyone with EXCHANGE ISSUES on your X go whine at your IT guy it is HE who is to blame not MOTO or VZW. I am an IT person and can assure you the problem is your exchange is not setup correctly, meaning in teh case of 2003 they don't have SSL (but should and only reason they don't is due to laziness/lack of knowhow) – same goes for 2007. Its working fine for us with stock droid x

      • Ryan

        No. The Droid X had exchange issues from the get go, and was acknowledged by Moto themselves. Sure you should have a SSL cert, but that doesn't mean your phone shouldn't work if you dont have one. There are plenty of other issues with notifications for exchange email, problems when syncing an entire inbox etc. As an example, we have 4 users who have the original Droid. Not one problem with exchange. We have 2 users with the Droid X and they cannot use the default email app at all, and we have a cert. We had to get the free license Moto gave us for Touchdown, a third party app.

        • Centralus

          As mentioned we have (and I have) droid x and we have no exchange issues at all and are not using touchdown. notifications, synchronize of calendars, mail, etc all works beautifully. I even have 3 exchange accounts on my droid x which is real nice. Only issue we have is the photos from contacts are not synched. However just to reiterate take it from me, I am not going to repeat myself this is an exchange admin issue primarily. If you are your company’s exchange admin and want to make excuses for yourself, that is fine. You are correct that the setting of unchecking SSL SHOULD work on X but you don’t know what you are doing as an exchange admin if you don;t have a properly configured cert. It is not only SSL that is screwed up its probably the Offline address book and more, X has just brought to light your misconfigured exchange setup. Feel free to put your head in the sand but its no coincidence (I can assure you) that I am an experienced exchange/active directory admin and have multiple droid x’s in our company with zero exchange issues out of the box with zero changes in our exchange setup.

          • the_stig

            I 100% agree with the statement above. Droid X 2.1 and I admin an Exchagne 2007 server and not 1 problem since day 1. SSL can be tricky to properly configure on Exhchange 2007 but time needs to be taken to be sure it is correct to ensure external communication is going to work. People that are having trouble with Exchange on the DX should try their credentials on this Microsoft Test page and take note of the results. https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/

        • Centralus

          Also, take the time to read the posts elsewhere, who is having the bulk of the problems? exchange 2003 servers and what did 2003 allow you to get away with? either no ssl at all or a badly configured self signed cert. 2007 also allows you to create a self signed cert which is useless outside your LAN. Really I know the IT guy in most of your companies is a jerk but this is your chance to tell him he does not know it all as this is his fault.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, Centralus, telling my IT guys they are lazy or don’t know how would be a bad move on my part! Plus, they are all I*phone guys. I already pissed them off when I showed their precious company flash website working flawlessly on my Droid X. And, yes, they don’t use SSL and I tried all combinations of settings and couldn’t get it to work. Touchdown worked perfect the first try.

  • Ruggedlogo

    Funny. All these update delays, x prob. Makes me really wish i would have just got the new bb. Fantasic. Anyone want to buy my x? 125.00

    • Robert Austin

      Yeah, I'll buy it.

    • Timoh

      My friend/co worker has the BB torch. It's full of bugs, shes returned it twice and had different problems every time. Now her ringer wont work.

    • u'd sell ur NEW x for 125 ? u serious?

    • theineffablebob

      The BB Torch is a slow phone.

    • Is it rooted?

    • Heafer40

      you serious?? i will buy

  • Miami1683

    I do believe their testing started on the 27 th. As far as the exchange issues go. Sometimes the email aren't pushed untill you open the email app. I think its not ready yet.

  • motodoes**

    I still have a droid 1 and the 2.2 has been great! …what's keeping me from getting a X is moto blur, I did not like the os look compared to droid 1 so I can wate:)

    • Petri916

      Im selling my DX for 575 on craigslist with new hdmi cable dock zagg shield installed 3 screen protectors 2 dx cases from verizon and a new body glove gase brand new plus extra battery charger oem everything else is unopened and phones been used a week. sound like agood deal?

  • Sdabbs02

    I now see this is going to be the mountain Android is going to have to conquer. Modifying the software to go with different phones. What I don't understand is why the rooting artist can break down the software faster and sometimes better than the major phone developers 🙁

  • Nghous

    Well… if it came out on the 27th… wouldnt we all have it… since supposedly we are able to “pull ” the update???????

  • Chad59

    Even a 2.1 friendly Flash would be nice!!!

  • GovGeek

    Just tried reform an update check. First time i've seen it, but its hanging at the “checking for updates” instead of telling me immediately that they're are no updates for me. Too many people checking at once?

  • Rain_king46

    I was using the built in Exchange on my updated DX. Everything seemed to function property. I got all emails and notifications and the security settings matched up with my server no problem. The only problem that I found was that each exchange account that I created showed up in my accounts list twice. I have since decided to use K9 as my exchange client as it has more configuration options. When I tried to delete the native exchange entries, one of the two that it created disappeared. The other will not delete but all of the config data appears to be empty and it does not appear to be syncing.

    Note to Moto, if is really what is holding back the DX OTA update, make a deal with either K9 or Touchdown and include their Exchange client as a part of your blur package. Their interface works better and maybe it will help us hate Blur a little less…

  • ABerry5

    whatever.. I've been running the leaked update for awhile.. and when in doubt.. break the thing.. the joy of insurance 😉

  • Dman27

    I still get nothing… =[

  • Joanna Jadore

    Wtf!!! I was so excited for September to come for this very reason but now 2-3 weeks?!?! F U motorola and vzw!!

  • dredaav

    Man hurry up with the Froyo Moto!! OR ELSE!!! I don't know what the “or else” is but it sounds good doesn't it??

    • Sdabbs02

      MOTO has us by the balls. There is no or else 🙁 lol

  • Thenew3

    I'm having trouble with my DX and the leaked 2.2 working with my work exchange. I can get calendar and send email but can not receive email. Same issue I had when the DX was running 2.1

    on my D1 running 2.2 (leaked, Bugless Beast, and OEM OTA 2.2), Exchange activesync worked without any issues.

    Since both phones are made by Moto, I would've thought both would have the same email, exchange/activesync codes. But I guess they are not the same.

  • The excitement has fizzled away. Can only handle so many ups and downs when it happens it will happen…..F U MOTO & VZW I will sue you for Depression caused by this…….LOL…..DROID beep beep teet toot bleep. I have gone mad I say…….Help Me Give Me Froyo……..lol

  • Potterdood


  • First!

    • Rjoudrey

      The first shall be last!