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Want Official Flash 10.1 on your DROID? Install New CyanogenMod 6.0 RC3

If the leaked beta versions of Flash 10.1 for your Droid aren’t cutting it these days, especially with the official version launching on the market for the Nexus One last week, then we have a solution for you.  Root your Droid and install the latest CyanogenMod 6.0.0 RC3 build through ROM Manager and it should appear for you in the market as you can see from the screenies above.

According to Verizon, we should have seen Flash released for the D1 on the 18th, but that date has now come and gone with no word.  We had sort of hoped to see Flash with FRG22 Froyo, yet that build seems to have disappeared as rumors of a new 2.2 for the D1 have emerged.  It’s a huge guessing game at this point.

Like I said, grab it now using the new CM6.

*Note* – If you are on a 2.2 ROM and can’t see Flash in the market, try going into Settings>Applications>Market and clearing data/cache and then force stopping it.  It may appear afterwards.

Any luck?  This build seems to run much better than those leaked builds which were not meant for the D1 anyway.

Cheers Shane!

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Ross18boss

    how do i do the install

  • Greg Davidson

    I installed CM6 found Flash in the market downloaded it and still have no access to flash in my web browser any suggestions?

  • Morpheus282

    I've been getting a lot of FCs in the mail app in RC3. Battery life also seems to be less than RC2. Anybody else seeing these issues?

  • Edgar

    On an unrelated note: I just got my DX, and i just copied all the files from on SD to another because the DX one is better. What i would like to know is where do the apps get saved to when you move them to the SD? I'm pretty sure they'll just waste space on there. I'm going to root, and get 2.2 from ROM Manager so I'll just move my apps back there.

  • ripster

    I'm starting to think Steve Jobs was right on the money about flash
    droid1 (brand new)
    froyo 2.2
    stock no root or roms
    it seems that you guys are saying that all is good but what is your definition of good. youtube videos work perfect and it doesn't crash my droid. I have to reset the power just to get to my desktop

    • Jripster

      sorry about crapping up the place by putting anything apple in my comment above

  • wes

    So I tried this out yesterday, RC3 that is, and kept getting random exits from the stock browser, so annoying! it seems like every other time I used it, it was shutting down on me, without any force close, just acted like i hit the homescreen. Also, anyone having faster returns to the homescreen? I noticed the feature in cyanogen settings to keep your home screen locked in memory, worked great for about 20 minutes then I was in a program, hit the home button, and bam! back to lag, shows desktop wallpaper, then one icon, then another, then about 10 more seconds until the launcher was all loaded and would let me slide between screens. anyone have a fix for this yet? this is THE BIGGEST PROBLEM i have with my droid, i hate having to wait for my home screens to load up, i've tried launcher pro, stock launcher, adw, and no matter what I do I always get this horrible lag when I want to quickly go back to my home screen.


    • The_Other_Ray

      Try enabling compcache. Also, turn off all animations and transitions. I've been running it like that with sapphire and it has greatly reduced the redraw. It's not perfect but it's a lot more bearable. I also did this on rc3 and though it wasn't as good as sapphire, it's a lot better than what it was. Make sure you find a kernel that supports compcache.

      • wes

        thanks i'll look into it

  • The_Other_Ray

    Anyone else notice that RC3 drains your battery pretty quickly? I noticed a huge difference between RC3 and Sapphire 1.0. In about an hour of surfing the net, I'm left with 90% on Sapphire but RC3 went down to 70%. All other settings were the same on both roms (no gps, no wifi, nothing playing in the background, overclocked to 600mhz).

  • tonytbone7883

    Thanks again dude much appreciated….

  • machinegun68

    Anyone have Swype disappear after loading RC3?

  • kellex
    • Any Time! Glad I can help the Android Community.

      • tonytbone7883

        Thanks again dude much appreciated….

  • zach471

    I think it broke my GPS. Can't locate satellites anymore. Very disappointing, because otherwise it's an amazing build.

    • Droidzilla

      I've seen one other person experience this. They said it started working again after several hours and has been working fine since. Hope yours does, too!

      • zach471

        yeah, don't know. I tried flashing back to a different, older ROM and didn't have any luck there, either. I think it may be a hardware issue. Verizon is sending a replacement.

  • Thomas Iansiti

    Installed on my stock D1 using AppBrain. Runs great on Froyo.

  • I notice this official version is smoother and more responsive in games!! =)

  • NorCalGuy

    Ummm… this has been available for almost a month now on the rooted d1's running chevy or jrummy(lithium) with the market hack from a while ago… last week or so there was an official market place update as well

    • Tyrian

      I've been running it since the beginning of the month on my D1 with Sapphire rom

  • DexDroid

    i installed official flash 10.1 on my D1 last night and it works great with dolphin HD browser. download the APK from http://www.mediafire.com/?b58r8pbhdxv6fb6

    get it from here if u cant want to lose ur current custom ROM, can be installed on Rooted & Non-Rooted

  • xFenixKnightx

    Will I still have my black notification bar with this Rom? Im running Sapphire.

    • Droidzilla

      Not out of the box, but you can change it it the settings to any colour you wish. RC3 has enormous customisation potential.

  • Proformagi

    On Lithium Mod, cleared market data/cache, still not showing up.

  • youngnamlee

    Anyone here try RC3? I'm currently using Lithium Mod and I like it. Is it worth switching over?

    • EggoEspada

      Wondering the same. I love my rEVOlution theme too much.

    • I like RC3… customize your LEDs, DSP manager… and now Flash via the market ( I haven't used Lithium Mod)

    • CM6 is waaaaaaay overrated!!! I wasn't a big fan of RC1 or RC2, I haven't had a desire to switch from LithiumMod to even try RC3.

    • NorCalGuy

      If u have lithium just dl the market hack and u wont have to switch… if u do switch check out chevy and one of his rom add ins is the market hack… also to be noted the new chevy might just be the most customizable rom out there

      • tonytbone7883

        I've had SS4.6 by Chevy01 and I really like it but I'm not sure what the (scripts>other scripts) do? I really was hoping for color in the icons in the settings menu, like the Blue Energy theme has. Is this able to be customized?

        • NorCalGuy

          There r custom themes (with coloredicons and what not) also the whole script menus have been changed around way more user friendly plus tons of other things that can be customized

      • youngnamlee

        Thanks man, I switched over to chevy's 4.7 and its been super smooth so far. I like the ULV kernels.

  • tonytbone7883

    Where is the apk. Please post it

    • youngnamlee

      you can get it from Adam Richardson in the comment section below. haha

  • amosk

    Sweet. 2nd!

  • Can't you install official flash without CM6 RC3? I have it.

    • kellex


    • Merc56

      Adam, is this ??

    • tonytbone7883

      Thank you,

    • peggsie

      I just installed your flash file over the beta file I had and it loaded successfully. It shows the same version as Kellex shows in his picture for this subject and is latest version according to Adobe website for Android

    • Ryan

      Thanks. Just installed it, and it is 10.1.92, seems to run *much* better than 10.1.72.x (at least when playing Farkle on Facebook heh)

    • EC8CH


      My Sapphire 1.0.0 running Droid thanks you

    • Thanks, m8!

    • Ross18boss

      how do i do the install

  • Merc56

    is this any different than the flash 10.1 I downloaded a while back?

    • tonytbone7883

      yeah, the leaked is and the Official is

      • Ray949

        The one post by Adam is the

      • Br_d

        I just checked my flash player on Simply Stunning 4.7 and it's I am pretty sure I never specifically downloaded this version, so it must have been bundled with the ROM.

        • tonytbone7883

          Nice, I'm running 4.6 but downloading 4.7 now. How do you like it? What's tunneling? It was an add-on so i checked it, not sure what it is though?

          • Anonymous

            I love it. The option to hide stuff (like the alarm clock icon) on the notification bar is my favorite part. Also, I switched from LauncherPro to ADW.Launcher and checked “System Persistent” and the home screen redraws are gone. I think that’s a product of ADW, not 4.7 though.And I have no idea what tunneling is, so I didn’t get it. 🙂

            ooh, i almost forgot. the ability for Chevy to push out OTA updates through ChevyNo1Tools is AWESOME!!