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Flash to be Available on August 18th for DROID

Earlier today we reported that the availability of Flash was still unknown for Motorola Droid users who had manually updated to Froyo.  And then just a few hours later, it appears as if Verizon has received an answer.  August 18th is the current scheduled day for official Flash to land in the Android Market and change your browser experience forever. Yay!  Makes sense, as I’m sure Adobe possibly feels like announcing it at FITC (Flash in the Can) which takes place that same week.

Until then, you can download the beta here.

  • Chris Nimon

    I couldnt find it for you so i copied mine from my phone and put it on Megaupload. This is the newest version as of last night. version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q6WJ0ORB

  • Pyronymph1002

    I'm rooted, and running 2.2. Why can't I find Flash in the market? Is there another way to download it?

  • Pyronymph1002

    I'm rooted, and running 2.2. Why can't I find Flash in the market? Is there another way to download it?

    • Chris Nimon

      I couldnt find it for you so i copied mine from my phone and put it on Megaupload. This is the newest version as of last night. version http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q6WJ0ORB

  • JCCT

    I downloaded the beta file yesterday but didn't work… hopefully it will work this time

  • Sweetlillynda

    August 20 and just got FroYo today – and Flash is NOT on the market

  • Tonicfeline

    8/20 and still no flash. Le sigh…

  • Who Cares

    …? 8/19 and no Flash…

  • Lost

    still not in the market for me!!!

  • Kika951

    First comment yay, Thank you for the update. Dang I had the flashplayer installed, but I was using the stock browser. Thanks for the info, I will now open it on dolphin. Keep up the good work

  • Flash downloaded and worked (works) perfectly! Thanks for everyone's expertise!

  • Beta is working good for me.

  • Ben

    Does this mean OTA updates won't start again until the 18th? I know that I can update mine manually but I still would prefer to wait for the OTA update on my phone.

  • Sry for the noob question. I just download the beta, how do u install it? Just extract it?

    • Tom

      Just select the file in astro and open it with app manager, it will install, and with a browser that supports flash like dolphin, it should work right away

      • I've been using stock browser, mane that's why it wont work. Thanks

  • ericsorensen

    Does anyone think the full 10.1 version will be faster than the Beta version we have now? Lots of choppy video with the old tyme Droid and 2.2. Sometimes it speeds up faster than 2 fps, but not much.

    • Tom

      I have a feeling that it is more about the processing ability, not the software. Maybe a Droid X will be able to take some of the choppyness away

  • i like that dock wonder if my D1 fits!! someone buy one and let me know!!

  • Ohwoo69

    i can't install~~~

  • You guys know you can remotely install it to your phone anyway using AppBrain right?

  • Bill

    I installed flash on my Droid the other day (running 2.2 now), and it was slowing webpages down quite a bit. ya, some are much heavier than other, but i noticed a drastic difference & uninstalled it immediately. i hope others don't experience the same..

    • lakerzz

      You have to go into you're browser settings, go to “enable plugins” then select “on demand” instead of “always on” , and everything will be fine…

      • Bill

        Awww!!! Crap. Thanks man…wasn't aware of that

  • Im not sure if flash is worth it.. I like to play Mafia Wars, which uses flash on some of it's pages. I noticed after downloading the beta version that it takes quite a while longer for the page to load. For me it's not worth the trade off.. I would rather have the speed. Moto Droid.

    • Bill

      follow lakerzz's comment:

      “You have to go into you're browser settings, go to “enable plugins” then select “on demand” instead of “always on” , and everything will be fine…”

  • thebourbonnflip

    Did you know..those running 2.2 you have an option to either Block(default) on Unblock voice recognition of offensive works…it's under voice input..i found it interesting, and it works!

    • lakerzz

      I noticed this too. I got tiered of texting “#### ###” whenever I got in a fight with my girlfriend…lol

  • thebourbonnflip

    hmm..im suprised they did NOT mention anything with the D. Incredible…..

  • George

    Droid Life needs a magazine.. I would so subscribe to it.

    • guz_1115

      i too would subscribe…best site out there for droid's!!!

  • So can i down load the beta on my X even though its 2.1

  • V941726

    i'm sorry, but i check this site everyday and i cant help but think most of these screenshots that you can barely read are just doctored pics. so what is the truth? guess it depends on which blurry “official” verizon screenshot you want to believe

  • Winterfresh

    I hope the actual flash release is better than the beta. i thought flash would be awesome but it takes so long to load and then is so laggy i avoid using it.

    CM 6, 800MHz DROID OG

  • Austin

    GOD give me 2.2 on the X

  • xmetl

    why did they take Flash player off the market?

  • JosueD

    Of Topic, FaceBook App Update!


  • Brian C.

    Kinda confused.. I downloaded Flash Player 10.1 Beta from the Market yesterday.

    • nkhex19

      That isn't the final version, just the test build.

  • Confused thought flash was released with the ota 2.2???

    • Nope we have to wait for the final build or down load the beta

  • Destructive_hippie

    Dont get me wrong i loved my droid but its kinda sad that adobe gets flash out before my droid x even gets updated to 2.2

  • Anyone having problems with you tube after downloading flash beta?

    • djrausch

      I just use m.youtube.com
      They recently redesigned it, and its a lot faster than using the real YT.

      • I use that too but haven't been able to play any videos and am not sure if it had anything to do with flash.

        • djrausch

          That's really odd. I have flash installed as well, and I can play videos fine on 3g and wifi. I've used it with flash on BB and LithMod

  • Jrosario101

    completely off subject but ive been trying to download bugless beast but all the links i find on the forums are dead, can anyone help?

    • spikez31

      Download ROM Manager. It makes the droid-life easier.

  • random question guys, i ordered a DroidX either on aug 1 or 2nd, cant remember which….does anyone know off hand when there gonna ship my phone or is it just like the online date when you start an acct in verizonwireless.com? i wanna keep track of this cause im getting antsy waiting for my new phone. 🙂

    • Mark

      Ordered my X on 29th, getting it tomorrow.. Goodbye iPhone. Hello Droid X.

  • V941726

    yeah. this should be called the gossip site. credibility wears thin when something is always wrong. this is a gossip column

  • Nick

    So does this mean we wont be getting the OTA until the 18th?

    • acquaz10

      No, did you actually read the slide?

      • Nick

        yes I read i just didnt understand it

        • Sam

          yea I didn't understand it either

    • xmetl

      *facepalms* it means adobe is not putting the Flash Player application on the market until the 18th

  • What does beta mean? I manually downloaded and my flash works fine. I am stock and am not tech savy. I look to droid-life for all my answers. I should say thanks to kellex, sorry.

    Btw this is my first post, but look at dl everyday

  • tjpeco

    You should put a note in your story that the adobe flash player 10.1 link your downloads section works just fine on the Droid.

  • JosueD

    More DROID Love, Its been a great week! =D


  • Rizzidy

    Only a year late…

  • The350zWolf

    I don't understand this, how can they take SOOOOOOO long to let flash out? I've been enjoying flash under FROYO for about two months now on Bugless Beast , I guess starting with BB0.2. I suppose one of the perks of being rooted with an UNLOCKED bootloader. I wish only my droid had the 1GHz processor and 512 Mb RAM.

    • RW-1

      You have been enjoying a beta …

      Now for a real question related to the actual thread …

      Will this final 10.1 release be the one that has hardware accelleration capabilities? (IMO no, but who knows?)

  • Michael_NM

    Thanks for call it the DROID, and not Droid 1!

    • I'm gonna start doing that. How dare I let the droid2 game me into calling my droid something other than droid!

    • Last month I needed a new cord for my Droid. Every place I went to, I was asked “What Droid?” and I would say “THE Droid!!” And they'd reply “yeah, but which one?” *whips phone out of pocket* MINE! “OH! The Droid!”

  • Miranda

    Really needs some help getting my droid back to 2.1 so i can root or rooting from 2.2………i really dont like this manual update its way way way too glitchy and slow…..so if someone could please tell me how to do this that would be great…….

    • sdierks

      Probably going to have to use rsd lite to flash custom recovery and then flash the ROM.
      you can try this http://www.droid-life.com/2010/05/06/guide-to-r… but i havent done it so i can't guarantee anything but i dont see any reason it shouldn't work

    • Tyler

      If that fails, then flash it back to the official 2.0.1 using RSDlite, then flash the custom recovery and the custom ROM (since most of us that root never dealt with the “official 2.2″ bull****”, most of us can't be as helpful as we'd like).

      • Miranda

        im like super scared to try anything…….I really dont wanna break my phone………..

        • Winterfresh

          Ive used RSDlike about 5 times and havnt had too big much trouble. but im tech/windows savy so i was able to just figure out the few problems i had

          • Miranda

            i dont even know where to start. I downloaded the file and i dont know what to do it wont work on my computer or i just dont know how to get it to work on my computer

  • saywhaaaat?


  • David

    first ,love me some froyo