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DROID X Running Froyo Quadrant Benchmark

I know we just got done talking about Quadrant and it’s benchmarks which can be tricked pretty easily, but we couldn’t help but show you one on the Droid X running Android 2.2.  After warming up for a good hour with Froyo on it, the DX blasted away all other phones.  The Linpack scores on the other hand are not something to brag home about.

For those with a DX that has been newly updated to Froyo, post your benchmarks in the comments!

  • MotoHatr

    my Fascinate ran a 1783 on 2.1. impressed now?

  • Well the froyo totally rocks, the unique Motorola-only elements seem kind of rushed. I'd be surprised if this is the actual release version of Froyo for the DX.thanks for shared this with us.

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  • I am eligible for an upgrade in 3 days. I don't know if I should get the Droid X or wait a few more days and get the Samsung Fascinate… Decisions decisions. =)

  • I am eligible for an upgrade in 3 days. I don't know if I should get the Droid X or wait a few more days and get the Samsung Fascinate… Decisions decisions. =)

  • It's only partial FroYo. From some of the video walkthroughs I've seen, some of FroYo is completely missing.

  • It's only partial FroYo. From some of the video walkthroughs I've seen, some of FroYo is completely missing.

  • idunnou

    1452 on my droid x!

  • Ufish2

    1445 on my dx with froyo update..everything running fine but lost my easyroot..lol..probally a moto or verizon thing..they would be the big winners to get updates done manually and unroot alot of phones 🙂 still 2.2 is all that and a good trade off…..love my DX

  • Stiwrx07

    my moto droid1 runs 1589 1.2 ghz :)))

  • Well.. Um, My X got 2242….

  • Jcutter347

    2.2 running on Droid x. Lightning fast. Will not stay connected to Wi-Fi, but other than that it's awesome. Adobe flash 10.1 is amazing too. Some appshad to be changed, like my task manager. Using “big killer” and is working fine.

  • dimachka

    The stagefright values in build.prop need to all be changed to true.after this change,i am scoring between 2100 and 2200 on quadrant. This if without any overclocking.

  • Brian

    Sorry about the off topic but Im having problems with Koush bootstrap recovery running froyo on my droidx.
    I keep geting cant mount sd card device or sd card busy, everytime I tried and restore and nandroid backup that worked with 2.1

  • Djchristianlee

    All im saying is motorola/droidx/verizon excellent combo… unstoppable!

  • My Droid 2 just got 1450 on its second run.

  • Double.

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    1400 after re boot with all launcher pro widgets running, news widget and beautiful home

  • 1368

  • Blinkmepacman

    Scoring little over 2000

  • My original Droid running CM6 RC3 and a 1ghz low voltage kernel scores 1459. This does not impress me. =)

  • /Users/user/Desktop/CAP201008201652.jpg


  • Aesirx

    After enabling the “stagefright” framework options in the build.prop, as suggested by birdman, I scored a 2212 in Quadrant, and consistently score over 2100, no cheats or over-clocking. My goal is for a 2500 once I start overclocking, something I believe is attainable.

    And while froyo totally rocks, the unique Motorola-only elements seem kind of rushed. I'd be surprised if this is the actual release version of Froyo for the DX.

  • Infernox51

    Ooh, thats just a bit faster than my D1 – I got 1417 today at 1.1ghz (P3Droid kernel on CM6_RC3). Thats the absolute highest I can run and maintain overall stability. I got a 15xx with a 1.2ghz, but as soon as I exited Quadrant it rebooted, so I say it doesn't count.

  • Brchell66

    thats crap its like a 1/7 increase. damn it i mean the nexus one doubled and we only get a 1/7 increase!! come on froyo

  • Bennyxd

    Mine's well… OVER 9000!!!! haha jk a good 1360 on a oc D1

  • Ceasernem

    benchmark 1492

  • Fhhjnjff

    Guys honestly i have a droid x and see no improvement in performance from 2.1 to 2.2. Im gonna return mine and wait for the palm pre 2 or fascinate. And i dont want to hear anyone bash webos because anyone who knows anything… says its the best os. But the hardware on the original pre stunk.

  • bnd

    My current Linpack is 14.544 and my Quadrant is 1584. These were the high scores, but all my runs were pretty close. I'm running rooted 2.2 @ 1ghz I plan to try the overclocking soon, so I'm curious what it will be then. All in all, everything is running better and I like some of the changes!


  • Droyo

    I upgraded to the official Froyo 2.3, then used Androot to root then installed a Chevy1 1.2 low kernel and got a 1678 score in quadrant. Fastest score so far.

    • Droyo

      Froyo 2.2 not 2.3, sorry for the typo

      • Droyo

        This is on the Droid 1 overclocked.

  • otter34

    What's the battery life like on DX?

  • Chuck Norris

    My stock droid runs at 2589

  • Williamdurham81

    Im scoring between 1342 and 1394 on stock D2

  • Tuna

    Hey I upgraded, I'm rooted, anyone having problems with root explorer not getting root permissions, not even prompting me and I can't get past it, tried uninstalling and reinstalling over and over.

  • Doolidg

    1024 on my Droid 1 running froyo and set cpu with stock kernel set to 800mhz…. No complaints here 🙂

  • Trumindgame

    Hey not a dx but on my d1 I just ran qud benchmark with a score of 1670. I have a screenshot.. 🙂 running insane clean 1.1 and the p:3 kernal @ 1200 max/min I ran it the other day and I got 1455 score.

  • Meangreen82

    1417 on droid x about 5 min after loading non-rooted 2.2!!!!!

  • I've been running on Froyo now for about 1.5 hours and I received a score of 1433. It is so fast!

  • C Rillo

    I score in the 14s d1 Bobo v.4 @1.1ghz

  • givemesomeadobo

    droid 1 froyo simply stunning v4.7. forgot score but i know im above stock droid x

    • Timoh


      • Jason w.s.

        Lolol, toolish comment eh.

  • Deckoh

    1432 / 2.2

  • ckeegan

    How does this “blast” away all other phones? My Droid 2 has consistently scored between 1407 and 1445.

    • givemesomeadobo

      r u on froyo

      • Justin Bieber

        droid 2 is froyo out of the box

  • any idea why the nexus one scores jump almost 250% with the 2.2 update, while the droid X only jumps maybe 125% ? can it be verified if JIT is enabled in this 2.2 build for the droid X ?

    • Chris Nimon

      Im guessing its because its a developer phone that can be OC'd. And thats why we want the unlocked bootloader 🙂

      • Timoh

        Guys on XDA are overclocking the X. It's not so impressive but you can lower voltage by quite a bit and run at ~1200.

  • 1454 on DX with 2.2

  • Xavix1

    I just ran quadrant and I got a score 1432. Im using a droid x with 2.2

  • Steve H

    1305 D1

  • All this DX talk is making my D1 sad

    • jxcgunrunna

      Root and overclock. Your droid will feel like new.

      • Done and Done, still sad. Maybe Ill try a new rom today.

  • Username

    I love the new swype skin

  • Robert Stockert

    1356 after running Froyo on my X for 30 mins – LOVE IT!!!

  • I got 1264 and im still on 2.1 DX… pretty damn good. Ill post again when i update to 2.2

  • Jason w.s.

    Btw, koush went ahead and made it easier for us. U can now just grab froyo for the DX in ROM manager now. Check it out…

    • Trumindgame

      But it wouldn't let me download clockwork, when I pushed download clockwork there wasn't a dx option…

      • Jason w.s.

        Did u download the bootstrap app first?

  • Serqet

    I thought we disavowed Quadrant not too long ago?

    • Jason w.s.

      Right? I thought so too.

    • Timoh

      Did you read the post or just click comment first?

      • Serqet

        Sure did, did you?? Or did you skip the last line where it reads, “For those with a DX that has been newly updated to Froyo, post your benchmarks in the comments!”

        • Timoh

          Yep. “I know we just got done talking about Quadrant and it’s benchmarks which can be tricked pretty easily, but we couldn’t help but show you one on the Droid X running Android 2.2.”

          • Serqet

            Precisely, so why do I care to take note of what the marked performance is from a benchmark proven to be potentially, highly inaccurate?

          • Timoh

            It's only inaccurate when it's running on certain systems(like the galaxy S phones) or purposely tricked into reading higher. It's still valid on the X as long as it's a legitimate score.

          • Serqet

            … says Timoh. Believe whatever you like. When a benchmark is a benchmark MOST of the time, it's not really much of a benchmark anymore…

          • Timoh

            Ignore the post and move along then? You sound jelous.

          • Serqet

            The comments section is for discussing the post. Not all comments are going to be positive and in agreement. I'm curious what dictionary you're referencing that defines “jelous” as “explaining one's point or opinion; having a differing opinion to that of others”?

          • Timoh

            I'm very aware of what jelous means and I meant it as it's defined. You came across like a child that was stomping his feet and folding his arms *Quadrant scores are stupid, hrmph!* I get the feeling that if it were whatever phone you're using you wouldn't be so upset about it. I pointed out that the main post did say quadrant scores weren't necissarily accurate. By that point you wouldn't ever admit you might be wrong, so you're just trying to argue with me out of spite at this point.

          • Anonymous

            And with these few points I’m done…

            I’ve continued to reply to you because you come across in many posts I’ve read by you as someone awfully confident for being “…still new to android at just a week of using it.” (from Fennec Nears Alpha Release, Beta Release Coming this Fall 1 day ago). And quite frankly, in at least the post below here where you give the guy a “Congrats?”, you come across as pretty much a jerk. So, yes, you rubbed me the wrong way from fairly early on and I have a hard time letting someone like you get the last word in on a matter. Nevertheless, after this, you can say whatever you like because as stated, I’m done.

            Now, my original comment was simply questioning why we would pay attention or care too much if this site itself helped point out the potential inaccuracy of the app? There wasn’t even an implication of “upset” or anything close to what you imagined there. It was a simple, one-line question and you seemed to have missed the entire point of it, so I guess I’ll restate it. Sure it MIGHT be accurate on this phone or that phone or even Timoh’s phone, but it can’t be considered absolute anymore, just as he noted there. So, why care to use it further? There’s nothing to be right or wrong about here. It’s simply a proven fact: Quadrant can be inaccurate. So, to restate my point, you’re welcome to believe whatever you like, but for myself and my personal opinion, I’d only really take stock in scores against something absolute.

            Next, for your information, I’m using a D1 that is set quite happily to 800MHz and has never been any higher. I couldn’t care less what Quadrant says about my phone. It works great for me and I have no need to push it further simply to see an orange bar on a bar graph get longer, enabling me to then claim superiority over someone with a smaller orange bar…?

            Lastly, please, if you’re going to continue to throw around words like “jelous”, at least learn how to spell them. I’m not trying to point out your mistake just to be petty here, but I mean, twice in a row is not helping reinforce anything you’ve got to say. It’s “jealous”.

            Good night, and big balls.

          • kkj

            As long as it isn’t a Galaxy S getting 2500+, I’ll believe it. A 1431 is a respectable but not ridiculous score. Many other phones are similar, but this confirms the X’s top-of-the-line, if barely so, performance.

  • Pudflop

    I just ran a 1363 on my D1, not bad for an old school phone : }

    • Old school? It is almost a year old and keeping up with the brand new phones! 🙂

  • Sreed32591

    Galaxy s phones are scoring in the two thousands…

    • Quadrant doesn't work right on Galaxy phones

    • Serqet

      Daniel is correct… unless your Galaxy is scoring at least in the 9000's, it's failing.

      • Sreed32591

        Lol I don’t have a galaxy s I have an inc. Saw a video on YouTube with the vibrant scoring 2000 on a quadrant.

    • …because of a BS I/O hack. Don't get me wrong, though, I dig the Galaxy S. My girl's got one, and it's beautiful and powerful.

      EDIT: And this is another reason why we need a better benchmark utility.

  • And it's still laggy like 2.2 on Droid 2!

    • EggoEspada

      Really. The Droid 2 I played with was snappy and smooth transitions and opening applications.

      • I thought maybe a hard reset on mine would fix it, and it didn't.

        It's not the whole device itself, it's the unlock screen and swiping between home screens.

    • ckeegan

      what's “laggy on the Droid 2”?

  • Justin Bieber

    I'm sooooo hot

    • Serqet

      That's what she said…

    • tiptoptommy

      gay lol

  • Br_d

    After warming up for a good hour with Froyo on it, the DX blasted away all other phones.*

    * except overclocked droid 1's.

    • but if you overclock a droid x with froyo then hahaha no competition

    • Droidzilla

      And the Galaxy S with the file read/write fix running 2.1.

    • Irishmafia2112

      You have a dirty whore-ish mouth.

      • Anonymous

        I truly believe that the real winner here are the consumers. To think that this will settle a new path for smartphones — for better changes.

        Somehow, the droid x vs iphone 4 got a matchup already. And the results are just what you expected.

    • Overclock does provide amazing benchmarks but that does not always translate to real performance increases.

      • Snowblind164

        Overclocking on the D1 has very real performance benefits on CPU heavy apps like emulators. psx4droid for example runs terribly at stock speeds but is silky smooth at 1GHz.

    • jxcgunrunna


      OG Droid baby!

      Very respectable from the Droid X and Droid 2 given that the Snapdragons are running at the same clocks.

    • kkj

      And DIncs 😀 I’ve gotten 1420ish on my CM6 DInc, 11 points is hardly “blown away.” My Droid 1 at 1.2GHz was a lot slower than the DInc at 1.0, I guess it’s the RAM.

  • Guest

    Wow I thought this was droid-life.com, apparently its droid-x-life.com?? Every post today is on the droid x what's that about…

    • tbaybe

      hes just sharing the news… i felt the same way when the incredible came out.. but its sill mostly D1 news… and they are all DROID phones…

    • Let's see…. post about the new Droid phones, or let the site die because we only want to talk about the Droid 1, which is now out of production. The math here isn't all that hard, really…

    • hmmmmmmmmm wasn't it like last week its all been about the D2 and D1 froyo come on let the DX owners have some love to

    • Jason w.s.

      Its just because there happens to be alot of exciting things hapenning with the DX comming out of the android hacking community right now. Droid life is a family, wether you are rollin with a D1, D2, Dinc, or DX. As long as you are Droid, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

      • JT

        Eris need not apply?

        • Jason w.s.

          Come on man, u know what i mean. I ain’t hatin on the Eris, i got my fiance one, but generally you don’t here much news anywhere about the eris. It just is what it is i guess. Im sure if some new and exciting news about the Eris came out, Kellen would be sure to let us know 😉

          • Anonymous

            just teasing 😛

            the first android phone I got to mess around with was a friend’s eris. then I saw his girlfriend’s droid… and I got to say it was pretty emasculating to see them side-by-side… i guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship 🙂

          • Jason w.s.

            Ha! That just would not seem right if my girl had a better phone than me. lol Not happenin! 🙂

    • Imdrunknotblind

      Kellex is just reporting the news and today's news happens to be about the Droid X. On the Droid 2 release date, it was all about the Droid 2. Tomorrow, it will probably be about the Droid Incredible…so on and so forth. When the limited edition 14k gold-plated Droid 1 OG comes out, it will be about that.

    • Chris Nimon

      I like to hear about all the Droid phones so I can make an educated decision on which one suits me the best. I do hope we get some info on the Samsung though.

    • brandonmee

      Tomorrow is the original droid's day according to p3droid.

    • chad

      can i dislike this?

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s a droid.

    • Anonymous

      If there were other dev or breaking news for the original/incredible/2 it would be covered too. The X has a lot of things happening right now.

    • And a couple weeks ago when Froyo was coming out for the D1 it was ALL about the D1. Now, when something exciting happens to one of our members, can we please be happy for that other member instead of crying that the latest news isn’t all about us? And just because the D1 is out of production doesn’t mean its going to stop receiving coverage here…. To put it bluntly, I do not like ANYONE who hates on ANY of our members or complains that their phone is not getting the attention. As a D1 user, I’d be stupid to say that the DX isn’t more powerful than my phone. If I was a DX user, I would not insult the D1 because its success directly brought about the DX.

    • Anonymous

      I’m still rocking the D1, which obviously took on the name “Droid” but I think with all the phones that have come out lately and will be coming out and considering D1 is EOL, I think the term “Droid” has come to mean a family of products now. Kudos to Kellex for keeping us up to date on all things An-“Droid” including possible tablets come out, which I for one am looking forward to. Whenever one comes out, do you think I’m NOT going to look on this site for help, updates, tips, etc? To quote GOB Bluth, “Come on!”

  • Imdrunknotblind

    I know you'd probably know someone would ask this, but how does it compare to the Incredible running Froyo (I know no official version of Froyo has been released, but how about those leaks)? PS. I wish I could have posted this first so there wouldn't be all these people leaving comments that just say “First.” Sorry Droid-Life members that feel the same way about that lame fad.

    • Thats what im talking about, that lame fad

      • Well, coming from Justin Bieber, I guess you's know all about fads. 😛

        • Imdrunknotblind

          He for sure doesn't know about drinking. Or playing the lottery. Or buying cigarettes or porn mags. Or driving with other passengers in his car (well, that's California law at least).

    • Incredible has no GPU and can’t bechmark with quadrant. Linpack is around 36-39.

      • Staticx57

        actually the Incredible does have a GPU and it does work with quadrant.

  • Jonathanporter01

    First place!!!

  • 3Rd moving on up

  • Ohrioh

    Looking good, holding out for offical ota 2.2 though….i don't need a paper weight….

    • Totally your call, Ohrioh, but with the sbf available there is really no need to worry about permabricking your phone.

  • Tcanders0n2


  • 1bad69z28

    First and WOW

    • Feel better now that you're first?

      • Usher

        He wasn't even first…what a qwer

        • Yeah he was look at the 5 minutes ago qwer

          • Usher

            You're right, my bad. He's still qwer.

          • Usher

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      • 1bad69z28

        I am working on it and that it's Friday lol

      • TrojanMan

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