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Angry Birds for Android Coming This Friday? Sign Up Now!

If you are interested in beta testing one of the most popular mobile games on the planet, then you might want to think about signing up for the Angry Birds Android beta immediately.  According to an email sent from their support department to one of our readers, they plan on sending out the beta this Friday to everyone that signed up…

Hi Jeremy,

We are going to send out a massive beta test to everyone that signed up to android.angrybirds.com at the end of the week.

Cheers,  Matt

Visit android.angrybirds.com to sign up now!

  • georgia

    should i sign up to this

    • poo


  • georgia

    hi whats up i love angry birds do you is there a sign up game that people can go on i hope there is anyway whats up

  • jernita

    thnx uu…………………….lol

  • aleisha

    the red one is the angryest

  • Toriavega

    right  now watching tv

  • Toriavega






  • Sherab101


  • Anonymous

    angry bird is so cool

  • Melody

    how angry are those birds as well and which ones angrier ???????????????????  

  • Babyega03

    this game is fu n i play alot on my phone

  • iccellphone
  • Karl

    Just waiting for the iPhone 4 update. Angry Birds on the retina display = pure sex.

  • Antho11189

    NICE!!! now we just need to get plants vs zombies

  • Karl

    Just waiting for the iPhone 4 update. Angry Birds on the retina display = pure sex.

  • Antho11189

    NICE!!! now we just need to get plants vs zombies

  • Vtsenf

    When available for PPC ? 🙁

  • FunkyMonkey88

    Alright! Lets gets some more premium games on Android!

  • Bryan

    In as well! Can't wait!

  • DroydHead

    Signed.. Geez , how good is this game?? I played it on my friend's i*hone4 and didnt notice anything thaaat great. I only played it for a few minutes though. Can't wait to hopefully get the beta.


    Im signed up

  • Chris Nimon

    All i want to know is when are they gonna put X-com on the Droid? Then I will retire from society and hang my hammock in the middle of nowhere and get myself some blackberry thumb

  • batterie

    Let's hope they don't ruin the game like gamehouse did to doodlejump

  • dredaav

    This game rocks!!

    •  I think Angry Birds is either number 1 or number 2 most popular mobile game in history…tetris is up there too.  For $1 the value you get out of this game is incredible!

  • Firelight

    Ha! I was watching TWiT whilst working this afternoon and Leo & Kevin were playing Angry Birds on the iPad. I immediately Googled & AppBrained it and found the email signup page just an hour or so before this post. Synchronicity?

  • RumbaCembe

    rumba cembe like numba one game on app store on android ahahahah

    • toriavega

      i now this random

  • motograter7

    screw this i want PLANTS VS ZOMBAYZZZ

    • Joel

      Amen to that!!!

  • Dr.L'ling

    Finally ive been waiting soooo long.

  • NuclearFluxx

    How angry are these birds, on a scale from one to Chris Brown? Will he send the game out as an .apk file via email?

    • WIN.

    • balthuszar

      i dont know about your scale but i've heard reports that they're about Mel Gibson angry

  • oscarahj


  • oh good, says I signed up already. bam.

  • Myles

    I was addicted to this game on day 1 and I haven't put it down yet. Was definitely the best $1 I've ever spent for a mobile game. Hells yeah, signed up.

  • Hohlraum

    This is the new hotness. Take a fun flash app someone made 2yrs ago. Turn it into your own “original” app. Profit.

    • No kidding. I played it and it is fun but in no way new. The guy who made that app is so lucky.

  • ilikebikes


    •  yea, me too. Love angry birds, you’d never get bored because they come out with new versions all the time.

  • ryanallaire

    People! It's i*ad and i*hone!!! Lol..

  • …or i can wait and let droid-life get the link so i can get it 🙂

  • Lansdownunder

    This may be one of the best games ever. I'm lovin' it!

  • BBB

    I like this game more than ketchup and TV combined!!!!

  • s0n-

    Awesome! My one last tie to the iphone is done!

  • Zomg! OPs! Can't wait!

    I would also like WordsFree from the i*hone too plz 🙂

    • Philly

      Yes, wordsFREE is awesome. but did you know there is a similar game on the market called WordFeud. same exact concept, just not as aethestic. addicting none the less.

  • KillaPenguin

    I love this game. Seriously. I love it.

    • Gardner24

      you spent $500 for a game.

      • still a better purchase than Steel Battalion

      • KillaPenguin

        No, but it was the 'straw that broke the camels back' as they say. In this case, I was the camel, and my back was my resistance to purchasing an iPad.

    • BAoxymoron

      I steal my friends itouch all the time to play this game…. I was actually planning on getting an itouch instead of a classic for this game… now I won't have to

      • orrrrrrr you can wait until the Galaxy S PMP comes out and have something better than an iPod 🙂

        (if only it was Droid branded)

        • BAoxymoron

          I'd honestly rather have the ipod classic…. just holds more and is simple( two great things for a music player) and yes I do realize it's made by apple… for give me for my sins

  • Are there any special requirements?

  • jg127

    Awesome, can't wait.. I'm in!