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Real HDMI App for DROID X Unlocks HDMI Magic

Time to take your Droid X and use it’s HDMI out feature the way it was meant to be used through Real HDMI.  From developer Gman comes the first app which allows you to hook up your DX, see the display simultaneously on your TV and take full advantage of its awesomeness.

There are a few limitations, but remember that this is brand new and will continue to get better through time.  If you have a Droid X, this is definitely worth your money.

Video Action:

In Market for $1.99.

Full support thread at source link below.


Download Link

Source:  Droid X Forums

Cheers Dave!

  • yewtree6

    So if I get that app I can plug my hdmi cord from my phone to tv and it will actua??lly work

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Welcome to the party. Just Kidding. Actually this app works pretty well. Yes, it will hook your phone up to your TV. One thing, it does not mirror. Once you get a little practice though, you will be playing Angry Birds or Netflix ala bigscreen in no time. Get your cord at http://www.Monoprice.com or Amazon for the cheapest prices. If you spend more than 5$ you spent too much! 

  • KRH

    It’s 3.99, not 1.99

  • This should be FREE until the phone actually displays what is on the TV! Not gettin’ my $2!

  • Walter

    This app has poor video quality.  How can this be corrected.  The HDMI is disabled on the app.  WHY

  • Walter

    Why is the HDMI – marked disabled on the ReaL HDMI App. and how did i get it on.

  • Eltejano723

    how do i know if my v has playback mode…..?

  • Eltejano723

    Are there only certain tv’s that are dlna capable? i have a vizio….and i havnt been able to watch anything

  • Naqui

    I have a real HDMI Installed on a DROIDX when I plug it to my TV , I have VIdeo OUT but not sound. I install “alogcat” application from the market and in a log, appears the followeing error in the screen

    E/HDMI_NXPDVR( 1742): hdmiNxpDvr_SetAudio failed (88240068)

    what could be the problem? and how to fix it