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Rumors: Android 2.2 for DROID X Delayed? Or Rolling Out Now?

Labor Day seemed like a great time to dip into the mailbag and see what kind of rumors were floating around and if any of them had to do with the status of Android 2.2 for the Droid X which we’ve all been waiting impatiently for.  Luckily we have a couple of stories in the works, both of which haven’t been confirmed by any of our Verizon connects, but are still interesting enough to let you know about.

We’ll start you off with the bad news first meaning this is the delay portion of today’s rumors.  According to one of our tipsters (a government telecom guy), the DX update has been delayed anywhere from 2-3 weeks and is apparently still running into Exchange issues, some of which are wiping security policies when moving from 2.1 to 2.2.  The current test build has been sent back to Moto for fixing.

I can’t say that I’ve tested any of the Exchange settings in the leaked 2.2 build, so I’ll have to ask readers to weigh in on whether or not there are still security issues.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this rumor though which leads me to believe it.

The second part of today’s rumor mill is more of a chance for everyone to let out a little laugh to end a long weekend.  According to 3 separate emails from 3 separate and non-related tipsters, we are getting word that the Droid X Froyo update has been rolling out since 8/27!  Yep, it started almost 2 weeks ago!  News to you?  Us too!

Obviously these reps are referring to the Droid Incredible update which did in fact start on 8/27.  The amazing thing is, that two of our guys called back on a separate occasions, asked specially 3-4 different ways if the rep meant the DI and each time were told, “No, the Droid X started on 8/27.”  Yikes.

When should you expect the DX update then?  We’re thinking next week at the earliest. And I seriously hope we’re wrong on this one.

  • Well the DX update has been delayed anywhere from 2-3 weeks and is apparently still running into Exchange issues, some of which are wiping security policies when moving from 2.1 to 2.2. Thanks for the information on blog.

  • Well it is true I might as well trade in my Droid x and just get an incredible. Honestly I though thought the Droid x was coming with flash..Thanks a lot for sharing this with us you really know what you are talking about!

  • Well its means, The exchange support for the DX is terrible. And until the integration is smooth I wont be going back.Thanks

  • Android 2.2 Froyo is without a doubt a highly-anticipated update for scores of users who own an Android phone. From speed improvements to Adobe's Flash 10.

  • Sophoclesdrf

    Sept 20, and still no update and no indications of one being imminent.

  • Thoraldi

    🙁 lied to by salesperson and Verizon!

  • Ccombs

    wonderful engineers terrible software developers

  • Bozy82

    I have the” leaked” version of 2.2 and it works great even when syncing using active sync and exchange. Flash also works very well and is included in the build eventhough its not available in the market it on adobes site. If u want more info or a copy of the leaked version contact me at b o z y 8 2 msn com. Its about 60mb so maybe I can put it on a ftp site for ya or something. Kevin

  • pissed customer!

    I was loyal to Motorola, up until now, it shows me how far behind they are when it comes to software. I mean come on, HTC evo has flash and that is with sprint . Pity , I always thought vzw was better than sprint. I might as well trade in my Droid x and just get an incredible. Honestly I though thought the Droid x was coming with flash, if I would of non this failure would occur I would of just got Droid 2.

    • Ccombs

      wonderful engineers terrible software developers

  • Genjisleeps

    Am I missing something? It might be me because I haven't been updating myself in the droid news but if i have been reading right the official 2.2 build isn't out yet? why are they releasing the flash 10.1 if the know it isn't out yet? I've been looking for a way to to officially upgrade to 2.2 but i get nothing. Can someone help me here?

  • Nujabe

    I been waiting so long i really want to return the phone back i feel.like vrizon got over on me. I could have went and got an evo or iphone 4 i chose this because i was led to believe that this phone would get the new up date. Also i don't understand that at all.all of there flag ship phones are running the newest os but this one. Makes me want to call the better business burrow. And have them get me out of my contract.

  • Kinz989

    Droid Does… everything but update

  • Kewlstewieguy

    Man thats what I get for buying a moterola android phone

  • XxCrys16xX

    I asked another VZW rep tonight about the OTA update and was told we'd get it by the fall… Doesn't make sense to me if gingerbread 2.x is slotted for October…

  • Masheen

    are you F*cking kidding me?….. Who the hell even uses exchange! i don't know of a single adult that even knows how to use it! its so irrelevant…… So this is the reason why the other 90% of us have to grind our teeth waiting for Froyo on our Dx ?! Unbelievable. You guys are verizon are F*cking idiots! ….oh and by the way, Gingerbread (Android 3.0) is scheduled to release in mid October. Useless

  • XxCrys16xX

    I called tech support tonight because of a text outage. My X will send them but not recieve them… Apparently there is an outage in NC, but I'm in SC, so the outage on my device baffles them, and they had to open a trouble ticket… But I digress…

    My point is, as an opening to my true inquiry, I asked the Tech if the froyo update would fix this problem and she said no, that it was either a network issue, or an issue directly linked to my device. She said that those with the 2.2 update have reported no change in the outages.. which led me to believe that some DX owners have gotten it already, so I asked. She told me that yes, the update has started rolling out, but if you haven't received it yet, it may be another week or so because the first couple batches were bad. Her exact words were “The first couple roll outs caused some customers' devices to actually crash, rendering them useless. So the software had to be re-evaluated and tweaked. You may get it a little later than other Droid X owners.”

    That being said, I have come to accept the delay of my OTA update… I would rather not brick my new toy with an unfinished build, all because I'm impatient.. I'm kind of glad they are working to fix the problems with 2.2 early. It's better than everyone screwing up their phones and attacking the company for putting out a bad update…And THEN starting this process of impatience all over again as we wait for a fix lol…