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Easy Root Returns, Just Not in the Market

One of the hot topics over the weekend was the removal of Easy Root from the Android Market.  Yep, the same one that roots your Droid or Droid X with the touch of a button and has been covered by us from the get go.  For reasons yet to be made public, Google decided to remove this app from their marketplace which left many of you with a pile of questions including one major one, “Will there be future support for the app?”  The answer is yes.

The developer behind Easy Root has figured out a way to still get paid and also provide you with updates.  While this method seems a little out there and inconvenient, you might as well keep up with it since you’ve already paid the $.99.

We’re not about to go into reasoning behind the removal, but wanted to let you know that your purchase still has support for the time being.  Be sure to check your main Gmail account for instructions from the dev.

For more information plus support, head over to the Easy Root blog.

  • Ok, I guess I lost my root updating to FRG22D. Anyone know if EasyRoot will be updated to work with the new ota update?

  • I am getting an error message: “Operation failure please check su command!” I manually updated to FRG22D and then rooted my phone with easy root (which I dont think is working) and tried to overclock my phone and I get this error message. That is a question I always wondered,, how do you know if your phone is successfully rooted or not?

  • I am getting an error message: “Operation failure please check su command!” I manually updated to FRG22D and then rooted my phone with easy root (which I dont think is working) and tried to overclock my phone and I get this error message. That is a question I always wondered,, how do you know if your phone is successfully rooted or not?

  • Kfath1978

    I just had to unroot my phone to send it back to Motorola for a voice quality issue. I got the new one yesterday and loaded the stock 2.2 and I have to say I am thinking twice about rooting again. Sure its cool to have the phone wide open but at the end of the day I just want a stable phone. I installed several ROM's that drained my battery way to fast. And yes I did have Set PCU on there for under/over clocking. So I guess until there is another real reason to root (like getting 2.2 way b/f it comes out) Iam gonna stay stock!

  • I used Easy Root to root my phone last week, and I need to swap it out for a defective keyboard 🙁 Unfortunately, when I run Easy Root this morning, it fails on validating the license key…and when I go to the web site, it says that the account was suspended. 🙁

    • Hightekredneck

      I am seeing the same thing after paying for the key lastnight!

    • caphoagie

      Same hope it comes back soon.

  • Richard

    I remember reading on droidforums.net that when I manually update to 2.2 (I just did right now, I couldn't wait for the OTA anymore) I will lose my root. Does that mean I can't root my phone anymore? Because I'm itching to buy this.

  • droid4lyfe

    i rooted my droid using this program….what other steps do i need to do to install custom roms..and overclock..can i just buy “setcpu” and use it now…also since im rooted now how do i uninstall seeded apps.

  • john

    Does it make sense to do the easy root before or after the official froyo hits my phone? Are there benefits to either option. I'd appreciate the help. Thanks guys!

  • Pcraig87

    I tried easy root and it worked great. Call it a waste of a buck but I want to unroot. I got back to the eay root program and click unroot but it does not ask for superuser permission. It says “unrooted, reboot to complete” then right after that it says “you are already rooted”. I rebooted bu it shows tha It am still rooted. I dont know if its a bug in the app or if I need to change something on my phone. Any help is appreciated as I want the FRG22 stock build and not the FRG01B that I loaded. Droid 1

    • Joemyrick77

      Click on the Superuser app and change the dot next to easy root from red to green… Then unroot and it will work.

      • Jeanie kim

        On my superuser.. the dot next to easy root was green… but it did the SAME thing that Pcraig87 said (unrooted, reboot to complete” then right after it says “you are already rooted”). What do I do??

  • Chris

    if i use easy root what all steps do i need to take so i wont loose any stuff off my phone i have never rooted

    • droiduser14

      tough question what do u want to do? load new ROMs or just root and nothing else?

      • chris

        U just here all the good things about being rooted what do u suggest

  • Miranda

    just rooted with this app last night……..it was soooooooooooo easy and my phone is so much better now!!!

  • gary929

    If I rooted my droid with easy root and then installed bugless beast with rom manager will I receive the OTA update?

  • skreemer

    I rooted my DroidX. I have never flashed or used recovery or backed up anything. I simply bought this app and hit “ROOT ME”. By just selecting the unroot option, will this give me froyo when it's released? I dont know a lot about rooting and was hoping to learn, but by the looks of it I can't use it to it's full potential cause of the bootloader. So….what can you really do with a rooted DroidX?

  • mendy817


    sorry, not sure where else to post this, but here's what happened:

    1. rooted, have nandroid back up on rom manager
    2. flashed sprecovery to try and flash dark edge for saphire
    3. didn't realize it was not for saphire 1.0
    4. didn't back up nandroid for spr
    5. now i'm in a boot loop of dark edge and no matter what i try i can't get into the phone!!! any ideas???

    • droiduser14

      Battery Pull would be the first thing to try

  • awehunt

    this would explain why i couldn't find it… it seems no matter what i do i cant get this damn phone to the rooted stage, i feel like i'm a couple steps behind. If its coming back then i wont have any problem downloading it and booting it up, but RDSlite never worked i was so worried it would lock it up. so i just quit, but then i heard about this… turns out its gone.. lol.

  • What rooted apps would people suggest beside drocap, wifi tether, and copy and paste. Just rooted and I'm really looking to get into it

  • timarnette

    Why in the market it says this app is free. I know it is not.

    • jduffy118

      thats not easy root, thats just another app made by the same guy. install that and it will take you to the online site of easyroot and you can download it

  • timarnette

    I hope someone can help me. I know this is a paid app. In the market says it is free. I down load it is asking for a key. Can anyone help. Thanks.

    • Jeremy

      if you already paid you have to email to developer he will send you your key.

      • timarnette

        I never paid. In the market it says free. I want this and can't get it.

        • It is a paid app…you download a locked version from the market for free. Then go to the developers site. It will give you the option to go through paypal and donate as little as 99¢. You will then receive an email with your unlock code. Sounds like a hassle but it is very quick and painless…totally worth the buck.

          • timarnette

            Thanks a lot.

  • Jeremy

    I rooted and updated to 2.2 and it is cool but I am just not into rooting enough to really take advantage of my rooted droid. So I the unroot button from easy root but it doesn't work. It says to reboot my phone unroot but when reboot and am still rooted. I just thought this was interesting.

    • Joe612

      I had this issue as well just go into Superuser Permissions and give EasyRoot permission (should have a green circle next to it not a red one) go back to EasyRoot and tap the unroot button. Cheers!

  • Just rooted the Dx with this over the weekend and it was effortless. The reason for root on the X for me was Shoot Me for screen shots, Cache Mate, and of course the free Wireless Tether. Im not messing with the removal of bloat ware until September when the ota for 2.2 comes out. From what i've heard its a nightmare to unroot after removing some of the core apps.

  • I was once root then unrooted screwed up my phone, counldnt root agin then i got this im so happy i finally got it

  • I manually updated to 2.2 and the used easy root. it worked but then i read about sapphire and wanted to use that, i'm not too familiar with rooting and loading roms. I tried to install sapphie as it said but keep getting an error about saying the signature verification failed, HELP?

    • I don't know if this will help you at all, but it deals with installing Sapphire and having a particular version of ClockworkMod Recovery. Follow the link to the instructions regarding 0.8.4. I haven't tried this myself so I can't vouch for it. I got it off of another comment on the Sapphire post on droid-life.


  • I finally rooted, so easy with this….

  • I finally rooted, so easy with this….

  • Vanessa Renee

    How do I get this app?

  • Neo1738

    being as I get home in a couple weeks, is there anywhere else to get this? It was going to be my first app on the phone as it seems so easy to use and I can quickly get wireless tethering. Thanks in advance.

    • Neo1738

      nm i'm a noob, should have followed the link…good to know i can still get it

  • Hot Dog Buns

    Love the Easy Root! However, for Droid X (at least at this point) why bother? Just to get a couple apps? I can't download any ROMS's, even ones for 2.1, always get a “Download ROM error” Anyone feel this way or am I missing something?

  • dannydarko

    I rooted my DroidX both ways just to see the difference. I have had no issues what so ever with this app or Rom Manager either. So this whole virus thing if you cannot substantiate your claim then you shouldn't say anything. So think before you speak.

  • Hey, I'm already rooted. But was considering getting this app in case VZ ever needed to look at my phone (to fix, etc.) Can I get this app even though I'm already rooted? Does anyone else have it that's been rooted the old fashioned way?

    • killer_audi

      i just got it and im rooted the 2.0.1 way

      got it for the same reason as you

  • Racingmaniac

    I rooted with this and ran the clockwork with no problem….so far to no ill effect…

    • On which phone? I can't get clockwork to run on my X

      • Jeff

        Clockwork won't run on the X because there isn't a non-stock bootloader.

    • droid4lyfe

      so you overclocked with that app with just rooting…no custom rom or anything???

  • timarnette

    I get easy root from the market. It takes me to a web site. Why?

  • Chris Nimon

    Looks like aphole is getting rid of those who shamed the family lol http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/apples-top-ip

  • StephanC

    So Google can remove one app from Android Market because it violates their TOS but they can't get rid of all of those annoying RingClip apps?

  • tbaybe

    i got an email from them about updates? I was leary on clicking on the link

  • Kaufkin

    given the tools recently released…


    I'll root the old fashioned way. Not saying anything about this particular tool. he's probably legit. *shrug* but it's easy to see why G would be touchy about root tools.

    just a thought.

  • Prove it 🙂 lol

  • Ahitskayla

    i love this app! ive been on the fence about rooting forever. but this app is definitly worth trying. its amazing. im glad i tried.. ill never go back now..thanks 🙂

  • Rizzidy

    Too bad it's a virus.

    • Prove it 🙂 lol

    • Kaufkin

      if you are going to make a statement like that, providing refrences or details would be usefull.

    • Asda

      Why do some people and when I say some I mean very few call this program a virus?

      • Droidzilla

        Because it gets in your phone's OS and infects it with malware; like wireless tethering, FroYo ROMs, and custom themes.

        • Swould333

          Sarcasam wins again!!!

    • The best part of this is how you really don't even know what a virus is, or malware, an exploit, a hack, etc. There was a proof of concept exploit performed by a white hat hacker.(Good guy) He distributed it in an attempt to push the companies involved towards a patch solution. This has nothing to do with this app. Unless you have further information that you can back up with demonstrative information, then I chalk you up to another troll that got fed.

      • Rizzidy

        I can't believe how utterly humorless so many of you are on this site.

  • Devon

    I have read alot of threads saying that clockwork recovery was breaking after using this method of rooting (I also had this problem). I stumbled upon this thread yesterday on android forums and it seems to have helped so far….


  • Topdeckr

    I like that I submitted this yesterday but don't get credited

    • You're not the only person my friend…

    • So the only reason you submit tips is for credit? I have no doubt that DL gives credit where credit is due.

      • I don't know I send them tips all the time and I haven't been paid ONCE!

  • Jothen2002

    This app has been great for someone who was to scared or dumb to go through the instructions. Thank you developer. It has finally got in me into the real world that the droid has to offer. It was like NEO swallowing the red ..or was it the blue pill… Grattitude and praise!!!!!


    I cannot tether to an XP- PC …any help support appreciated

    • The_Other_Ray

      Since you're rooted and IF you have Wifi on your PC, download “Wireless Tether for Root” from the market. It's free. You don't have to do anything fancy once you installed it. Just turn it on and your PC should detect the wireless network. Connect and you are set.

      If you don't have Wifi on your PC and would like to USB tether it, download “Easy Tether” from the market. You can use the free version but the PRO version allows you to also access https websites. And it's a measely $14 one time payment. But if you download Easy Tether, you have to install the drivers for your phone on your PC which can be found here:


      And you will need to enable “USB Debugging” on your Droid.

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  • Ryan

    i saw that there was one comment and im like it better not say 1st

  • 1st 🙂