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Verizon About to Make FRG22 Froyo for DROID Official?

From the document above, it appears as if the FRG22 talk from yesterday wasn’t such a hoax after all.  While Verizon apparently hasn’t updated their support page to this document just yet, they likely will any day now.

We still have no word (other than a possible security patch) as to why this new build is needed and only have one confirmation of anyone receiving it to date.  Interesting stuff indeed.  By the way, you should still have no problem updating to FRG01B.

News on Flash 10.1 availability for the DROID after the jump!  

Oh and you will also notice that the first bullet has been updated with some news on Flash…

…will be available for download via Market by late summer.

Users have not been able to find Flash in the market and it appears as if Verizon has reached out to Adobe for some confirmation on the official release date…

I would say that the new Flash document also shows that FRG01B has not been halted as has previously been rumored.  In fact, all signs point to its continued rollout over the next few days.  We’ll just assume that FRG22 will come after?

  • Me

    they pushed frg22 to my phone this morning …. build is frg22d

  • Me

    they pushed frg22 to my phone this morning …. build is frg22d

  • Pudflop

    yea same thing here, I manually updated to it first day then rooted, and its sucking my battery down twice as fast as befor.

  • Jdr277

    I have the FRG10B update but my phone has been draining battery faster than before i update. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Pudflop

      yea same thing here, I manually updated to it first day then rooted, and its sucking my battery down twice as fast as befor.

  • Nascpats

    went to verison today asked about froyo they said around the 15 of august for droid and droid x at the same time

  • Santee.L

    i want to know how to go back to 2.1 because 2.2 is lagging on my droid 1.my youtube widget doesnt work.and my myspace app doesnt scroll at all i have to use the D pad its anoying and when i taskkill evrything it wont kill the browser.this happend when i downloaded 2.2 manually

    • Kwparker80

      It has been stated in many articles that Froyo intentionally disables 'task killer' features. The Android OS will close apps as needed on it's own.

      Did you upgrade to the new Facebook app released last week? It was to fix incompatibilities with Froyo, as well as add some new features.

      There are quite a few apps needing updates to work properly with Froyo. Keep checking the Market and update apps as they appear.

      Someone else will have to answer the roll-back question for you.

  • Dougiedoug24

    I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to just wait for the OTA figuring it would be here soon enough. I am tired of waiting. The links I am finding for the original update seem to be dead, where can I find the update, or is the file for FRG22 available somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Shauntelfs

    I'm not tech savvy and i don't want to risk messing up anything, when should I expect the real OTA update?

  • Mattaggart

    so i downloaded this to my moto droid yesterday. i noticed that my cpu clock is running around 500 MHz. i was wondering where should that be at for this ROM. its the first time i've rooted so there is things i need to know. also if you have any answers please email me about it at mattaggart@gmail.com

    thank you. great update too. digging it.

  • Majestepic

    sorry the last post email is majestepic@gmail.com haha

  • Majestepic

    i know this is kind of off topic , but i really really need help with getting swype on my droid thats non rooted . its 2.1 please email me or leave a comment here majesteppic@gmail.com thanks guys :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Maynard/100001145083030 Jonathan Maynard

    I have a D1, and tried manually updating using astro but it automatically saves to “sd card/download. How can i save to sd card root? Or am doing something wrong? Pls help

  • Socalrailroader

    Nice, but where is Froyo for the Droid Incredible?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FXHADPBJ4OCKA6CRYKGGYAPCWM Marty

    Is there something wrong with my droid? I got to as far as pushing power and x at same time an a page comes up with a triangle with an exclamation mark. Am i missing something.

  • k1ng617

    Before you say “There are apps in the store that do that!” I would much rather have it hardwired into the phone from the factory.

    Where is the remote wipe/lock in any of the builds? I've tried em all and nothing!!

  • Chuck

    so when are they going to start mass distribution?…because my wife and I have not received either of ours yet and it has been out for a long time…

  • Wrt1958

    droid will never get 2.2 We've been waiting forever and every time we get a date it gets pushed back

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/SOQGG2REJZRIJBLBJTP2VHDX4I Javonte

    wtf still no fix for when u plug headphones in the droid the music always wants to start when i plug my headphones in when im on the phone abd hangs up my phone call its annoying they fixed this issue with the milestone but not droid use droid users stay getting screwed =/ im definitely getting droid 2 because droid 1 has wayyy to many issues to deal with

  • Mdburton11

    When Verizon do the ota update will it update Droids with this update

  • guz_1115

    I wonder if there is going to be any major differences betwenn frg01b and frg22?

  • http://twitter.com/LANjackal LANjackal

    If you can't find Flash in the Market from your phone, just get it via AppBrain (http://www.appbrain.com). That's how I got it onto my Droid, works perfectly.

  • MR.E

    Weird, it was there :) glad i have Titanium :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/objection89 Miguel Angel Portela

    Actually, the question I have is “WILL IT HAVE A CELL CHARM SUPPORT?!” I yell at Motorola for this. I have a collection of many many cell charms and the silver ones would look great on this. Droid X and Incredible can. Will Droid 2?

  • Drudometkin

    I have no problems with my manual 2.2 upgrade. I'm loving it so far. Noticed that when viewing youtube vids you can now rotate videos into portrait mode. pretty cool.

  • ae4465

    Before I installed manually 2.2 froyo my phone use to say droid when you turn it on and off. After I installed 2.2 it stopped saying it . Was this taken out with 2.2

    • Drudometkin

      Mine is like that too. I don't see a problem with this.

      • ae4465

        thank you

    • thinkman510

      probably..didnt look at my phone as i rebooted it but this would be a smart move since it would cut down on startup time

      • ae4465

        thank you

    • John-B

      Yes, no more “Droid” with on and off after 2.2. It buzzes with turn on or turn off one, can't remember which and I am on charge now so don't want to verify.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001189473993 Al Melara

    Saying “after the jump” sounds like the boys over at tech crunch

  • Miranda

    how do i get back to 2.1?????????

    • Drudometkin

      you can't and why would you want to?

    • Santee.L

      this is my question

  • VTjim09

    I have the manual update and it works fine, no battery issues or anything. Alarm worked perfect this morning.

  • Aferrazzo

    i am freaking out, i downloaded the FRG01B zip, am i going to receive this new OTA i dont want my phone to be screwed up!!!! pleeeease respond

    • acquaz10

      Yes you will receive it. Manual and OTA are virtually the same thing, just a different way of upgrading. No need to be worried.