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Verizon About to Make FRG22 Froyo for DROID Official?

From the document above, it appears as if the FRG22 talk from yesterday wasn’t such a hoax after all.  While Verizon apparently hasn’t updated their support page to this document just yet, they likely will any day now.

We still have no word (other than a possible security patch) as to why this new build is needed and only have one confirmation of anyone receiving it to date.  Interesting stuff indeed.  By the way, you should still have no problem updating to FRG01B.

News on Flash 10.1 availability for the DROID after the jump!  

Oh and you will also notice that the first bullet has been updated with some news on Flash…

…will be available for download via Market by late summer.

Users have not been able to find Flash in the market and it appears as if Verizon has reached out to Adobe for some confirmation on the official release date…

I would say that the new Flash document also shows that FRG01B has not been halted as has previously been rumored.  In fact, all signs point to its continued rollout over the next few days.  We’ll just assume that FRG22 will come after?

  • Me

    they pushed frg22 to my phone this morning …. build is frg22d

  • Me

    they pushed frg22 to my phone this morning …. build is frg22d

  • Pudflop

    yea same thing here, I manually updated to it first day then rooted, and its sucking my battery down twice as fast as befor.

  • Jdr277

    I have the FRG10B update but my phone has been draining battery faster than before i update. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Pudflop

      yea same thing here, I manually updated to it first day then rooted, and its sucking my battery down twice as fast as befor.

  • Nascpats

    went to verison today asked about froyo they said around the 15 of august for droid and droid x at the same time

  • Santee.L

    i want to know how to go back to 2.1 because 2.2 is lagging on my droid 1.my youtube widget doesnt work.and my myspace app doesnt scroll at all i have to use the D pad its anoying and when i taskkill evrything it wont kill the browser.this happend when i downloaded 2.2 manually

    • Kwparker80

      It has been stated in many articles that Froyo intentionally disables 'task killer' features. The Android OS will close apps as needed on it's own.

      Did you upgrade to the new Facebook app released last week? It was to fix incompatibilities with Froyo, as well as add some new features.

      There are quite a few apps needing updates to work properly with Froyo. Keep checking the Market and update apps as they appear.

      Someone else will have to answer the roll-back question for you.

  • Dougiedoug24

    I wasn't in a hurry so I decided to just wait for the OTA figuring it would be here soon enough. I am tired of waiting. The links I am finding for the original update seem to be dead, where can I find the update, or is the file for FRG22 available somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Shauntelfs

    I'm not tech savvy and i don't want to risk messing up anything, when should I expect the real OTA update?

  • Mattaggart
  • Majestepic
  • Majestepic
  • I have a D1, and tried manually updating using astro but it automatically saves to “sd card/download. How can i save to sd card root? Or am doing something wrong? Pls help

  • Socalrailroader

    Nice, but where is Froyo for the Droid Incredible?

  • Is there something wrong with my droid? I got to as far as pushing power and x at same time an a page comes up with a triangle with an exclamation mark. Am i missing something.

  • k1ng617

    Before you say “There are apps in the store that do that!” I would much rather have it hardwired into the phone from the factory.

    Where is the remote wipe/lock in any of the builds? I've tried em all and nothing!!

  • Chuck

    so when are they going to start mass distribution?…because my wife and I have not received either of ours yet and it has been out for a long time…

  • Wrt1958

    droid will never get 2.2 We've been waiting forever and every time we get a date it gets pushed back

  • wtf still no fix for when u plug headphones in the droid the music always wants to start when i plug my headphones in when im on the phone abd hangs up my phone call its annoying they fixed this issue with the milestone but not droid use droid users stay getting screwed =/ im definitely getting droid 2 because droid 1 has wayyy to many issues to deal with

  • Mdburton11

    When Verizon do the ota update will it update Droids with this update

  • guz_1115

    I wonder if there is going to be any major differences betwenn frg01b and frg22?

  • If you can't find Flash in the Market from your phone, just get it via AppBrain (http://www.appbrain.com). That's how I got it onto my Droid, works perfectly.

  • MR.E

    Weird, it was there 🙂 glad i have Titanium 🙂

  • Actually, the question I have is “WILL IT HAVE A CELL CHARM SUPPORT?!” I yell at Motorola for this. I have a collection of many many cell charms and the silver ones would look great on this. Droid X and Incredible can. Will Droid 2?

  • Drudometkin

    I have no problems with my manual 2.2 upgrade. I'm loving it so far. Noticed that when viewing youtube vids you can now rotate videos into portrait mode. pretty cool.

  • ae4465

    Before I installed manually 2.2 froyo my phone use to say droid when you turn it on and off. After I installed 2.2 it stopped saying it . Was this taken out with 2.2

    • Drudometkin

      Mine is like that too. I don't see a problem with this.

      • ae4465

        thank you

    • thinkman510

      probably..didnt look at my phone as i rebooted it but this would be a smart move since it would cut down on startup time

      • ae4465

        thank you

    • John-B

      Yes, no more “Droid” with on and off after 2.2. It buzzes with turn on or turn off one, can't remember which and I am on charge now so don't want to verify.

  • Saying “after the jump” sounds like the boys over at tech crunch

  • Miranda

    how do i get back to 2.1?????????

    • Drudometkin

      you can't and why would you want to?

    • Santee.L

      this is my question

  • VTjim09

    I have the manual update and it works fine, no battery issues or anything. Alarm worked perfect this morning.

  • Aferrazzo

    i am freaking out, i downloaded the FRG01B zip, am i going to receive this new OTA i dont want my phone to be screwed up!!!! pleeeease respond

    • acquaz10

      Yes you will receive it. Manual and OTA are virtually the same thing, just a different way of upgrading. No need to be worried.

  • OK, this early build of Froyo has my Droid all jacked up. My ring tone, e-mail ans SMS sound notifications keep randomly changing. Sometimes after exting an app, my screens take a while to refresh. The browsers (Dolphin and stock) run slow, the app Trapster seems to crash randomly when it ran rock soild for over a month, the phone goes into standby mode in the while docked and in car mode, I just had my phone randomly play one of my personal notes to myself via Recordoid at my desk at FULL VOLUME. Is there anyway I can revert back to 2.1 until Verizon rolls out the official build. I can't keep having my phone doing random events during the work day. Even my co-workers are wondering what is wrong with my Droid.

    • Phunter286

      I'm having ALOT of the same problems you are. My ringtones randomly change and my phone will make a very static sounded noise when I put it in the desk charger. The screen will also go dark (sleep) while in the desk charger and my icons take a long time to appear and my alarm clock seems to be quirky now. Any suggestions?

  • DodgersStink

    I think I see why Adobe pulled flash. I'm running FRG01B on a non rooted Droid 1 and installed the Flash 10.1 ( build) and it is basically unwatchable. Horrible sound and video quality on several sites I chose myself and most of the sites listed on their mobile showcase site. Sony pictures preview with the Adam Sandler movie was broken up and pixelated. NBC.com SNL clip of the Joe Pesci show had horrible audio/video sync. Southpark mobile site was also terrible. Anyone else seeing this? No difference between WiFi and 3G…

    • Justin

      I think I am basically running the same and found most of the stuff I was looking at working just fine, even on 3G

  • *sigh* i want the droid 2 now 🙁 looks like its going to be 2011 before i get it in the uk >.<
    To get original droid or not to? or wait :/

  • Ford5pt0

    off topic, but anyone having problems tethering w/windows XP?

  • mark

    How does the rollout of a ota update go? Is it based on serial#, purchase date, location east west, etc.?

    • Its being pushed out randomly

      • mark

        Is that all over the system? so basically anytime……

  • don't they know they can take a screen shot by pressing Ctrl + Print?? LOL Just a suggestion!! But mad thanks for all people who risk their jobs for stuff like this!!

    • Chris Nimon

      maybe they're afraid of key loggers by the company?

  • Substance D

    is there anyone who can walk me through installing 2.2 on my droid 1 i told myself i was gonna wait for the OTA but the suspense is killing me

  • I just talked to a Verizon manger n he told me every phone (droid1) gets a different froyo update thats why its ota instead of manual so that's why so many of u are having probelms MANY OF YOU cause ur all installing manually the official one that one person got but not the one ment for ur phone eveery droid 1 gets a different emedded update its hard to tell cause its deep in the code just ask any one who got it Got n ask them if they got probelms they will say no the code is perfect for the coded cell soon no errors or probelms wanna know more ask???

    • Sigmundroid

      This is easily disproven
      provided the people who are getting OTA updates save and compare them with other OTA froyo builds

  • I just talked to a Verizon manger n he told me every phone (droid1) gets a different froyo update thats why its ota instead of manual so that's why so many of u are having probelms MANY OF YOU cause ur all installing manually the official one that one person got but not the one ment for ur phone eveery droid 1 gets a different emedded update its hard to tell cause its deep in the code just ask any one who got it Got n ask them if they got probelms they will say no the code is perfect for the coded cell soon no errors or probelms wanna know more ask???

    • Yagermeister

      What? why in the world would they make code 2 million phones differently in software? That's 2 million forks of the code which would be totally unmanageable for any company.

      • DroidDev

        Yeah, this “manager” is talking out of his ass if he really said that. It simply doesn't work that way.

  • If I navigate to http://www.adobe.com/go/getfp10android
    on my phone, it sends me to a market page for Flash 10 Beta 3.

    • JFKempf

      Just tried it with my rooted FRG01B from Pete and got a page indicating that my phone doesn't have 2.2. sigh….

      I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with the apk I manually installed…. ;->

  • Justin

    I'm running (non-rooted) on the 2.2 and Flash that I downloaded a couple of days ago. They are both working tremendously for me

  • twigs45

    its off topic, but I just thought i should shate this with you guys http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/667956

  • Mwkain

    Is the OTA coming soon or should I just do it manual?

  • I wonder what the bug or patch is for… haven't read anything about any security problems… but props to Verizon / Google for being prepared!

  • Erobb1

    if you manually updated to 2.2 with the zip file posted here the other day, will we still receive the new OTA

  • Kevin G

    Slightly unrelated question here. Am assuming the Droid 2 and X will not be 4g capable when this service is available later this year (or early next); even though a Verizon salesperson just told me otherwise. Does Verizon allow upgrading while under contract? I'm guessing a fair amount of people will want to do this once the service is available. In other words, switch to a 4g phone for a non-exorbitant fee. Wishful thinking?

    • joncarwash

      Note that you can always upgrade while under contract if you pay full price for the new phone.

      Sometimes Verizon does allow exceptions when you are under contract and want to pay the promotional/new contract price for a phone, especially when adding services or moving up to a more expensive service. An example is myself, as I paid upgrade price for the Droid (1) in December despite being in month 11 of a 2 year contract, since I was adding the smartphone data plan to my service (I didn't have a smartphone before).

      I expect that this will be the case when 4G comes around, as they will likely be charging more for 4G service relative to 3G (or data consumption will be more limited with tiered data plans). But, it really depends on the promotions that they are running and likely what city or region you are in since they won't have 4G rolled out to all regions/cities right away anyways.

  • joesred

    There are “4” droid 1 in my home…..none of them have gotten the OTA update. Only one of them was manually updated to 2.1.1…..

    THE OTA is out?

    • Tom

      OTA isn't out yet, just a leak of what they are going to send OTA

      • Nick

        wrong. the ota is out.

  • J2

    I discovered a bug in FRB01 this morning. My alarm went off, and I could not shut it off until I pulled the battery.

    • Tom

      lol good way to start your day off

  • I want to upgrade to sapphire 1.0.0, which kernel should I use? Any help would be appreciated!

    • nkhex19

      Depends on how high you want to overclock your Droid. I usually use Low Voltage 7 slot 900mhz Kernels and they work great on my Droid. I would try a cvpcs 7-slot Low voltage 800mhz or 900mhz Kernel and see how that goes.

      • Hmmm

        Hey, I tried adding chevy01 1.1ghz kernel but it just froze my screen until i did a recovery. how do i install a kernel with bugless beast v 0.4? i was able to install a smoking glass theme but the kernel part seems like some work.

        • nkhex19

          People keep posting that they are having issues of boot loops with the Chevyno1 kernels if you aren't running Simply Stunning. You have ROM Manager Premium? Try one of jdlfg Froyo Kernels. That might work with BBv0.4

          • Hmmm

            Yes i do have rom manager premium. I’ll give jdifg kernel a shot. thanks!

    • Dito_Muertez

      I've got the 7×124-1000LV, and it's running fine. The only issue i'm seeing is with QuickDesk slowin down my LauncherPro, but i wouldn't call that in any way related to Sapphire (which is pretty damn smooth, btw)

  • NabiExodus

    Anyone else having problems with the touch screen sensitivity??

  • JFDroid/JFMFT

    Confirm this: I received FRG22 last night around 10:35PM on my partner's VZW corporate Droid. We live in NW Ohio and it was received on an employee phone that's company provided by VZW. The phone is used by a VZW rep. It's not rooted… so I can't send a screenshot, in fact I won't have a SS to send in until tonight because he's at work today and has the phone on him, but I can post a screenshot tonight!

    By the way, I had already manually installed FRG01B the day before for the rep (he's not super tech savvy – more of a manager mindset and not really great with tech./phones, lol). But I'm serious! Seems like FRG22 is official, folks.

    • Sigmundroid

      Grab a camera and snap one

      • JFDroid/JFMFT

        Yeah I’m at work til 9, going to see if my partner will bring his phone over to me when he gets off work. He gets off at 5:30, should be home by 6:30ish. Hopefully I’ll have a pic up here by 7PM eastern!

        • Here’s the Pic: http://twitpic.com/2bxq11

          Posted right from my Twitter, @JFMFT

          This picture is of a non-rooted Droid, a VZW employee phone. I manually installed the FRG01B update on 8/3 and the FRG22 OTA came last night to the phone from Verizon/Google at approximately 10:35PM Eastern. Confirmed!

          • Tenders

            you saved the update.zip?

          • Not specifically. Would it be on the phone’s SD card?

  • Tpipher

    Does anyone know what the differences between FRG01 and FRG22? I am sure they are subtle but would still like to know. Thanks guys!

    • JosueD

      Theirs one difference that i noticed, It comes with Twitter pre installed!


      • tpipher

        Are you sure? I have 01 installed (manual) and it has twitter already! (I am one of the few left on earth that can't stand twitter) so it popped out when I saw it last night after I upgraded. 🙂

        • Ron

          I got the official twitter on my manual update too. Didn't have it prior.

        • Steveediii

          Twitter stinks. I have a life.

      • Guest

        I installed FRG01B manually and it came with Twitter pre-installed, but if I go to the market it doesn’t say it is installed

  • timarnette

    This all sucks. I love my X but I also want 2,2

  • JosueD

    Every since ive been using Android 2.2, On all versions even the most recent FRG22, Im having problems with the YouTube widget, Nothing happens when i press the Search Icon Or The Camera Icon on the YouTube Widget, It works right when i place the widget, But after a while it just stops working, Is anyone else having this problem also?


    • I'm having that same issue, too. Glad to know it's not just me.

    • Guest

      I have this problem as well.

    • *raises hand* me….same youtube issue…and have you noticed that if you turn the volume down the phone only goes to vibrate not to silent like before

      • JosueD

        Yes! But that is not a bug, But i was told Its a new thing they implemented in Android 2.2, I preferred the way it was before!


      • Chris Nimon

        On mine I can change it if I go menu, settings, sound, vibrate.

      • Mine doesn’t go max either only one notch down from max. Which is where I like it but kinda weird.

  • youngnamlee

    Performance wise its great and very fast and responsive. I'm using the stock LV kernel overclocked at 800MHz. I came from lithium too which was great but i personally like Sapphire better.

  • poeddroiduser

    What is the status of the OTAs?

  • New sapphire is fire right now. The best rom out. There is no better. Even better than bugless. Hurry up Pete with v.5.

  • Snoopieann

    The FRG01B from yesterday broke my exchange. I had to revert back to the other 2.2 version I found on this forum.

    • Asdf

      FRG22 and Sapphire 1.0 which is based on FRG01B broke my exchange. It force closes whenever I create an exchange account while it is checking for incoming connections.

  • I just got my Droid a few days ago, about the same time I discovered this site, and am digging both tremendously. I used the post a few days ago to upgrade to 2.2, and have had no issues so far. The comments section has been a great help for the few questions I have had.

  • Dasboot1

    What's that girl?…..Timmys traped in a well..



  • Royal2000H

    They probably just wanted a cool name for the official update. FRG22 has 22 (2.2) in it. Which makes the public think the 22 means Froyo. Although the more informed know that G22 has no relation to Froyo… only the FR does.

  • zepfloyd


    hahahaha, gets me every time.

    • Ben



  • tbaybe

    i kinda hope we get the new version too… maybe it'll fix some bus from us who manually did it

  • JosueD

    This week has been awesome for the Droid1, Verizon hasn't forgotten us just yet!


  • youngnamlee

    I really think that the devs behind all these great custom roms should be working for google.

  • Rob Stemen

    Announce Sapphire 1.0.0! It's awesome!

  • Michael_NM

    Off-topic: I like the new “like” feature for posts!

    • Thank you, disqus 😉

    • Thanks for the liked comment for me to piggy-back on Michael! Wanted this to be near the top to help folks.

      From my post below:

      “If I navigate to http://www.adobe.com/go/getfp10android
      on my phone, it sends me to a market page for Flash 10 Beta 3. “

      • If you are already running 2.2.

    • Off-Topic: GO HAWKS!!

      • Anonymous


    • Scea0512

      Nothing works, I have FRG01B and cant download any form of flash , that link does not take me to the market, takes me a to a page stating its coming later this year , even tried manually downloading it, doesnt work either ?????

    • Huskie fluff

      mine just sais that the droid doesnt have flash yet. am i doing something wrong (using an frg22 i got from here i think.

  • I really hope they fixed the BATTERY DRAIN ISSUE!!!

  • Tracy Wilborn

    This doesn't give X users much hope that we'll be seeing 2.2 anytime soon if Verizon is pushing back the update for Droid 1.

    • timarnette

      This all sucks. I love my X but I also want 2,2

      • I am right there with you on that!! Im missing my D1 more than ever right now!!

    • Madcow06

      my guess is that it will be right after the droid 2 launch (which launches with 2.2), they have the exact same hardware except for the hdmi port and run the same non moto blur.

      • Rdcamero

        My whole problem is that they seem to think we are to dumb to realize there is no reason for us not to have Froyo other than Verizon holding it back.

  • Just wait for a new build to come out before everyone gets it OTA that fixes the issues with frg22, causing even more nonsense.

  • will jrummy's lithium mod (built for frg01b) work on this froyo?

  • slackerjoe

    I'm still having issues with FRG22. =( No app2sd, no contact pictures or sync, google calendar wouldn't sync either.

    • maybe try reinstalling the rom using rom manager and wiping all data… i have FRG22 without any known problems as of yet.

    • Anonymous

      Was exact opposite for me. 2.1 wouldn’t synch my calendar – now I’m running great under FRG01B

  • nick o

    what if u installed frgo1b

  • Adam

    Hoping for a verizon slip up – push 3.0 out to me! LOL

    now THAT would be like downloading a new phone!

  • The_Other_Ray

    Anyone know anything about the remote wipe/lock feature that's suppose to be in 2.2?

    It's not in lithiummod either.

    • joncarwash

      The remote wipe/lock feature is added for Exchange support, so Exchange admins now have those features which are present in other devices (e.g. BlackBerry). It doesn't affect any consumers who don't use Exchange e-mail, for which there are many solutions in the Market.

  • Official like a referee with a whistle.

    +1 for Sapphire 1.0.0 with Droid X theme, however.

    Additional +1 because it doesn't have that stupid white notification bar.

    • is there still a notification drop window?

    • Anonymous

      I just checked it out, but I can’t read *%$# in the notification bar. Black text on black background doesn’t work too good on my droid!

      • Joe

        Change to notifications and clock colors under settings.

        • Anonymous

          Hey Joe,

          Thanks, but I don’t know where those settings are? I looked under settings/display, but there aren’t any color. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Off-Topic: GO HAWKS!!

    • Anonymous

      Is SICK!! I have NexTang right now. How do you like the controlling music/Pandora/listen (any sound playing) from the lock screen?
      I recommend reading this: http://sapphire.ccroms.net/wiki/releases/sapphire-1.0.0#known_issues. Just in case you see someone complain about low quadrant scores :).

  • tbaybe

    so what do we have?? non official???

  • They always got poor stock users bent over the barrel 😛

    • amosk

      Funny and true. Root Root!

    • Thekingchivas

      They don't have me over anything. D/l'd Froyo yesterday, Flash today…both working great, and I didn't even have to void my warranty to do it.

      • Sigmundroid

        Unfortunately for you that’s all your Droid will do.
        You can’t install root apps and unlock the full potential of your phone.
        You can’t OC your phone, install a black notification bar, and theme all of your
        widgets to look transparent and smoked. I could go on, but I’ll just let you marinate on those…

        • Synergy

          So…. make it prettier, like something an iPhone user would use?


  • youngnamlee

    Sapphire 1.0.0 is out and its awesome!

    • Agreed 🙂

    • T_Droid

      How does it compare with JRummy's Lithium?

      • youngnamlee

        Performance wise its great and very fast and responsive. I'm using the stock LV kernel overclocked at 800MHz. I came from lithium too which was great but i personally like Sapphire better.

        • Anonymous

          I was on Sapphire .8.4 before Lithium so I just wondered. So did you go straight to Sapphire from Lithium or did you revert back to .8.4 first? And what about wiping?